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  1. @ACP what happened to the page? You put so much effort into it...
  2. I agree it is not a legit excuse, that's why the judge was looking for one and Shunsuke gave it to him. I'm not taking sides on this issue, only stating the facts. I also have to mention that when it comes to international events in the past I recall that many people had complained about judges ruling favorably towards players of their own nationality at European Championships when paired against players from other countries. It would've made sense that this could happen at worlds, had the judge overseeing that particular match been from the same country as Shunsuke's opponent.
  3. To be fair wolds use a different ban list so I don't blame people for not expressing enough interest. Also with all the cheating allegations and the DQ of the former champion being discussed in the General Groundz it's not exactly the most highly regarded event.
  4. Shunsuke actually got an upgraded penalty for slow play and was given a match loss after getting 3 warnings. Here's a recap of what happened at the World Championship: Paired against Marcello Barberi Carapezza (the winner of the 2017 European Championship) in the Quarter Finals, Shunsuke won the first game. When they started the second game Shunsuke went first, took too much time once again and already with 3 warnings for slow play the judge waited until he ended his turn and give him a match loss. He has a history of stacking and slow playing in many previous events so I'm not surprised that Konami wouldn't let him get away with this type of behavior at the highest level of organized play. He was pushing his luck so he basically did this to himself. In other news, Chain Burn won the Dragon Duel World Championship!
  5. There seems to be no actual purpose of rearranging them, so I see no reason for it to be allowed. It's not like you are going to draw from the pile of face-down banished cards so that you might need to randomize it like shuffling your main deck...
  6. What do you think I am gaining from doing this? That is what I do, hence the username. But I don't need an Instagram profile to do so. Furthermore, the cards I post there are not for sale.
  7. If that is the sole reason why they do it then they are not supposed to be administrators, otherwise the place they are administering is going to die out pretty quick.
  8. Just for you, @Nate1080, @Alias North and @petqwe, here is the Wikipedia definition of advertising once again: "Advertising is a form of marketing communication that employs an openly sponsored, nonpersonal message to promote or sell a product, service or idea." Exactly how does it qualify as advertising? What product, service or idea am I promoting? Thanks Trust me, if I could upload to a page that is not mine, I would. Unfortunately users editing the page on Wikia don't like the idea of having too many examples of misprints with photos since according to them the page would become "overclogged". Some of the examples I added there were deemed unnecessary and deleted, leaving only the text description. What is weird is that they actually prefer more examples of what is NOT considered a misprint.
  9. @ACP Let them hate, they were probably not interested in what I have to offer anyway. I am not here to gain respect or reputation points. I just want to hear constructive criticism and suggestions, also to get more people interested in the subject. If I can get those annoyed people to post here I will do so at the cost of downvotes, so that others can see and decide for themselves whether their opinions matter or not. @mark Just like in any other collecting community the passion with rarities is what got me at first. The fascination came later from witnessing all kinds of absurd printing failures. They may hold no value to regular players but that doesn't stop them from wanting to learn more about them. Wait till you see the finished database and you will understand what I am talking about.
  10. I have seen it sell for $200 two years ago and for $300 a year ago.
  11. @Nate1080 where did you see me complain? Also please explain how does it qualify as advertising? Do you have something more productive to say or is spamming the only thing you can offer?