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  1. SPYRAL - Discussion

    Well the popular already played out to evenly matched is set rotation.
  2. YCS San Diego - Nov 18/19

    At YCS Toronto this year they made allowances for a physically disabled player and he had another person physically play the cards (this was CIMO). if you look up CIMO's youtube channel from around august/September he talks about it in detail and you may find good info.
  3. When's YGO? Oct 20-22

    There's also a regional in London, Ontario, Canada for all my Canadian homeboys out there on DGZ
  4. ABC - Discussion

    Has anyone started testing this deck with destrudo? i saw a few lists floating around with 12 field spells (3 hanar, 3 ravin, 3 terra, 3 rotation), 2 destrudo, 1 dark wurm + ABC core. They also used dragon shrine + foolish for additional dumping. I was gold fishing the deck and out of 10 hands every one made buster + decode.
  5. won 2-0 vs N3sh/N3sh pure td
  6. Very likely i'm in turceal/turceal
  7. Not going to lie i forgot this was even happening.
  8. Tdz 2-0 over rip kid no cry pure true draco
  9. Is there a wincap on this?
  10. me TDZ 2-1 over Rip Kid no Cry pure zoo
  11. YCS Toronto 2017

    @Sharpman Yeah my name is Josh . I was pretty salty day 1 i lost to some random who topped. in our match round 5 (i was 4-1) going into g3 i open ram, thorough, thorough, whip, desires. draw into cosmic cyclone and diagram, summon the thorough and pitch the ram instead of the thorough by mistake. then after i draw and realize what i did i just went on tilt for rest of the day. For the rest of that game he slow grinded me because he couldn't clear my board completely...
  12. YCS Toronto 2017

    Hey @Sharpman i saw you at the event we have definitely played before, I was one of the guys with a large Afro. I scrubbed pretty bad went x-3 round 7. Then lost top4 of giant card on sunday
  13. YCS Toronto 2017

    If anyone is in Toronto tonight and wants to practice there is a free double box tournament at 40 hayden st Toronto, M4Y 1V8 that starts at 6.
  14. YCS Toronto 2017

    I'll be here for sure, time to see what spice Jeff comes up with to inflate card prices this year. There was so little traction on this thread i almost made a second one.
  15. Pure Zoodiac TL;DR mark edition

    Shouldn't it be -1 boarbow, +1 hammerkong. definitely the utility of hammerkong shutting off whips, pianissimo, and forced dridents is better than the second boar for game shots.