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  1. Paleozoic - Deck Discussion

    Just saw the below list top one of the bigger OCG Tournies (116 people) and had some interesting traps / extra deck choices. I've included the cards that I found interesting in the line up: Shapesister Trap Cont Special Summon this card as a Normal Monster (Fiend-Type/Tuner/EARTH/Level 2/ATK 0/DEF 0). (This card is also still a Trap Card.) You can only activate 1 "Shapesister" per turn. Use this to make Herald of the Arc Light and essentially have multiple negations with Toad. Bewildering Wind (Comes out in RATE) Trap Normal Target 1 face-up Special Summoned monster on the field; it has its effects negated, also halve its original ATK. If your opponent Special Summons a monster from the Extra Deck while this card is in your Graveyard (except during the Damage Step): You can Set this card, but banish it when it leaves the field. Seems like a generally good card for the deck in my opinion. Aegis of the Ocean Dragon Lord Trap Normal Until the End Phase, face-up Level 3 or lower WATER monsters you control cannot be destroyed by battle or by card effects. I'm tempted to try this out over Waboku. The protection from multiple forms of destruction seems pretty good, but it doesn't protect your XYZs so also seems lack luster. Ideally thinking though the XYZs shouldn't need protection from battle thanks to Cat Shark / your other traps.
  2. Silent Heroes

    Image of desklist: So I saw R2 at Bochum and this guy was against Metalfoes with Destiny Heroes and Silent Swordsman. He actually won 2-0 that match. I done some digging and this is the guy and his post from reddit. I'm quite a big fan of Destiny Heroes so have tried to optimize it and make the Dark Law / Silent as quickly as possible. I'm still not sold on the idea of running 1 Decision / Drill / Celestial but they have their uses and are fodder for the Swordsman. Drill helps empty the hand for Bubble, while giving you another monster on the field to send with Silent. Celstial also has the quirk of popping a face-up spell when declaring. What's nifty with this you can proc his effect then Mask Change to Dark Law to banish it. Then if you have another D-Hero in grave next turn / no hand. You can draw 2. Decision can stall vs BE decks and when summoned, will get you a Hero back in the End-Phase from your graveyard. Overall with the inclusion of the new D-Heroes it gives you the synergy and has some nice draw power. As for cards that didn't make it was the biggest not to get on the list, with no way to regain the resource and multiple A Hero Lives I can't fit it in here sadly :(. I also tried adding the Resonator engine but that just became too much for the deck to handle and bricked a lot. Ties is another suggestion but just leaving 3 Monsters on the field with nothing else to play in game isn't ideal and then it's another 2000lp. I wouldn't feel comfortable going into T2 with 3 Warriors that can't negate and a facedown Mask Change at the moment. Too easy to make S39 Lightning and attack for game. I've been testing this out on Percy just to see what hands are like / how it plays out. It actually seemed quite consistent and what I liked about, it wasn't just going for the same combo. With the different D-Heroes it gives you different ways to approach the state of the game. While popping scales with Celestial. Opponents will also become worried about killing the Silent and you going into LV7 as they lose all their spells while you can potentially have Silent Sword for protection. My favourite board so far is having Tzolkin / Void / Bahumant / Toad, just negating one of the opponents spells/traps with Toad and then using that for Tzolkin in their turn is pretty funny in my books. This decks initial weakness g1 will be Paleozoic though. Silent Swordsman is a bit redundant there but with Dark Law / Jinzo / Decree. They are going to have one hell of a hard time games 2 and 3. With Mali / A Hero Lives - you should be fine tribute summoning the Jinzo to. 40 18 - 21 - 1 |3| Destiny Hero - Malicious |3| Silent Swordsman |2| Elemental Hero Bubbleman |2| Elemental Hero Shadow Mist |2| Summoner Monk |1| Blackluster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning |1| Destiny Hero - Celestial |1| Destiny Hero - Decision |1| Destiny Hero - Drilldark |1| Plaguespreader Zombie |1| Silent Swordsman LV7 |3| A Hero Lives |3| Allure of Darkness |3| Destiny Draw |3| Silent Sword |2| Instant Fusion |2| Mask Change |2| Twin Twisters |1| Foolish Burial |1| Reinforcement of the Army |1| Upstart Goblin |1| Vanity's Emptiness Extra |2| Masked HERO Dark Law |1| Elder Entity Norden |1| Coral Dragon |1| Stardust Charge Warrior |1| Ultimaya Tzolkin |1| Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon |1| Void Ogre Dragon |1| PSY-Framelord Omega |1| Bahumat Shark |1| Toadally Awesome |1| Abyss Dweller |1| Castel, the Skyblaster Musketeer |1| Number 39: Utopia |1| Number S39: Utopia the Lightning Side |2| Jinzo |2| Maxx "C" |3| System Down |2| Dark Hole |1| Raigeki |1| Twin Twisters |2| Anti-Spell Fragrance |2| Royal Decree And lastly, thank you for reading. Here's the vid of the player from YCS Bochum vs Metalfoe
  3. YGOPro Sims

