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  1. New Years Mafia

  2. New Years Mafia

    The thing is I think Faint is fucking scum! Don't mindfuck yourself by overthinking this dude you can't spend the whole phase worrying not being right in who you vote for.
  3. New Years Mafia

    Afternoon people. Mascis you're dense as fuck. On the offoffoff-chance Faint flips town big whoop. He's been useless at best in a TownFaint world. Consider this though town is way up at the moment. We haven't lost any power roles and we've killed a scum. It's not as though this is Mylo or Lylo and we can't afford to miss.
  4. New Years Mafia

    Pretty tired. Going to bed. I mostly put what little energy I had into dealing with some WfM business but since I'm not working tomorrow I'll try to post, unlike this evening. Nighty night guys
  5. New Years Mafia

    Nothing in Faint's posts are making me want to make a huge paradigm shift so I think I'm good with where my vote currently lays and I'll be heading to work in just a bit
  6. New Years Mafia

    Nighty night guys I'm heading to bed shortly after a shower. One note though before I go I'm honestly going to consider going forward that there could be a very reasonable world, where my initial meta read on Solstice, was wrong especially considering as I recall it seems like Solstice has more of a tendency towards getting overly frustrated as scum especially when faced with the concept of having to solo in a dire situation. Tbh though at this point, I'm still confident enough to carry through with the Faint lynch first but I refuse to blindly meta read Sol as town going forward
  7. New Years Mafia

    So tbh I'm gonna run with the theory that Faint nk'd Soph because Soph had put up a defense for him. In others words, the nk is supposed to confuse us because Soph isn't a threat to Faint in actuality it could have been construed as bad for a scum Faint to mislynch. It's also apparent that it sets up a viable mislynch of Wunter. Vote Faint
  8. New Years Mafia

    I'm just gonna reread before I place a vote although I still lean towards Faint being the final scum I'm gonna give this due diligence for once.
  9. New Years Mafia

    Time to reread Soph's posts to figure out why he was judged as a threat
  10. if you click on this topic you must post

    R.E.M for the soul and not The Soul:
  11. New Years Mafia

    I gotta go in to work now but we got this people!
  12. New Years Mafia

    Being a moron and being scum aren't mutually exclusive. In fact, part of the argument for him being exposed scum assumes he posted thoughts that weren't meant for us to see.
  13. New Years Mafia

    God damn it my computer is being slow this morning. Now that it has finally loaded for me I can post. Unvote. Vote Japnick . I ain't having no tied votes and I'm just as confident really more so that Japnick is scum.
  14. New Years Mafia

    Oh, give it up it doesn't take Malcolm to figure out whats going on here. Look I'm sorry you got stuck with Japnick as your scummate but you gonna die
  15. New Years Mafia

    Nighty night guys. I think we got the scumteam pinned down nicely. I'm gonna check back in come morning
  16. New Years Mafia

    I dip because of Discord/Staff/Warring drama that I needed to cool off from and I come back and boom. Faint and Japnick scumteam. I'd be willing to put money on it.
  17. New Years Mafia

    Soph is doing the same thing here with you minus the vote of course by saying your current behavior isn't alignment indictative based on past dealing with you. Look Mascis is bad about doing this shit as either alignment if he's town he needs to get off because I know Solstice and her play would be to project fake town not "fake hallelujah I'm town!"
  18. New Years Mafia

    Okay then... Faint just keeps reaching like a champ acting confused as to why it isn't plain as day to everyone else. Thanks for making it easy bud. You don't play scum much do you? Vote Faint
  19. New Years Mafia

    Solstice is not the type of player to fake being glad she finally flipped town
  20. New Years Mafia

    Don't vote Solstice
  21. New Years Mafia

    I think Solstice is legit town.
  22. New Years Mafia

    After that Goat match vs MMF I feel exhausted so I'm gonna head to bed
  23. New Years Mafia

    Unvote. Vote Mascis
  24. New Years Mafia

    B. grilled chicken + mozz + garlic + brocoli rabe