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  1. KC Cup

    Unfortunately I was busy with other stuff in my life but atleast made it and my highest win streak was 15. My highest ranking at one point was 450.
  2. Duel Links News - Whats Next

    Espa Roba's Lv Decklist that was reveled https://ygorganization.com/duel-links-data-roba/ Monsters:12 3x Jinzo 3x Jinzo Returner 3x Reflect Bounder 3x Scrap Recyler Spells:5 1x Amplifier 1x Brain Control 1x Gravity Blaster 1x Iron Call 1x Tribute To The Doomed Traps:3 1x Psychic Shockwave 2x Pulse Mines Drop Cards will be Armored Axon Kicker Scrap Recycler Time Escaper Psychic Shockwave Pulse Mines Cyber Esper Senri Eye Omega Goggles Inspection Cyber Soldier So farming deck wise Dark Paladin and Horus seem to be the easiest ways to farm him. Otherwise Labyrinth Builder with Riryoku Field, D Gate and Spell Negation could work.
  3. KC Cup

    That was basically my duel vs a Buster Blader Red-Eyes vanilla deck lol.
  4. Duel Links News - Whats Next

    Most likely a roaming duelist since his announcement does not say he is unlockable.
  5. Best Packs

    This what I have so far when it comes to the best meta and farming cards. If anyone wants to make any changes let me know. https://docs.google.com/document/d/19ihbnEkPNBr4zuk7nwKjp-0Uzh9CdRlZnM6yrw9X1Lg/edit?usp=sharing Also DL Meta made a video of his opinion the best sets to spend gems on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UtutLlUVZgg&t=2s
  6. Duel Links News - Whats Next

    Duel Links is confirmed for Steam Nov 17 http://www.yugioh-card.com/uk/news/detail.php?id=3734 The deck and duel mode interface looks sorta like ygopro or is it just me? Though the home screen has panels on the side.
  7. Jaden Yuki

    Changes I made to the Dark Paladin deck are -1 Blazeman,-1 DM for 2x Shard of Greed I found he tins himself to much with Emergency Call,Fusion and Stratos. I found myself bricking to often with Dark Paladin(might consider adding Magical Mallet) and I hate being forced to use Dark Paladins effect to discard a farm card in my hand just to stop a Poly or search card. So with that in mind I decided to try Labyrinth Builder and it always gets a score of 8000. Only time I lost is when I don't get Cursed Seal or Magic Jammer quick enough. Monsters:4 2x A Cat of Ill Omen 1x GK Vassal 1x The Fiend Mega Cyber Spells:10 2x Anti Magic Arrows 2x Secret Pass To The Treasures 3x Shard of Greed 1x Shield & Sword 2x Union Attack Traps:6 3x Cursed Seal of The Forbidden Spell 1x Legacy of Yata Garasu/Jar (Whichever is glossy) 2x Magic Jammer Other cards you can use De-fusion+ Dimension Gate
  8. Ninja Deck Discussion

    Another thing I hear is GBs is Ninjas worse match up which I don’t get how and I am not a expert on any of those decks.
  9. Ninja Deck Discussion

    Considering digging for a 2nd Transformation with my expired Nov 23rd gems though the only downside is I would have to restart the entire box. This is my idea build for 3SD Ninjas Monsters:10 1x Armed Ninja 3x Black Dragon Ninja 2x Crimson Ninja 1x Masked Ninja Ebisu 3x Red Dragon Ninja 1x Senior Silver Ninja (He seems nutty with Dup but a terrible card to draw into to) Spells:4 3x Econ 1x Ninjitsu Art Notebook Traps:6 3x Ninjitsu Art of Duplication 1x Ninjitsu Art of Shadow Seal 2x Ninjitsu Art of Transformation
  10. Ancient Gears Discussion

    Idk a Golem in my opinion would be super easy to summon since not many decks are maining spell/trap removal and it really easy to build up counters on it. Though once you use Castle Up the best other way to summon as Stomach mentioned would be Hamstart. Regardless it is a very threatening card for me as a CA player my only way of getting around it is Econ take then use it as ritual fodder, boost Dakini up by using Idaten as ritual fodder (but then that opens you up to Econ take otks), and summoning Dakini then using its effect. The only reason I can see people not run Golem is it requires you to level up Crowler to lv 35. Also what are your guys thoughts on Gravity Blaster? In the current meta it seems terrible and not as good as Rare Metalmorph (which is also bad in the current meta. The only good thing about it is you can constantly boost your equipped monster and even if its removed off the field the monster still gets the boost which can pressure the op. Plus being able to negate a monster effect in battle is neat is decent even though Beast takes care of this.
  11. KC Cup

    I finally made it to stage 20 and it surprisingly only took 3 straight wins though it didn't get it to me when I had 4 straight wins oddly enough. The earlier stages of stage 1 were super easy for me it was mostly starter decks, beatdown, and AGs. Near 17-19 it started to get a bit harder it was mostly AGs, GBs (Most used Holy Guard because a youtube hyped it lol), and other random meta or non meta decks.
  12. Duel Links Friend Code Thread

    463-005-943 I will send one hand Vagabonds.
  13. [Event Ended] Jesse Anderson

    Hmm maybe Phantom Skyblaster could be used in something but then again its outclassed by Mecha Phantom Beast Hamstrat.Plus the fact its effect is based upon monsters you control makes it worse. In burn it would not be good since the most you will be able to do is 300-600 points of damage and to make it worse you have to keep it alive next turn to get the burn effect off. So nvm the card is crap but thought I mention it anyway XD.
  14. Weevil Underwood

    Cerberus Skill:Draw Sense: Low Level/Draw Sense: Sorcery Conduit/Draw Sense: Light Score:8000 Monsters:1 1x Cerberus Spells:16 1x Glossy/Prismatic Field Spell 6x Glossy/Prismatic Cards 1x 500+equp card. 1x Murmor of The Forest 2x Riryoku 3x Shard of Greed 1x Shooting Star Bow-Ceal 1x Stop Defense Traps:3 3x Enchanted Javelin
  15. Chazz Princeton

    Only ways to efficiently farm him are Dark Paladin and Labyrinth Builder. The only annoying cards you have to worry about is Lightning Vortex,Megamorph and Armed Dragon Lv5-7 Skill:Restart/Master of Fusions/Fusion Time! Score:8000 Monsters:13 2x Blue Dragon Summon 3x Buster Blader 3x Dark Magician 1x E Hero Blazeman/King of Swamp 3x Fusion Sub Monsters/King of Swamp 1x GK Vassal Spells:7 1x Emblem of The Dragon Destroyer 3x Poly 1x Secret Pass To The Treasure 2x Union Attack Extra:2 2x Dark Paladin Note do not attack due to the risk of his set card being Chthonian Blast . Labyrinth Builder Score:8000 Monsters:4 1x GK Vassal 1x The Fiend Megacyber 2x The Cat of Ill Omen Spells:10 3x Magical Mallet 1x Secret Pass To The Treasures 3x Shard of Greed 1x Sword & Shield 2x Union Attack Traps:6 3x Dimension Gate 1x Jar of Greed 2x Legacy of Yata Garasu Other cards you can add Massivemorph