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  1. running a game since im retired for now

    It's generally a good.idea to know what you are signing up for but I guess I'll be an idiot and join game details unseen. In.
  2. Death Note Mafia day 1

  3. Death Note Aftergame

    I got u. Check the server u have spec now
  4. Death Note Mafia day 1

    @rei I think that was a hammer
  5. if you click on this topic you must post

    Then don't be a stanger
  6. A Washed Scrub’s Journey: PPT Las Vegas Bubble

    How did I miss this thread when it was posted. Must have been busy lol
  7. hey guys

    I still ygo. I'm still a scrub
  8. Death Note Mafia day 1

    My delayed response to getting nk'd
  9. Death Note Mafia day 1

    12:30 am central time I think. Meaning I'll be snoozing in bed.
  10. Death Note Mafia day 1

    @Malcolm Unvote. Vote Malcolm u need to unvote the claimed pr now or explain why ur still voting them. Also explain why u aren't voting Solstice while calling them scum.
  11. Death Note Mafia day 1

    I don't c ur vote on Solstice. Here I'll help u Unvote Vote Solstice
  12. Death Note Mafia day 1

    And this is what happens when u try playing over cautiously because ur afraid of dying as a pr
  13. Death Note Mafia day 1

    LOL. Explain this 360 now
  14. Death Note Mafia day 1

    Okay so hmm Diana is basically summed up with Sage Lynch bad Jazz=Scum. I little conflicted because this is some sucky scum play on their part.
  15. Death Note Mafia day 1

    I really like GM's mafia theory (As good theory it's otherwise pretty well nai)