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  1. Giving (or recieving) Any Games as a Gift?

    Ok then I'll post porn until you delete this thread [Link removed]
  2. Giving (or recieving) Any Games as a Gift?

    Ok. delete this thread. it's usless and stupid
  3. Giving (or recieving) Any Games as a Gift?

    rei and mmf you guys won't get any gifts because y'all just pathetic faggot mistakes... your moms should really stop mistakes like you and consider getting a hobby because we don't need more mistakes like you in this world.
  4. Giving (or recieving) Any Games as a Gift?

    Why don't you ask your boyfriend to fuck like how he fucked your mom faggot. You must be fight over boys with your mom faggot hahaha
  5. Hello Ladies and gentlemen. Anyone planning to give anything gaming as a gift this christmas?? Or do you know of anything gaming you are recieving as a gift this christmas? Personally i have told my girl not to get me any games as gifts. I just think that most of the time a game is played for a bit then forgotten about and i'd rather a gift that is a little more than that, besides during the year i can buy any games i want, so its not like a game gift would feel special to me. Having said that she always gets me games, pretty sure she has no idear what shes buying, its kinda cool cos it really will be a surprise when i open them up, wonder what random games she has in store for me this year
  6. The Official 2016-2017 NFL Season Thread

    Anyone notice during the onside kick late in the game, the ball fell off the tee just before it was kicked. I can't believe Tucker would still kick it like that. You're not going to get the bounce needed with the ball on the ground.
  7. For those who are unaware, media company Vivendi (who previously had a controlling stake in Activision) has slowly been buying more shares of stock in Ubisoft over the last year and a half. Ubisoft has accused them of having plans to launch a hostile takeover, a claim Vivendi denies. They currently own 25% of the company's stock. Ubisoft has been taking steps to try and remain independent. By French law, they will have to make a mandatory bid for a controlling stake once they hit 30%. http://www.gamespot.com/articles/ubisoft-slams-vivendi-as-it-buys-even-more-shares/1100-6446105/
  8. The Official 2016-2017 NFL Season Thread

    Well, to be fair, Gabbert isn't really that much better, either. I heard he's gonna become a free agent at season's end....I wonder if he'll end up elsewhere or back with the 49ers after all.
  9. The Official 2016-2017 NFL Season Thread

    AFC West race is getting crazy. On Monday night, I don't know why I even watched. I knew that was gonna happen. And Kap didn't understand why he got benched on Sunday. Let's see, you've been a distraction by being a SJW, the team hasn't gotten any better with you, and they were running circles around you. Oh, I fucking wonder! http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000750743/article/niners-bench-colin-kaepernick-in-fourth-quarter
  10. Final Fantasy

    I'm taking this with a grain of salt, but holy fucking shit if it true!!
  11. 2016 MLB Thread

    I love earnest responses to joke posts. I kinda love the rumors deal for the Rays if he can get/stay healthy. As far as sales deal goes, Dombrowski sure knows how to wreck a farm system to try to win now. At least he didn't give up Benintendi or Deves. Finally, here's a twitter for you to laugh and/or frown at:
  12. 2016 MLB Thread

    Now that red sox have prices and sales on thier team. I don't think they made good sale there. It doesn't seem it worth the price.
  13. Game of Thrones TV Show

    Peter vaughan, who played Maester Aemon, has passed away. http://pm1.narvii.com/6067/10b85ba297d32dad07c3e04fd635e63c994d2395_hq.jpg And now his watch has ended.
  14. Final Fantasy

    http://vgleaks.com/final-fantasy-30t...rsary-roadmap/ This is as yet a rumor, so take this with salt I'm incredibly excited.
  15. The Official 2016-2017 NFL Season Thread

    How about that Monday night game folks!!