    I'm currently writing up an article about the current sims, and with a new one just released to the public thought I'd post here with a quick summary. Current Available Sims: YGO Pro 2 The newest and most graphical in-game. Uses Unity 2 as the engine. It's also compatible with Pro Percy. YGOPro Percy Pretty standard, and basic. Uses the same YGO Core as Dev/Salv/TDOANE. Updates new cards almost immediately as soon as they are announced by YGO Org, and pretty reliable. Also uses Checkmate / TrueSkill rating for the ladder. DevPro Dev was the largest out of them until their issues with the server a month/2 ago. They have checkmate and have a standard ranking system, update often and was/might still be the best place to find competitive people. Salvation Salvation stemmed from DevPro and is growing. They're also the first to release a manual mode, host regular tournaments and update cards frequently. TDOANE TDOANE hides a lot of stuff behind pay walls, but has some decentish features. Only place that I know of that has semi-active teams for war. This may change if Pro 2 / DuelistUnite forums start doing teams to. I did say quick summary. In the article I talk about the history/current owner. E.g. James leaving Dev to create Salv... if allowed I'll post my actual article or a link later that goes into a lot more detail regarding each one. I've not managed to really use Pro 2 yet so hence the hold up. I can also add download links to each one of them - but not sure if that breaks the rules, you can pretty much find them just by googling name + YGO.
  4. YGOPro Sims

    Cheers James, this helps largely with what I'm writing. Thank you! On that subject what's your plans for Salv? Will you have a ranking system / teams / pay wall?
  5. Whats the fastest you've ever driven

    127mph (my car's top speed) on the m3 - Vauxhall Insignia I've also driven at higher speeds when I've done stunt days but at least then it's on private land and allowed. That was also a range of different cars.
  6. Swap Frog - Errata

    I couldn't see this posted anywhere else on DGz and thought this was relevant. The set this is due in is OTS Tournament Pack 3 (Released Nov 18th) and will be in Ultimate Rare to. This now brings it in line with the OCG Rulings:
  7. Tzolkin Heroes

