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  1. I've been thinking. People apparently think I'm wrong about Malcolm. Should I be policy lynched because I'm apparently chasing a pointless lynch that no one else thinks is relevant and believe I'm wrong on? Also is it really bad to lynch Malcolm d1 or is that just a pernicious meme DGz town has latched onto that he will always be NK'd by D3
  2. I feel like I should have posted, "Shit Fucking Westeros" when the game started. It seems like it gives me luck
  3. I don't scum read people just because they're wrong and their ego refuses to let them see the truth. Based on your logic mark should be pressured and scum read every town game he plays because he's always dodgy/adversarial and often wrong. I've learned however that this can actually be a stronger indicator of someone being town than anything else based on my experience with players like mark.
  4. I take it you don't know how to backread do you?
  5. Vote Malcolm. When I flip town maybe you guys will actually lynch him like you should be doing now.
  6. Thanks for the reads
  7. Okay... Can you atleast tell me what your reads are on everyone else in a world where Sol flips scum?
  8. Oh and @Sophocles can you explain further on why I'm wrong on Malcolm being scum?
  9. Your town reading scum Malcolm does bother me considerably but I think I can chalk that up to you being misguided. I find your vote on Sol interesting. Did Sol leading the mislynch on Digbick D1 contribute to you deciding Sol was scum?
  10. So it's bad to defend people you think are going to get mislynched?
  11. Damn it rei. How could I miss the chance to beat you too this?
  12. Back that up with something substantive or you're no better than me and my soul read on Jazz that everybody sees as a scum tell.
  13. I know Jazz. Jazz would never resort to posts like this as scum^ It's not that hard to read highly frustrated townie potentially with a power role. It's just like how I could tell Francis' outrage was real that time I gave him the bomb in that 1 game and I desperately tried to get people to not lynch purely based on my instinctual read on him. Oh by the way your still town just like Jazz.
  14. I can just see scum laughing there heads off in the QT over how bad we have been playing so far. I'm going to backread to the Jazz drama and try and infer some scum reads based on who appears to have taken advantage of the chaos to promote misinfo and potential mislynches.
  15. Well atleast you're right about 1 thing. Oh and good morning
  16. Well Beast is nowhere to be seen. Good night folks and good scum hunting.
  17. I'm gonna go get a quick bite to eat. While I'm gone @The_Be(a)sT I'd like to hear your reads particularly upon those who voted to mislynch Digbick along with your predecessor Jazz. I would like to judge your slot not entirely upon the drama of your predecessor so if you don't mind it would be nice if you responded relatively promptly.
  18. Down 2 power roles and what do we know from it all? Congrats Mascis your confirmed dumb probably vanilla town.
  19. Again I ask you what in tarnation you expected to achieve by fishing for the setup? I want to hear this brilliant plan of yours chop chop
  20. right now*
  21. I'm absolutely livid right @Mascis but would you care to explain what in tarnation you expected to achieve by fishing for the setup?