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  1. I'm pretty sure the Masons' get a Mason chat. Also, put me in as a sub since I'm signed up for a game that is getting ready to start on Mafiascum.
  2. No no Kahu was already dead. I'm talking about when I put 2k 1 vote from hammer the day I got mislynched.
  3. I'm pretty sure Atem is beyond a liberal. I recall him saying he was a Communist. Anybody that knows Atem better correct me if I'm wrong.
  4. I did get upset at Malcolm for tunneling me 2 days in a row and so I voted him for but I've already admitted the vote was wrong and maybe he was justified to scum read me when he did. However, it's 1 game and he didn't have much activity. I don't think it's fair to judge his entire mafia game on it and I don't.
  5. rei doesn't suck he's actually a very very good player(Better than me I'm still pretty certain) it's just that he isn't getting any better but Frances and Malcolm are. Also in all the drama I kinda forgot but you did an awesome job as the host!
  6. Oh yeah thanks for reminding me. I also gave rei a lot of grief and even went so far as to suggest he's a good but currently stagnant player. I will also admit that along with a good deal of DGz mafia players I'm not evolving much myself as of late. And just to add another item of self-criticism I'm a horrible game host.
  7. Double post
  8. My point here has always been that when I'm healthy I'm an upper moderate player as far as the DGz meta is concerned but yes I have plenty of room for improvement. @Francis J Underwood As anyone who was actually reading the mafia spec chat when I was arguing with Jazz can tell you I was very vocally stating that both you and Malcolm are well beyond me and most of the players in skill level. It's you guys who are mafia gods not me. In fact, I argued you are one of the fastest evolving players currently.
  9. The problem is while I was ill I never was up to it so I never did. I might have managed to make a few if I'd delayed and taken the extra time to make them but by the point they would have been ready the game would have progressed beyond them.
  10. I do believe at times some of my read explanations leave something to be desired but at least I do normally give them when I'm well and sometimes I'll get a little lost when the game gets flooded with posts and I need to backread all that content but this leads credence to Jazz's advice that I should probably take notes beyond just this 1 game.
  11. I think Jazz actually disagrees(Please do correct me if I'm wrong on that point though Jazz)
  12. I mean I could have done a color-coded list but I believe each read deserves an explanation next to it and I wasn't up to the task of communicating all that.
  13. You'll notice this game I never made a town and scum read list. It's not because I suddenly believe in Francis' theory on town reads being bad I just couldn't make myself do it. So instead I made it clear who I thought were scum and voted for both info and for who I thought were scum.
  14. So unlike Jazz who thinks I made plays that led to my lynch(such as the Malcolm vote) you believe that the fact I didn't make substantive posts which I feel I can justifiable excuse due to being ill was the cause.
  15. Okay then so they are wrong to be giving me grief about activity as long as I'm posting something of substance during my 5-7PM-10/11 PM Central Time activity window + my brief opening in the morning when I'm getting ready to go to work around 6 during weekdays.
  16. I get shit on constantly for lack of activity. Should a person not play Mafia if they work 40 hrs or more a week?
  17. I did the same but that doesn't matter or so I'm told. Apparently or so I'm told it just made it look like I had perfect info by avoiding mislynches.
  18. Look, guys, I'm too trigger happy with my votes, I rely too much on intuition and emotion at times and that can fuck me over, and I probably should take notes on the game. As far as activity goes you guys act like I sit at home 24/7 in some basement. Even when I'm healthy sometimes I'm working as much as 6:30/7:30 AM - 4:30/6:30 PM Central Time.
  19. It isn't an excuse for things like me voting for Malcolm. It most certainly is for lower activity level and inability to focus or construct complex arguments.
  20. I'm no mafia god and that is my whole fucking point. It is on me. I was stupid to try and play. Not only that I should have been focusing on getting well not playing some game on the internet or any game for that matter.
  21. Being technically capable of something and it being something you should do are 2 different things. I was technically capable of making quota over the weekend when I had a fever of 103.2(according to the cheap thermometer that was used) but at that very moment I should have given it up and left the game.
  22. What it sounds like your saying here Jazz is if you couldn't find a sub right away you would have forced me to make quota despite me being ill.
  23. Look I would have signed out and I would taken a pill before going to sleep and been gone from the forum as long as it took me to get well. I had no business playing a mafia game. In fact, I had no business being on a Yugioh Forum. All that should have mattered was me getting well. Me staying active in order to be online was not conducive to that goal period.