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  1. That's majority. No more posts. Lynch Digbick - (4) ZeroPassion, Solstice, Francis, Darkblaze Solstice - (1) rei
  2. Lynch Me. - (2) Faint, Solstice PSK - (1) Mascis The Antagonist - (1) Sophocoles Gemstone Mine - (1) PSK Nelrick - (1) iSlickz iSlickz - (1) Nelrick You are all wonderful people and should feel confident in your intelligence. Don't forget to post in the Yu-Gi-Oh! sections.
  3. I Summon the Dark Magician in attack mode!
  4. Dear Town, I read the thread and I think you guys should vote for Solstice May the heart of the cards always guide you -Anon Multi
  5. vote Harima One meme to rule them all, one meme to find them, one meme to bring them all and in the darkness bind them. Goodnight, sweet meme.
  6. I think digbic has been voting Harima like 3 days straight btw
  7. JC had to be kept alive because he's the other lynch target Digbic was not a viable lynch target neither me, you or JC would have ever voted him today
  8. He might have an ability or be good at mafia also I reread the beginning of the game and his initial scum reads were way off (jazz, rei, markus)
  9. Also the fact that Harima doesn't defend himself very well doesn't set off red flags? A lot of the reasons I gave for JC to be scum also apply to Harima. non commital non leader on mislynches (including the Jazz mislynch) if there wasn't a good case for Harima as scum I would nuke JC here but there's equally good if not a superior case on Harima and I think Occam's razor should be to kill the person who has participated the least in the game
  10. We need to quote train Harima yesterday to go over his reaction together
  11. The nightkill isn't why I'm making my conclusion despite what I said at the eod yesterday I was 75% sure Harima was scum waking up today I'm 90% sure Harima is scum
  12. Also there is a 100% chance that Harima is a veteran dgz player who was either scum or not in the game none of the actual multis have been noobs so don't read Harima is noob town. That's probably his scum angle
  13. Ok islickz real talk there are two reasons I made that long post on JC yesterday 1. I thought he might be scum and wanted to see his reaction 2. I wanted to see everyone else's reaction Nicks reaction basically did him in because he purposely tried to confuse me lol and he was all over the place Harimas reaction wasn't much better because he said he liked my ideas but refused to give scum teams and still wanted to kill digbic iirc
  14. The nightkill makes the most sense if Harima is scum. It's not like Harima hasn't been scummy. digbic - most likely to tunnel Harima anon - most likely to consider all options islick - second most likely to consider all options Who would you expect scum JC to nightkill? Who would you expect scum Harima to nightkill?
  15. iSlickz why do you think it's JC? I'm leaning Harima Me being alive, the only confirmed town and the most vocal about going after JC yesterday makes me more confident that it's Harima