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  1. HEROS: An anaylisis in what causes an archetype to break

    Most casual locals I've ever been at. The only guy(This dude(BA player) just goes around to all the locals in the region, blows everybody out of the water, and collects mats, prize packs, store credit, etc.) with a meta deck was running BA and he only probably came because it was a sneak peak.
  2. HEROS: An anaylisis in what causes an archetype to break

    You wanna hear something pretty funny? I met a guy at a locals the other day who was pretty much playing this deck although I think he might have ran 3 Poly
  3. being an adult sucks

    Reggie are you taking your meds correctly? U worry me sometimes.
  4. Golly this thread was a train wreck. I was... I don't know... hurting and trying to find myself again and looking for any outlet for the pain back then. I've had anxiety since I was in elementary school. In fall of 2008 I was removed from the custody of my 2 loving parents by TNDCS at age 13. My mother suffers from anxiety and possibly OCPD as well while my father is Bi-Polar. I spent 2 months in foster care at which time my maternal aunt took temporary custody of myself and my 4 younger siblings(One of which was born right after the custody issue.) and took us across state lines to her home in NC with the claim that eventually she would transfer custody back to my parents. She never did. 6 years later on September 11th 2014 at age 19 I got the hell out of there. My maternal Grandmother is Schizophrenic and my aunt had some kind of obsession with protecting us and her younger sister(my mother was taken into her custody as a child) from the trauma she experienced when my Grandmother tried to commit suicide while she was a child and being tossed from one relative to another. Her need to protect(control) created a toxic home life and my uncle hated us and never wanted us in his home to start with. There is so much else to say but it so hard to put it all down but I'll just leave off that I may have OCPD and co-morbid PTSD and I started taking a small dose of Celexa after my initial intake diagnosis of Generalized Anxiety Disorder.
  5. RTX 2080 not working

  6. Opt in/Opt Out Thread

    I'll get right on that assuming someone else hasn't. I've been sick the past couple days and I've just starting to feel better
  7. You do realize the OP was Posted October 29, 2017 right? This will be a year old in a month. Nice necropost though. I'll let it slide this time but try to avoid reviving such out of date and at this point irrelevant threads.
  8. being an adult sucks

  9. being an adult sucks

    Sadly too young and poor to relate
  10. Mafia New Games Hosting Queue

    @Francis J Underwood @Sophocles ?
  11. I have an account on Duelingbook but I only get on for warring or matches for our ranked system on the Discord server. Anybody that wars or had warred since Duelingbook started also has a DB account just because we pretty well do all our warring on there.
  12. Warring is in a bad spot atm but post in this thread and join our Discord server if you haven't already: http://duelistgroundz.com/index.php?/topic/171230-free-agent-recruitment-thread/&page=4
  13. Does Yugi beat Rapheal

    Why would you want me to spoil that if you don't know? Watch the anime dude
  14. The Shadow of the Kings' - a YGO Manifesto

    Indeed it is man. Indeed it is
  15. Need help making porn

    @Nate1080 Where in tarnation have you been? It's been ages man