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  1. Ed Edd and Eddy Matrix6 Mafia

    Broken’s posts were awful and I’m totally ok with killing him too. rei’s about where he was before, confuse ray never came back, and everyone else is more or less the same. So my kill pool for today is broken/wunter/confuse ray/maybe silver. Given that I don’t think wunter and silver can be scum together and I find wunter to be the scummier of the two; that leaves broken/wunter/confuse ray. While I do hate wunter’s stances on just about everything (including the fact he doesn’t explain them), he is at least taking sides, whereas broken is shamlessly floating. I was really hoping confuse ray would come back so I could further my reads on them, but as it stands it wouldn’t surprise me if he tunneled death sentence until one of them died as I think he’s been known to due this before if I remember correctly. So wunter will at least continue to provide more information, whereas broken probably won’t and it’s hard to tell if slick will until he comes back. Between the two of them I’d rather risk being wrong on broken so Vote broken I’m going to bed soon and probably won’t be up for end of day, so don’t do anything stupid in my absence.
  2. Ed Edd and Eddy Matrix6 Mafia

    Thanks for the game suggestions Walia. I already own or have the ability to borrow about half of them, but I’ll look into the other ones. I was hoping everyone would have posted by now considering we’re over halfway in, but Broken still hasn’t shown up yet. Unfortunately I have to go to work and my next post is probably not going to be until I get home, so I’ll work on evaluating everyone with what I’ve got so far. Death Sentence: Has posted nothing game relevant but I remember their last scum game I played with them they went into super hard tunnel mode on me, so considering they aren’t tunneling and are just kind of floating I guess that’s probably town indicative. Town. Wunterslaus: Seems to be just randomly calling people scum / throwing out votes to see what sticks. (2 scum calls/votes with no explanation.) Said they were going to check everyone 2 hours ago but haven’t come back yet, and considering we only have 1.5 pages worth of posts so far it shouldn’t take that long. Light scum. Silver: Liked that he seemed to dislike wunter, didn’t like the “lol check the other floaters” bit, not sure how I feel about him wanting to hold off thoughts on others until people post more as the only one that has yet to pop in is broken, and discussion has kind of stagnated. The fact that wunter voted him is helping his cause. I don’t think the two of them could be scum together, but if I’m wrong on wunter then I’ll probably come back here. Null for now, prone to swing heavily based on wunter’s alignment. Sophocles: Started out shameless hitting quota which as you should all know by now is something I very much dislike, but he did end up coming back afterwards so it’s not as bad as it could be. Despite the offer to spam the thread (an excuse for scum to bury info) I think the vote on me comes from a more town standpoint in an effort to get some discussion going. Light town. confuse ray: OMGUS voted death sentence, and that’s been their only contribution to the thread so far. Could easily be their defensive town play, could also be banking on that as scum for an excuse to vote town. Seeing as I’ve got death sentence as town I find the vote then dip to be slightly scummy. Light scum. Broken Brilliance: No posts to go off of, so null. rei: Literally only has 1 post to go off of so far and it’s not game relevant at all, so null. BuildTheWalia: Nothing game relevant so far but they haven’t been shamelessly quota spamming and nothing in their posts reeks of ulterior motives, so light town for now. Hopefully by the time I’m off work broken will have popped in rei will have posted a bit more so I can decide where I want my vote for the day to go. As it stands I wouldn’t mind lynching between wunter or confuse ray at present.
  3. Ed Edd and Eddy Matrix6 Mafia

    I've been gone half a day, and half the people still haven't posted. NICE. I found another error in the OP though. You tagged Broken twice, and didn't tag Walia at all. You really checked that OP carefully before posting, didn't ya? Not only am I working Black Friday, but I am also working for basically all of Thanksgiving, and we were all told anyone that doesn't show up is going to be fired. The good news is that with the holidays coming up we've been told we can have all the overtime we want, so there's plenty of extra cash to be made if I'm willing to slave my life away. Any recommendations for some good games to buy with this extra cash?
  4. Ed Edd and Eddy Matrix6 Mafia

    If you're going 24/24 then sub me out, I'll never be able to make quota with that unless I spam a bunch of shitposts. 48/24 is what I vastly prefer, especially SINCE IT'S WHAT I SIGNED UP FOR IN THE FIRST PLACE. 36/12 is iffy and depends a lot on when EOD is, but if it stays where it is now I don't think that's going to work either.
  5. Matrix6 Mafia Signups(Working flavor idea ed edd n eddy)

