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  1. I killed my laptop and need help fixing it.

    I tired running a chkdsk /f earlier and that didn't solve anything, so I got impatient and just had it restore itself to factory settings. However it still won't boot up normally and when I try to load up in safe mode it just says "first time startup cannot be completed in safe mode" and restarts itself back in 'normal' mode, which crashes. I'm pretty sure I've made it unfixable at this point other than sending it back to the manufacturer for repairs, so lesson learned the hard way I guess.
  2. The laptop in question in a HP pavilion dv7-6b78us Entertainment PC running windows 7. I have a much better desktop, but as it's not portable I'd really like to get this old thing running properly. I was trying to run a steam game as well as update another one at the same time and my computer froze; I could neither see nor move the mouse and attempting to bring up the task manager using control+alt+delete did nothing. I made the mistake of holding the power button to shut down and then everything went wrong. I went to restart and got as far as the windows logo before it hangs for a bit, makes a weird noise, then turns itself off. I've tried running a repair; it didn't help. I've scanned for viruses and found nothing. Neither system restore nor doing a clean boot has fixed the issue either. I've tired a few recommended msconfig commands with no luck. It will run fine in safe mode with networking, however this is not a permanent solution especially as it has no audio. I've checked the drivers in the device manager and the only one showing issues is Consumer IR Devices, but disabling it has not solved the issue and trying to update just tells me I already have the latest version. I've tried uninstalling the steam games I had open when it froze, but it says this feature is not available in safe mode. At this point I'm not sure what else to try other than putting everything back to factory settings, which is going to be a pain as it means I have to install everything all over again. I'm open to any suggestions.
  3. TGT Presents!: Let's Revive DGz Mafia(Town Wins!)

    I noticed there's not a 10 player setup listed in the OP, so if you need to cut it to 9 players to make the game work you can put me as a sub or something instead. I'm not picky.
  4. TGT Presents!: Let's Revive DGz Mafia(Town Wins!)

    I guess I'll play so this can start.
  5. Opt in/Opt Out Thread

    Opt in: Civil Discourse & Unchained
  6. being an adult sucks

    If you really think you can only be successful / happy by having a significant other, you’re going to have a hard time. Wanting a spouse and kids eventually is fine; feeling like you need them ASAP is only going to make you miserable. You can’t base your happiness and success on other people; you need to find something that makes you happy regardless of circumstances outside your control. The suggestion of finding a hobby you enjoy that you could devote yourself to is a good one, and if said hobby involves interacting with others then that’s a bonus as then you can broaden your friends circle to those that may have more time and possibly meet someone you’d consider significant other material there as well (you’d know you have one thing in common at least). Travel is generally better if you have someone to share the experience with, but if you have the funds and don’t mind going at it alone then nothing is stopping you. I don’t think one trip will magically solve all your problems, but I’ve heard several places say that even just planning for a trip is a good mood booster so I certainly don’t think it will hurt. I know lots of people that tend to push travel off with the idea that they’ll do it when they retire (more free time, no need to request off work, and hopefully have more money saved up) but I personally think it’d be much more enjoyable when you’re young and you don’t have to deal with aching joints or tiring quickly. You’re not alone in the feeling of going nowhere, though with a good job and a strong friend circle I’d say you likely have it a little bit better than most. If you’re well off enough that money isn’t a major issue, perhaps consider cutting back on your hours slightly? This is something I did recently as work was consuming my life to the point that it felt hard to do anything else, but even dropping those few hours have made me significantly happier even a few months down the road. I realize this isn’t an option for everyone as bills and debt come first, but if you can afford it it’s something to consider.
  7. persona 5 mafia aftergame

