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  1. Tit for Tat Mafia Day 1

    i only did it as i hit the right align button by accident. If I was intending to do something for the whole thing I would do something cooler and commit to it, like pirate speak.
  2. Tit for Tat Mafia Day 1

  3. Tit for Tat Mafia Day 1

    i missed that, sorry. i don’t really have any opinions on gimmick reading tbh. unless they go full gimmick like pirate speak the whole time (that was a fun ToS game) i generally just ignore the gimmick
  4. Tit for Tat Mafia Day 1

    i do too tbh. i personally like Hear You Me
  5. Tit for Tat Mafia Day 1

    is the middle any better?
  6. Tit for Tat Mafia Day 1

    i clicked the left align button by accident, and decided it looked cool
  7. Tit for Tat Mafia Day 1

    do we have to do the same old prequel meme again
  8. Tit for Tat Mafia Signups

  9. British Cuisine Mafia Aftergame

    i thought i did pretty poorly tbh, being floaty and not helping much. i should have pushed gemstone instead of rei at the end as gemstone completely ignored me and focused on sage with me.
  10. British Cuisine Mafia Day 3(Lylo)

    RE-reading, Gem ignored me completely and pushed both Macer and Sage for floating. He pushed Macer the last time, and has been pushing Solstice for a while now. Given that, I much more believe that gem is scum rather than sage.
  11. British Cuisine Mafia Day 3(Lylo)

    Right, that opens the game up. So whats the plan now, vote rei as they are confirmed scum or go after gemstone? I very much prefer going after rei so that we know for a fact that a scum is gone. vote rei
  12. British Cuisine Mafia Day 3(Lylo)

    I’lll put a vote in. vote macer.
  13. British Cuisine Mafia Day 3(Lylo)

    Who? So far only Gem and myself have mentioned you floating at all. They did target me d1 for floating and the bad no-lynch post. I mentioned in my post how it was hypocritical of me to mention you when I was also floating, but its still hypocritical for you to do it to me. You haven't contributed anything either, and neither has macer. Imo us three are the safest targets to have a go at, and the ones that probably should be looked at.
  14. British Cuisine Mafia Day 3(Lylo)

    If you reread my stuff its not exactly secret that I was floating the first day. I'm not gonna excuse my floating on my newness as I definitely should have been active and actually engaging in the game, but it happened and I hopefully will learn from it. However, you are just as floaty as I am. Not making quota nor even doing anything until you get pinged a second time after your initial 3 posts. I get me being a floater pinging you out for floating is a bit hypocritical, but it doesn't make you (or me) any less of floaters. re: bandwagon; It was only gem who mentioned you as not active. you didn't even get voted on. re: my no lynch thing; yeah that was a bad play. I'll take the L for that. Solstice seems a bit hammerish on you. Very much guessing about the motives of TGT's death while having pretty thin stuff to go on. I don't like it
  15. British Cuisine Mafia Day 3(Lylo)

    @SageRhapsody do you want to chime in? you haven’t said anything today nor did you make your quota yesterday