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  1. Bans

    Fixed the Discord issue. Cunning mastermind=Satan on Discord
  2. New Years Mafia Aftergame

    Yeah, I feel yah. I thought I was on the money with Japnick and Faint and I became a little less certain when my expected scumteam fell through
  3. New Years Mafia Aftergame

    I have failed! I'm not as humble as Soph
  4. New Years Mafia

    Boy I bet the mafia spec chat is laughing their asses off at our collective incompetence
  5. New Years Mafia

    Lol goddamn, you @ZeroPassion you messed the setup up. No self-healing Docs in Mafiascum setups
  6. New Years Mafia

    @Mascis get your vote in here. We're murderizing Solstice
  7. New Years Mafia

    Something else that just crossed my mind. Self-targeting docs aren't supposed to be a thing in Mafiascum.com setups as a general rule
  8. New Years Mafia

    Well... in the freaky universe where it comes down to Me, Mascis, and you next phase I'd probably lynch you but I don't think we're in that universe
  9. New Years Mafia

    I don't even think hammering is possible. I believe I have the only vote out on Sol
  10. New Years Mafia

    Scumslip. There isn't a setup with both Doc and Jailkeeper implying Sol is probably just Goon who slipped by thinking in terms of the 2 Goon setups. Vote Solstice
  11. New Years Mafia

    Hmm so Sol's claim implies we are in setup 2 however it is also possible that Sol is a lying goon and we are in setup B
  12. New Years Mafia

    Oh boy time to reassess
  13. New Years Mafia

    I'm heading to bed. Maybe Sol will post something good while I'm asleep.
  14. @Kewl`Kat Where you at? We gotta get our game in
  15. New Years Mafia

    Scum should nk me so someone else can fuck up in my place and I can give them grief for once
  16. New Years Mafia

    No wonder they didn't pick this for the new newbie setup
  17. New Years Mafia

    So thinking assuming all 3 VT claims are real if we mislynched Sol(Real Power Role in this situation) and Walia was scum that would just out Walia as scum and 2 towns would survive to lynch Walia in the next phase. So either way we win as long as the vanilla town claims are true
  18. New Years Mafia

    Unless you are the other scum and Sol is the remaining power role. Also, give me a sec to eat my supper and I'm gonna backread like crazy to try and figure this shit out but I really want to hear from Sol.
  19. New Years Mafia

  20. New Years Mafia

    Assuming of course all 3 VT claims are true
  21. New Years Mafia

    So the single pr is either a Cop or Jailkeeper
  22. New Years Mafia

    So far: Wunter: VT Mascis: VT Tyranno: VT Walia:? Sol:?
  23. New Years Mafia

    And your power role is?
  24. New Years Mafia

    I'm VT
  25. New Years Mafia

    Vote Solstice