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  1. ika don't answer this, we need to leave, period, no more
  2. We are not the same person so fuck off. I don't care what you think about my play. I never claimed telepathy, only that I know how to read ika.
  3. Oh gee, it looks like we were both town.
  4. I hope town loses and this site dies out because it's exactly what you deserve for treating other players like this. I will be sure to warn others not to come here. Gemstone actually did a good job so it's not his fault. That's it for me. Nothing else to say.
  5. OMG The people on this site are fucking assholes!! You think we are cheating you take it up with the mod. ika and I live together you ass and once again our personal shit is being used to attack us. Yes, we are soulmates and have a very good history of reading each other in games. Just fuck off all of you!! Lynch me. I'm leaving the site so you will have no one in dead chat to protect. Just letting you know now.
  6. Thanks friend!! Nope, I never said a word about our personal lives. Tryanno asked if we were dating. I didn't say shit and not one fucking time did we ever say we were fucking each other and that's why we are town to each other. READ THE FUCKING GAME!! I would never do that. ika posting memes has not one thing to do with me so I don't care, take it up with him Also, read islicks comments today. That was a personal attack and insults. Why am I still here? I guess because I sort of felt bad that your game might be ruined. But after all this, I don't care.
  7. Is this another attempt to ridicule us? Then thank you for completely and totally proving my point. You and several others are only interesting in being jackasses to us instead of figuring out why we town read each other right now or doing anything to play the game. It's all personal attacks and BS. And I'm guessing this is exactly why ika resorted to memes. A person can only take so much crap before they give it back. I don't even know why I bothered to try to explain myself. I'm not playing under these conditions. I'm done for good now. I only came back to try and salvage things. My mistake. Won't happen again. The mod will have to replace or modkill me. I don't know what ika will do.
  8. Look at the insults that were directed at us where I told islicks to fuck off. I quoted them so it isn't that hard to see. I haven't posted one meme or video. I have actually tried to give reads and give my opinions. I'm not just talking about you BTW when I'm talking about how we were treated. I meant the game as a whole. I know I quoted you but I meant everyone. Regarding attacking town for suspecting me, how do you know they are town? How do you know my aggressive response might not cause me to either see them slip up as scum or figure out they are town just being wrong? I've caught scum trying to mislynch me many times before by aggressively questioning my persuers. It also helps me read the person doing it. I only got frustrated way later in the game when the stupid crap wouldn't stop of double standards, ridiculing my read on ika, asking how I behave in RL, asking if we are dating, asking the same question over and over we already answered, constantly calling us scum together, being told I'm making scum mistakes for things town can easily do, and basically no one else even being looked at but me and later ika for defending me and that was just yesterday. What about today then. I sign on and everyone wants to policy lynch my top town read. I say I will not put effort into a game where that happens and I will leave when the game is up if that happens. I'm told not to let the door hit me on the way out and insulted repeatedly by islicks with additional calls to policy lynch me. Then I get several people whining and crying about how the game is ruined and how we are gonna behave at night without really even talking to us about it. Then I'm also told I'm saying things I'm not in an effort by Sophocles to say I'm game throwing or using some sort of trust tell. It's made up BS but he wants us gone so he'll do it anyway. As you can see by the last game, this isn't my normal behavior but if you can't handle emotions in a game and people getting upset, then you are not playing mafia because I haven't played a single game where that hasn't happened by at least one person at one point or another. I flew off the handle at the treatment myself and ika have received this game. If this site wants to keep new players, you can either listen to stuff like this, or keep acting this way to people who come here and your site will die. Your choice really. I've said my piece.
  9. Stop personally insulting us, making assumptions on what we will or will not do in the game, ridiculing our playstyle and our reads on each other, trying to policy lynch us, and trying to restart the game for no good reason. I've actually put a lot of effort in here if you read the game and I definitely feel like I wasted my time coming here and playing. Not one person is even trying to work with us today. It's all just whining, judgements, insults, or calls to policy us. I'm not about to put effort into a game where I'm treated like that and there is zero chance of me playing another game here when this happens.
  10. I don't even know what dnf is.
  11. Interesting you put that in quotes because we never said that.
  12. Gemstone is gonna have to tell us what rule we broke if he modkills us because so far we haven't.
  13. Go fuck yourself you little cretin.