    Ratios: |[40]|[15]|[22]|[3]| |3| Destiny Hero - Malicious |2| Armageddon Knight |2| Elemental Hero Shadow Mist |2| Red Resonator |2| Summoner Monk |1| Dark Grepher |1| Destiny Hero - Diamond Dude |1| Fairy Tail - Snow |1| Plaguespreader Zombie |3| A Hero Lives |3| Allure of Darkness |3| Destiny Draw |2| Instant Fusion |2| Mask Change |2| Resonator Call |2| Twin Twister |1| Foolish Burial |1| Raigeki |1| Reinforcement of the Army |1| Soul Charge |1| Upstart Goblin |2| Anti-Spell Fragrance |1| Vanity's Emptiness |2| Masked Hero Dark Law |1| Elder Entity Norden |2| Coral Dragon |1| Stardust Charge Warrior |1| Ultimaya Tzolkin |1| Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon |1| Scarlight Red Dragon Archfiend |1| Stardust Spark Dragon |1| Void Ogre Dragon |1| Psy-Framelord Omega |1| Beatrice, Lady of the Eternal |1| Abyss Dweller |1| Castel, the Skyblaster Musketeer |2| Chaos Hunter |2| Maxx "C" |3| System Down |2| Pendulum Storm |1| Twin Twister |2| Royal Decree |2| Solemn Strike |1| Solemn Warning Explanation, Choices, Combos and Match Ups So the deck is geared towards creating a strong board as early as possible in the game by making Dark Law, Crystal Wing, and Void Ogre to stop your opponent from playing, and to collect salty tears for your collection. Vanity's Emptiness and Anti-Spell Fragrance add to this and gives your opponent fewer ways to break your opening. Thanks to these kinda openings I find the deck still viable in the meta but it certainly prefers to go T1 then let your opponent play first. I've randomly drawn a few hands using YGO Pro Percy: [1st Hand: Mist, Mali, Mali, Arma, Foolish Burial] In this scenario it's really not the best of hands, however you have choices. Use Armageddon Knight and Foolish Burial to dump Plaguespreader Zombie and Malicious. Use Plague to put a Mali to the top of the deck. Special Mali and either make a Level 8 Synchro (Omega), make Stardust Charge Warrior then Beatrice or make Coral Dragon and go into Tzolkin to top a spell/trap (numbers are in your favour). In this scenario I would be torn between Omega and Tzolkin, but I would of more than likely gone Omega too be honest and play it safer. [2nd Hand: A Hero Lives, Allure of Darkness, Destiny Draw, Red Resonator, Shadow Mist] Activate A Hero Lives, special Shadow Mist but don't use the effect. Summon Red without effect and Synchro Coral Dragon. Search Mali. Use Destiny Draw, discarding Mali. Draw 2. (In this example I went into another Allure and Mask Change). Use Mali's effect, then activate Mask Change for Dark Law. [Current state - Dark Law / Coral on field, 2x Allures and Shadow Mist in hand / 1 Mali banished / 1 in gy / 1 in deck]. Use Mali again but this time synchro for Tzolkin and draw 1 (RotA). Use RotA, search Dark Grepher and then use Allure (into D-Draw and Upstart). Use Allure into Emptiness and Mask Change. Banish Shadow Mist. Use Upstart into A Hero Lives. Set all 4, and use Tzolkin for Void. Flip Emptiness before opponent's MP1. [My reasoning in the choices is thinning the deck of monsters to either drawer an extender or a floodgate] Most of the deck builds itself essentially with little variations. For my take I main a Diamond Dude, Fairy Tail Snow, Soul Charge and double Anti-Spell Fragrance. So I shall focus on explaining those choices rather than the engine of the deck. Destiny Hero - Diamond Dude - At the moment this provides a few benefits being a target for Mask Change, Destiny Draw, Shadow Mist target, and potential pluses by it's own effect. There's not much more to explain as it fills those roles perfectly for the time being and will potentially be replaced by a Destiny Hero - Celestial later in the month. Fairy Tail - Snow: She has thrown the lifebuoy to save my ass so many times when I've lost control of the board or in a grind game. Her niche to stop Utopia the Lightning when I have Crystal Wing out is never to be underestimated either. Further to this capability if I've dumped my dark targets with Dark Grepher, she