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  1. Cat Mafia - Night 1 - The Knight of Salt

    guys, this chev lynch is a mistake. From what I can understand, he's mostly being voted for floating and voting psk. I floated. Mascis floated. Faint floated. Broken floated. Soph floated. Half the damn thread thread floated. It's day 1, floating when there are no flips to go off of yet isn't a sin. The PSK vote isn't amazing (I think nelrick, slick, malcolm, broken are far scummier than PSK at the moment) but his vote on me was good, his suspicion on nelrick is good, and his being wary of mascis isn't half bad either. If he's scum he should have some buddies trying to swoop in and save him about now, and the only people to have done that are slick and sort of PSK (and now me me). Neither of the aformentioned are protecting him by jumping to the next highest wagon (nelrick). If he's scum he has to have some shitty teammates like broken for them to be abandoning him like this. I don't see it. Nelrick was the leading wagon until fairly recently. Then the chev one kind of took off out of nowhere. It's near end of day. That smells more like scum protecting their buddy to me. vote nelrick Could possibly be swayed to someone else like slick, but I like this a lot more than chev.
  2. Cat Mafia - Night 1 - The Knight of Salt

    That explains a lot. You people need to stop changing your names, I can't keep up.
  3. Cat Mafia - Night 1 - The Knight of Salt

    Ok this is what I've got. Chev calls my first post hella forced and votes me. Okay. Crei basically echoes his opinions, but doesn't actually vote me. You even went out of your way later specifically to mention that you weren't part of the vote train that got built on me. Do you not want blame when I flip? Even weirder is Malcolm town reading crei for that post where they didn't back it up with a vote. Malcolm also won't back it up with a vote on me either. Why don't you vote me there? And why didn't you see that crei didn't do it in the first place? Then crei votes Malcolm for agreeing with them. Distance? I don't really understand why you'd vote someone who agrees with you. Nelrick bandwagon votes me after a few other votes have piled on. Could be scum trying to go for an easy lynch, could be town trying to get pressure going for information, so not really alignment indicative either way. But even after the votes fall off me, he keeps bringing me up like he hopes people will remember my intro was scummy and re-vote me again. Despite bringing this up four freaking times, his vote isn't parked on me either. He unvoted me early on to vote crei for voting Malcolm, then focuses on slick for unvoting me to vote Malcolm. He is really pushing me and hard defending Malcolm. I get that Malcolm is a strong player that may be worth keeping around awhile even if he is acting scummy (his alignment usually solves itself given time) but being that he is a strong player he definitely doesn't need you defend him from votes that aren't really putting him in the danger range anyway. Why are you defending him so hard? Masons? Scumbuddies? You're just scum and picked a random townie to blindly defend for effort points? Walia doesn't have that many game relevant post either, and what ones he does have is mostly stuff that scum could use to appear "helpful townie". Ex, asking and answering how long phases are, commenting on how the votecount was spread thin, and talking about some movie. I get that it's day one and there isn't a hell of a lot to go off of, but if he doesn't step it up over the next day or two I wouldn't mind lynching him. Mascis also has a lot of one liners; I'm expecting more from them in following phases too. Only noteable contribution is voting nelrick and town reading Malcolm. Interestingly enough, broken also votes nelrick and kind of soft defends Malcolm. If nelrick flips town, I'd look hard into this as there's probably at least one scum here. 2k mostly just scumreads me and wants broken to stop blindly following malcolm. Would shoot either walia or me. Fair enough given the content so far. PSK hates faint and townreads slick. Set up a way to avoid him having to comment on broken because essentially "he's bad, too much effort, somebody else do it". PSK + Broken team? Faint is just kind of calling out people at random, so I like PSK a little better for his suspicion of faint. He is all over the place as per usual. Drunk? Scum? ADD? Soph wants to kill walia, and does not want to kill slick. He's also one of the few people to have defended me somewhat. If he's scum I'd expect a partner pushed me. Lots of people are talking about slick, but I don't lean strongly on him one way or the other as far as alignment is concerned. Could be an info lynch, but I'd rather lynch my scum pile. Chev is kind of hard to read, but he's been pretty active and hasn't done anything overly scummy so I'll put him as town for now. I kind of forgot wunter was even in the game. He thinks faint is town. Voted then unvoted PSK. Null as null can be. I think that's everybody. unvote chev I'm going to bed now. Goodnight guys.
  4. Cat Mafia - Night 1 - The Knight of Salt

