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  1. As fun as it is to just watch mark post gobbly gook over and over, again I think I'll do the sensible thing and Vote Day Scout Kahu before I go watch Netflix for a bit because this shit is getting hard to watch.
  2. I at least hope you're good at math because reading is clearly not your thing.
  3. If mark is not scum. He is a confirmed idiot by every stretch of the imagination.
  4. It is "fuck you" mafia after all.
  5. Find some fucking scum you baboon. You can't rely on scum fucking up to win this game. You have to make real reads or you are just as fucking bad as scum apparently are this game.
  6. Instead of that nonsense. How about you're a fucking moron who needs to work on his reading comprehension.
  7. All have say is town is fucked because apparently, you are all morons.
  8. 80% scum you said. You're worse than the weatherman. Vote Lynch vig=scum
  9. Don't forget guys Kahu has also risen from the dead. Like what the fuck. #Wildgame!
  10. Well, that explains why Scumwood wasn't bitching about his bombs lol.
  11. @Starlight Warrior You do realize of course if you don't like where Yugioh is going you could easily help start a community focused on a past format where you feel the game was more healthy and perhaps Synchros where ascendant.
  12. It's fucking D1 man. Are you insane?
  13. @Malcolm Damn where the hell are you? Remind me why did I vote for this clown of a Mafia host for KotF?
  14. You know it's ironic that mark is calling people out for being too "black and white" and yet he refused to acknowledge the world where at least part of his reads are wrong. This is the kind of bullshit I'd pull out of my ass. I expect better from you.