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  1. Always Angry Mafia

    If u don't say anything soon Soph Don't blame me when I go to bed
  2. Always Angry Mafia

    @Sophocles what do I need to do here? We're in my Mylo and I've subbed into an easily mislynched slot.
  3. Always Angry Mafia

    Sorry about being awol. Apparently hydra means single player named Tyranno
  4. Always Angry Mafia

    Vote Diana. U literally claimed ur a Ditto and now ur using wifom from Jazz getting nk'd to "erase" ur doubts.
  5. Always Angry Mafia

    The power is completely involuntary on my part just to be clear. I just get told the switch toggled.
  6. Always Angry Mafia

    gives power to everybodies power roles.
  7. Always Angry Mafia

    If i die now the power grid stays off
  8. Always Angry Mafia

    Claim: I'm the power role power grid switch. When I'm targeted during the night it toggles the power grid on and off.
  9. Always Angry Mafia

    @Jazz who do you think I'm scum with if not Haz? I'm confused by why ur afraid to resolve Haz if their ur only other scum lean.
  10. Always Angry Mafia

    Why do u not want to Lynch Haz? Are u dense? Ur actively protecting him.
  11. Always Angry Mafia

  12. Always Angry Mafia

    I'm confused did I set has up to be hammered and didn't realize it?
  13. Always Angry Mafia

    Why are u helping Jazz subvert the Haz Lynch you said u where locked into?
  14. Always Angry Mafia

    Isn't the argument fairly straightforward?
  15. Always Angry Mafia

    Why do not kill scum number 2 next? I mean that goes out the window if they flip green but I'm not currently cing that world.