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  1. A Lost Wanderer From DNF..

    I 100% agree man. Bruce Lee for life brother
  2. A Lost Wanderer From DNF..

    Yeah man I was literally 12 years old when I posted this lmao. Looking back on it, I find it hilarious how I got fucking ripped to shreds but I definitely deserved it for the type of shit I posted. Makes me physically cringe reading back over it, but at the same time, I don't think any normal 12 year old would have fitted in with you guys. I do wish I was bit older when Dgz was more active because I would have appreciated the humor and people a lot more. If only DNF was still up so I could go back and review some of my old posts on there lol
  3. A Lost Wanderer From DNF..

    Had a sudden flashback to when I was 12 years old and posted on these kinds of forums and I found this lmao. I liked the way I tried to claim I wasn't 12 years old (which is something a 12 year old would do) I made an account on here a few years after this was posted to share some GFX stuff I was messing around. Times were a lot simpler 5 years ago, hope everyone who responded to this thread is keeping well in these weird times!
  4. Could've just edited out the link to the IP changer, not the whole sentence lmao
  5. when I tried signing up it gave me back error EX1146, and even when I tried to log into my old account (the one I am using right now) it also displayed that error.
  6. Envoy's Dick Party GFX Showcase

    I believe that's what I used for the smudge sig. Perfect, I will try it out. Thanks for the advice. EDIT: What do you think of my aesthetic edit(s) btw? I saw your artwork in the DGz discord and wanted to see your outlook on some of my other non realted GFX work.
  7. Envoy's Dick Party GFX Showcase

    Agree to disagree. I think this would be a good suggestion if it were a piece of work on it's own, but this is a server icon and it looks perfect dead in the centre. I see where you are coming from though. What it looks like as a sever icon: Thank you for reminding me of this. I always knew there was a way to keep the proportions correct but never knew HOW to do it. If I did this, and merged every layer together including the white one, and put a filter over it, would it affect the image? Would the filter effect end up being softer? How do I get a black outline on the text? I couldn't find the option anywhere on PS6. Other than that, this has all the advice I need. Thank you very much for the feedback. Copy and paste the render until your canvas is full, hide the render you want to keep and smudge as you please (:
  8. [28/08/17] Been messing around in Adobe CS6 for around 2 years but only started making ''art'' and gfx recently. Everything at the moment is experimental and I mostly mess around with sigs and avis until they look nice. A problem that I have found recurring in my gfx work is the text placement. Even though I have read about the rule of thirds, I still find it hard to come to placing the text in the right position. I am very open to advice/constructive criticism as it is the only way I can turn my fuckfest into something half decent to look at it. Recently, I won the server icon contest on some tournament server and made quite a few attempts. At the current moment, they all prove to be my bests work. As stated above, text placement proved hard as it was a crucial aspect of making a server icon. Icons: Signatures: Other edit(s): Please bash me with advice (: