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  1. Problem with food

    Did you seriously say food is evil? Food is good, eat it for god's sake and enjoy it. I'm not saying to stuff your face with garbage 24/7 but come on man. Life is shit, enjoy the little things when you can.
  2. The Walking Dead

    Michael Rooker (Merle Dixon) thinks TWD will end like this:
  3. Problem with food

    I feel like it's one of the worst bodily pleasures, if not the worst. I'm excluding obviously harmful things such as drugs. I know people who would prefer to spend something like 2 hours a day making food just so that it tastes nice while I prefer to spend 10-20 minutes to make something that's edible, nutritious, and not bad-tasting, but not great-tasting either. I'd rather make use of those 2 hours watching a movie or something rather than just satisfying my taste buds. Overindulging in food can also make one obese, of course, and I've seen a lot of social misconduct caused by people being irrational about food. A couple of examples: I have a friend whose brain almost literally shuts off when food is on the way or food is on the plate. He gets too excited to the point that he can't function socially and his mind is set on the food. Another friend complains to waiters about the slightest issue regarding his food, often in an obnoxious manner. I long for a life in which food is unnecessary since I find it an obstacle for many people and its pleasure is no where as cerebral as when watching a movie, playing a game, listening to music, reading an article, or simply chatting with a buddy. I enjoy tasty food when I have it with ease, but I won't go out of my way by spending a ton of time making food tasty or bugging others just because my taste buds aren't satisfied 110%. Food itself isn't a monster, but some people's approach just concerns me...
  4. Is family an illusion?

    I just don't see how I'm socially obligated towards a person just because we came out of the same body at some point. I see that as superficial. For example, I was expected to attend the wedding of my mother's cousin's daughter, and the only reason I went was because I was "doing as the Romans do". I lived in the US for school for about 5.5 years, only attending events that I found appealing and complying with my morals, but, now that I am back in the Middle East (specifically Kuwait), I have been following the norm and attending family functions left and right, and it feels like torture many times. I'll give myself a couple of years here to work and observe what life in this country has to offer. If it's not for me, I'm taking off.