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  1. Mafia New Games Hosting Queue

    where do i file a complaint O-o Faint-sama, we are now nakama ^^'' (thats japanese for blood brothers if you dont know)
  2. DGZ Mafia Mafia - Day 5 ;o

    I don't want any one to feel bad for being last (;_;) 2 points to Gemstone 2 points to Mascis 2 points to Wunter 1 point to Tyranno
  3. DGZ Mafia Mafia - Day 5 ;o

    did i fuck your girlfriend without knowing? does she live in the harimalands? because there's legit no reason for you to be such a point hoarder towards me other than you just being an awful human being (✿◠‿◠)
  4. DGZ Mafia Mafia - Day 5 ;o

    ok (✿◠‿◠) but only if we start calling each other senpai and kouhai (^o^) it turns me on. \(^o^)/ ok senpai jazz? (´・ω・`)
  5. DGZ Mafia Mafia - Day 5 ;o

    jazz if i give you a point will you be happy? i don't want anyone being sad. (>_<)
  6. DGZ Mafia Mafia - Day 5 ;o

    mr zappdos mark is not following the rules how can i submit a complaint? (>_<) can he break rules because he is ancient moderoid? ((+_+))
  7. DGZ Mafia Mafia - Day 5 ;o

    i was channeling my yami-harima heehee i wanted you to notice me jazz i heard you are very good at goats (✿◠‿◠) please teach me sometime senpai you can be my jiaraiya (´・ω・`)
  8. DGZ Mafia Mafia - Day 5 ;o

    hi guys and girls ^-^ im back from my hari-nap (>' u '<) this one time at yugioh camp there was a really cute girl. she told me i was like yugi heeheehee (^o^)/i just thought i'd tell you so the bad guys know not to mess with me or i'll use the heart of the cards on them (@_@) heeheehee just kidding btdubs can someone link me to the warring sign ups pretty please? i want to show you all my elemental hero deck now that i milled my lightsworn deck heeheehee milled (#^.^#) i heard rare hunter kristina perivoc was playing but they got sent to the shadow realm teehee i hope i can still play her ^_^ ANYWAY jazz is scum for sure guys kill kill kill (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻
  9. DGZ Mafia Mafia - Day 5 ;o

    you guys are the best ^.^
  10. DGZ Mafia Mafia - Day 5 ;o

    i dont understand because this thread says it should <(^.^<)