    Finally, phase lengths I can actually work with. IN.
  6. Thingyman wanted me to let the forum know this message

    If there ends up being an odd man out that needs a partner I could try this, but otherwise I'm not going to actively seek one out as games reach scary long page numbers there and it's a lot to keep up with.
  7. Better mafia guide

    I do think your guide has many useful points and it certainly flows smother than mine, but can I ask what is was specifically about my thread that you didn't like? I'm guessing you disagree with the "project town" part based on the content of your guide, but were there any other points you had issues with? Its hard to improve it if I don't know what it is you disagree with and why.
  8. Solstice's Guide to Mafia

    Remember this? Well I got really bored and decided to try and make one that condenses all the information in one place as you guys have three relevant sticked threads as far as this stuff goes. So without further ado, here's my attempt at making a guide. What is mafia? Mafia (and its related variants like Werewolf and Witchhunt) is a social deduction game which pits the uninformed majority against the informed minority. Players are divided into groups of either “town” or “mafia/scum” (with occasional third parties being added) and the game is broken down into alternating phases of “day” and “night”. During the day phase, players may vote to “lynch” or kill off another player who they think has the highest chance of being scum based on their posting. Town does not know who the other town are, but mafia are able to talk with each other outside the thread and can communicate to try and get town to “mislych” or kill one of their own members. After the day phase is over the night phase begins, during which mafia get together and decide on a player to kill by themselves. There are many “power roles” with special abilities on both the town and mafia side that can be used during this phase as well. When mafia have decided on a kill and the night ends, the next day phase begins. This cycle repeats until all threats to town are eliminated or when mafia equal or outnumber the town, resulting in their win. How do I play? I recommend reading through previously completed games or reading through an ongoing game as it unfolds in order to get an idea for the feel of the game and what’s expected. There’s also a nice flash tutorial that briefly explains the rules, common roles, FAQs, and plays out a demo game for you to watch. http://cataldo.freeshell.org/mafia/mafiascum04.swf Mafia Tutorial Basically there’s really only three things you need to focus on while playing: 1. Projecting Town Basically look like a townie instead of like scum. This can be done by showing a continued effort to try and solve the game using reasonable logic and conclusions. This prevents you from getting lynched and gives your opinions greater weight as if people think you’re town, they’re less likely to try and kill you and more likely to be swayed to your perspective. 2. Identify threats to your faction. As town this means finding and killing the mafia and any anti-town third parties. As scum, this means finding the townies that are most likely to be able to find and convince people to lynch you or your teammates, and getting rid of them ASAP. Mislynching consistently as town or constantly making incorrect night kills as scum is usually what causes a faction to lose. 3. Convince people to follow your agenda. Even if you manage to find all the scum, that doesn’t do your team any good if you can’t convince the rest of them you’re right. You need to be able to explain why person A is a better or worse lynch than person B. This goes for scum as well since you can’t win off night kills alone; you need to get town to mislynch, which means pushing them in the wrong direction without getting caught. You need to be able to make cases for why a random town member is a better lynch than your scumbuddy. Once you understand the basics, you’re probably good to jump in a game yourself and figure it out as you go. During signups you can also ask for a coach, which is a more experienced player that will mentor you throughout the game and help you with any questions you may have. Just be sure you mind the rules when playing. Rules Roles Remember those power roles I mentioned earlier? You’ll get to take a look at some of them now. While by no means all inclusive, this list features the ten most common roles you’re likely to see in a game, as well as a few freebies thrown in the descriptions. If you see people talking about a role that isn’t listed here, Google is your friend. Mafia terminology I WANT TO HOST A GAME I recommend playing through a couple of games yourself first to get an idea of how everything works, but as long as you’ve got a few games under your belt we’d be happy to have you hosting! Games need to be approved by a Mafioso before they can be hosted, so PM one of them with an outline of the game you want to run and include the following information: (taken from: http://duelistgroundz.com/index.php?/topic/170249-new-mafia-rules-and-punishments/) - full claiming or no claiming at all - anonymous or not X claiming Ties will end in X All questions for the host are to be made via PM Day phase will last X hours or until a voting majority of X is reached Night phase will last X hours or until all night actions are received Lylo/Mylo will/won’t be announced Minimum posting quota is X. Failure to meet this will result in X Scum can/can’t communicate in the QT posthumously There will/won’t be an ability table There will/won’t be modkills for activity for days that end early Self-voting is not allowed You can find a Mafioso and submit your game for approval here: http://duelistgroundz.com/index.php?/topic/154383-mafia-new-games-hosting-queue/ FAQs To be added at a later date; I'm not really sure what you guys would like to see here. I'm thinking it should mostly be a "catch all" for anything that wasn't covered in the above sections. ...And that's pretty much what I got. So how'd I do? Too much information or not enough? Is it easy to understand? Is it different enough from other guides? Any questions, comments, or concerns?
  9. DGz Hangover Mafia Signups

