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  1. I always feel like the answer to this could be solved by leveraging existing technologies. There must be a way to get 2 AI on say ygopro to play against each other and then record the results. then you would only need to run a number of simulations to gain confidence while controlling for different decks and builds. In the proposed scenario you could also keep logs of winning matches and compare stats like cards in opening hand vs win rate.
  2. DuelistGroundz username: turceal Discord username: turceal Formats: current Expected level of activity: low, i am trying to improve this Want to be on a team with (list any DGZ users that apply): anyone (Optional) Credentials/why you would be a good team member: Canadian, have an afro, and people mostly like me.
  3. Konami actually released a new product for OCG where they have "Field center" cards that serve as midpoint between the two players fields (it goes in between the two extra monster zones) so that you can orient your field correctly.
  4. Well I went x-3 drop round 8 with pure zoo. But my boy is x-1 in 13th place. Us Canadians are coming for you.
  5. I feel like if we are even considering spyrals then the answer we are looking for is to add play extenders to the deck (similar to the search in abc). To that end playing cards like kagetokage and thrasher let you resolve double xyz board with meaningful second xyz over say 2 zoo xyz, which natural combo into sheep plays.
  6. I think a couple of us Canadian boys are going to swing by and take your trophy. Now do i play GB's or Mermail in a new format ...
  7. http://www.yugioh-card.com/en/events/2017/YCS-Denver_FAQ.html When: April 8th - 9th, 2017 Where: Crown Plaza Airport Convention Center 15500 E. 40th Ave., Denver, CO 80239 Who's going?
  8. The entire purpose of this thread is for you to update your deck list so we can rate and fix it and have discussion about its improvement.
  9. I'm surprised that your paleo match up isn't better due to ships being untargetable and being able to dodge traps with pilots. Also, if you are playing optimally you may be able to make them miss timing with pilot swap being a quick effect. Do you feel that it is the number of counter traps they play that you struggle against?
  10. Is this supposed to be under the wraps still as it's not posted on yugioh-card.com?
  11. Another way of thinking about it is finding the lowest common denominator of understanding and then explaining the level below to that person about what you do using analogies so they feel like they gained insight they previously did not have.
  12. In Victor's example though people at least have some context about the questions they ask so even if you slip in jargon they will understand your point. I can talk to the CEO of my company about my job because they have an underlying background in what you are doing. Whenever people ask me what i do i just gauge there knowledge of the underlying topic and work from there. Below i have an example conversation which i probably have a similar iteration to maybe once a week. Path one the person knows nothing about the topic so all you can do is generalize. In path two you can tell they have some level of interest and can being to explain more in depth about what you do that gives a general sense. me: I work for AMD then you evaluate based on response. Path 1: them: what/who is that's? Path 1: me : Intel's biggest competitor I design computers and graphic's cards. Path 2: them Really?! i like their graphics cards. Path 2: me: There are multiple stages in designing CPUs/Graphics i work in pre silicon, which is before they manufacture the chip. i verify the designers work.
  13. Another reason that not a lot of people post compared to lurking is there is a barrier to posting where if the post doesn't meet the quality expected here then they get negged or shit posted to hell. If the few active people took a less agressive stance it would bring in more participation albeit at cost of quality. i'm not saying to allow pojo level garbage.
  14. This game has never catered to smaller communities and neither has any other TCG. in MTG you have actual pro players who earn a decent amount of money (20k+ usd a year) and travel to every event. I would be thankful that they have increased the number of invites total for all the regions and now people who can't travel to that one WCQ can still qualify.
  15. It is also way easier to implement this system in NA due to there only being 3 countries. As a Canadian i may be biased in thinking the system is good. Although, i'm pretty sure all the Canadians already know who is getting our spot, especially since points are retroactive.