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  1. A bit of advice. Sorta look through the YGO section of the forum and get a feel for how these freaks masturbate over numbers and their favorite pet deckbuilding theory and then do the smart thing join a mafia game.
  2. Needs an abstain option
  3. You know what Vote Markus. It's not that big a deal if town loses his power and it's entirely likely he's scum and only claiming to try and avoid a lynch.
  4. I bought a new copy of CivIII the other day since my other copy has been scratched for ages. I'm gonna go mess around with a mod idea. Have fun playing with mark the mafia maniac
  5. Silverdude: His posts are basically qouta float/fluff. othing to write home about. I'm gonna null read for now then read his old games and see if he tends to float as scum. ZeroPassion: Very memey/fluff. Again null read until I backread some of his old games
  6. Oops why did I type mascis I meant Wunterslaus Also: Markus: Doesn't he normally post more as town? Also on Mark's list. Potential scum
  7. danraven94: noob scum or bad town leaning noob scum Fruits Punch Samurai G: Trying too hard to blend in by asking pointless questions potential scum and. Solstice: Same as Fruit and perfect info Digbick: Bandwagons the vanilla play. Like seriesly people when did this become good? Still unsure on him though iSlickz: His questions seem insencere and a little overly cautious. Potentally scum trying to get town read. Not to mention he's on Mark's list of 3 that targeted rei Mascis: Null/maybe town More reads incoming
  8. So here are my reads: Mark: As sad as I am to say this he's probably just fuckin bad town Malcolm: Mildly leaning scum maybe just null didn't really care for how his claims played out but he's better than Mark. Francis: I'd like to see what he says after class. Everyone else: I need to backread a bit
  9. I could same the same about your apparent bias in favor of him. I thought you were suppose to be straight?
  10. Hmm. Let me read over this shit and then I'll post my thoughts. Also good morning everyone.
  11. So either you're just being an idiot again or your scum. Well that was easy
  12. Word to the wise mark. No one trusts you when you're trying too hard to shift and control the vote.