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  1. Oh btw @PSK was being best girl everything it's cracked up to be in ur personal opinion?
  2. So ur logic is non-committal on a lynch or scum reads + only town reads = scum?
  3. Before I do anything else Vote Best Girl TheGoldenTyranno. @rei What happen to making a poll?
  4. If we can arrange it I'd be down for a Solstice lynch but getting the switch is probably hella hard at this point so it does suck
  5. Vote Confuse Rei I think we just have to commit to this because a switch is too hard at this point.
  6. I really don't think Scum Walia town reads me as early as he did even if it was I think based on meta(not to mention after the fact him actually refusing best girl when at the very least as scum he'd be taking it away from town who can use it.) This is more meta than anything but I think his inquiring and trying to figure out the game from what other people are saying shows he's in his town meta. As scum he'd post a lot less and try to float his way through hopefully while sitting on a good mislynch and the few posts he makes end up being dead giveaways he's scum.
  7. I'd be willing to put money down that I won't mess up. Trust me this one time I don't care if u ever trust me again but trust me now.
  8. I have more to go on for u than PSK
  9. I can use Best Girl but nobody is going to give it to me so I'm trying to find someone else who I can give it too that I trust that can use it.
  10. Unvote Best Girl Walia. Vote Best Girl TGT. Join team Best Girl Tyranno then
  11. Vote Best Girl BuildTheWalia. Since u guys can't see how much I need to be recognized as The Best Girl I'll give my vote to the next best thing the guy who saw I was town from the get go
  12. Good lord almighty these vote tying shenanigans are fucking annoying
  13. Unvote. Vote Mascis.
  14. @Mascis the lynch on Wunter is going nowhere as of most recent vote count. As of now based on Wunter's most recent activity do you still think he's worthy of being murderized and would u still pick him over ur scum read of Silver that actually has some traction?
  15. Unvote Best Girl TGT. Clearly, no one is going to empower me with best girl powers so I guess I need to find someone else who needs it too.
  16. Unvote. Y'all were busy while I was gone working my behind off in the hot weather. My head is swimming but I'm trying to get my bearings. I guess I need to backread Crei and figure out what I think abt. that lynch.
  17. ATM mascis goes for Wunter by accepting Francis' reasoning out of the blue and having no other explanation for why he suddenly sees what Francis is on about. I think Mascis' transition on to Wunter vote is too easy. My computer keeps crashing. I had more to say but gotta leave for work now.
  18. Something to note as of late is that Francis is still dead set on policy lynching you because you'll be deadweight in the late game and you weren't participating up till now.
  19. I believe Jazz is coming from a legitimate town perspective not to mention drawing all this undue attention to himself by participating in the drama with u or Francis is highly counterproductive.
  20. Unvote. Vote Mascis. I wanna kill scum. I'm more certain on Mascis but I'll consider killing silver if we can't get momentum on Mascis. Good night guys. I think work is gonna get rained out tomorrow so I'll try and put in a full day leading up to EoD.
  21. Is there a good argument for why killing Wunter is a good thing for town? Why are u framing it THAT way? We should ideally be killing someone who isn't a member of town. I honestly believed Wunter wasn't a member of town earlier but I'm baffled by why we are engaging in hard policy lynch talk and nixing discussion abt who isn't a member of town all for the sake of killing somebody behind the logic that they are deadweight town rather than actual literal scum.
  22. Ancient grudges shouldn't be relevant.
  23. From the sound of it Francis will just have me killed as the next policy lynch because I'm just a liability at MYLO. I mean good god. I'm all down for killing a bad player or a floater on d1 as a last resort if we can't find a good lynch but I don't understand why Francis isn't trying to find the good lynch. Now maybe wunter is the good lynch but why push a lynch purposely as policy lynch and make it clear it's the only way he'll go?