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  1. To anyone that has to read through this whole sack of shit between me and Jazz, my apologies. I really have not liked a lot of our nongame related back and forths in this game. If you want to look at my thoughts on the game, I made a few comments about Jazz’s accusations a few posts up. I also talked about Jazz’s general play, an overview of Wunter’s play and why I think Mascis is scum in considerable detail in my posts. And, I’ve also made a few comments on my perspective of the Malcolm lynch. If there are any questions on them, feel free to tag me. If there are any questions on any other players or the game state at all currently, still feel free. Good day *tips hat*
  2. Whilst I do agree that we both took the banter a tad too far, if the intent is to progress discussion and to facilitate for reads of both the scum and town inclination, then I think the most adequate response, by a significant margin might I add, is to simply respond to my counter arguments instead of using this hit and run (or more accurately in this instance—post and dash) manoeuvre. We can accommodate and acknowledge the presence of other reads—that is to be assured—but currently there is no such thing taking place, and so it is undeniably better to at least discuss with each other. Otherwise, the only valid conclusion I can surmise is that you are unequivocally scum. aka - stop poking arguments at me if the only way you’re playing is “I’ll post this, and then dash when the going gets tough”. Instead of replying to my counter argument in this circumstance and giving potentially valuable reads, you took the option to bait me. It’s stupid, childish and flat out non-towny. If it’s a result of you being offended over our first game, don’t take out of game emotions and put them into this fucking game.
  3. You suck too much for me to kill if I was scum.
  4. And I don’t want none of yall to try push the bullshit that I’m tunnelling Jazz here. I posted articles on both Wunter and Mascis being potential scum and none of yall have said jack squat about it yet, on top of talking about current gamestate. If Jazz has the right to throw these baseless accusations at me then I got a right to defend myself.
  5. I saw your post and agreed with it, it was a point I was going to actually talk about myself, so rather then simply repeat I just voiced my agreement. There is nothing more to it. I haven’t been anti-jazz, I’ve just thought you were scum, because I’ve felt your arguments have been groundless, misconstrued and reaches. Precisely like this. You literally went as far as to say that you “don’t care about Soph now that you’ve found a link for haz to be scum”. So you’re willing to throw away someone who you were just willing to defend as town and, who a few posts back you specifically called “town”, and you’re willing to throw him away to push the agenda I’m scummy... Do I really have to say more?
  6. I could see the combination of Scum Malcolm—Scum mascis working out there. Malcolm votes and distances from partner Mascis, but gives a legitimate reason for people to jump off Mascis’s lynch (who’s voting for neutral over scum?) and tries to further the agenda by even getting Francis to agree on Day 1. Then on day 2 he simply pushes the Mascis lynch again, when he knows it won’t succeed and he’s under fire, potentially to further distance. Calm down I’m getting there, Sherlock. Whilst I think people have really exaggerated how bad his play is, I do think the small things add up, and things such as him trying to get Francis to confirm Mascis (who I think is almost definitely scum) as neutral is hella weird. However I am a little hesitant as I just can’t see any world where Malcolm as Scum outs himself in such an obvious way whilst defending Zero of all players at the time. The dude was cooked and on top of that wasn’t even playing. It’s a stupid play on the board. Plus I don’t like how everyone just goes “auto lock Lynch” without really taking the time to go through other options, which is why i talked about Jazz, Wunter and Mascis in my post. So this, plus my initial reluctance and Mascos being near 100% scum in my eyes is what lead me down that vote. Have you read my posts properly? If you haven’t then I wrote about why he’s not neutral and the implications of him being considered neutral have been stupid. What posts do you think have been aggressive with him? This is something I talk about more in depth in my longer essay post, but essentially day 1 he had Francis to pressure and policy him, so he was in a position where had to be more aggro. But looking at his posts after that it looks like he starts to become a lot more floaty in comparison, losing that edge.