is something else I can dump with Beatrice / Foolish Burial. She''s like the secret weapon in the deck and with the drawer power and dumping you do, she's pretty much guaranteed to be live, furthermore to her niche she can ensure there is nothing in hand to make sure Void Ogre can negate to. Soul Charge: Oddly enough I don't often see this being used in Hero Tzolkin builds mainly due to the LP resource being eaten up quickly by A Hero Lives and the Solemn brigade, however since I'm not maining the Solemn brigade, Soul Charge can extend plays T1 and further lockdown the field by pushing to end T1 with Void / Crystal Wing / Beatrice / Tzolk`in / Dark Law on the field with Snow in the GY. Anti-Spell Fragrance: I quickly found out that in testing ending T1 with Crystal Wing and Anti-Spell Fragrance is stronger than opening a Crystal Wing and Solemn. Utopia the Lightning is still very problematic however with the exception of Photon Thrasher most decks are going to struggle to even make Utopia without their spells. Anti-Spell Fragrance also offers more protection to Crystal Wing forcing any spell card that has monster removal / make face down to be set with again exceptions in quickplay. Solemn Brigade: In an earlier variation of this I was maining 2 Solemn Strikes and 1 Warning that you now see in the side. While these proved effective, they haven't felt as strong for me as 2 Anti-Spell Fragrances. I may switch back later if the meta shifts again but I only prefer them in a few match ups, while I prefer ASF in a lot more of them. A quick note of some of the combos: [Resonator + Armageddon Knight] Summon Red Resonator, Special Armageddon Knight, Send Destiny Hero - Malicious to the graveyard. Synchro summon Coral Dragon using Armageddon Knight and Red Resonator. Activate Destiny Hero - Malicious to special summon 1 from the deck. Synchro Ultimaya Tzolkin using Coral Dragon and Destiny Hero - Malicious and draw 1. - If Destiny Draw is in the hand - use Armageddon Knight's effect to send Shadow Mist to grave and search Destiny Hero - Malicious. Then proceed to discard Destiny Hero - Malicious to draw 2. - With A Hero Lives in hand, you can also end up with a field of Dark Law, Tzolkin, LV8 Synchro Dragon. [Red Resonator + Summoner Monk] (Special Armageddon Knight) - see above ^ However if you open double Destiny Hero - Malicious in hand. Search Dark Grepher, discard Destiny Hero - Malicious and send Plaguespreader Zombie to the graveyard. Use Plaguespreader Zombie to make Coral Dragon or Void Ogre Dragon dependent on if you have Instant Fusion / Soul Charge / Red Resonator. You can also use Plaguespreader Zombie in place of Red Resonator. With extenders like Instant Fusion and Soul Charge you can make a Tzolkin and draw, or if you've not opened optimally make a Crystal Wing without negging yourself. For a quick way to OTK you can make a Beatrice, Scarlight and have a Snow in the graveyard. If the opponent has no monsters either due to Raigeki or Coral Dragon destroying their only monster, Beatrice, Scarlight, and Snow do just over 8000 (7350 in attack, then burn with Scarlight for 1000 / 1500 if you made Tzolkin). In terms of match ups, it is dependent on two things like most decks: 1) Did you win the die roll? Y=Profit | N=Hope they don't make an unbreakable board. 2) Did you brick? Y=Play it out, and make Dark Law | N=Profit. The side is mainly engineered to help with going second with Decree / Solemns being the exception. ABC = System Down / Maxx "C" / Chaos Hunter Majespector = Twin Twister / Pendulum Storm Metalfoes = Maxx "C" / Pendulum Storm PK Fire = Solemns / Maxx "C" Dark Synchro = Maxx "C" / Solemns Lightsworn = Maxx "C" Mermail = Maxx "C" / Solemns Herald = Maxx "C" Other Hero Variations = Maxx "C" Barriers / Anti-Meta / Paleozoic / Trap Heavy = Royal Decree / Twin Twister Thanks for reading and I will probably end up posting a picture of the deck once I have my hands on the 3rd System Down, the Hunters, and Pendulum Storm.
  8. Tzolkin Heroes

