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  1. Boo!
  2. No respect. No respect.
  3. Well, I'm gonna go visit family in a bit so bye guys. Good scum hunting.
  4. Jazz lynch vote is getting some traction finally. Maybe we can actually hit some scum. Unvote. Vote Lynch Jazz
  5. If Pride is Malcolm as scum he's either going after easy townie target or distancing from me if I'm scum. If he's town since he would know it makes me look bad. So if Faggot is Malcolm as town you should all vote for me and if he's scum I'm still a good target. Only a 1/3 chance I'm clean if Pride is a Malcolm multi. If I was you guys I wouldn't take the chance lol I'd murderize me. Of course, I'd rather hope Malcolm would not try playing in his own game and Pride isn't him.(Like who does that? Besides Seto Kaiba of course)
  6. The question we have to ask is would Malcolm play as scum or town as a multi?
  7. Town read: Kahu=safely can say confirmed townie based on flip and revive. Markus=playing his normal town game so he looks fine islickz=Every post he's made protown JC.=Same Maybe: Digbick I could use some more posts from but nothing scummy from him so far.
  8. So before you guys murderize me here are my reads. Mark=Either a fucking insecure idiot or scum. Jazz=If Mark is not scum Jazz is 100% based on that exhibition a few pages ago but even with mark as scum I still don't trust him. Silverdude=If Mark is not scum he's slipping up as scum or mark is way off on his read but if mark is scum I feel like they are playing off each other distancing or mark is hounding a townie to make him look scummy. All in all I mildly lean scum on Silver rei=He's scum he's given nothing to this at all and keeps floating and saying he's going to give info but never does. Cunning Mastermind=Is starting to feel off and keeps floating but could just be related to her being new.
  9. Still waiting for that solved game. I think it's safe to say at this point rei is probably scum.
  10. *Sigh* I suppose I'll help you guys mislynch me sooner so I can prove mark is either scum or an idiot at the least when I flip. Unvote. Vote Lynch TheGoldenTyranno.
  11. And yet I'm not going to scream at you and call you scum for saying this. Is it wise to keep mark around when he get's all defensive and kneejerks people into scum reads?
  12. That last vote count is wrong. I put my vote back on mark but just to be safe. Vote Lynch mark
  13. Good scum hunting guys. I'm going to head on to bed.
  14. @Faint @rei @Nelrick What do you guys think is going on here? Your reads would be most valuable at the moment.
  15. things*