  7. It was like 5/6 to 1 at best iirc when I made that post against Zero. There was no reason for me to vote further and make it so that it was impossible for other lines of discussions to be brought up. As for at EOD, it was still 7 to 4. There was no benefit for me to vote him further there, in fact holding it so there is that slight chance of benefit off scum trying to counter wagon by countering myself was more ideal.
  8. HONOURABLE MENTIONS: Jazz - I know focusing on this guy has been the predominant reason in the scum reads on me currently, but I honestly can’t shake that feeling in the back of my head. His play has not changed from Day 1, where I initially called him out, and it even seems to be have worsened somewhat, to the extent where he will blatantly not respond to my posts and ignore info to further his agenda, as then then repeats his points without addressing my counter argument. I.e He argues I’m linking him with Tyranno, yet I clearly showed him how it wasn’t a link. He then proceeds to use the link in another post against me without addressing my concerns. Its very confusing to me me as to how he is so universally townread due to this but maybe I’m just tunnelling bad, maybe I’m just not seeing the same things other people have, so I’ll ultimately leave him in the HM spot. Wunter - My other HM is in fact Wunter. I simply have not liked his play as the game has had time to spread out and come into fruition. This is a simple HM primarily because I don’t know if this is Wunter just being Wunter. He makes a good post under Francis’ insistence and pressure at the beginning of the game but then does not continue to do that as the game goes on. This is not reflective of a town mentality, as the way I look at it, he now knows how to get town cred now, yet doesn’t do it again. And if the frustration he posted at getting policyd and thus whipping up the well thought out post was real, then he would’ve continued to play like that, to further prevent any further occasions of that. Instead he takes advantage of Francis dying and takes the scummy option. When Francis died and the pressure he had was released, he does not make the more logical towny play to continue posting good thoughts like those or try to prevent further policies. Rather he chooses to simply lay low and acting floaty and non progressive for the rest of the game, and this highlights him from the other floaters for me, as I can really only see this as him trying to further a scum agenda. Seriously Suspicious Scum Mascis - I’m not sure how in any universe this guy is still alive past N1, N2 if generous, but look where we are now. His play has been extremely scummy from start to end. First, he seems to do a complete 180 after one of his first posts. Now I don’t know, or really care, if you think he’s a bad player or a good reader who can’t communicate properly, but that definitely does give the impression that he was being coached in the qt and highlights his contrasting behaviour and later lack of credible posts as especially odd and unusual. He then proceeds to get called out as neutral by Malcolm and the train he had on him starts to lose all traction. The lynch stops cos of Malcolm making a ridiculous assumption off one post, but this isn’t my problem. My problem is that he simply accepts this without one word of real rejection against it, even at later dates of accusations. This makes no sense to me from a town perspective, as being able to influence other players and thus the lynch, is very important to us, and by being called neutral and not denying it once, he is allowing that influence to become hollow and useless. He is effectively cutting off his power if he is town and not helping us at all. On top of that, he even seems to be coasting off of it, as it probably puts him in a limbo-like state. Scum won’t kill him as he’s their scummate, and town isnt lynching him as he projects the image of neutral, which is lower on the priority of the lynch block than scum. Furthermore, him jumping off the Zero Lynch to join Silver’s is also reminiscent of scum hopping off the Lynch to kill off an easy mislynch and protect their own. I’ve had enough excuses that “he’s a neutral”, as I don’t think so, or “vig or scum will off him”, as they haven’t. This is the most scummy person atm. Vote Mascis
  9. This is true, but there seems to be a slight misconception about the context slightly. Sol asked if I’d shoot Jazz and Jazz himself accused me with half assed reasoning, and then I responded to is response. In that situation I don’t think it’s fair to blame me for talking about Jazz considerably. As for not going through other things, I intended to go back to reread over the threads and post thoughts but the power cuts have been extremely inconvenient. I posted in day 1 with legitimate thoughts, day 2 I was accused and asked my thoughts on Jazz by someone else. And do you think those series of posts by Tyranno were not scummy? Iirc you were accusing him of being scum as well, but I don’t think that makes you scummy, as it’s not whether you’re right or wrong, anyone can be wrong. It’s about what you said and how and why you said it. Now is actually just frustrating to hear. What has been the worst thing I’ve said in comparison to anyone else that has said things about me. I called Tyranno passive aggressive because when they responded to my question, they instead dodged it and used that post to shade Francis. And I called Jazz a kid because he was blatantly started shit flinging, and in the mean time he called me moronically arrogant, a dick and so on. How is that being an asshole? Now you said in the last section of your post that you don’t think Ive been following up on my questions, but I’ve got a few thoughts in my head whilst reading that I haven’t been able to articulate just yet, so is there anything you would like to ask me about them or my thoughts on the game?
