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  1. Should we be worried that Faint didn't even read the thread(at least at this point in the thread) and doesn't realize I fake claimed?
  2. Seriously dude... You want a townie to hammer himself on purpose? By the way, what is the majority at the moment?
  3. Ask me some game pertinent questions that will help gain info. Anything
  4. I'm here till like 10 PM central time. Talk to me and I'll talk back
  5. The past is passed of course I can't undo that but tell me what I do here at this very moment as a townie headed for mislynch at this very moment.
  6. out of*
  7. Was it a waste to use my power? Do you expect me to get myself out this mislynch and use it at a better time?
  8. What was the pro-town thing to do? Just eat the mislynch as soon as possible instead of giving town an opportunity that led to a correct lynch? How do I rebound from 2 horrid fake claims anyhow?
  9. Use my commuter power? If you mean that it was literally because if I hadn't I would have been the locked in lynch and that day would have been a waste. So basically I did it so I wouldn't be a distraction and you could find scum in a lynch pool without me
  10. Like literally those my claims are a Tyranno tell and nothing else because no scum mate in their right mind would have signed off on this shit. In to answer those who have asked I have no secret messages or shit like that. I can give a town and scum reads list if you guys honestly think it might change your mind though but that's all I could give you. In all honesty, though even if I was to be the towniest, guy, you ever met from this point on I don't think I change anyone's mind here until it is too late and I flip town.
  11. K I'm a bad player in general confirmed. I will say this though if I made that claim as scum I wasn't on board with the team and they hate my stinking guts for doing it and they should have been trying to off me for town cred because I'm a total loss as scum.
  12. Yeah, but I played a shit town game. I'm dead meat because I played like a moron what do you guys actually learn when I flip town?
  13. And I get home just as Faint goes to bed and leaves his vote on me
  14. I have to head on to work. Even though I've made an idiot of myself in this game and some of you think I'm confirmed scum at this point because I very poorly fake claimed the shit out of this game please give me the chance to get home before you guys end me.
  15. I had a wonderful birthday yesterday even though I worked for part of it. I of my co-workers gave me a large Sun Drop( for my birthday.