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  1. Its defiantly better then what most people give it credit for from what I seen and faced a few times.
  2. I did use it when I first started off but I found the deck to better off without Parasite mained and rarely pulled off unless I used Econ, windstorm, or A Feint Plan. As for your build I would say add a Windstorm of Etaqua, 1-2x Copies of Burning Land, and maybe 0-1 Mirror Wall. I am not a big fan of whistle since they can be dead in hand if the op only has one parasite or the op fishes them out with Switcheroo.
  3. Whoops my bad I miscounted and thought it was 21 which in that case I would take out -1 Dark Witch -1 Element Saurus (Thinking of using less since not many people play ladybug or Weevil Burn with Pumpkin with the only meta thing it stops is GK Recruiter and Warm Worm. However I don't like the fact that a earth monster has to be on the filed to do so and it can instantly kill a Sergeant Electro) -1 Aphosis +1 Twister (To counter Harpie and Relinquished)
  4. Yeah thats what I did was discard the spell that was not needed or have multiple copies of and the then only time it stunned me was when I tried to perform a ritual summon then negated it with Magic Drain because I had no spells in hand.
  5. My attempt at remaking Dinosaurs Monsters:11 6x 1600 Vanilla Dinos 3x Dunames Dark Witch 2x Element Saurus Spells:8 3x Enemy Controller 3x Order To Charge 2x Twister Traps:2 3x Embodiment of Apophis 1x Windstorm of Etaqua
  6. Same here I face a lot of people trying to play around it or people wasting Magic Drain on shit like Econ XD.
  7. I was thinking about making Dinosaurs with that in mind with Heat Wave to Counter Relinquished and GK Oracle.
  8. Burst Breath is meh. The only other good lv 35 cards are Serket (Odion), Swift Gaia (Yugi), Court of Justice(Tea), Toon Table (Pegasus),Spiritual Earth Art (Rex), and the rest are meh or terrible at the moment. I have all my characters at lv 35 expect Tea.
  9. I would do that for the drop skill draw sense light, last gamble, and bluff trap. Outside of that I have all the useful skills including the ones you mentioned. The only other skills I would want though they are not very useful is Mystic Depths and The Creator skill.
  10. Perhaps this how I can get a 3rd GK Recruiter and 2 more GK Priestess lol.
  11. Well I finally got my 3rd copy of Burning Land and I am thinking of taking out GK Curse for it or maybe Attack and Receive.
  12. Supposedly these sounds files where found in the DL's data and it has specifc players announcing a specific extra deck summon which I was really kinda doubt are real. Plus I doubt Konami will rushed/forced the mechanics into the game like most players are thinking/panicking. Xyz Summon Synchro Summon Pendulum Summon 1. I can't tell who that is 2. Won't work and it seems to no longer exist 3. Defiantly sounds like Mai but there isn't any pendulums that support Harpie Ladies or Amazoness though.
  13. Thoughts on Skelesaurus? Its a zombie gemini that can turn its self into a potential Dinosaur with 2000 (assuming Jurrasic World is on the field) with a Goyo Guardian effect, Plus it counts as normal on the field so its fodder for Order To Charge and you no longer have run Warrior Dai Grepher, Uraby,and Jerry Beans (ran less due to majority of people maining Dark Soul). Plus it can work with the Wasteland Strategy.
  14. Whoa I am surprised no one has commented on this and since I finally got my 3rd Card of Sanctity I can now build a constant Tea Turbo Burn Monsters:4 1x Big Shield Gardna (only have 1) 1x Cobra jar 1x Flash Assailant (Very good suggestion Mark) 1x GK Curse Spells:14 2x Burning Land (Will add a 3rd one once I get it) 3x Card of Sanctity 3x Cup of Ace 3x Goblin Thief 3x Restructer Revolution Traps:2 1x Attack and Receive 1x Windstorm of Etaqua Cards I am thinking of trying Inaba White Rabbit (May not need it due to Attack and Receive) Lady of Assailant of Flames (Haven't tried due to it being in the Chaotic Pack) Cards I tried Needle Ball (I don't why people use this card if you have 2000 lp its dead, very situational, and losses to Order To Charge and Relinquished)
  15. If I where to build GKs it would look something like this Monsters:10 2x GK Chief 2x GK Oracle 3x GK Priestess 3x GK Recruiter Spells:7 3x Enemy Controller 2x Soul Exchange 2x Twister Traps:3 2x Mirror Wall 1x Windstorm of Etaqua