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  1. TGT's Vanilla Mafia[Town wins]

    Thoughts on everyone time because why the hell not: Jazz: Already said most of what I wanted to in the discord and the previous wall of text post, but I am sorry you’re partner wasn’t helpful to you as I know how frustrating that is having been paired with broken before. BuildTheWalia: You, Tyranno, and Jazz are pretty much the only people active at the same time as I am, so when the claim shit was going down and you weren’t there it did have me slightly suspicious of you. I never brought it up as I had my hands full fighting for my own life and Jazz was still a bigger priority to me than you were. Malcolm: Why did you claim there? Even if you thought I was faking doctor you don’t need to claim for heals as most people just auto heal you anyway. I really don’t understand your thought process there. Faint: Thank you for being one of the only people to see I was an idiot and not scum. I think you played well outside of town reading Jazz day 1. Sophocles: You played well and I don’t blame you for wanting to lynch me. Thank you for hard pushing the Jazz lynch day 2 even when others started to drop off of it. Wunterslaus: You are a literal mafia god. Called Jazz day 1 and Walia day 2. I should just start playing follow the Wunter, maybe I wouldn’t be so bad then. Paraliel: I really don’t think you played well as you were pretty floaty so I don’t blame those that wanted to lynch you. There were also very few of your reads you explained clearly. I know I had pretty much the same issues this game, so sorry if I’m no fun for you to play with. Duk3star: For not knowing the meta here you played very well and did a good job projecting town. TBH I’m kind of surprised you were the only one bringing up the points you did to defend Jazz as I thought for sure more people would and he’d get out of it.
  2. TGT's Vanilla Mafia[Town wins]

    Qoute from Jazz in the discord that I'm responding to here as discord won't give me enough characters to do so: I'm sorry you're mad enough at me to go on a neg spree, but I stand by what I said that lynching a claimed PR day 1 is a bad play. It would have made no difference if the claim was made by me or paraliel or any other lynch candidate; the fact remains that it makes town take a stupid risk for nothing because unlike in mylo/lylo you have plenty of time to figure out if their claim is true or not being it’s day 1. You and paraliel both voted me, but my reads on the two of you were very different. Wrong does not equal scum, and players voting you do not make them scum. However like everything else there are exceptions; if rei or Malcolm were seriously pushing and calling for the blood of someone I KNOW is town (whether it be their push died and flipped town, a push on me, or pushing a player confirmed town though an ability) I’d be more likely to think they are scum because rei and Malcolm are hardly ever wrong as town. It does happen, but it’s rare. Now if other players like Broken or Mascis or paraliel made that same kind of push and were wrong I wouldn’t hold it against them nearly as much if at all, because I don’t expect them to be as good. I suspected you and not paraliel precisely for the reason you listed in the thread afterwards: I consider you a stronger player, and while you aren’t on rei/Malcolm level of reading everyone accurately you’ve been pretty darn successful at correctly reading me, or at least realizing me being a retard day 1 doesn’t really make me any more likely to be scum than town. It’s why as scum I’ve almost always advocated for killing you early on even back when “let Jazz live to mylo so he can steer town in the wrong direction” was a meme. I find you to be VERY good at reading me if you're town, so as scum I want you out of the picture ASAP because you won’t let me float to mylo like everyone else. But as town when I’m not seeing the same level of accuracy from you that I usually do it’s a scum indicator for me. And this is not a general OMGUS kind of thing because like I said earlier there are very few players I expect to read me accurately as I know the combination of me being bad and floaty makes me hard to read; but you have historically been an exception so when I see you deviate from that “meta” it’s a scumtell to me. Does that mean you’re going to be scum every time you incorrectly vote me? Of course not, you can be wrong just like anyone else and I know I don’t make reading me as town easy. But I’ve found when you’re wrong you’re more likely to be scum, same as rei and Malcolm as you’re part of the few I expect to be right. When you play with the same people over and over again you start seeing patterns like this, and while I don’t know if everyone is going to agree with that line of thinking it did end up with me being right on you this time, same as in the mid to late stages of WWE mafia. For what it’s worth I think if you’d continued to play out the game you could have had a decent shot as the paraliel lynch wasn’t exactly off the table and dukestar had shade thrown on them that you could have attempted to work to your advantage. I’m not saying you had great odds, but you still had a fighting chance seeing as you’re generally pretty good at leading people and I’ve seen scum get out of worse. (I cannot believe how long JC survived in family mafia before throwing in the towel, and I think he had way worse odds than you did.) Sorry if this sounds like I’m being overly condescending as that’s not my intention; I really do think you're a great player and I just wanted to try and explain my thought process. Anyway this had gotten to be quite the wall of text already so I’ll end it here before it turns into even more of a snooze fest.
  3. TGT's Vanilla Mafia[Town wins]

    unvote vote paraliel!
  4. TGT's Vanilla Mafia[Town wins]

