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  1. British Cuisine Mafia Day 3(Lylo)

    I was cop but scanned rosen N2, not rei. I thought I would be CCd to easily if I had a dead scan, so just decided to gun it for who I thought was most likely to be scum. Obviously I messed up big time. Scum was Gem and Sage then, congrats. If someone could give me specs so I can watch myself get trashed talked, that would be great.
  2. British Cuisine Mafia Day 3(Lylo)

    Scumteam is rei + gemstone. I am town cop I scanned Rum N1, He is town I scanned rei last night, he is scum If I'm wrong on Gemstone then Sage just kills me here anyway, so it doesn't matter. I don't think I am though considering how quick he was to vote me before Sage or Rum weighed in. If we was town he should wait in case one of them could clear me or had a redscan on someone else. This screams desire to end the game quickly, aka scum.
  3. British Cuisine Mafia Day 3(Lylo)

    So did you actually do this? If so I'd love to hear what you found. I'm also curious why you suddenly went from "Solistce is scum" to "Solstice might have a red check on rei" as from my perspective it screams rei is your scum buddy, I hit the nail on the head, and you are now trying to do damage control. Why assume I'm the PR, do you know something about the other players that I don't? I'd really love a list from you (from everyone actually) ranking people in order from scummiest to towniest. rei especially.
  4. British Cuisine Mafia Day 3(Lylo)

    That should me MACER and fiend, not gemstone and fiend. My bad.
  5. British Cuisine Mafia Day 3(Lylo)

    vote rei 0 for 2 on both gemstone and fuckfiend. Clearly scum. The better question is just whether his partner is Gemstone or Sage. You will notice rei never gave an actual read on either of them, and both defended his play yesterday.
  6. British Cuisine Mafia Day 3(Lylo)

    If I am correct, votes are currently tied between Macer and myself. Ties are not good. vote Macer I will admit this bothers me given rei is voting Macer, but given no one else seems overly suspicious of rei it's possible that I'm wrong there. The only other person with a vote on them is rum, but I don't believe they're scum and voting them would create a 3 way tie regardless.
  7. British Cuisine Mafia Day 3(Lylo)

    Could you not say the same for Rosen and Macer? Rosen's only post of substance day 1 was to echo everyone else's opinions on fiend AFTER being prodded. Macer hasn't exactly brought in anything new aside from a townread on sage. In terms of what Sage did to add new information suspecting rum is about it, so I'm curious why you consider their contribution significantly worse.
  8. British Cuisine Mafia Day 3(Lylo)

    Macer: What do you think of rei's and rum's votes on you? Sage & Rosen: Now that Macer has posted, what do you think of him? Also for anyone going after Sage or Rum for floata, why exclude Macer given today's events?
  9. British Cuisine Mafia Day 3(Lylo)

    Votecount: (let me know if I goofed somewhere) rei (1): Solstice Solstice (1): Rosen Macer(1): rei Rum(1): Sage Not voting: Rum, Macer, Gem, @MaterialMacer needs 4 posts to make quota @Rum117 needs 1 post to make quota There are approximately 5.5 hours left in day. Obviously the rei thing isn’t happening, and I will move my vote to self prez if needed. I’m not voting Macer since he’s probably going to end up modkilled anyway, and I don’t believe in a world where rum is scum. I know rum and Gemstone mentioned wanting to vote Sage but hesitating since they were under quota, but since that is no longer the case I would be open to going that route since there seems to be enough consensus to avoid tied votes. Unless Macer shows up I doubt anymore productive discussion is happening since this thread seems as dead as when I last posted.
  10. British Cuisine Mafia Day 3(Lylo)

    Everyone but Macer has weighed in, the game has stalled, and the general consensus seems to be that both Sage and myself are suspect. I suggest everyone figure out which one of us you'd prefer as a lynch target as it doesn't seem like any of the other suggestions are gaining any traction. Day is already 1/3 over and most of us are going to lose at least another 1/3 due to sleep/work/life, so I'd prefer if we could get everyone on the same page sooner rather than later so that scum can't control the lynch.
  11. British Cuisine Mafia Day 3(Lylo)

