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  1. running a game since im retired for now

    on a more serious note ye we’re chilling, it’s whatever if we need to wait a couple more days if something came up
  2. running a game since im retired for now

    shit do we have to wait till I grow grey hairs in my beard before we get this game going if u want I can both host and play, I just won’t read my role pm. np np
  3. running a game since im retired for now

    Sure if u need one I’ll jump in
  4. You chose to be an ass, which cost town the game and made it no fun. As a result, intentionally or unintentionally: you ruined the game. This is not a debate. This is a fact.
  5. I think mafia's fine. I love to see people make ballsy plays etc and I love trying to outsmart people whilst they attempt to outsmart me. It's a fun game, but not when someone is specifically trying to ruin the fun for everyone else.
  6. Then just fucking answer the question. I post saying "Are you two neighbours or masons" followed by "I think i've solved the game" (which was obviously in reference to JC being scum). You then proceed to post several times avoiding the question, when it's just a no or yes question, and would've taken you significantly less time to just answer. I'm not going to scour the website looking for each individual word in each individual post, just answer the question. You're not my 8 year old nephew. Grow up.
  7. Can i just say, Francis fucking sucks at the game. This game's gameplay was worse than I've ever seen Tyranno do. I've never been a fan of people saying Francis is good, because I just flat out dont think he is. He's active, and he acts like he follows "logic" which gets people to sheep him, but he's not a good player, and this has only cemented that thought in my mind. Maybe he was good, but he definitely is not now. He was one of the weaker players in this game.
  8. My issue was found on the fact that you were so absolutist on weak lynches. You can't say "these 2 are the scum team", when the basis is shitposting on days 1 and 2. The fact that youre so convinced insinuates you've either got a power, or you're looking to hard push a mislynch. The former doesn't work because I'm not scum (and this setup said no bastard), and so it must be the latter. There was just something off from you that contrasted with the remainder of your games, and I thought it was pretty obvious that you were scum. My expectation of you is to pressure early, and that's fine, but you were insistent and it made it obvious you were scum. Of course that means nothing when you have a shit player like Francis on the side of town.
  9. honestlyI thought this would be a fun and interesting game to make a return on, but this was not fun at all, and I’d rather never play on this site again then play with Francis ever again. Not surprised dyachei left.
  10. Well then the game was lost completely because of misinformation. to speak of day 1, I had inferred that JC was 1 of the 2 scum considering how he was posting so absolutist, but all of his and Francis’s posts insinuated otherwise and that they were masons and guaranteed town, even though it makes no sense to guarantee 2 town in a 7 man game. francis’s laziness cost us the game on that front. second of all, the fact that I scanned soph and got a red scan is just flat out bastard
  11. so JC and tyranno were scum? and Jc and Francis weren’t masons but rather neighbours?
  12. Wait hold up, I thought that JC was scum day 1 but then people kept bringing up fucking masons?
  13. what the fuck why would you majority the guy with mason when it was obvious as shit that soph and tyranno were scum