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  1. DuelistGroundz Hangover Mafia - Day Three

    Claim: I have a power role that will only be revealed to me if I'm targeted during the night.
  2. Umm dude pretty sure Tristan knocked you out of the war on 3rd
  3. DGz Hangover Mafia Signups 2.0

    @canasian @LFN be our heroes
  4. Congratulations @T.C. you followed my path better than I did and surpassed me to win it all. You're scum MVP for perfectly preying on the collective stupidity of the remaining town. Scum HM: Nobody deserves it Scum LVP: Cunning Mastermind for getting trapped in and not renouncing her predecessor's boneheaded claim with Markus. Town MVP: rei/JC. are tied respectively for picking out who the scum team was and pushing for their lynch and not just using Innocent Child as a crutch to not play like some people would and in JC.'s case being the most competent player at projecting and leading town after rei was nk'd as well as that stellar doc claim that drew the nk. Town HM: Wunter for comboing off of JC's claim to protect him from the nk and for completely avoiding being detected as the Doc by scum for most of the game. Town LVP: We had a lot of subs this game but the biggest liability that was still in the final lineup was Black Angus who was easily mislynched without scum even having to place a vote. Something to note as far as host errors go I did fuck up a night action with Confuse Ray because I initially believed Malcolm was roleblocking him. Subbing Bass.EXE in was probably a bad decision in the end as well but I was desperate to avoid nk's. The popup ad fiasco most certainly disrupted the game as well and I'm as disappointed as all of you likely are because it put a damper on the final phases. Setup: 1-shot strongman roleblocker godfather lucky day N0 cop(So how this works is first gets the N0 check on a townie aka Bass and then on N3 he can see through Miller or Godfather if that is his check) doctor miller innocent child 6 vanilla Thanks to all the subs. Hope each and every one of you had a great time! We would love it if you would come back and play again with us sometime. Scum QT: https://discord.gg/sv7pabs
  5. Max Suffridge Memorial Tournament

    I must know was this with Pierce.dek?
  6. DGz Hangover Mafia Signups 2.0

    @Faint Sigh this man up! I believe he's @Broken Brilliance on here.
  7. DGz Hangover Mafia Signups 2.0

    Figured out who Malcolm's Multi's Multi is that's 2k17
  8. Playground Format (work in progress)

    Hmm need to figure if MPT is viable in this format
  9. Mafia New Games Hosting Queue

    Somebody needs to host a micro setup. Does anybody want to host this?: https://wiki.mafiascum.net/index.php?title=Truth_And_Justice and I'll help them out with the vote counts or whatever if it does get confirmed and hosted.
  10. Playground Format (work in progress)

    Classic 2002 promos only or the 2006 ones too?
  11. Playground Format (work in progress)