    Scum want to kill people they can't lynch, and the problem is pretty much everyone is lynchable based on what went down yesterday. Rum and myself were the runner up lynches to fiend, so of course scum is going to keep us alive since we aren't townread and are easy lynches. Then you look at who voted fiend: Sage, Macer, rei. Scum could make a case for anyone who's town in that bracket on the basis they helped kill town. And everyone else (gemstone, yourself, tyranno if he had lived) at least shaded fiend yesterday. So if the question is "why tyranno?" I really only have two theories. Theory one is that they mistook tyranno for a power role based on this: This also reinforces my 'rei is scum theory' because as town you never want to draw attention to this so PRs can lie low, yet rei went and quoted it with a "I see what you did there." What purpose does that possibly serve for town other than drawing attention to the PR so they get killed faster? The other theory goes into meta analysis (which I'm getting hated on for doing with rei) but I think it warrants mentioning anyway. Rosen just got out of a game with Tyranno, so if Rosen was scum he'd want tryanno out of the picture since he'd be the most likely to pick on any tells or seeing something off. Tryanno is also generally considered a weaker player on this site, which does lend some credence to this theory as he generally wouldn't be a prime NK target for any of the regulars here. Feel free to pick this apart as you see fit.
  12. British Cuisine Mafia Day 3(Lylo)

    vote rei For those that aren't veterans of this site, rei is considered one of towns best players and is capable of nailing the entire scum team day 1. As such he's almost always killed n1 (or n2 if scum is trying to play around doc) meaning if rei is wrong or alive by day 3 there's a 99% chance he's scum. Given that we learned fiend and tyranno were both town, I'm also heavily suspicious of gemstone. He shaded tyranno all of yesterday and called out fiend as well, but yet never committed a vote to either of them. Sage is doesn't look good either considering their only game relevant post was a fiend vote which they could pass off as a joke. FWIW I believe tyranno was correct about rum not wanting to lynch d1 due to being a ToS player (which I wish he would have mentioned earlier). Having played ToS myself no lynching day 1 is common, so him not wanting to do so this game if he doesn't have much experience with forum mafia makes sense and comes from a pro town place. Fiend vouching for him day 1 also helps reinforce that.
  13. British Cuisine Mafia Day 3(Lylo)

    You and me should be scum together. It would be the most epic trainwreck in the history of mafia.
  14. British Cuisine Mafia Day 3(Lylo)

    So this is where I'm at: 1. TheGoldenTyranno: Two wrong votecounts both making me look like the lead lynch when I actually wasn’t. I’d say he had some vested interest in getting rid of me, but then he unvoted when he thought I was in hammer range so IDK. Thinks gem is town. 2. fuckfiend: Obviously hates me which isn’t bad by itself, but then backtracking off of it with ‘lol another lynch it’s fine too, it’s day 1” when they started getting heat is not good. Lean town on rum. Seem to be flip flopping on rei, though he voted them so it’s understandable. 3. –Rosen: Other than sheeping my vote, there’s nothing game relevant here. Mostly asking how games work here which while understandable, doesn’t excuse him from not playing the game. 4. rei: Only read given so far is fiend as scum. I doubt they are the same alignment, but rei solves himself eventually so flipping either purely for info would be a bad move. 5. SageRhapsody: Under quota, only game relevant thing was an early vote on fiend that came off as a joke. 6. Solstice: Hello. 7. Rum117: OMGUS votes me and has literally nothing else game relevant. 8. Gemstone Mine: Early vote on rum, dislikes tyranno’s posting, dislikes fiend but didn’t vote. 9. MaterialMacer: votes fiend, says I’m scummy and rei is NAI, thinks team is me + fiend. I need some actual thoughts on players from @-Rosen @SageRhapsody and @Rum117.
  15. British Cuisine Mafia Day 3(Lylo)

    @SageRhapsody @fuckfiend @rei Do you have any opinion on the two trains (rum and myself) going on right now? Given that's where most of the votes are I find it strange none of you commented on them.