  10. First post I made, before I talked to Jazz at all It was brief as people have already predominantly talked about it, but it was there. Man, can we leave the insults out? I remember reading them and you talking about how you didn’t like his vote and him immediately retracting them at the beginning of the game, but that could just be an honest mistake from anyone town or scum. I might’ve missed something so it’s better if you can just respond, and then after the game we can talk about whatever happened in BB’s game.
  11. Don’t bull read him. My points on him are discussed in my first point this day that was about Jazz. Nope. I think he’s town atm. Bad town but town. I think I brought this up yesterday.
  12. ^^ This was something I was going to bring up. On top of Jazz’s point about intent, I just flat out find it unlikely scum partners would buss each other that early, especially as Zero didn’t have much heat on him at the time iirc. It’s more likely they’d wait and misdirect onto someone like Tyranno. Also, can you explain what’s with the Malcom reads (the both of you). I understand JC’s reason but I feel like a majority of the arguments sum up to “feels off”, “playing bad”, or that “he’s alive”, which I’m not a fan of as they are reminiscent of Crei’s Lynch (in that it’s not really something Malcolm can really defend against) and lack real substance. @Jazz @slickz
  13. I also explicitly in that post said that it could’ve been the other two possibilities (witch or scum hiding behind town). A reasonable person would acknowledge that there could be a potential link between you two, but the independent play of Tyranno is scummy in itself as well. I don’t think anyone will back you up if you were to claim that your main responses in our first discussion werent seriously based around dismissing my points and ignoring certain questions/topics, instead of looking at things from my perspective or the objective one. Even now, you’re still doing that same style of play, going down an avenue to discredit my opinion and then abandoning it later on when it serves no further use to your agenda. See: the zero passion meta. Says that Zero saying I made links is why he made that post questioning me, despite me saying the last time we played before dgz was before DNF went down. I once again highlighted it and then he completely ignores that avenue of discussion. Another thing is when I said how Zero’s null read isn’t indicative of anything when he tried to make links with that. Pot calling the Kettle black. Hypocritical. So it’s not just Zero’s meta, it’s your meta too and you still proceeded to make links between me and Zero to further your agenda, despite saying links are scummy. And I said this in the previous post where you brought this up, but all you have to judge me is based off a sample of one, which is almost useless and any professional would consider it equivalent to a sample of none. Maybe I act like that only as SK, maybe all the time regardless of alignment. You wouldn’t know, all you’re doing is grasping at straws. Also take note that the tyranno suspicions are not based off of a link, as I’ve explained in my previous post. It was an independent point. AND my objective was to kill scum in that game also. I don’t understand what I can really do in that situation. Spend less time with family I haven’t seen for years? Somehow get the WiFi and electricity to work with my godly powers? I genuinely apologise for not being here to help and play, yet there was nothing more I could’ve done in the past, but I’m here now and as long as my WiFi doesn’t burn out, I’m here to play. Why? It was said in passing to explain what I’ve done in the game so far, so you’re nitpicking when you’re saying I’m taking credit, and ultimately I can’t see how in any universe defending town who is assumed to be scummy or null by everyone is scummy. Why stop? I understand there’s the possibility of derailment, but I think that’s something we both acknowledge and will prevent. Discussion is healthy and progressive in terms of getting reads on people.