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  1. The deck I been using for the Exodia special duels that I reached gold 1 with is this Monsters:14 1x Axe Raider 2x Battle Ox 1x Jerry Beans Man 1x Kaiser Sea Horse 2x Relinquished 1x Senju (Hopefully I get a 2nd one) 2x Sonic Bird 2x Sphere Kuriboh 1x Twin Barrel Dragon 1x Zolga Spells:5 2x Black Illusion Ritual 3x E-Cons Traps:4 2x Common Charity 1x Metalmorph 1x Windstorm of Etaqua I am thinking about adding anti relinquished cards (Dark Soul and Skull Lair) since I seen some beatdown decks use it as well more 1700-1750 beaters if I can get more and maybe Ririyoku field to counter e con.
  2. So far for the special duels I been trying out Relinquished and been working pretty good so far that I discussed a bit in the discord chat. I am thinking of running some anti relinquished cards if I face the mirror and maybe run more cards in my deck to prevent myself from drawing pieces.
  3. If I can get my hands on 1-2x Senju my build would looks something like this. Switcheroo Relinquished Monsters:11 2x Relinquished 2x Senju 2x Sonic Bird 2x Sphere Kuriboh 3x Thunder Dragon Spells:7 2x Black Illusion Ritual 2x Enemy Controller 3x Twister Traps:3 1x Ririyoku Field 1x Interdimensional Transporter 1x Windstorm of Etaqua
  4. Well no offense but grinding Mai sounds kind of sexual lol.
  5. I assume he wants to build Relinquished Harpies or Harpie Lady Beatdown. I have and have never used it. I recently been trying to farm for Joey's drop Skill last gamble and been having no luck with that either so I know the frustration and but I can live without it.
  6. I assume because it is a bit inconsistent and requires the standby skill which is a drop skill.
  7. Atleast you didn't get OTKed by DM girl with Sage's Stone lol.
  8. Weevil is super easy to farm and the only thing worth farming him for is Grasschopper and Cocoon which is only useful in stall decks. I would get the E Con.
  9. http://duellinks.gamea.co/c/tdvq33yt
  10. Yup thats the reason I choose it besides already having 3x enemy controllers and I can farm the gk cards. I also plan to experiment with Joey's Last Gample skill with this card.
  11. Thats what I got I hope the Pegasus even comes back so I get one more copy and I also got Big Shield Gardna since its the only good UR and it will no longer be available. My ranking was 1290 Star 10 DP 9911
  12. This what use to farm Keith and works very well. It gives you like 4000-6000 assessment points Monsters:11 1x Blue-Eyes White Dragon (glossy) 1x Cu Chulainn The Awakened (glossy) 2x 4-Starred Lady Bug of Doom 3x Hunter With 7 Weapons (1x Glossy) 1x Jerry Bean Man (use a 2nd one if you have it) 1x Leotaur (same as Jerry ) 1x Sphere Kuriboh 1x Twin Barrel Dragon Spells:6 3x Acid Rain (might reduce to 2) 1x Emblem Of The Awakening (Glossy) 1x Riryoku 1x Ritual Weapon Traps:3 1x Curse of Anubis 1x Mirror Wall 1x Windstorm of Etaqua Just keep attacking and swarming through his field and make sure he does not summon Barrel Dragon or Blowback Dragon which is easy once you have 2-3 monsters on the field that are above 1700 or you could use Mako's Umi skill to make them weaker other wise Acid Rain takes care of it. Then when you run out of cards you tribute summon blue eyes and summon Cu to do 5000+ damage for games
  13. How because so far no one has done it to me?
  14. Oh ok duh that makes sense lol.
  15. Is there any specific reason you are using Aroma Strategy? I think Switcheroo or Restart would be a better skill for a deck like this and I assume this is for farming and if so what duelist/levels do you use this against?