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  1. The Paradox is better then Super Joey and this event seems like a slightly (Maybe about the same as the Bakura Event) better version of the first Bakura Event. Metawise -More monsters with bigger defense points -The Archfiend field spell is the now the highest boosting field spell and its effect is decent -Monster Gate (Bluff Trap, any deck with a high monster count, and maybe GKs could use it) Farming Cards/Techs -Damage Gate (Worm Mill and maybe a few other decks could use this useful potentially can combo with Vanguard) -Extra Gate (trolls Cyber Stein decks) -DNA Checkup (Could maybe be used in farming or troll decks) -Beastking of Swamps (No longer have to level up Joey,Kaiba, or Yugi for the fusion substitute monsters if you want to build a auto duel fusion deck)
  2. I finally got Devine Knight against lv40 Super Joey and I accidentally used the wrong deck while doing so and then a few hours later while skill farming Tea.
  3. Yeah my luck with Super Joey has sucked as well. All I gotten from this event are 1-2x copies of all the SRs expect Ishktar like seriously why is Graceful/Skull Dice SR reward cards when you can get those cards easily from regular Joey.
  4. Whoops thanks I changed the link XD.
  5. So a OCG trailer has revealed the Paradox Brothers to be the next legendary duelist in DL Also could mean in the future could be more minor characters and also people think Gate Guardian could be upgraded to a UR now lol.
  6. I have 3 copies of everything from Odion expect Temple of The Kings and GK Recruiter. As for your build it looks decent if possible I would add another copy of GK Chief and Enemy Controller, Outside of that it looks decent.
  7. So apparently with the Game Guardian hack software you can basically make the other person lose with random time limit losses. Me and a few other players encountered this manly in Gold and probably in Platinum. I had so many game loses due to this hack -__- and I may not even bother with ranked pvp for a while.
  8. Lucky I keep getting Scorpion and his other crap card and I just need one more Recruiter then I basically have the entire GK core.
  9. After doing some more testing I found the glossy Red-Eyes cards not be worth it due to consistency and getting around 6000-7000 with or without the extra glossy Red-Eyes cards. I made the following changes -1 Black Dragon Chick -1 Red-Eyes Black Dragon -2 Mirage Dragons -2 Embodiment Of Aphosis +1 Blue Dragon Summoner (Testing) +1 Blue-Eyes White Dragon +1 Kaibaman +1 Kaiser Seahorse (I would add a 2nd copy if I had one) +1 Enemy Controller +1 Curse of Anubis Other cards I am considering adding are Sphere Kuriboh and Mirror Wall. Other skills that can be used if you don't have Destiny Draw are Switheroo, Restart, Heavy Starter, and Draw Sense:High Level.
  10. Spent 1204 gems (That I saved up on and quickly ranked up a bit on pvp when the sets came out) on Ultimate Rising to hopefully pull a 3rd Sonic Bird and Sphere Kuriboh. My only good pulls where Magical Arm Shield and Order To Charge (which I already had 3 copies). Hopefully I pull a 3rd Sphere and if possible a 3rd Sonic/Senju then after that I am going to save up on gems again.
  11. It looks interesting and really good (thinking about resetting the new set every time I pull Dust Knight). I also was going to ask if Grimey would maybe consider Big Core as a tech against Mirror Wall and I realized what Ishzark is now XD.
  12. Well yeah duh thats a no brainer and its probably best used in Pure Haprie Ladies (Which I experimented a bit in and I think the Relinquished variant is slightly better due to HHG combing with Relinquished and if the op does destroy your HHG you are not totally screwed ).By deck thinning I meant floater (I don't know why I get those two terms mixed up.
  13. Well the other effect Harpie Ladies effect monsters can come in handy sometimes and as I said before 1600 def is decent against certain monsters/decks. Plus as Mark said Harpie Lady #1 does help it keep it alive and makes it a 1900 beater and in theory its probably best I run a 3rd Sonic/Senju Over 2x Birdface though the only thing I worry about that is opening multiple with the Ritual pieces which sucks if you don't use Switcheroo.
  14. I found a Kaibaman farming deck on a DL discord that I made few changes to (the main difference is it used Security Orb and Golden Apple) that does well against lv 40 Super Joey. Skill:Destiny Draw Monsters:8 1x Black Dragon's Chick (glossy) 2x Blue-Eyes White Dragon ((would use a third one if I had 3rd glossy/prismatic Blue-Eyes) 2x Kaibaman (would use a third one if I had 3rd glossy/prismatic Blue-Eyes) 2x Mirage Dragon (to block Kunai and Wind Art) 1x Red-Eyes Black Dragon (Glossy) Spells:5 2x Enemy Controller (thinking of adding a 3rd one) 1x Secret Pass To The Treasures 2x Union Attack (I might reduce it to one) Traps;6 3x Champion's Vigilance (1x Prismatic) 2x Embodiment of Aphosis (replace them with Golden Apple if you have it) 1x Windstorm of Etaqua
  15. Exactly what do you mean by the deck thinning concept? Because the main purpose of Birdface is to be a deck thinner card and a beatstick in some games.