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  1. Kenji Harima - School Rumble
  2. You let anyone just log in to this account by giving the scum qt /Me.
  3. i know youre town. i know i'm town. i'm assuming that islicks is also town. so because i know that, the only combos are nick+JC, JC+digbic, and digbic+nick. Nick+JC. is very very unlikely because they both want to kill each other.
  4. oh right my bad, thats true, but we had a good 10 minutes where we could've done it if we had wanted to. we were both online at the time. you know that right?? there are really only 2 possible scum teams right now imo, nick+digbic, or digbic+JC.
  5. assume that this vote count is correct (+my vote on nick)
  6. nick and I can't be a scum team. if we were, we could both vote JC, reach a majority, and win the game.
  7. yeah i miscounted my bad also kwanzaa is very important for my african american heritage and if you don't think its a real holiday you should expand your horizons more. i think that the scum team is nick+digbic, only thing that makes sense. anon is town. islickz is 99% town, too risky to kill him. JC. is putting in a lot of effort pushing specific people too hard to be scum. scum would be trying to go with the flow a lot more. nick has been floating all game, obv scum. digbic is a master memer, no posting restriction. just giving himself an excuse to also float. everyone on scum with the exception of ACP has been floating hard, seems to be there strrategy. and its worked. not lynching him on the earlier days is not an excuse to also let him get away with it now. i'll be a team player and get nick today and then we can get digbic tomorrow. unvote vote nick
  8. I told you that I could post more once kwanzaa was over, remember?
  9. your the one who's just posting "oh I feel like doing such and such" without even explaining why. can everyone just explain to me why they think that digbic is town because i feel like i'm in the twilight zone. not only are his posts just memes but he hasn't really made that many good votes this game either.
  10. got all the memers left in this game. the only person who is even trying are anon multi and JC. the jury's still out on JC for me. some people here have made some good points but i'm tired of doing what everyone else wants to do. sure i could vote JC or I could vote nick. but my top choice for scum is still digbic. when i went with my 1st choice it was always scum and when i let people convince me to go for my 2nd or 3rd choice it was always town. vote digbic
  11. lol i'm not scum i think i voted for every single scum person. when was the last time you saw someone quad bus in a game of mafia? single busses happen all the time, doubledecker bus mayybe, but quad bussing never. i thought JC was town before but anon yugi made some interesting points. JC also didn't vote at all yesterday so its possible that he could be scum who didn't want to get connected to a mislynch just saying. also if he wants to kill me he cant be that much of a townie lol. there's also digbic but i guess no one wants to kill him i'm not super shocked. there's also nick who seems to be on everyone's radar so i think he's a strong possibility. also nick's last couple of posts didn't really make any sense. so yeah idk what to do but i like the anon guy. he seems really determined to figure everything out.
  12. well i want to get in my vote before bedtime and my #2 scum pick seems to be popular so.. vote topladd i'm a little surprised that we didnt even really talk about the possibilities with digbic but there's always the next day
  13. well its close. they've both been floating a bit which i dont really like. with topladd though it seems like the town people who just died really wanted to kill him, both jazz and gemstone i think. and since we know they're town they're obv not trying to mislead us. idk just something to think about.
  14. well why i dont like his posts should be obvious lol. if all he's going to do is meme that doesnt help us and if he survives too long and we only have 5 people left with 1 who doesnt do real posts thats not helpful to town. my 2nd choice for a lynch today would be topladd and by 3rd choice would be japanese letters guy. theyve all been kinda shady/inconsistent. scum probably has to be some combo of those. but at least japanese letters guy and topladd make REAL POSTS which gives them a chance to help us if they are town and slip up if they are scum.
  15. hey guys sorry i was wrong about the jazz kill yesterday. i'll try to put more thought into my kills since obv both times i picked the salty dude i was wrong although i also have also been right a few times with my kills too tbh. idk what gemstone has done thats so bad but if you guys dont want to listen to me i guess i don't blame you. i still don't like digbic so for now im going to vote digbic because i think he is worse than gemstone mine. idk if my vote will really matter today since it seems like everyone want to kill the gemstone dude but thats just my 2 cents.