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  1. being an adult sucks

  2. being an adult sucks

    Sadly too young and poor to relate
  3. Mafia New Games Hosting Queue

    @Francis J Underwood @Sophocles ?
  4. I have an account on Duelingbook but I only get on for warring or matches for our ranked system on the Discord server. Anybody that wars or had warred since Duelingbook started also has a DB account just because we pretty well do all our warring on there.
  5. Warring is in a bad spot atm but post in this thread and join our Discord server if you haven't already: http://duelistgroundz.com/index.php?/topic/171230-free-agent-recruitment-thread/&page=4
  6. Does Yugi beat Rapheal

    Why would you want me to spoil that if you don't know? Watch the anime dude
  7. The Shadow of the Kings' - a YGO Manifesto

    Indeed it is man. Indeed it is
  8. Need help making porn

    @Nate1080 Where in tarnation have you been? It's been ages man
  9. Need help making porn

    Nice necropost. I approve. I'd never have read this golden thread otherwise.
  10. Titan will return again???

    Best Bot post ever
  11. ACAB Mafia

    Silver + Malcolm or so I'm told
  12. ACAB Mafia

    Tbh though would have just targeted slickz for the heal too so it's whatever
  13. ACAB Mafia

    Completely forgot I didn't submit(was Macho Doc) before I fell asleep last night. If you had messaged me though could have still got it in. Either way sorry
  14. ACAB Mafia

    Lol Wunter not in our role pm the OP of the game thread has a Rickroll link where it says "qt is here." and Faint fell for it you lunk head.
  15. ACAB Mafia

    Unvote. Vote Wunter