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Ah fuck I cant believe im banned
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  1. Wumbo

    I am an economic fascist in that I believe in govern central planning, but that's as close to "Nazi" as I get
  2. Wumbo

  3. Wumbo

  4. Wumbo

    I feel deeply ashamed that I agree with you
  5. Wumbo

    Wait till Wumbo wakes up
  6. Wumbo

    does that stand for bitch roll? Could explain why you two get along
  7. Wumbo

  8. Wumbo

    the jeep carrying Castro's ashes broke down and had to be pushed, lol He's going out the way he came in
  9. Wumbo

    Also how am I a neo-nazi, economically fascist, maybe, but nazi??
  10. Wumbo

    http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2828425/The-Ku-Klux-Klan-opens-door-Jews-black-people-homosexuals-new-recruits-wear-white-robes-hats.html The Ku Klux Klan is looking to diversify and increase its membership to include Jews, black people, homosexuals and those of Hispanic origin with a re-branding as 'the new Klan'
  11. Wumbo

    They're Hillary voters, does that count?
  12. Wumbo

    Are you trying to get your balls removed too @Myth
  13. Wumbo

    Yay! This works for everyone. She can call you Nazi scum, and you can throw money at her It's like a strip club out of an acid trip
  14. Wumbo

    She called me a traitor, because I'm a minority bisexual who voted Trump I'm sorry my heart isn't bleeding for her But her, thank to America, my wallet can do what my heart cant
  15. Wumbo

    You are mentally insane, but that's not cause you're trans There's plenty of trans people that would happily walk into @Myth's oven before being associated with filth like you