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  1. It's fucking D1 man. Are you insane?
  2. @Malcolm Damn where the hell are you? Remind me why did I vote for this clown of a Mafia host for KotF?
  3. You know it's ironic that mark is calling people out for being too "black and white" and yet he refused to acknowledge the world where at least part of his reads are wrong. This is the kind of bullshit I'd pull out of my ass. I expect better from you.
  4. Have you checked your ass?
  5. That's just it though I had plans for a short day trip today to just chill out but I can't and I found out the other day that things conflict and it making me kinda snappy.
  6. Yeah, I think he's scum. I've been in a bad mood since this game started. Entirely IRL junk dragging me down.
  7. Well good for you. I am in a bad mood, though.
  8. mark I wonder. Are you in a bad mood?
  9. And this people is why mark is a liability if his ass really is town. Mark is going full McCarthy with this shit.
  10. Or rather your margin is too low but the correct margin is high
  11. Me thinks your margin of error is still way too damn high for a D1 conclusion.
  12. So close to 12: 41 Central time
  13. The problem with mark that makes him stand out is it becomes too obvious he's trying to control the board. If I was his scum mate I'd be annoyed by the fact that he doesn't have a subtle bone in his body.
  14. Yeah, it's paranoid retarded nonsense. This kind of spew is why I'm voting to lynch him.
  15. Hey, mark what's with all the hate on neutrals? Without neutrals, the town would have lost last game. Reminds me of your anti-policy lynch rhetoric last game. It's like you are trying to alter towns behavior with propaganda.
  16. So when I flip town who gets lynched first? mark I hope
  17. as town*
  18. If this is to paraphrase you just your playstyle you have a bullshit playstyle. This is D1 where did you get the info to pin down 4 scum 100%? You my friend if you really believe that crap are town are a bigger liability than I ever was.
  19. Mark if you are town so help me... urgh
  20. I don't like mark because he's scum reading everybody and their aunt with the first theory he can muster. He's trying too hard on D1. I don't believe anybody should play that aggro D1 and it not be a meme or scum ploy.
  21. Truly, you have a dizzying intellect reading into pos rep like that.
  22. Based on the vote count as it was. I think I was the only one with a vote on Mascis
  23. I said I wouldn't change my lynch vote but Lynch Vote Mark because he's the only one that I scum read that has a chance to be lynched.