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Ah fuck I cant believe im banned
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  1. Unless you have without a doubt your post continues to insult
  2. Yup just goes to show that people still refuse to accept new players and will always just have the same stupid elitest attitude
  3. Seeing how silverwolf broke no rules it's kinda funny comming from you
  4. this is what town deseves the fact that the THE admin brought out our up that has no game relevance and silverwolf got modkilled for notjing this is what town deserves in b4 the ban i also understand why ppl don't come here from mu
  5. Rule breaking, i am not. Silverwolf scum, she is not. More people suspect her, more I post pictures.
  6. speak, he still has not.
  7. English talk, I am. Town, you are not.
  8. read game, you have not. Give reads, you have not. Reasons said, read game you must.
  9. with me, it is. With you, it will be
  10. town, you are. Forgot someone, I have.