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  1. Almost got jumped; buying a gun.

    Most schools are McDojos, only way to learn decent Krav Maga is in the military. As a general rule in terms of self defence: Avoiding trouble > Gun > Martial Art
  2. My bad I reported the match with Underwood wrong, he beat me 2-0. Yup 3 matches.
  3. Goins (Goat Control) 2-0 Human Tetherball (Chaos Recruiter) Goins (Goat Control) 2-0 Human Tetherball (Chaos Recruiter) Francis J Underwood (Chaos Recruiter) 0-2 Goins (Goat Control) Ggs
  4. Goins 2-0 MMF Goat control mirror
  5. Intro to Goat Control

    I think you missed this post. Noone is suggesting maindecking Drillroid.
  6. Most people just switch out Exarions for Kycoos / Skilled Dark Magicians. Alternatively you can replace them for any combination of Asura Priest / Blade Knight / Skilled White Magician, and then replace Merchants with either Dekoichis or Dark Mimic LV1s.
  7. Week 5: Pacific State vs Mostly Harmless

    Goins (Goat Control) 0-2 fluxoff (Goat Control) Goins (Goat Control) 1-2 fluxoff (D Fusion OTK) Ggs
  8. I think that makes you the new best goat player. All hail painfulscrotum.
  9. The Sigirimi is Disqualified

    I don't think there's much you can do about dodging outside of making it illegal to refuse a challenge if you're online. Its like taking a dive in soccer. It's not the moral thing to do but it's a strategy that, if you can avoid getting caught, will give your team an advantage. And unless you're willing to make it illegal to fall over in soccer / decline a challenge, its something you have to put up with. I may be mistaken but the real issue isn't even dodging itself. The reason this team got banned is because the team leader explicitly instructed the weakest member of the team not to play which is against the rules.
  10. Week 4: Pacific State vs Team Beer

    Goins (Goat Control) 2-1 N3sh. (Gravekeeper Chaos Control) N3sh. (Gravekeeper Chaos Control) 2-0-1 Goins (Goat Control) N3sh. (Gravekeeper Chaos Control) 2-0 Goins (Goat Control) Ggs
  11. Week 4: Pacific State vs Team Beer

    Goins (Goat Control) 2 - 1 Silver (Goat Control) Ggs
  12. Week 4: Pacific State vs Team Beer

    Spare (Goat Control) 2 - 0 Silver (Goat Control) Ggs
  13. - Almost aways. - When to do so is in your best interests. Although there are other things that aren't bad to pitch outside of Sinister and Chaos fodder, such as Jar. - Maybe before Magical Merchant / Dekoichi were commonplace you would have a reason to hold it but not anymore. Which makes Big Shield Gardna sleeper OP imo. - What sqirmywurmy said. - When to do so is in your best interests.