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  1. My record ended up being abysmal. We had 4 rounds under the current TCG banlist and going into the final round I was 1-1-1 with my neutered ol' Salad Deck R1: 0-2 Faced a DinoThunder deck and got blew out of the water by both the Thunder deck and my own decks impotence. R2: 2-0 This was a strange one. The deck was Orcust... with a Pendulum engine? Dude swore it works but he bricked g1, unfortunately, I bricked as well so the game drug out until I managed to go for game with Fusion of Fire. G2 was goofy we hit time and I won by attacking over his Hieratic link that he left up 4 some reason. R3: 1-1-1 This was Pure Orcust which I should have beat if we hadn't hit time. I lost the die-roll and got blew out by his deck and mine own g1. G2 we ended up in a simplified game state we're we'd both exhausted our resources. 4 a long while I kept getting slowed down by Impermanence until I finally got the upper hand in resources and went 4 game. And finally, because of our prolonged g2 we went into time and drew in g3. R4: 0-2 Inspecter Boarder True Draco 2 Anti-meta 4 me. I could not play. Fun fact my opponent had gone 1-1-1 aswell. On the upside, I got this cool mat, 2 OTS packs, Lost Art Skill Drain, and I caught a game of (Exarion unfortunately) Goat Format afterward:
  2. Laid back chill mafia Day 1

    Getting ready to go to ygo locals for Worlds Day Event but I'll try and check back in b4 EoD though if I have time between a round.
  3. Laid back chill mafia Day 1

    I hate u 2 buddy
  4. Laid back chill mafia Day 1

    Floata Jazz is a case or "I wanna make Jazz play the game". Why u no explain ur vote?
  5. Laid back chill mafia Day 1

    What's ur case on Jazz? I don't recall u giving a scum read on Jazz until ur vote Malcolm post. I just got on this morn and I'm really confused by this play.
  6. Laid back chill mafia Day 1

    Needs to post more. He has 3 posts 2 of which are voting and unvoting u sir as their intro. I'm not really sure their is anything majorly alignment indicative about Antag's fos of Faint. I mean I don't think it's a fair attack on Faint because I think my thoughts where lacking but all in all I say null.
  7. Laid back chill mafia Day 1

    I think i need to just get home and get some rest and come back to the game better prepared. Also feel like if I stay I as is I'm gonna cause chaos where there need not be. Also I can get on PC at home.
  8. Laid back chill mafia Day 1

    Unvote. Feel like I totally misconstrued what Francis was going for because now it's clear he wasn't going for a simple policy lynch on Solstice but rather using his vote to get a read and avoid a ?. l just got done with work I think my brain might be half fried tbh.
  9. Laid back chill mafia Day 1

    I suppose it's fair to accuse me of being a piggy backer whose just trying to appear helpful (although I swear I was gonna go after Francis and faint beat me to the punch) but I would like to clarify that my vote is still in fact on scumwood and i only unvoted and revoted because I forgot to unvote the first time to vote 4 Francis.
  10. Laid back chill mafia Day 1

    Is that true though? I feel like I recall Solstice's game having improved.
  11. Laid back chill mafia Day 1

    A little stunted ATM since I'm on mobile unfortunately but I'm really not caring for Jazz's logic but I find it highly unlikely that Jazz would bus their team mate @ such an early hr that by believing scumwood's attack on Solstice is balently from a scum mindset by assuming that scummywood is our reality I have to assume we are also in the reality where Jazz correctly metagamed scumwood. Time will tell if I'm right.
  12. Laid back chill mafia Day 1

    @Mod @rei what is the situation with majority? And if it's active it would be 6 correct?
  13. Laid back chill mafia Day 1

    I hadn't unvoted my prior vote. I figure it prevents confusion when tabulating the vote count. Idk maybe I'm just being silly
  14. Laid back chill mafia Day 1

    I'm on mobile so somebody else is gonna have to do a handy dandy vote count if rei doesn't
  15. Laid back chill mafia Day 1

    forgot unvote then vote scumwood
  16. Laid back chill mafia Day 1

    I concur while I wasn't down 4 Jazz's logic now that scumwood is spinning this bullmalarky I don't like him at all Vote Scumwood
  17. Laid back chill mafia Day 1

    Eh I don't like this argument for the same reason that Soph just indicated as the game start situation is unusual circumstances but it also somewhat bothers me that we're even considering metagaming a player after such a gap since the last game.
  18. Laid back chill mafia Day 1

    I got the word out to jazz and Malcolm 2 so think between us all they should know about the game. Anybody have @aurirevoir's contact info?
  19. Laid back chill mafia Day 1

    I guess he didn't get the memo until after the game started. 0_0 with that said just realized I promised to.let Faint know when the game started
  20. Laid back chill mafia Day 1

    Wait a min. I'm being a buzz I'll aren't I? Totally not a buzzkill slip
  21. Laid back chill mafia Day 1

    Checking in from work. Me feels like people who self vote even for comedic entry are NEVER protown. With that said Vote Soph
  22. Laid Back Chill Mafia

    it's fine with me
  23. Hey everyone

    welcome! we help and support each other
  24. Laid Back Chill Mafia

    Don't worry I got you on that front
  25. Laid Back Chill Mafia

    @Solstice @Broken Brilliance @Malcolm @Malcolm's Multi @Sophocles