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  1. running out of pants ama

    How did you lose your hat? What kind of hat was it? If you can't find it, are you planning on replacing it?
  2. Hello.

    Yes but compared to when I began at that hellhole?
  3. if you click on this topic you must post

    I'd say "it could be worse", but that'd be jinxing it.
  4. Tavern Brawl Discussion

    In case anybody is in need of an easy pack, the current Tavern Brawl works like this: You draw cards, in order of their mana cost You draw 1-costs on T1, 2-costs on T2, etc. If you have multiple cards at the same cost, one of them is drawn at random If you have no cards at the mana slot (or have passed T10), you draw a random card Basically, go to town with N'Zoth Secret Paladin. 11 secrets 2x Minibot 2x Muster 2x Shredder 2x Belcher 2x Challenger 1x Boom 1x Tirion 6x [random 9 drop] 1x N'Zoth You'll draw 1 secret on T1, meaning your Challengers pull 2 times 5 secrets; aside from that, it's a goddamn nasty curve.
  5. SMITE (PC)

    Any Smite fans in here? (aside from Spooderman, but he's on xbox)
  6. It seems Dragons just got a better Future Fusion

    @Satchmo pitched a few ideas recently over at the Idea Pad: aside from aforementioned CoD interactions, there's also Koa'ki Meiru Drago/Diamond Core to disrupt Kozmos/BA. Before you wonder, you can reveal for Drago before you discard for CoD.
  7. Dueling Network

    The GBA/DS World Championship games gave decent-ish starter decks or gave you easy access to new cards (2011 gave you nice things like Chiron, Ryko and Zaborg, Eternal Duelist Soul and its ilk had a password system that just gave you a copy of the card you inserted, no questions asked, and so forth), while Duelists of the Roses gave you different and functional starter decks, like a Zombie-type deck with access to Pumpking (breaking the game in half) and also had a "1 copy, no questions asked"-password system, meaning you could break the game further with Mirror Wall and other cards. In retrospect, the normal games aren't that bad; most of it just depends on knowing how to get the cards or making due till you can access the better ones. Freemium games are a different matter entirely.
  8. Say something to someone that will never hear it

    I wish you didn't go abroad.
  9. Hello.

    New random, joining. I'm familiar with a couple o' names around here. Got referred by Satchmo. Nothing else left to say, is there?