    Hmm I can work with this
  12. Yeah, *sigh* your right the whole ordeal was frustrating though. I hadn't torrented any ROMs in a month or 2(That's literally the only thing I'll download is ROM's for DeSmuMe) and this was literally the only correlation I could come up with. The unwanted programs where nothing super super bad as far as I could tell it's just that with over 100 of them somethings gotta give.
  13. Do you have popup protection though? Are you allowing the popups to go through? I had premium Malwarebytes before and I let the premium expire and so I lost popup protection. Well, I still had the free. So I go to run a scan after letting several popups go through after you enabled them only to discover that the folders for Avast and Malwarebytes are there but the software is nonfunctional. I had downloaded nothing after my Premium expired so it couldn't be that so this is the only thing that makes sense. So I redownload both Avast and Malwarebytes and discover over 100 malicious scripts mostly in the Chrome directory. I got rid of them and suddenly my internet is back to being fine.
  14. Malwarebytes says otherwise:
  15. It all started that fateful day when I got 2nd place to rep DGz in the MafiaU Champ: http://duelistgroundz.com/index.php?/topic/170189-mafia-universe-voting/ http://duelistgroundz.com/index.php?/topic/170184-mafia-universe-candidates/ Thus I became the sub to our Grand Admiral Malcolm. Even so, I saw no likelihood of my name being invoked. When our Grand Admiral was eliminated very early that seemly put the nail in the coffin. I was wrong: http://www.mafiauniverse.com/forums/threads/11739-Backup-Game-1-The-Ministry-of-Torture/page3?p=1575846#post1575846 Through a strange twist of fate, I put my stamp on that game and repped DGz for all the communities to see. Rules and setup info: All sitewide and mafia rules apply no copy+pasting of PMs no editing of posts A tied vote count will result in a random lynch among the choices. NK must be assigned to a player Majority will be suspended on Day1 There will be a 4 post quota that will be waived if the day ends early This game will be a non-Public setup. Full Role Claiming will be allowed however you cant claim flavor This is NOT a bastard setup and was given Jazz's seal of approval as balanced after we tweaked somethings. There are 13 players this is all the initial info you will have besides your own role when you receive it. Role flips will be full including flavor. Initial day phases will be 48 hrs with 24 hr night phases. The day phases may be adjusted downward as players are eliminated. This isn't set in stone. Now it's your turn welcome mafia subs! It's time for you to trod my path. Players: 1. @Sophocles (Mafia Strongman, Lynched Day 3) 2. @BuildTheWalia (Vanilla Town, Lynched Day 1) 3. @Wunterslaus 4. @confuse ray 5. @Broken Brilliance SUBBED OUT for Black Angus (Lynched, Vanilla Town) 6. @Nelrick SUBBED OUT for T.C. 7. @Bass.EXE (Vanilla Town, NK Day 1) 8. @little bug SUBBED OUT FOR Dukestar 9. @Mickey SUBBED OUT for Death Sentence SUBBED OUT for Bass.EXE (Lynched, Miller) 10./11 @Faint 11. @rei (Innocent Child, NK Day 2) 12./13. @Malcolm @Malcolm's Multi (Mafia Roleblocker, Lynched Day 2) 13a. @JC. (Vanilla Town, NK) Assume Nothing Consider Everything. Also, please PM the mods any questions you have, rather than posting in the thread. Day 2 Start: Game Starts Now and Ends in about 48 hrs AT 6 AM Central Standard Time Oct. 14th. Majority Has Been Suspended. Post Quota is 4. You Will Either Be Forcibly Subbed Or Modkilled If You Don't Reach Quota
  16. TGT Presents Scum Adventure in Mafia Universe![Day 1]

  17. TGT Presents Scum Adventure in Mafia Universe![Day 1]

    Duk was lynched @Duk3star was You're A5g_Reaper. You attract unwarranted pressure like a magnet Vanilla Townie You are a Vanilla Townie Win Conditions: You win if all threats to the town are eliminated and at least one town-aligned player is alive. Abilities: You have no special abilities, your strength is your vote and intellect GG scum wins after game incoming
  18. TGT Presents Scum Adventure in Mafia Universe![Day 1]

    Vote Count: Duk(1) - T.C. Majority is 2
  19. TGT Presents Scum Adventure in Mafia Universe![Day 1]

    @Wunterslaus was nk'd You are KnightsofCydonia. Town is in debt to you for drawing the nk and thus allowing Redbaron to get off his final check on scum Not Self Targeting Doctor You are a Doctor Win Conditions: You win if all threats to the town are eliminated and at least one town-aligned player is alive. Abilities: Each Night you may target a player to be protected, this will protect them from one kill for one Night. The targeted player is not informed that they were protected. You will not be informed if you protected the player from a kill. You CAN NOT target yourself. Day starts again and will end at what would have been the normal time
  20. TGT Presents Scum Adventure in Mafia Universe![Day 1]

    Night starts now if you get your night actions in quick enough I'll restart day right away
  21. TGT Presents Scum Adventure in Mafia Universe![Day 1]

    Vote Count: No Lynch(3) - Duk, Faint, T.C. That was majority day ends in a No Lynch
  22. TGT Presents Scum Adventure in Mafia Universe![Day 1]

    There are 4 players alive it is Mylo
  23. TGT Presents Scum Adventure in Mafia Universe![Day 1]

    Vote Count: No Votes Out
  24. TGT Presents Scum Adventure in Mafia Universe![Day 1]

    @confuse ray was nk'd: You are Redbaron that Bastard of a cop who aggro'd his way into messing up Tyranno's perfect pocketing Lucky Day N0 Cop You are a Cop Win Conditions: You win if all threats to the town are eliminated and at least one town-aligned player is alive. Abilities: You received a random N0 check Bass.EXE is Not Guilty. Each Night you may target a player to be inspected, thus discovering their alignment. You will receive a Private Message from the moderator containing either [Guilty] or [Not Guilty]. You will receive a Message containing [No Result] if your action fails for any reason. On Night 3 you will always receive a correct result ignoring the effects of other powers such as Godfather and Miller, Roleblocker, etc Day starts now and ends in abt 24 hrs