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  1. You know though. If you want to vote me right now I'd hope you can understand why it was so easy for me to want to vote Malcolm yesterday. I was wrong BUT he WAS scummy.
  2. I assume this means, "Tyranno that vote was bad" so unvote
  3. Solving based on mechanics is all we know how to do though lol
  4. So I'm just gonna assume Silver is lying for now. Vote Silver
  5. Can you flesh the OP out a little? Give us an idea what you want out of the deck. What level of play are you intending on using this for? Locals? Describe why you chose this archetype. What are your good matchups? What matchups do you need to compensate for? Explain what you're struggling with deckbuilding wise so we can fill in the blanks.
  6. 2k targeted him. He's not lynched. So either 2k and Faint are scum together, 2k has a scum power role, or 2k is telling the truth.
  7. Is the Genex engine necessary and do you think you can trim it down to 40 cards? Ghost Ogre should probably be main decked too.
  8. He was being a tunneling idiot though. At the time I honestly expected Malcolm to flip scum.
  9. Remind me to design a game with this role included
  10. We will certainly find out, won't we?
  11. So... hypothetically your power and the vig can coexist because you might not have been targeted at all.
  12. @Winter Multi
  13. Nobody reads the OP do they? No, you can't copy paste
  14. Something to get clear right off the bat. If I hadn't had to leave I'd have switched my vote to Crei yesterday. My apologizes for having to dash away.