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  1. Yeah I guess it means that you need that + something else for it to be an actual out
  2. This, and I still wouldn't want to ban it tbh
  3. Speaking of siding, there are a couple of decks that I need some help siding for. They're pretty uncommon and therefore largely irrelevant but can be tricky if I can't side for them appropriately. Therefore cards that are good vs them but are also versatile would be handy, These are the decks and the ideas I have had so far: Ben Kei OTK: - Trap Dustshoot - Mind Crush Dimension Fusion Turbo: - Bottomless Trap Hole - Needle Ceiling Empty Jar: - Neko Mane King Pretty sure Neko Mane King is the correct answer to Empty Jar, the other hand traps (Elephant Statues + Electric Cobra) won't actually stop me from losing. The other two I'm not really sure, can anyone help?
  4. The list you're looking at is outdated, he already cut 1 goat, ddwl and reaper. Would strongly advise against cutting Jar, that card is way too good.
  5. Can someone remind me why Solemn is a bad card in Goat Control? I get the idea that LP are very important but it seems as though every other viable deck of the format runs 3 copies, and I just feel at a disadvantage when I play against them. I was thinking about running just the four staple traps (Call Ring MF and Torrential) and 3 Solemn, thoughts?
  6. DGz: GoinsDiscord: SpareFormat: GoatExpected level of activity: Can play virtually every day Credentials: Nothing really, I'm very average
  7. DGz: Goins Discord: Spare Format: Goat
  8. Throwing in a bunch of skilled magicians isn't necessarily bad. I've been running a deck with an above average number of beatsticks and I have a 70%-ish winrate over 20 matches or so. For me personally it's difficult to imagine the effectiveness of certain card choices in theory. What I do is build something, and smash it into other decks so that the flaws are revealed. Then make some changes and repeat. And then you just keep smashing until there really aren't any visible flaws anymore. I'm almost there, the main reasons for my losses are my unfamiliarity with other decks, inconsistency in correctly reading facedowns, and bad decision making in general. These things will also improve as I play more.
  9. How many Sak do you run? If you run 2 the easy fix is to cut it to 1. If you run 1, the odds of opening with it and simultaneously not having any other good plays are so low I wouldn't even worry about it.
  10. It's a lot better than it was with Exarion, hard to be any more specific lol.
  11. It's already been said but Upstart is probably even worse now than it was in Exarion format. I'd use Dekoichi over that any day. Regarding Asura Priest vs Blade Knight: Imo the fact that Blade Knight can just sit there and demand a response from your opponent makes him better than Asura. Sure she clears tokens, but I'd rather just run Lightning Vortex which can be used in a wider range of scenarios. Also Asura Priest is a shitty top deck whereas Blade Knight is godly.
  12. Yeah Sangan, Breaker and 2 Meta are all staples, idk whether the guy who was siding Sangan was trolling or... XD 1 Tsuku is definitely staple, I'm pretty sure noone in the Top 8 I looked at mained 2, although I think some of them sided a second. This was strange for me because before playing on DB I'd always just used something similar to Chris Perovic's deck with double Tsuk and never really questioned it. I've played about 10 games testing with just one copy and I haven't yet found myself missing the second copy. It clogs way less at 1 and makes running Asura Priest more attractive, although I personally don't. I'd say 2 Meta and also 1 Book are also staple, with the option to run more of each. Jinzo is stronger in some builds than in others, and he's also stronger against some builds than others. I think he's as close as you can get to a staple in the side deck, whether you main him depends on a few factors. I agree DDWL is overrated and probably not a staple anymore, although she's still one of the best cards to run in standard Exarion-less goats imo.
  13. Sure, I don't think Dekoichi and Merchant are bad cards, but as someone who generally struggles with deckbuilding and has evaluating cards without play testing, the info from that tournament definitely opened my eyes to a playstyle that I hadn't really considered and that may be the "correct" way of playing the deck. Far too early to tell at this point without having a clear meta yet, but it's given me a lot to test for the time being anyway. And yup I did play in 2005, from memory I was playing Warrior.dek with Maximum Six, Gilford the Lightning, Blindly Loyal Goblin, and Command Knight, almost exclusively against my friend who had Appropriate Exodia
  14. I just spent 3 hours compiling a cubic buttload of stats from the link that ACP provided, and by gawd it was worth it. I'm not going to post all of it here but the most important thing is that only 23 cards were main-decked by every person who made Top 8, so there's definitely a long way to go before the Exarion-less format is solved.I took a screen cap of what seems to be the skeleton of the deck, so those of us who are stuck can start with that. You'll note that Breaker, Sangan, Metamorphosis and Book of Moon are missing. That's not a mistake. NB: Nobody in Top 8 used Dekoichi, Magical Merchant, Skilled White, Skilled Dark, Big Shield Gardna, or Trap Dustshoot. Idk about you but I'm taking a hint lol.
  15. Among other changes I'm testing double SWM instead of Exarion and it seems pretty good so far. I found that without Exarion you no longer have a good beatstick that you can just summon and demand a response to. Other options as far as I can see are SDM and Blade Knight if you wanted to take that path. Regarding Asura Priest, I think more than one is unplayable, especially if you're running double Tsuk. Imo 3 Scapegoat is still not better than 2 so I don't think you need multiples of her anyway.