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  1. What song are you listening to now?

  2. DG Weight Loss 2018

    Based on your weight and height I'd guess you just need to turn some flab into muscle if you're concerned abt fat since u are actually a pound below the lowest part of the ideal body weight range for your height. Realise to if you start putting on enough dense muscle you could look the exact size you do now but because muscle is denser(not heavier) you might end up weighing more at the end despite being healthier for it than you do now based on the info you provided.
  3. some kind of signups

    In and down for any of the setup options
  4. What song are you listening to now?

  5. Mafia New Games Hosting Queue

    My "bad week" never left the Admin-Chat so most of u don't know abt it but needless to say Antag probably needs to take this. My game is still sitting on the drawing board.
  6. What song are you listening to now?

  7. persona 5 mafia aftergame

    Damn that sounds like a hairbrained plan I might come up with lol
  8. What song are you listening to now?

  9. What song are you listening to now?

  10. "The Finals of the World Championship, the single most important game of the entire year/season, was decided via End Of Match Procedure. Think about that for a second. I'm sure that really confused the casual viewers at home. "Why didn't they finish this exciting and incredible match? No-one's life points reached 0 and no win condition I've seen in the show or at my local tournament store happened, so why did that Australian lose? What happened to the natural conclusion?" Well, casual duelist, it's because Konami proves time and time again that the players are their toilet paper. I cannot believe this. I cannot believe how fitting this is. This is what this game has become." -Based Loli on Facebook Thoughts guys? I'm not going to give mine just yet I'd really like to hear from y'all first.
  11. Mafia New Games Hosting Queue

    @aurirevoir If Francis hosts an awesome game next u in?
  12. Mafia New Games Hosting Queue

    I'd love to play anything designed by u. I'll put mine on hold to play if u want to host next.
  13. I have a poll of some things people have expressed issues with abt how we do warring. I know that there is certainly a lack of motivation in the current way we do warring and I expect a dissatisfaction with it. I think there should be a way we can bring back a system that motivates and encourages activity without resulting in the gross abuse and toxicity of the Season 1 system.
  14. What song are you listening to now?

    @Haruki What have you been listening too lately?
  15. What song are you listening to now?

  16. I mean these guys are amazing! The dude on the right(Alex) looks like has a future as a competitive Yugioh player on par with Based Loli if a career as a singer doesn't happen!
  17. Favorite Artists

    It's like ur lists fused like Rebirth Superman fused Classic Supe and New 52
  18. Based Loli says Konami treats the players like toilet paper

    Bonus Content from Based Loli: "Chapter 2: Love (From Starless to Stardom) "Everything always works out for me." Cue adorable laugh. Bordam Teneck is the embodiment of love. Love for what he does, love for himself, and love for everyone else. Like Ed Acepcion, he is so empathetic to a possible fault, but his motivators are entirely different. Understanding Bodan isn't as easy as "haha fat" or even "I know Jono." If Ed can be classified as the closest to an accurate representation to a human being, Bodan would be in that same tier. Multifaceted and true to himself in the way he lives and conducts himself; imperfect, yet that's what makes him beautiful and lovable. We compare people to teddy bears, but I think Bodan is the closest possible to that comparison. There is a certain warmth about him that I've never seen any reciprocate nigh my own father. In many ways, they mirror each other. One of them, to me, might be in their reliability. I've always seen my father as invincible - I still do. To me, Bodan is the same both physically and mentally. His body has endured so much and his mind has taken so much grief throughout his life; so much so that he having the strength to smile and laugh every day is nothing short of inspiring. His statement before his Finals match was equally nothing less than poetic. "Everything always works out for me," followed by a laugh filled with, as some may not expect, relief. As if a weight (no pun intended) has been removed from his shoulders. He may not have won yet, or won at all, but he is the real champion from an unbiased perspective. Many, myself included, have had the pleasure of watching Bodan grow. Unlike the greats like Patrick, who always felt like they had to prove themselves to someone (Christian), Bodan didn't have that. Moreso, he really didn't care. Nothing works out for Bodan. It's the hard work that Bodan meticulously invests every day, the metaphorical blood and sweat as he puts his nose to the grindstone, that paves the way for "things to work out." He makes it look easy every time, all while shouldering so much. After all, fundamentally the only person he wanted to prove himself to was himself alone. And perhaps Jono. Heh. Like with Ryan, if you want to read about how Bodan is a fantastic duelist, it'd take a quick youtube search. Not just of Bodan, however, but perhaps a comprehensive search of 70% of the game's best players would also suffice. Behind every great man is one even greater. Bodan has always been one step ahead of the competition and I would go as far as to call him a ygo "terraformer." One example of many that quickly comes to mind is the advent of Phantom Skyblaster in Sky Striker, an edge he found and the rest of the world pirated and attempted to lay claim to. Bodan, leaving parts of your life behind wasn't a mistake. Living your life the way you want to is a fantastic choice as long as whatever you do really makes you happy. Seeing you play on twitch yesterday warmed my heart because you were radiating bona fide joy in its most raw. It's those moments which got me to start pursuing ygo competitively, those glimpses of joy where you don't care about winning or losing and only wish to continue playing. That moment of clarity where everything comes together perfectly, and regardless of result, the moment of sweet satisfaction in complete understanding is what makes competition so beautiful. There isn't much I can say to console you in regards to the result, but the means to get there and the success was inspirational at worst. What do you get when you combine the raw intelligence of Aaron Riker, the kindness of Ed Acepcion, the wildness of Drew Carter, the resilience of Ryan Levine, the humor of Calvin Tahan, and the quiet determination of Patrick Hoban? Well, you wouldn't get Bodan exactly. He's more than a mere comparison and much more personalized than that. But you'd be pretty close. It's a little selfish to say so, but I'm glad you're a part of my life Bodan and I am extremely proud of you. You spent your life playing at your absolute best and it's paid off. You're awesome and in many ways I strive to emulate you daily. To others reading this, I get that calling Bodan fat is funny to you, and Bodan is too kind to say otherwise. So I'll overstep my boundaries and speak in his stead, not representing his his opinions in any way. You open the door for random people to say mean and hurtful things about someone who couldn't hurt a fly unless intoxicated. Instead of doing that, perhaps we could be a little more (just a little) uplifting. A very intelligent strategy Bodan incorporated is the concept of "network = net worth" which I'm sure attributed to his rise in capability. Since many know and love him (as he certainly loves you), I encourage to comment either "okay" (James) or comment your favorite memory with Bodan. Mine has to be where he told Amanda LaPalme's boyfriend at the time he could "drink him under the table" and promptly died while being belligerent in a sushi restaurant. Congratulations Bodan. You'll always mean so much to me. Not rat boy though."
  19. post your favorite song from the year you joined this site

    @Shaman I'm curious to know what song you'd post to answer this
  20. if you click on this topic you must post

    Lol this audition song she wrote is way better than Call Me Maybe.
  21. if you click on this topic you must post

    I'm not sure if I :sad :haha or :pride react to that so I'll just standard love upvote.
  22. What song are you listening to now?

  23. Mafia New Games Hosting Queue

    I'm thinking about making and hosting a large custom game. do you guys think we can carry over most of the players from the current game?
  24. if you click on this topic you must post

    Let's try and bring this back