    Thanks. I think I played with him in witch hunt and dnd mafia then.
  5. Cat Mafia - Night 1 - The Knight of Salt

    Okay I'm home. Fire away guys. vote chev Haven't seen you before. If you've played before, can you link me to the games so I can read through them? Makes it easier if I know whether to expect a floater like faint or a super solver like rei.
  6. Cat Mafia - Night 1 - The Knight of Salt

    I think you had a duplicate of this topic up for like sixty seconds. That was one fast deletion though, I clicked it and already got the message that it was removed. So I should be on the right one now. I'm at work at the moment but will be home in about five hours. No RNG voting for now because bolding on phones is hard.
  7. Cat Mafia Sign-Ups

    If we hit 13 without you then you could coach me if you wanted. Save me from my day 1. (Or if I roll scum, just save me in general.)
  8. Cat Mafia Sign-Ups

    I will play.
  9. Family Mafia Aftergame Thread - Town Wins

    If I were to run the game again I think the changes I would make are - Cut one vanilla town, possibly 2 if I didn’t implement any other changes listed below. - Remove town doc’s ability to self heal; keep it for scum docs and first aid kit invention (as the invention could end up going to a lone scum and I want it to be usable for them) - Further nerf inventor by only allowing each player to receive an item once (requires more skill as lategame you may only be left with scum and players you’ve already gifted previously) - Remove the 2 shot restriction from the scum watchers (more info and better fake claim) I don't want to change it too drastically as then it ends up not being the same thing anymore and at that point I should just pick a different multiball setup all together. (Matrix 14 has multiball that everyone seems to think is balanced, so maybe I'd go with that.)
  10. Family Mafia Aftergame Thread - Town Wins

    If I flipped wunter right away I would have to have ended the game right away, and I wanted to give JC plenty of time to reconsider his decision to concede in case he changed his mind. After how the day went down I thought there was still a chance he could win, but at the same time I don't blame him for conceding as in his place I would have quit the minute silver died as he was basically outed then. Massive props to him for getting a mislynch despite that, there's very few players that I think could have pulled that off.
  11. Family Mafia Game Thread - Day 4 - Standby