    There you go, I made it bland You have no level?
  9. Toadally Awesome

    I just wanted to say thank you. Dinomist's are a deck I've never really paid any attention to since coming back and after reading this thread it's peaked my attention for obvious reasons. I was wondering why you wouldn't use Speedroid Terrortop / Speedroid Red-Eyed Dice for more Synchro shenanigans? I've tried making a quick list on the thoughts in my head. I just wanted to get something down as a visual way of starting, edit missed out Trish like a pleb.
  10. Firstly I'm sorry if this has been posted before and I'm pretty sure it has a long time ago but couldn't find it when searching (did go back 3-4 pages). Also I'm probably repeating what people have said before. However looking at the current meta and the meta ahead it's worth saying again. Also I'm quite high on coffee... Anyway... So about 5 minutes ago I was looking at outs to a full field backed up by Vanity's Emptiness/Other Flood Gates that say "No you can't play YGOs anymore" and after researching I saw Sphere Mode sitting there, locked away just staring at me and pop. Lightbulb switched on. It decimates the opponent's field, gets past Emptiness and can neck you a 4k Monster that also has a removal effect. Plus it has swag points. With this if you look at the potential future of DDD / Treatoad Spam / ABC a majority of them will get a strong as fuck field out T1 / T2. Also I do like Kaijus and I'd agree they do it better most of the time, but sometimes just getting rid of one monster isn't enough if you don't have Slumber or they could even have Vanity's. Also Kaijus seem to get mained in more decks now and sided a lot more. So if you still have a Kaiju on your side, it's not surprising to see your opponent special summon one to their side. Anyway - below is Sphere Mode: Sphere Mode 0/0 (Divine / Level 10) A couple of quick notes and I will probably add to this if/as people reply. Good against - 3 Dante Fields / Herald, Saff, Mons / Infinity, ABC, and 1 other / Synchro Spam / Dark Law, Treatoad, Shark / DDD / Mermails if they don't manage to OTK you / Pend Spam / Anything that constantly leaves 3 monsters on the field Useless against - I'll summon one/two monster(s) and beat you down with it, aka stun and some other decks Positives: 0 Attack - Opponent can't hurt you with it Level 10 - Opponent is unlikely to Synchro/XYZ with it (Unlikely to XYZ unless Trains/Dark Lords/Other Rank 10.deks) Bypasses Vanity's Emptiness/Fiend Has good protection for when it comes back to you Card Advantage it's an instant +2 (taking 3 of your opponent's cards while losing 1 of yours and your opponent gains 1) Has okay-ish support in terms of "The True Name" and "Mound of the Bound Creator" - The True Name being preferred if paired with PSZ. Can turn into a 4k beater with a monster destruction effect. Negatives: Protects your opponent Can be used for Rank 10 XYZs Uses your normal summon Requires 3 Monsters on either side field and all 3 have to be on the same side (is a positive if your opponent has 3) Cannot be special summoned or set. Semi-screwed if your opponent has a Winged Dragon of Ra in hand / deck A couple of decks at the moment can make an early game Beatrice so could end up sending a Phoenix Mode to the grave allowing you to have a recycling beater potentially. So this got into my head... if you can dump a Phoenix Mode easily you can have a little engine of the 3. I was thinking 2/3 (probably 2) Spheres, 1 Ra, 1 Phoenix. Your opponent is going to have to waste something to get rid off it. Below are their effects if you had forgotten. One has a destruction of a monster effect, and the other can send one to the GY. The Winged Dragon of Ra ?/? (Divine / Level 10) Phoenix Mode 4000/4000 (Divine / Level 10) And here's Mound / True Name. Too be honest, I wouldn't run either but might be worth mentioning. Mound of the Bound Creator The True Name
  11. The Winged Dragon of Ra - Sphere Mode

    I agree with you both, I feel like Ra is more damaging to some decks then Lava Golemn / Kaijus but 3 monsters is a bit restrictive especially against certain decks. For locals / pissing about I side into 2 Ra Spheres / 1 Phoenix / 1 God but I wouldn't do that if going to Regs/LLDS. Oddly enough it has worked out a few times when I've sided into them but hand traps are a lot stronger such as Ghost Ogre / D.D. Crow / the "C" twins. Other done other similar discussions on Pojo as well listing positives/negatives. Do you guys want me to continue that here?
  12. Brilliant Subterror Princesses

    You're kinda missing the point, you explain why this deck, why some of the cards you've chosen (Mid-Shield Gardna?), how it does against the meta. How you compete against it, what combos the decks plays. Strengths/weaknesses.
  13. Brilliant Subterror Princesses

    Howdy there, I'm going to give you the advise that I got otherwise you will get negged a fair bit.
  14. if you click on this topic you must post

    So Reggie, you famous now?
  15. Just use YGOPro and go to their Discord to get an up-to-date version :)
    (Was literally updated a day or so ago...)

