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    Yugioh /anime/ some video games /cards against himanity/Games/tattoos/snapchat
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    My top 5 (excluding NARUTO) Bleach Attack On Titan Fairy Tail Sword art Online Akame Ga Kill Others: Gunsword Eflin Lied Log Horizon Ruroni Kenshin Hakuouki Im considering starting Magi, Blue Exorcist, or Seven Deadly Sins Still behind on Naruto and still watching fairytail, only got time for one more
  2. What is your favorite anime moment?

    <3 to whoever posted the itachi scene!!! I know this post is old but....
  3. Hello! Joined this forum cause I need some help with a "discussion" on stardust sifr dragons second effect! So.... I play elemental heros, and I was dueling my bf, who uses synchros. He just got Stardust Sifr Dragon and hes being a jerk about it. We were dueeeling and I attacked his level eater with core and he negated it using its first effect (which stops the destruction of any card) and since my Core battled I was allowed to target a card and destroy it... which was his level eater again. He negated it using the second effect (negates a monster effect and you pick one card and destroy it) I would assume that would resolve once he picked a card? He picked my core to destroy. I attempted to use cores effect which allows me to special summon a fusion monster from my graveyard with a level of 8 or lower ignoring it's summoning conditions. Which would have been absolute zero... He wouldn't let me. He believes that all are effects of core are nullified due to stardust sifirs effect... I don't see how that is possible its a chain effect, it specifically says when a monster effect is activated "you can negate THAT effect, and if you do destroy one card on the field" Totally just lost cause he's a stubborn jerk. Can a girl get a little clarification from someone who isn't bias..?? Is he right or no? I hate losing on that and it's bugging me Thanks!