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  1. New Set Electric Overload and other cards have been leaked. Best/Interesting cards Angmarl The Fiendish Monarch Chiron The Mage (Going to be a UR) Ninja Grandmaster Sasuke Shore Knight (foolish Burial for Treeborn Frog) Tiger Dragon Treeborn Frog X-Head Cannon Calming Magic Luminous Spark Machine Assembly Line Mystic Plasma Zone Summoning Curse Ninjitsu Art of Transformation Reverse Reuse (Ugh if this becomes a obtainable card Tea Mills will become more annoying) Soul Transition The Ice Barrier and Ninja cards are also interesting and have potential.
  2. The only good thing to come from the event is Marik himself,Gil Garth, Lord Poison, and Lava Golem.
  3. I hear it might be a Elegant Mai (Like the Super Joey event though that could refer the Pegasus as well) event because the Japanese announcement says the duelist will be Elegant . If this is true I really hope for really good Amazoness (Most likely will be Amazoness since Mai's recent level cards are Amazoness) or Harpie Lady cards. Well they have gate events repeat two times and the Paradox event only happened once so far.
  4. Well thats why I am running Magical Mallet since you can't run Restart or Balance for consistency and I only tested the deck a bit. I only have One Super Rush and plant to get a 2nd one maybe a 3rd one to. I only have Mirror Force and if possible rather not have to go for 2nd one. I been working on two septette Mausoleum decks A fiend deck that uses Archfiend Empress/Invader of Darkness with Destiny Draw or LP 1000 and a Fairy Smile build with Airknight/Joan. The main problems/weakness of Mausoleum is you don't open it sooner it sucks and the op can use it against you. While discussing Mausoleum with Mark he made a point saying the best possible use of Mausoleum is to use it as a finisher with Invader of Darkness.
  5. The only deck that can beat it is Toons and maybe a deck with Anti-Magic Arrows. Luckily I haven't faced many mill decks and from what I hear they are starting to become popular due to the fact it combats Red-Eyes.
  6. After getting my hands on 3 Anti Magic Arrows I decided to experiment and build a more aggressive Naturia Skill:Beatdown Monsters:11 3x Hydrangeas 2x Marron 3x Pumpkin 3x Stag Beetle Spells:9 3x Anti-Magic Arrows 3x Enemy Controller (To steal a face up monster before the bp so you can OTK or incase your attack is stopped by a Sphere Kuriboh) 3x Magical Mallet Strategy: Going first you want to open up with a Marron to dump a Stag Beetle in the grave due to the fact you can revive it with another Stag Beetle incase the op activates a monster effect and to tin the deck in the process. Going second the best opening hand (assuming the op summons a monster) is Pumpkin with a Stag Beetle and atleast a Hydrangea with Anti Magic Arrows. If the op does not summon a monster you want to open up Marron with 2x Hydrangeas and Anti Magic Arrow. The only thing that can stop this OTK is Sphere Kuriboh, Yomi Ship,Toon Kingdom, etc OTK Damage Calculations 1x Stag Beetle (2800)+Hydrangeas(2500)=5300 2x Hydrangeas (2500+2500)+Marron (1800)=6800 The Major weakness of this deck is you really heavily on having specific cards in hand which Magical Mallet helps with and it loses very easily to Toon Kingdom and Mill unless you get really lucky. Going first sucks outside of thining the deck with Marron and setting up a Stag Beetle play also if these short of decks catches on the op can just remember to set their toggle on to activate Super Rush,Econ,OTC or something else before the bp to prevent you from otking.
  7. I been experimenting with the deck myself a bit. The only good lv 4's are Marron and Pumpkin. Dragonfly is basically a shitty Marshmallow with a attack boost that is meh and Strawberry effect is just to easy to get around plus 1600 attack sucks now a days. I posted one in the other deck strategy and another card thats been good that slightly helps it not to brick as much is Soul Exchange.
  8. I rarely see Levia used in your making a deck focused on summon it and Neo Daedalus. From what I hear those decks are very bricky and Levia overall has to many counters.
