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  1. @mark @confuse rei If you 2 are up for it I've just got 2 slots left
  2. @Markus You up for a mafia game?
  3. I feel the same way dude
  4. Need a mod to edit the OP
  5. You wanna play?
  6. Standard rules. (Full claiming. Flip upon death. 1 player carries out NK's. Roles can target the same player every night if they want to.). 1 vote quota per day phase required and 2 post quota.There won’t be modkills for activity for days that end early around 24h dayphases. nightphase 24h "or when all night actions are received". All questions for the host are to be made via PM Scum can’t communicate in the QT posthumously. Ties will end in No Lynch. And of course site rules apply 1) Winter Multi 2) Silver 3) Zappdos 4) iSlickz 5) Solstice 6) Nelrick 7) Markus 8) 9)
  7. Pm when it's certain and I'll put up the signup thread
  8. Sure
  9. I can fill in the extra roles by playing on my other accounts if you want. I own every account, if you can't tell by the way I'm posting this on all my other accounts.