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  1. " It is absolutely their fault for not looking into it or inquiring with the Wine developers "
  2. I didn't refer to us as game developers, I as giving an example of wine's unrealiability. Helps if you actually understand what I say before responding. You're digging a hole here buddy.
  3. The parts that are actually true, sure... but I'm obviously going to call people like yourself out when saying things entirely false. ....yes it is. As a linux user I have been using WINE for a number of years for games, some worked, some didn't. Is it the game developers fault when I found a game that didn't work with wine? No. If a program that runs fine on windows doesn't run fine on a UNIX system with WINE, it IS wine's fault. Yes, it works for a lot of windows programs, but it's a very unreliable, flawed program. This is common knowledge. Try to actually know what you're talking about before arguing with me.
  4. Iirc you argued with zay then rage quit, it could be that the argument was about card bugs but the argument was what drove you to leave. I am a salvation admin, and yes if you reported them its likely they are fixed, like the issue with morphing jar vs airknight.
  5. Side decking issue is addressed in the first page you see on salv... disable directx. As for the card bugs, providing us with replays or screenshots of the gamestate at the time means we can get these issues fixed, although I've never run into them myself. We're also the most responsive admin team across all ygopro distributions. "every time they fixed a problem a new one appears".. what? As for the crashing with wine, that's wine's fault.. WINE is unreliable, not salv. @Jazz You change the card pool in deck editor with salv too; they use the same deck editor program... The difference is salv has a seperate card database that you select in settings tab to cope with errata and ruling changes to cards. This doesn't occur on other ygopro distros since we're the only one to support goat format. A new window opens for duels, deck editor and replays. A new window does not open for settings or duel room, or game list as we call it. Please don't spread misinformation about us.
  6. Salvation

    Thats "ygopro" itself, its written in C++ and the programmers at Salvation can't edit it.
  7. Interested to know how many people on this site would be interested in goat format tournaments and if there are any when would you be available?
  8. Online Tournaments With Prizes!

    Glad to hear good feedback on the event. Look forward to next week's event.
  9. Salvation

    OP which buttons are you referring to? Also: Manual mode is now accessble! Pro tip: Don't click another tab like ranking while in a manual duel as you wont be able to return to it, I've already brought this up and expect it will be fixed soon. Bear in mind it is not ready for dueling, this is simply so you can monitor the progress.
  10. Online Tournaments With Prizes!

    Congrats bro, I've sent you the prize. Thanks to DGz in general for participating and we hope to see more of you. Any feedback regarding the way it was hosted, how the host handled things, the format etc is all welcomed. Looking forward to next week's event.
  11. Online Tournaments With Prizes!

    In an effort to get more people to join I have removed the 10 post requirement for this tournament only. It will return for next saturday's event.
  12. Online Tournaments With Prizes!

    http://forum.ygopro.us/index.php?/topic/214-double-elimination-tournament-£20-prize/ Sign-ups are open
  13. Salvation

    There is no limit, most other tournaments are 8 man because we have a small community. I'm expecting it to be a 16 man event, perhaps even 24 if we're lucky.