    Sorry but I need to take a break. I have a lot of late night shifts coming up at work anyways.
  10. Relax mafia aftergame

    IT'S A FREAKING MIRACLE! REJOICE, FOR YOU WILL NEVER SEE THIS AGAIN. I honestly can't believe we won that. Unlimited self heal spam doc is way OP. Thank you for not giving up on me JC. Mark, the list I posted at the begining of the game came from a town perspective as I didn't know my alignment yet when I wrote it and I promise if I had actually been town I never would have let town just pile on you like that as you were the most obvious town read in the game. You put forth a lot of good effort and made your best attempt to lead town in the right direction, and I really don't want you to stop playing here again. I personally think you're one of the better players on this site, and I'd like to play with you more. JC can attest to the fact that I was a train wreck. The scum chat pretty much looking like this: Me: Stupid Op doc with stupid infinate self heals and stupid people who approved this stupid game and stupid- JC: shh Solstice, you're fine. ME: WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE THIS GAME IS RIGGED! JC: "..." I actually wanted to quit but JC convinved me to play it out. Sorry again I bussed you off the face of the earth, he was supposed to bus me, but that kind of backfired. Thanks for the vote of confidence, but I really don't think I did. All the good town got killed of early / before they could get on to respond, and I was basically coasting on town punts. If they'd thought about it more it really made no sense for JC to bus you like that day 1, and I definitely should have been the lynch over you.
  11. M6 Relax mafia D1 - Take it easy

    Also: Before Mark died he pushed a markus/walia scumteam. I don't think markus meant believing mark about he himself being scum, I'm pretty sure he meant believing mark about walia being scum. I killed JC. Walia has voted zero scum. Walia also convinced you to hammer last phase despite you saying you wanted to hear from markus. Not a very pro town thing to do.
  12. M6 Relax mafia D1 - Take it easy

    Well I got royally duped. Sorry Markus. It’s got to be walia then. Broken is doc and nobody else is left. JC was the first one to vote walia, so he wasn’t in any real danger at that point, but if walia ever flipped JC could be like “look I was the first one to vote him on day 1 of all things, I can’t be scum with him”. I can see JC coaching walia to be “too dumb to be scum” to try and get him of the hook, and if that failed it makes JC look great when he bussed him day 1. GJ with the day 1 bus you two, if it weren’t for the doc saves you’d have had this game in the bag. GJ with the heals broken; I’ll be honest, if I was in your place I probably wouldn’t have picked to heal me. Vote Walia Let’s end this.
  13. M6 Relax mafia D1 - Take it easy

    Today is auto. Vote markus Hammered day TWICE to cut discussion short for town. Soul read JC as town for no reason up until the lack of hammer proved he couldn’t be and he was forced to bus. Is also the only “?” to have voted mark day one (markus, nelrick, tyranno, broken) and I find it hard to believe that absolutely no mafia were on that train.
  14. M6 Relax mafia D1 - Take it easy

    Faint (1) - Walia Mark (2) - Broken, Tyranno Broken (1) - Mark Walia (2) - JC, Little bug Tyranno (1) - Faint This was the last votecount posted before gemstone breifly popped in and hit quota. If gemstone was scum with walia, he should drop a vote on mark or somebody here before bailing to try and keep his partner from being eliminated. A gemstone + walia team doesn’t make sense. Walia + anyone left doesn’t make sense as it would be letting their partner die day 1. Walia is town. I’m town, so it has to be JC/markus.
  15. M6 Relax mafia D1 - Take it easy

    Walia, you improve with every game. Broken, you aren’t as bad as everyone thinks you are. Markus, you project town probably better than anyone else I know. JC, you are a cool dude, thanks again for helping me last game. Now that we got that out of the way… SCUM IS JC AND MARKUS GUYS, LET’S KILL EM. Vote JC