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  1. I'm in. Rarely every once in a blue moon something will happen that I didn't expect. Perfect win ratio be damned. Hallelujah for the unexpected.
  2. Thinking it over I really need a sub for my spot. Didn't know this would happen when I joined and the fact of the matter is I don't have the emotional stability nor the time. Cya, guys some time in the future. Messing around on the internet is simply not a good thing for me during times like this. This should be obvious for those who remember how I was after my Grandmother died back last September. I'll be back when things are better.
  3. Just got back from the hospital. One of my aunts tried ODing on her meds to commit suicide. She's not looking so good her major organs are trying to shut down. She stabilized a little before we left but if anything changes my cousin is gonna call and we'll head back up there. Let me read through and I'll try to play and not do anything stupid. im just gonna leave this here cuz id feel bad removing it. hope your aunt is okay - psk
  4. Shit, I've got to go family issue just game up. Maybe cya guys later this evening.
  5. You know I feel I should clarify on my Malcolm read on how he plays. Yes, his scum game resembles his town game but they are subtly different. I've noticed whether he realizes it or not he changes his tone. He shows his confidence in his vote and he will often let slip that he doesn't care for how a certain player is starting off. As scum he's totally detached like the ideal poker player on the first day.
  6. Go with the one on top
  7. But apparently, my supposedly shitty logic makes me 100% scum. Nice
  8. Oh, so I suppose MMF is as pure a towny as you've ever met. I question why you give him the pass but want Malcolm to be scum despite the fact you've played enough with Malcolm you should know how he plays town or scum. Instead of attacking me for being confident in my early read on Malcolm why don't FoS Malcolm himself for this supposed "plethora of scummy shit"
  9. To put it another way, if I'd never played a game with Malcolm in it before I think I'd null read him but knowing him I bump it up to a town read.
  10. @Sophocles Vote count if you please
  11. Walls see everything, though. You didn't mean it that way but I could take that as a compliment