  16. if you click on this topic you must post

    Fuck, I came to read some funny shit and by god there's a lot of it. I must of watched SSJ Grumpig's sig a billion times now.
  17. I couldn't see any mention of this anyway and there was a couple of interesting decks that made the top 16 - in-particular the D-Hero deck. http://www.complexitycardgaming.com/2016/08/top-16-deck-profiles-major-tour-stop-london/ Round up of the tournament - Odd-Eyes Performapal won Kozmo flopped. Only Blue-Eyes was a Ritual based one. There was another recently in which D-Hero won and Kozmo were in top 8. http://www.complexitycardgaming.com/2016/08/top-8-decklists-ccg-championship-series-scharding-vol-3/
  18. Demise GK

    Hi DGz, I've just come back after a long time away from YGO and starting to understand the meta a bit more each game. I'll be attending my locals this weekend with the following deck (currently borrowing the 3 Card of Demises). Feel free to give me any suggestions, tips, rule changes I may not know (like not drawing t1), or you can tell me it's a piece of shit. 12 Monsters 3 Gravekeeper's Commandant 3 Gravekeeper's Recruiter 3 Gravekeeper's Spy 2 Gravekeeper's Descendant 1 Gravekeeper's Shaman 17 Spells 3 Allure of Darkness 3 Card of Demise 3 Pot of Duality 2 Gravekeeper's Stele 2 Necrovalley 1 Book of Moon 1 Raigeki 1 Royal Tribute 1 Upstart Goblin 11 Traps 2 Solemn Strike 2 Imperial Tombs of Necrovalley 2 Quaking Mirror Force 2 Rite of Spirit 1 Lost 1 Turn 1 Solemn Warning 1 Vanity's Emtpiness Extra 2 Cyber End Dragon 1 Stardust Dragon 1 Abyss Dweller 1 Castel, the Skyblaster Musketeer 1 Diamond Dire Wolf 1 Downerd Magician 1 Leviair the Sea Dragon 1 Number 30: Acid Golem 1 Number 66: Master Key Beetle 1 Number 85: Crazy Box 1 Number 103: Ragnazero 1 Performage Trapeze Magician 1 Steelswarm Roach 1 Wind-Up Zenmaines Side 2 Malefic Cyber End Dragon 1 Malefic Stardust Dragon 1 Meklord Emperor Wisel 3 Mystical Space Typhoon 1 Necrovalley 2 Deck Devastation Virus 1 Eradicator Epidemic Virus 1 Mind Crush 1 Skill Drain 1 Soul Drain 1 Vanity's Emptiness Why Gravekeepers? Or Necrovalley at all? So I've returned after a long time and have recently been running Stun Spellbooks to get a feel of what other players use and to understand more how other decks play. After seeing several decks banish from the GY or recycle using the GY I thought one of my favorite classic cards could see use again and hence it brings me to Necrovalley. So Necrovalley can hurt a majority of the meta such as BA (they recycle their graveyard a lot), Monarchs (Pantheism of the Monarchs, Prime Monarch) and Kozmos. The downside is it doesn't hurt Performapal that much even to the case Joaquin Rinaldi Petroni had one in his Performapal deck however I try to deal with them with my side and trap line up. So since we've established I wanted to run Necrovalley in a deck to fight up against the meta, what was the best way to maintain it? I thought about Performapals like Joaquin however a lot of people expect to see them now and can counter and since I'm running Necrovalley why not mess up some hands with an early Royal Tribute. With GK's I can run a small amount of monsters with drawer and search power. 10/13 Monsters are dark so Allure of Darkness is viable straight away. Spy is the only monster that special summons and most of the time that is on my opponent's turn so Pot of Duality is a must at 3, and with a lowish monster count/not special summoning that much Card of Demise is a safe. This is further justified as Gravekeeper's Stele and Rite of Spirit can get every monster in the main deck back from the graveyard. The 1 Upstart is a free card to something more useful hopefully to push for the early Royal Tribute. The monster line up is pretty standard for a GK deck, even older ones back from 2012 with Shaman being the newest GK in the deck. I went for 3 Commandants / 2 Necrovalley due to the search power of the deck and drawing into a 3rd Necrovalley can be dead mid/late game while a 2100 beater is viable. I do side the 3rd Necrovalley in anticipation of a lot of S/T removal from my opponent. Spy can Special Summon any GK from deck. That's too good to not run at 3 and allows for Descendant to have fodder to pop a card or to XYZ a rank 4. Like Spy, Recruiter also offers deck thinning and searching just doesn't special summon, and can't add the might of Spy :(. 