    I was doctor (gardener) who got to give away what essentially amounted to a 1 use bulletproof vest if I was voted best girl. N1 I debated between healing Francis (leading town) PSK (townread enough to be voted best girl) and Malcolm (almost always killed N1 if town). I ended up going with PSK as I wasn’t sure about Malcolm’s alignment and Francis had implied he wasn’t a girl role so I thought that might help him live longer. Apologies to Francis for not saving him; I should have known better than to trust dgz wouldn’t eliminate him N1 on his first time back. I knew PSK would be the kill N2 but as I had healed him the previous night and was unable to win best girl to give him bulletproof there wasn’t much I could do about it other than try to coax potential jailors/watchers to him to make him seem less desirable to scum. I ended up healing slick for being the next most townread. N3 I healed lfn for the same reason but faint prevented all kills so I got to heal lfn again N4 for the save. N5 I went with faint as his best girl power confirmed him town. Unfortunately my play this game was pretty bad as it took me until day 3 to realize that people with strong opinions on someone’s alignment that they weren’t backing up with reasons was actually because they had a scan they couldn’t claim and not because they were scum. (I thought at least one of the scan powers had to be scum rolecop as I didn’t believe town could have that many). Once I realized the deal with slick and lfn was something akin to a cop check or masons and faint’s best girl power confirmed him I basically just played follow the leader on those three. FWIW the reason I kept asking about their reasoning anyway was not because I doubted them, but because I was desperate to hit quota somehow and the thread was stagnant since everyone agreed on the lynch. I also didn’t immediately vote faint best girl again as I thought for sure that power would be one use and have no level up; so I thought it would be wasted there aside from keeping it off scum. I agree that the game was horribly townsided though and I sympathize with scum for it having had the same issue as scum in DND mafia. Town could afford way too many mislynches before mlyo, best girl powers were OP, and scum had no decent powers of their own and no best girl powers to boot. I also sympathize with soph for being tunneled due to votecounts as that was a very pro town thing to do since the host couldn’t keep up with it; and I basically did the same thing of using it to hit quota later without being called out once. I’m also sorry ZP flaked as that made you basically play a man down. I don’t think I’m ready for another game this big as it’s way too much to sift through and I don’t have the time to go over everything in detail. I was basically useless to my faction outside of the lfn save, and the game was pro town enough that it wasn’t even really needed. Apologies for my godawful performance, I think I’ll give you all a break from it for awhile and sit the next one out.
  8. Alright, I trust you. best girl faint.
  9. Any particular reason for haz over mascis?
  10. vote soph Pretty sure lfn is confirmed town at this point, so I'm more than happy to vote soph with them.
  11. Votes: Malcolm (5): antag, mascis, slick, wunter, soph Soph (4): faint, lfn, walia, Sol Not voting: Haz, Silver, Malcolm 12 players so majority is 7. @rei Are ties random lynch, no lynch, or something else? And how do ties for best girl work? Best girl: Faint (5): faint, lfn, slick, walia, wunter I'm off to work, see you guys when U get back.
  12. Town: Faint, Slick, LFN They're all pretty widely town read and my own reads this game have been shit, so I'm just gonna trust everybody else here. Faint and LFN both got best girl and nothing terrible happened as far as I know; though if either lfn or slick flips scum I'm going to heavily suspect the other for the soul reading going on. But it's just easier to treat them as town at this point as otherwise there are too many question marks, and I can see town reasons for doing this. Scum: Soph, Malcolm, Mascis Again I'm trusting the other players to be smarter than me here, though none of the above have really done anything to help their cases. Mascis floated day 2 away, Malcolm's reads have been off, and Soph is being voted by my town reads. Null: everybody else If I had to pick another scum candidate from this list it would be Walia as his play is pretty different from how I remember it; way more one liners and questions to appear involved while not providing much insight of his own. If I had to pick another town read it would be antag but this is mostly based on gut feeling / me potentially being pocketed. Hazmah is the one I'm most conflicted on; I just don't know his meta and I doubt he knows ours, and being this is the first game we've played together I'm not really sure how to resolve this issue as I have nothing to reference. (And his only other game on this site was as a serial killer, which doesn't help me see how he does things from a town or scum mindset.)
  13. Generally no lynch is really bad for town as it gives up a kill and let's scum kill someone that was already widely townread anyway. The only time there's ever a benefit to it is if it's MYLO and nobody trusts anybody, so the NK actually eliminates a question mark instead of the towniest person. If you were relying on this to prevent kills again I don't think that's gonna happen as that's definitely strong enough to be a once per game ability. Otherwise scum never get nightkills and the game becomes completely townsided. I will trust you and faint on soph for now though since I don't see a reason not to. vote soph.
  14. Votecount for today: Votes: Malcolm (3): antag, mascis, slick Soph (3): faint, lfn, walia 12 players so majority is 6. Best girl: Faint (4): faint, lfn, slick, walia Wunter (1): wunter Not unless the post count requirement gets cut in half (3 posts per phase), cause there's no way I'm getting 6 post in 24 hours without devolving into "3, 4, 5, quota". I'm barely hitting quota here as it is. I've noticed Soph has a lot more votes than he did yesterday, did he do something in particular yesterday that made him a front runner with Malcolm?
  15. Jazz, I'm sorry the game got that unfun for you. I think asking rei for a sub or to just kill your slot if he couldn't find one would have been more tactful than that, but it's not cool that you got pushed to this point regardless. I'm sure I'm part of your frustration as you seemed pretty mad at me near the end of day 1 and the start of day 2, but with how upset you got over softs and lack of anti claim mechanics I honestly thought you were scum. Obviously I was dead wrong, and I'm sorry you got stuck with me as I was too stupid to see it. I don't think anyone is having much fun this game honestly, lots of insults flying everywhere. I'm sorry you were the target of a lot of them. Feel free to ream me out in the aftergame if you want as I probably deserve it.