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  1. Awww diddums, dont cry
  2. Libertardians have been set back a generation by Gary "triggered" Johnson screaming at reporters and getting angry over nothing, so looks like republicans are gonna be around for awhile yet. Get over it
  3. It took me a long time to convince myself abortion was morally wrong because for a very long time I was in favor of killing as many democrats as possible and abortion is an excellent means to achieve that.
  4. Are you aware its the current year
  5. You should really learn what contraception is, I never once mentioned abstinence and of course there are alternatives. You're abstinent by choice, just not your choice.
  6. You just got caught up in the moment and didnt think it through, but I understand, objective thought isnt a liberal virtue.
  7. He's not wrong, and if you werent so ignorant you'd understand that. Its not about them, its about a SEPARATE life. Why should anyone care if its because they want the extra time to party or if its because they want the extra time to do something else irrelevant, that was the stupid question being asked here since you realize its elective and literally any inconvenience caused would suffice as a reason. Not getting pregnant in the first place is the easiest option here.
  8. There isnt a single serious conservative who doesnt support an exception for the life of the mother, be it from medical complications or suicide.
  9. Your intellectual honesty is duly noted and in another settings quite a productive discussion could come from it, but this is duelistgroundz and there are too many idiots like tygo and frogman for a fully honest discussion to ever take place. Im forced to sink to their level just to reply.
  10. If you took your own advice and read the thread you'd see Im not a trump supporter. Nice try though.
  11. Thats just bickering over semantics as a means to avoid the bigger picture, the end result is the ending of a life. The method is irrelevant to that, but thats not to say the means of ending the life isnt barbaric.
  12. Im glad the movement is making a difference by shaming the scum electively killing babies. When you snobs say shit like "congrats" followed by an incidental consequence it makes us even more passionate about sucess.
  13. Its not like it'll ever be an issue for you, you'll never have sex in the first place to worry about impregnating someone
  14. Its always relevant because it was brought up in the debate, what dont you understand about this? The fact so many of you leftist snobs wince at the pictures of chopped up fetuses is a good indication that if you were to learn about the issue you'd be opposed to it.