2 Descendant's as all that is needed. Often popping Recruiter to get a search and a card killed for an advantage. Lastly Shaman, she offers further utility with Necrovalley up can stop the opponent's field spells from being used, has one hell of a defense, built in Soul Drain. Often underrated and can be quite cheekily used with Rite of Spirit for some shenanigans. Raigeki is a staple in any deck, there's not a reason for me not to use it and can help for a quick field wipe so Descendant can focus on the Pendulums/Backrow. I don't see Book of Moon played as much as before but with the capability of resetting a Spy or even helping a Descendant get past Skill Drain it becomes invaluable. All of the traps offer a form of control in someway. Bottomless/Solemns/CED hurting most monsters. Sandstorm Mirror Force allowing my GKs to run over most monsters with Necrovalley up. Imperial Tomb is just amazing and Rite of Spirit can ensure a GK is on the field. Essentially I'll be wearing down the opponent and making them loose their hair :). The extra deck is full of Rank 4/3s as that's all I can summon with the current deck. Shaman is the exception being level 6, but I only run her at 1. Number 85 Crazy Box and Downerd Magician can also be used for Virus material. I quite like to go into Leviar to bring back something banished by Allure than into Magician MP2. Acid Golem gives me a 3000 beater and I'd hope to have Skill Drain up if I'm going into him. As for the side deck, I was always a fan of a deck that can change it's colour almost with a side deck and that's what this does while maintaining a lot of control. The Malefic's offer me Virus bait and a heavy hitter with the extra benefit of Stardust protecting Necrovalley. 3 MSTs is there if I'm against a stun deck or need to start taking down Pendulems quicker than what Descendant can. Mind Crush seems very viable to me at the moment with the amount of searching most decks do and with 2 DDV / 1 EEV / Royal Tribute I can scout the opponent's hand. Vanity's Emptiness allows me to control the field for as much as possible slowing down my opponent or making them waste something on it. Skill Drain is there since I'll be running heavy hitters in the forms of Malefic/boosted Commandants. Other Thoughts: Hidden Temples of Necrovalley - looks really good but it hasn't really paid off for me and usually ends up dead. Probably my own fault too be honest. Gravekeeper's Guard - one of my favorites back in the day of early Synchro's but I can't find the room. Gravekeeper's Nobleman - I like the idea of Nobleman with Spy and Guard. I really do and was thinking about siding into them. Still tempted. What are your thoughts? Gravekeeper's Ambusher - Again another new one. Side material? Wonder Wand - Would be very handy to use with Recruiter. More draw for the early Tribute? Hidden Armory could accompany it to. Changes so far: -1 Gem Knight Pearl | +1 Castel, the Skyblaster Musketeer -1 CED | +1 Vanity's Emptiness (Due to this, Starlight Road is added to the side) -1 Vanity's Emptiness | +1 Rite of Spirit (In testing this worked out so much better with Card of Demise. Vanity saw it's return to the side) Thank you for reading, I look forward to the responses. DemiseKeepers.ydk
  19. Demise GK

