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  1. Am I AM I?
  2. It's gonna feel bad when I get this game 100% solved but scum wins
  3. Well, after all, you claim you have a bad townie game so I can excuse you being off track but seriously Soph is clearly most obvious scum
  4. So watching this game has confirmed the legend of Scumwood. If I ever play in a game with him D1 policy lynch is going his way. Also props on Nelrick for upping your scum game!
  5. So here is my current scum team: Mascis(I stand by my gut on him being scum because of the shield being a cursed tool), Sophocles(Seems like him and Darkblaze orchestrated the vote change so Markus could get quota), and DarkBlaze557(He's trying way too hard to play as though his actions are protown while pushing town in the direction he wants)
  6. In my original theory, Darkblaze was bad mouthing shields because they had a pro-town nature beyond protection that scum was privy too. However, due to Mascis response and the nature of the EOD flavor post-Mascis getting the shield I can only conclude I'm wrong completely barking up the wrong tree or Mascis is 1 of the 3 living regular scum with a potential useless cursed shield.
  7. I'll be honest I'm throwing darts in the dark since I felt the nature of shields were decided rather too quickly. At the moment though while I mentioned you as possible scum before I'm more certain Mascis is scum than you now.
  8. I don't believe he is inclined to return.
  9. Everybody else who disagrees with me is wrong and you will pay for it by not lynching Mascis.
  10. If those who are true town would humor me vote Mascis and we shall see how the 2 other scum react or perhaps even react to discourage such a plan.
  11. Is that so. Everybody change their vote to Mascis. You are scum period and insults won't change that.
  12. Shields suck because you were scum all along and so you couldn't be cursed based on this timeframe. This means if our host didn't make an error in his flavor post if we kill Mascis and we will only have 2 scum left. @Mascis Thanks for quoting that useful post.
  13. Hey, guys, I'm gonna log off for a bit but I'm gonna say this before I go remember how annoyed with Jazz's power you guys where? Well you guys are gonna be even more ticked off when I'm right and our host was cruel enough to confuse the game by giving the shields an extra power.
  14. Oh, I'm sure it's working fine as intended by our host but that could just mean your connection to the scum QT hasn't been severed.
  15. If @Mascis wasn't cursed and the shield is just a shield I'm wrong. Based on Mascis silence I can only assume I'm wrong or the shield is evil. For all you people know the shields are an alternate scum win condition. I'll just leave it at that
  16. @JC. I'm just trying to do my job as faithful town but their attitude is undermining me having a role in the game any advice. Also if you don't think it will warp the nature of the game too much do you mind giving a hint about the nature of the shields?
  17. Look I feel like our host is hinting through pos repping my post that I'm right that there is something more to the shields. @Mascis is the only one who has been shielded and thus should know the true nature of the shield. I would think then that sharing this would be protown unless the shield corrupts you or Mascis was scum to begin with.
  18. Look guys JC +1'd this comment which I take to mean that our hosts approves of me trying to discover the greater nature of what the magical shields are. I highly suspect they are a key to helping 1 of the sides win.
  19. Yes, my opinion it is relevant. I am confirmed town and because I have no fear of being lynched I can approach things with no fear.
  20. I can't help but wonder if a certain group of people trying to kick me out of this game are just scum tilted because I might be onto something about shields turning people into scum
  21. If and only assuming if Shields are actually cursed we could be dealing with a 5 player scum team that includes Mascis.
  22. You are the one who got the shield right? Can you confirm the shield didn't curse you or give you a power? I highly suspect if it cursed you it turned you into scum and if it blessed you it gave you extra game knowledge.
  23. he appears to be latching onto*
  24. Why because he's latching on to the Tyranno/Nelrick theory on what the scum team is? Explain this choice.