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  1. Always Angry Mafia

    This was bad play, but not indicative of scum or town. It is just bad play. It was a believable claim considering the context of it and also Jericho's play on the whole. Don't think this means anything. What about gemstone? Hyperbole by him He's stated that he thinks gemstone is scum several times and he's obviously going to try to get at gemstone rather than kill himself Not scum indicative. Who cares He's said several times to lynch you and gemstone when he flips. He might be tunneling, but this statement is untrue, and you are tunneling a lot harder than he is. Bad logic =/= Scum. And I think the logic is sound.
  2. Always Angry Mafia

    So for final clairifciation what exacrtly is the basis for Malcolm's lynch? I see Jazz spewing out a lot of shit but what part of those actually mean anything?
  3. Always Angry Mafia

    ok dnd is done now time to play
  4. Always Angry Mafia

    you ran away whilst we were fighting that snake chick...
  5. Always Angry Mafia

    im down
  6. Always Angry Mafia

    tied votes means rng lynch right?
  7. Always Angry Mafia

    What's the VC? I thought it was 4-2
  8. Always Angry Mafia

    I think your reasoning is pretty weak and I'm more inclined to think Malcolm is town than Gemstone. You are welcome to try to convince me, but so far I'm not convinced
  9. Always Angry Mafia

    Vote: Gemstone
  10. Always Angry Mafia

    why are you so desperate on this lynch lol
  11. Always Angry Mafia

    bit busy rn but I'm not ignoring Malcolm. I think the case against him is pretty weak, and I think you are grossly overestimating the scummy things he's done. I remember you saying something along the lines of "he's scum because he's defending himself from being called scum!", and to me reasoning of that nature just does not hold up. It feels much more like you're assuming he is scum and trying to find things that fit that narrative, rather than looking at things and using that up to build an idea of who is scum and town. There are some minor inconsistencies with his play, and it should be looked at later, however all things considered I'm definitely more inclined towards a gemstone lynch.
  12. Always Angry Mafia

    Also, I do not like this response. The statement he was responding to was by Diana and was similar to mine in "gemstone jumped on jericho's lynch after claim". His response doesn't actually explain why he did that, instead it redirects it. Him not getting his lynch does not justify him attempting to lynch the uncc'd doc here.
  13. Always Angry Mafia

    Looking back at it, I think there’s something to note in how Gemstone was the only person to actively vote Jericho after his doc claim, as shown by: I’ve been pretty busy, but I’m still confused as to how Jeri’s lynch gained so much traction. The way I looked at it, he was pretty transparent town, as playing aggressively and putting yourself out there are town-tells, and going 1 for 1 is never ideal for scum. Jeri definitely made no good defense, but I feel like the train on him was a huge overreaction, and nearly none of them taking a step back to reevaluate the situation is very telling, especially when Jeri made a doc claim. The fact that Gemstone was the guy to actually put the nail in the coffin despite this is particularly odd. This is reinforced by his response of “I’m getting Tyranno flashbacks” after Jericho’s claim, as chronologically this was before his vote. Whilst some could interpret this as just a shitpost, I think this is important because this makes sense from a scum perspective as this allows him to build a narrative that later justifies him getting the doctor lynched. If he was to vote doc without this post he is going to get more shit when doc flips. Not something to immediately incriminate him as it is wifom, but it is something to look at.
  14. Always Angry Mafia

    To quote the great Sage: I’m never wrong
  15. Always Angry Mafia

    How? i hear jazz go out on his meta read but I don’t buy it. Going into this game I already assumed she would be more active, it was just a question of more active scum or town. And to answer that question, I don’t like her interactions with Jericho and I’m leaning town on Jericho for his interactions. He has made valid points that I agree with, such as when Jazz posted the list of players and said he’s got a read on everyone except the 2 players who haven’t posted halfway into Day 1. Diana has also gone and provided weak and baseless reasons for her current lynch, and when asked about it specifically avoided it until she was pressed on it. The last time that has happened was when I had to chase Scum rei around. I want to see more from her.