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  1. Could someone invite me to the discord server?

    @Shaman A little perspective: That highest peak was June 19th 2007. You could argue activity leveled and held for abt 2 years but in all honesty, DGz was only going down before you even made your account. If you where running DGz do you honestly believe you could have kept posting at 2010 levels of around at least 1,500 posts a day?
  2. Could someone invite me to the discord server?

    I don't know abt. Earl(He pretty well left during Allen's tenure as Head Admin and isn't coming back) but when it comes to rei he will likely run u off even if he wholeheartedly agrees with u on most things but u happen to be a total dick and especially if u happen to be a dick who is disregarding the rules. I honestly don't believe they created the problem of shutting down dissenting opinions it was a part of the culture that came from the elitist prick insiderism that formed in the Yugiohgroundz and collapsed when many of the big shots like Hoban and Jeff left.
  3. I meant to So Say I'm A Female Role* as in a hypothetical referencing back to the Wunter thing but ah well I'm gone now
  6. The above logic is flawed because Francis is going to consider that Wunter might be scum or simply follow through on him deserving to be killed for being bad at the game. THIS IS WHY PSK AND THE BEST GIRL THING BOTHERS ME
  7. I never placed a vote on Silver that I recall however that does not entail actively trying to prevent his demise or expressing that interest. U might read my voting as implying that but I never expressed that agenda u say I had.
  8. I voted like that to get us out of a tie. That was my main motivation at the time to avoid having a tie and u fuckers where tie happy I might add
  9. Fuck you I had just got home from work and now I need to leave to go vote. Let me actually read the fucking game more because there is stuff lots of stuff I actually just haven't had time to thoroughly review. I saw Solstice's post the moment I got home and I jumped to vote without even having backread properly.
  10. I should have probably not asked my question. Maybe I'm reading way too much into how PSK is treating the utility of Best Girl.
  11. Look if I had perfect info I'd use it and make a beautiful detailed convincing list. But the fact of the matter is this is a player heavy game and if I'm being honest for the most part I don't fucking know what's going on. This is why Francis didn't trust me with the power. Not because I can't use it. He knew I could use it but because he knows I'm as sucky a player as he thought wunter was.
  12. I'm concerned that it's being implied girls must be town. I think it's a real concern we could have a female neutral or scum and that we in PSK might have given them something negative to town.
  13. You don't consider it the job of town to appear town so they don't get mislynch easily? Not saying I''m projecting town well at all lately. You should be giving a fuck about Best Girl it's a relevant mechanic of this custom setup. When u say a trustlist I assume you mean for me to list those I distrust as well? Related to this and what you've said is it not my job to pursue the killing of scum and do it in a manner that I project town not that I simply set around saying these are the folks I trust. I'm not saying showing trust to a player was an inherently town action. I'm saying trusting ME IN PARTICULAR at that time was neg value for a scum player because I'm a weak easily mislynched player. Right now btw I consider it my job to convince u to kill Solstice because they were trying to setup a false dichotomy and link teams without explanation.
  14. If you were telling the truth Best Girl would have given u something that helped town considerably or at least I know if I personally got it I could go a long way to helping solve the game. I'm speculating on game design and other stuff here of course so eh... I may be skirting the line.
  15. I'm eligible for best girl too and Francis didn't trust me with it and I guarantee it was because he didn't trust my level of play and thought I'd waste it. I also guarantee if wunter showed as a girl he didn't trust him for the same reason + It occurs to me that Francis probably figures there can be girl scum or neutral and so it isn't a clear if they come up girl.
  16. I mean yeah if Walia was coming from perfect info it's pretty easy to just say yeah Tyranno he's town but what does scum gain by town reading a weak player except maybe pocketing me? I mean as town or scum for that matter you almost always want to be townread. Even if you knew who every scum was and could provide the info showing why they are scum it would be useless if town didn't believe u where one of them.
  17. BTW we got finished with the job so I got off early. I'm gonna try and go out and Vote in the TN primary in a little while but I'll be back for EoD easily and I'm not leaving just yet.
  18. I don't like this either Mascis or Silver is scum and then linking them with potential partners and then that being where they left off with the post. This reaks. vote solstice
  19. Well I gotta go work but right now I'm thinking I need to look into silver again based on Wagonomics as soph mentioned. I'm also highly frustrated by the whole Mascis situation yesterday and hope to figure them out better today.
  20. Just to be clear between abt 7 AM- 4/5 PM Central Time I've been working and I don't own a smartphone so I couldn't post then if I wanted to. So whatever u do don't accuse me of floating because I'm gone during that time. With that said I'm not sure I feel comfortable enough with a vote yet to leave it hanging while I'm gone.
  21. Unvote Best Girl Tyranno. Vote Best Girl Faint
  22. Tbh I wish I hadn't rolled a girl role now because I'll never be at my fullest as a girl unless I'm the best girl