  12. Well this game ended up being a blowout win for town right up until the end there. I honestly did not think dgz town was capable of throwing two scum on the lynch block day one (jc and walia, and the day started with them scumreading silver also) so massive props to town there for playing a far better day 1 than I’ve seen on here before (normally a random town gets lynched and nobody learns much from it until a few days later). The fact that there was a third faction was not supposed to be revealed until one of its members actually flipped, so I apologize to JC and silver for that as it pretty much costed them the game, though having only 1 night of double nightkills due to a faction wipeout didn’t help them much either. Scum Quick topics: Broken and walia: https://www.quicktopic.com/52/H/ASedFYEuMLR Jc and silver: https://www.quicktopic.com/52/H/jsdEKxQGDKyMh LVP is Broken. He didn’t even post in the QT until after walia had already died (I’m not sure if he even read it before walia died), and he gave walia no help in the thread to save himself or at least turn his death into massive towcred and solo it. On top of that he scumslipped hard on day two, and when called out on it he basically just rolled over and admitted to being scum. I doubt anybody is going to disagree with this choice. Scum MVP is JC. Early in day 1 he correctly deduced that there was another faction, and that town likely had tracker instead of cop. Despite almost being lynched day 1 he played it brilliantly and went on to earn massive towncred for it. If his faction hadn’t gotten revealed before one of them flipped I think he had a good shot of eeking out a win. He was also pretty much the only thing keeping scum from throwing in the town early on, and actually managed to get a mislynch when I thought for sure he was a goner. Thanks for sticking it out for the spirit of the game as long as you did, even though I’m sure you didn’t want to. Town MVP is Jazz for finding pretty much all the scum and leading town down the right path for most of the game. You were really the only one trying after Malcolm and PSK died. This night actions that were taken will be listed below: N1 Slick tracks wunter, who went nowhere. Mascis gives a one shot cop device to death sentance. Death heals faint believing he claimed cop (Malcolm was actually the one to claim cop). Actually it turns out death said heal winter mutli (faint) but he meant malcom’s multi as he was the one to claim cop, but he got the names mixed up. OOPS. Broken chooses to watch Malcolm and kill PSK. He sees Silver visited Malcolm. Silver chooses to kill and watch Malcolm. He sees Broken visited Malcolm. JC chooses to use his one shot heal on himself, assuming the other faction will believe him to be the town doctor, and thus try to kill him. N2 Logic indirectly reveals in the day two flip that there is a third faction, which I was not planning to do until a member of that faction actually flipped. This basically guarantees a town win, as now town is not looking for a third partner, but a separate entity. SORRY! Mascis gives a 1 shot vig device to Jazz. Death sentence uses his one shot cop scan on 2k, who is town. He also uses his one self heal on himself to make sure he will live to share the scan result. Slick chooses to track Silver, who visited no one. JC choses to kill slick. Silver does not watch anyone. N3 Jazz chooses to shoot faint Jc chooses to kill 2k since he is confirmed town Death sentence chooses to heal 2k for the same reason. Mascis gives 1 shot watcher to 2k This is not a set up I came up with on my own; I actually played it before on another site and had a lot of fun with it. The game made it to mylo there, where scum narrowly lost. I’ll summarize what happened in that game in a spoiler in case anyone wants to compare it to this one: Based on how close to victory scum came in the other game I don’t think town’s landslide victory this game was due to massive factional imbalance, but rather a series of “everything that can go wrong, will go wrong” for scum this game. rei rolling tracker was great for them because they could kill a strong player and a PR with one shot, but unfortunately he got subbed out day 1. Having 2 scum docs on the lynch block day one and being forced to cc each other only ends with one dead and the other locked into a claim early on which will prevent them from soloing in mylo/lylo, which was also unfortunate. Having the inventor refuse to give scum any inventions due to scum reading them was unfortunate as they could have really used the boost after that disastrous start. Having both scum teams catch and try to kill each other early on and having one faction wiped out day 2 was unfortunate as scum NEEDED those double nightkills. And logic prematurely revealing the third faction was the final nail in an already buried coffin. If day 1 had gone different I think scum would have had a decent shot at winning, but unfortunately it kind of set the pace for them for the rest of the game. I’m sorry people (especially scum) didn’t have as much fun with this game as I had hoped, but it did help me grow as a host. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, this is the place state them. Thanks again to everyone who played or helped in running the game; I hope you’ll continue to do so in the future.
  13. Family Mafia Game Thread - Day 4 - Standby

    JC gave up and gave town the win. He didn't want to play anymore. I don't blame him as he's been fighting a massive uphill battle the whole time, and his chances of victory were slim at best.
  14. Family Mafia Game Thread - Day 4 - Standby

    Cousin Wunter was executed by the family. He was vanilla town. At watching the family kill and grieve over the loss of the innocent, something strange overtook step brother JC. Was the money really worth this? He’d lost his partner in crime fighting for it, and without anyone to share in his success, it didn’t seem so worth it anymore. And the longer this went on, the more people would be lost. He was tired of fighting a pointless battle. JC confessed to his sins, renounced the darkness, and went to seek professional help. The family rejoiced that they would finally be safe. JC has conceded. He was a one shot mafia doctor and a member of the step family. GAME OVER TOWN WINS. After game thread will be up in a bit.
  15. Family Mafia Game Thread - Day 4 - Standby

    I'm at work, I will wrap this up when I get home in around four to five hours.