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  1. How do you get 0.12% chance of opening 4 warriors in a deck with 3 warriors? EDIT: Oh you're counting RotA as a warrior
  2. I actually think SST8 is a decent side card. But yeah it makes Riryokou Field completely redundant.
  3. Also Riryoku Field doesn't stop Meta because Meta doesn't target
  4. Copy paste from the Introduction to Goat Format Thread: All fusion deck monsters that were playable in the TCG in 2005 (pre-CRV) and that are not strictly worse than other fusion monsters. Since people are playing on Lackey which has no limit on extra deck size I thought this may come in handy. Thousand-Eyes Restrict Flame Ghost Dragoness the Wicked Knight Darkfire Dragon Dark Balter the Terrible Giltia the D. Knight Reaper on the Nightmare Fiend Skull Dragon Dark Blade the Dragon Knight Dark Flare Knight Elemental Hero Thunder Giant (only summonable by Miracle Fusion/Poly/Fusion Gate) Roaring Ocean Snake Ojama King Ryu Senshi King Dragun Last Warrior From Another Planet Twin Headed Thunder Dragon Gatling Dragon Master of Oz Cyber Saurus and Metal Dragon are strictly worse than other monsters unless you are running Machines with Limiter Removal.
  5. Partly what Allen said, but the other thing is that people have only recently begun to question whether Goat Control is really the undisputed best deck of the format and are more open to testing other decks than ever before. Obvious contenders are Chaos variants and to a lesser extent Zoo / Beastdown. Turbo Chaos, although weaker than Recruiter Chaos, makes flashy plays far more often and is also easier, both of which are attractive reasons to play it. Unrelated: A great bonus of spending time in a foreign country is that you can start merching when you return to civilization. Today I picked up 2x Mago de la Fe 1x Mago Oscuro del Caos 1x Virus Infecta Tribu 2x D.D. Dama Guerrera 1x RANA Arborea Last one is Treeborn Frog, no one seems to know why "Frog" is capitalized lol.
  6. Because the idea is that you play as much trash as possible
  7. For something a little different, message me on discord for a mirror match with this deck. The idea is to play a standard goat control list with as many cards as possible replaced by something similar, legal in the same period but strictly inferior. I call it Scrote Format. http://imgur.com/UAeoOSH Regarding the fusion deck, you must max out on any monsters of the same level before including normal picks. E.g., you can run 3 Restrict because hes the only level 1 available, but you must run 3 Fusionist, 3 Charubin etc. before even considering Dragoness the Wicked Knight. You do not necessarily need to start with the most inferior. If you only want 1 level 3 Fusion, you can run Charubin and not Fusionist.
  8. Thunder Dragons, with Meta and Goats, I didn't see very much of it
  9. Spare (Goat Control) 2 - 1 MMF (Chaos)
  10. As a general rule the reason for running 3x something is because you want to draw it asap and if you get multiples its not that bad. You don't want to draw Airknight asap and if you get multiples its pretty bad.
  11. Whoever Maddaeus is he should be ashamed of almost losing to the Time Wizard guy
  12. None of the things you called outs are outs. An out means something that removes the problem, the things you listed stall until you can draw an actual out, which ironically you think aren't actually good outs.