    Also @Jazz the fact he didn't CC me rigtht away should make this obvious.
  5. TGT's Vanilla Mafia[Town wins]

    Let this be a lesson: NEVER EVER EVER LET A CLAIMED PR DIE DAY EVEN IF YOU THINK THEY’RE LYING If they are lying, it will be made obvious within in the next day or two when scum doesn’t kill them and/or somebody CCs them. But if they are telling the truth it will be made obvious when nobody CCs them and you save yourself from looking like dumbasses. Obvious exception to this is if two people claim roles that can't exist in the same setup, which I just saw happen. unvote vote Malcolm Have fun dying after my flip buddy.
  6. TGT's Vanilla Mafia[Town wins]

    Remember when you made a help thread and I asked for advice for playing better day 1 and you never responded to me? That's why.
  7. TGT's Vanilla Mafia[Town wins]

    Think about it, if I'm scum then doctor is literally the WORST PR I could claim as I'd have no excuse for being alive tomorrow. I couldn't say scum were trying to play around doctor because I AM THE DOCTOR. Even if you're relatively sure I'm lying, letting someone that claimed die D1 is just a bad move. You can have cop scan me, you can have tracker follow me, you can just wait and see if scum kills me. Or if anyone claims a PR that can't exist in a row with doctor. I'm seriously disappointed in all of you as you can't all be scum.
  8. TGT's Vanilla Mafia[Town wins]

    If you’re all stupid and let me die anyway then kill jazz, this is literally a mirror of the WWE game where he did the exact same shit. Only reason my vote is on Paraliel is he's the runner up lynch and I'm probably going to die. Also letting a claimed PR die day 1 is stupid, if I was lying it would quickly become apparent when scum don't kill me. I also want you all to look closely at Malcolm and paraliel tomorrow as they're willing to let a claimed PR die day 1 which is bullshit, and if either of them are town that deserves a LVP right there. You guys know my day 1 sucks, and if you're stupid enough to let a PR die day 1 after they've claimed then there's nothing I can do to change your minds here.
  9. TGT's Vanilla Mafia[Town wins]

    unvote Jazz vote Paraliel CLAIM: I AM A DOCTOR @BuildTheWalia @Jazz @hazmah @Sophocles @Faint @Paraliel @Malcolm @Wunterslaus @Malcolm's Multi Get the vote off you PR.
  10. TGT's Vanilla Mafia[Town wins]

    I'm cool with that too. unovte Malcolm vote Jazz I have 2 people voting me not 3, please and thank you. As for Paraliel, while his posts are scummy sounding they're just so obviously bad that I don't want to believe a scum partner would let him post that. (Like saying we should lynch people for info as opposed to scummy-ness). I'm not exactly getting a strong town vibe off of him, but it's not necessarily a scum vibe either. More of a blank slate at the moment.
  11. TGT's Vanilla Mafia[Town wins]

    Nice 180 you did there. unvote haz vote Malcolm If I had to guess the reason for your sudden change of heart, it'd be to distance yourself from Jazz as Wunter, Faint, and I all see possible scum linkage there. I also don't like Jazz independent of his interactions with you as this feels like deja vu from WWE mafia where he tunneled me day 1 as scum because he knows my weak D1 makes for an easy mislynch. Link to the game for haz and Brandis (and maybe Walia as I can't remember if he started playing before then or not):
  12. TGT's Vanilla Mafia[Town wins]

    Jazz, Malcolm; what do you two think of each other?
  13. TGT's Vanilla Mafia[Town wins]

    I wanted to vote haz so I voted haz. And town should be reading the thread, and since we were still on page 1 at the time there's really no excuse for not noticing something like that unless you haven't actually read the thread, which is more likely to be a scum behavior. And if he's town and not reading it properly that's honestly worse as reading the thread is part of the bare minimum requirements to solving the game.
  14. TGT's Vanilla Mafia[Town wins]

    FAINT is voting me, not haz. Pretty sure the guy hasn't even posted yet. Malcolm, why do you think Jazz is scum? And why didn't you point out / catch the vote count error above?
  15. TGT's Vanilla Mafia[Town wins]

    vote haz Gotta keep with tradition of voting the new people.