    Tried Left-Arm earlier. I ran 2 (1 over a Sandstorm/Rite) and just didn't see them early enough. When I did see them it was too late too be honest and I would of rather had the options. I will fit in Desires as soon as I can though :D
  20. Pot of Desires

    Nope. Dimensional Alchemist specifies monster. From the top of my head Primal Seed works.
  21. Pot of Desires

    Yeah I see my stupidity in it, I liked the idea of a 4k beater which can push over BEWD - that's how I convinced myself it could be useful but then he'll just get popped by Alternative. My other thought was running it in some sort of macro/stun deck as you can usually quite easily protect your monsters but then it becomes a win-more card and situational which is kinda want you don't want. Plus you run out of space in the deck. Sorry if my logic is stupid but it's why I asked as I know I have a lot to learn.
  22. Pot of Desires

    With it bound to be popular, do you think it'll be worth maining/siding a Necroface/Gren Maju Da Eiza? Especially if you run 3 Pots yourself.
  23. Demise GK

    I've ended up using your advise Dexer008 and now running 2 Rite of Spirits :). It does make the deck flow a lot nicer and it's funny if they Twin Twister, Rite and Necrovalley while you have a Shaman in the GY.
  24. Demise GK

    It's from 2 replies I've had on Pojo. 1 one quite long so I fragmented into smaller sections. I think CED is biting the dust for now. For either the Rivalry or the Hidden Temple. Though the latter didn't really work before. Will try again though along with a Rivalry of the Warlords, or Vanity's Emptiness over it.
  25. Demise GK

    So further expanding on the deck and the reasoning behind the choices, here's a reply I just posted on Pojo. So far, all 3 have been really useful. Rite of Spirit allows me to pop with Descendant again or get Shaman back from the GY and onto the field quickly. I didn't rate Rite of Spirit at all back in 2010, now I do though. Book of Moon allows me to disrupt or reset a Spy, while CED can pull off some hijinks of it's own but is the least effective. Thinking about it further, I'm tempted to replace the CED with a Vanity's Emptiness. To testing I go! D-Slayer, I've split my reply to you into sections to make it easier. I only have one in the side, and I do really like Malefic Cyber End Dragon hence I've got 2 of them. Both can be virus bait. I do quite like Tsukuyomi, however other than resetting a Spy/helping something be ran over, I don't quite like it as it wastes the normal summon/set. I also don't run Guard so can't form the soft lock. It also conflicts with Card of Demise's discard and I'd rather drawer a Spy/Desecendant over Tsukuyomi. A majority of the monsters I can get around with Desendant/Rank 4s/Traps pretty effectively. I always found 3 Necrovalley mained too be overkill. Especially when I can offer protection with Shaman/Imperial Tombs. Too be honest, I've never liked Droll and Lock Bird. It's immediatly a -1 in terms of advantage, very easily played around, and with Royal Tribute/Card of Demise will just get sent away. Maxx C is something I quite like however. I just haven't found the room and I'm not that worried about not having him due to the reasons mentioned above. Just a little confused here, assuming you still mean Droll and Lock Bird? If so see above. The virus cards are actually really effective and I can usually get them out quite quickly. DDV Targets: 1 Shaman W/Necrovalley, 2 Desendant W/Necrovalley, 2 Malefic Cyber End Dragon, 1 Malefic Stardurst, 1 Meklord Emporer Wisel, 1 Number 85: Crazy Box, 1 Number 66: Master Key Beetle, 1 Downerd Magician EEV Targets: 2 Malefic Cyber End Dragon, 1 Malefic Stardurst, 1 Meklord Emporer Wisel, 1 Number 85: Crazy Box, 1 Number 66: Master Key Beetle, 1 Downerd Magician Also have to remember that it's very easy to make Rank 4's thanks to Spy. A lot of the time my field composes of Necrovalley, Number 66: Master Key Beetle, and Shaman. Skill Drain doesn't help me against Kozmo or Kaiju but it helps me with Monarch's and Performapals greatly :). Soul Drain helps with Kozmo to. The way the deck is set up, it's better to have fewer monsters than more. They would end up getting discarded for Card of Demise or Royal Tribute. The trap line up is loosely based on Michael Klasel's Demise Book deck found here - http://yugiohtopdecks.com/deck/5164. Quaking Mirror Force is amazing. Pretty much for the reasons you listed about with Tsukuyomi. DDV is amazing against Performapal. As an example here's Joaquin Rinaldi Petroni's Performapals http://yugiohtopdecks.com/deck/5227. DDV hits 17 of his maindecked monsters. Almost half of his deck. Helps with a few other decks to. And only a mad man would use DDV against BA, hmm unless Shaman is up :D. In honestly though I wouldn't side into DDV vs BA. EEV can wipe Sky Iris, Pends in the PZs, and whatever spells in hand. Both combo with the lone Mind Crush to. 2 Imperial's is perfect for me so far. I generally always have Necrovalley up along with a GK. Fiendish Chain used to by go-to trap for GKs but the versatile use of Tomb is too good to pass on. I'd certainly use Fiendish over Breakthrough since Valley stops me banishing to use it again. Veiler/Ghost Ogre will become dead in hand a lot. Thank you, and I've refined it to the meta from what I know so far. Still learning though and after reading this you can tell I've played against Performapals and Monarchs quite a lot. Hopefully with my responses it gives a further insight to my choices.