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  1. My instincts say Vote Winter Multi. Time to put my trust in someone else's read since noone seems to trust mine right now.
  2. Am I trying enough YET? Good night folks. Have fun knocking me off. Lynch scum next time please.
  3. Unvote. Vote Mascis
  4. @Mascis I've got you figured out
  5. What the fuck is this? You telling Malcolm to check the QT or what?
  6. Hey everyone I'm curious but do think Malcolm would be crazy enough to have Mascis play like this if they where scum mates? They are sticking to each other like glue. Some next level shit if I've ever saw it.
  7. Was that unvote revote just to prove you aren't voting for me just because Malcolm did first? I hope after you mislynch me your smart enough to vote Malcolm when the time comes and he's still manipulating town towards it's doom.
  8. Don't you just love how that's exactly the conclusion Malcolm want's you to make? Apparently your a rather impressionable little townie.
  9. I see Malcolm is already giving himself wiggle room to ditch the train on me if things go south and you guys actually start listening too me. How are none of you scum reading his ass right now?
  10. Well you would be the only one to get it lol. Francis thought Shaggy was Malcolm. You where crystal clear though:
  11. Look Soph I know your town you know your town. Now I just need you to see the light and realize Malcolm is scum. Good evening I'm gonna have to leave. I expect Malcolm hanging from the gallows when I return.
  12. Oh by the way Soph congrats your highly deluded
  13. You were expecting something along these lines?:
  14. Do I really, "thrown shade at anyone at the drop of a hat" It does tick me off that you don't want to be straightforward but you yourself explained that your trying to trap me on the assumption I'm scum. Mascis outright lied as well as dodging questions. I've town read Mascis though. Reason being I see that the intent is town as is your intent. Why as scum would i expand my list of who I town read limiting my options for mislynch? Right now I've concluded that Beast, Confuse rei, Sage and you are all town. That leaves Malcolm, Winter Multi, Nelrick, Wunterclaus, and Solstice to find scum among.
  15. I've been thinking. People apparently think I'm wrong about Malcolm. Should I be policy lynched because I'm apparently chasing a pointless lynch that no one else thinks is relevant and believe I'm wrong on? Also is it really bad to lynch Malcolm d1 or is that just a pernicious meme DGz town has latched onto that he will always be NK'd by D3