  9. More cards that have been revealed from datamining the update Notable Cards Apprentice Magician Apprentice Piper (Hmm this could either be a reward card from Arakana, used by him, or something else. Regardless its a free special summon as soon as you set it.) BLS support cards (Beginning of Heaven and Earth is another way to get Gaia especially good in decks that use only warrior monsters. If Flash was warrior then handless could have used it as well.) Deep Sweeper (Slighty better version of Lost Blue Breaker though it not being a lv 4 monster hurts it usage. Outside of that its a decent alternative for people don't have Sergeant Electro.) Fishborg Planter Lord Poison Old Vindictive Magician (Will probably be used by Arkana making him a pain to farm.) Bound Wand (Gives GKs and DM a decent boost in attack and helps them keep field presence.) Dark Magic Curtain (A free instant DM for the cost of half your lp.) Dark Room of Nightmare (Most likely will be a card use by Marik.) Monster Reborn (Will most likely be a npc card.) Commander of Swords (Hmm could be abused in the future makes the op discard their entire hand if they draw a spell/trap or can become a Dust Tornado) Dark Renewal (If this becomes obtainable DM decks could easily be meta. GKs could use it as well.) Nightmare Wheel (Oh please let this be a npc card.) Spell Shield Type-8
  10. Well according to a leak Arkana is going to be the next legendary duelist on July 20th and from the looks of it will only be a spawn duelist. So far the only cards showed to be reward card supposedly is a alternate artwork of DM,Dark Eradicator Warlock, and Anti-Magic Arrows.
  11. After analyzing the new Dawn of Destiny set I noticed a card everyone has been overlooking a bit that gives this deck a bit of a boost and that card is Magical Exemplar. Basically everything a spell is activated it gains 2 spell counters and you can special summon a spellcaster from the the grave or hand by removing a spell counter equal to that monster's level. It is basically a instant Relinquished Revival card that helps deal with those annoying counters Relinquished manly OTC. This is my idea of a Exemplar build Skill:Restart Monsters:12 2x Senju 2x Sonic Bird 3x Sphere Kuriboh 2x Magical Exemplar (Maybe considering adding a 3rd one) 2x Relinquished Spells:9 2x Black Illusion Ritual 3x Enemy Controller 1x Super Rush Headlong 1x Tribute To The Doomed (Might replace for another Super Rush) 2x Twister
  12. Yeah I plan to get another Super Rush and reset the box once I pull a Tribute To The Doomed and Heavy Knight.
  13. Yeah thats what I seen and heard from other people playing Naturias. Which is why I feel like Soul Exchanges would really help the deck and yeah I think I am going to take out Fang for Metalmorph.
  14. Yeah I thought about adding a 1-2 copies of metalmorph and I don't have a 2nd mirror wall or super rush. I am iffy on Fang since it requires you to discard a card and the monsters are easy to get over without back row.
  15. My attempt at a Naturia deck which I believe has a bit of potential due to the Pumpkin, Marron, Hydrangeas, and Stag Beetle. Skill:Beatdown (So Stag Beetle and Hydrangeas can get over bigger monsters) Monsters: 12 3x Hydrangeas (If you activate the effect of a Naturia monster this turn and its in your hand you can special summon it) 3x Marron (A foolish burial for Naturia monsters that recycle two Naturia monsters back into the deck and you draw 1 card once per turn) 3x Pumpkin (When you normal summon it while your opponent controls a monster you can special summon a Naturia from the hand) 3x Stag Beetle (If a card effect is activated during the battle step or damage step of this card's attack, you can special summon a Naturia from your GY) Spells:6 3x Enemy Controller 1x Super Rush Headlong 2x Soul Exchange (Is useful incase you don't open with Pumpkin or Marron) Traps:2 1x Exterio's Fang (Testing out) 1x Mirror Wall Basically the strategy of this deck is you want to open up with Pumpkin with Stag Beetle/Hydrangeas or Marron with Hydrangeas. I might consider restart though the only thing I worry about then is facing 2300+ beater decks which is why I use the Beatdown skill. Other cards I considered running Embodiment of Aphosis (Another form of tribute fodder) Naturia Dragonfly (Is basically a Spirit Reaper for decks that run 2000 attack monsters)