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  1. Why is this here twice as a duplicate?
  2. I find the most ironic thing about Billy being banned is that i overheard the KoA rep literally say that the motivation behind creating the worlds points was to get Billy to worlds...
  3. I graduated from Comp Eng April 16 and i know tons of places looking for engineers. The company i currently work at had issues with finding enough engineers to hire for even basic contract positions.
  4. Has anyone actually tested BA zoo,? it sounds terrible in theory with the fact that you need to play a sufficient amount of them to draw together that you wouldn't be able to play key zoo cards needed. Secondly a lot of synergy off of BA is the ability to mill them which also doesn't synergize well with a zoo deck unless you are playing a ton of BA. Lastly you can't make a board of BA and zoo at the same time. That deck idea really seemed like bait to get people to make poor choices/ As for Metalfoes Zoo, the higher the concentration of pendulum cards the greater the consistency and synergy. There was a list going around from a player who tied a 1k cash tournament and his deck was pretty poorly constructed with 13 MF monsters and 47 cards in main deck, i know some people that tested it at a pretty soft locals and bricked super hard. In the new format much like the last we will see Pure Zoo, True Draco Zoo, and Kaiju Zoo. Even in this classification i think that true draco engines will now become larger to the extent that TDZ (true draco zoo) is now more like True Dracos with Zoo. Most people have realized that the small ( lvl 5-6) True Draco provide more consistency and utility than just playing 2-3 master peace. a lot of lists i have seen use 2-3 dinomight knight, 2 master peace, and 1 of Ignis or majestys maiden. I think the real question is what are people who play pure and kaiju zoo doing to fill up their monster slots as i have a lot of experience with not drawing any monsters/searchers at all with 10-16 monster lists. 1-3 whips 2 rat 1-2 ramram 1-3 thoroughblade 3 barrage 2-3 tenki
  5. I have found that my team actually follows most of these rules which created the opposite effect where i wanted to play games for the war and contribute but we had too many active players. All in all though i do feel that this was a very positive experience and improved the activity on the site even if people did try to limit deck discussion to their own teams. I feel like an improvement would be to change the number of hearts based on the team size (of course maintaining a minimum number) of two teams warring, then angling has less of an effect if a larger portion of both teams are playing. As is, you can have 3 players play on a 10 person team and the other 7 don't get to contribute if you go 0-6.
  6. I'm hoping it's a hack and he gets kicked for it.
  7. if you want another source of decks that made KoG to analyze http://www.duellinksmeta.com/kog.html and they show full deckl sts for all submitters
  8. I can see how this would be fun but i think i was pass on participating because of the time involvement. Most people trying to play competitive yugs don't have the time to dedicate to another form of the game that isn't necessarily going to match up with standard yugioh and help improve their skills. I could see this gaining popularity around the August time frame when yugs is slow due to being after WCQ and before worlds but otherwise seems like a no go.
  9. The common consensus for SR reward seems to be pick econs if you don't have them for better short term, pick union attack if you missed the first yugi event (coming back), or pick hard to get GK cards.
  10. should add revived king ha-des , zombie master, and book of life.
  11. turceal (draco zoo) > LunarDarkGaia (pure zoo?)
  12. (true draco zoodiac) 2-1 over hardtospellwrong (blackwing darksynchro handloop?)
  13. http://www.yugioh-card.com/en/events/2017/YCS-Pittsburgh_FAQ.html When: May 13th - 14th, 2017 Where: David L. Lawrence Convention Center, Halls D & E 1000 Ft. Duquesne Blvd., Pittsburgh, PA 15222 Time to round up the boys and show up for MACR format!
  14. The best you can do with 1 rat is to do the play above and then drop a gaga samurai or s39; utopia lightning. There is no way to drop game with 1 card rat play normal or special.
  15. Can i join casual ranked turceal/turceal