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  1. ...Not being able to edit posts on this forum is awful. Found a cheaper monitor of the same brand; 2 ms response time but 76 Hz refresh rate. It's normally $145 but is currently on sale for $119. If the sale runs out I'll probably go with an Asus 23 inch monitor (with built in speakers) 2 ms response time and 75 Hz refresh rate for $135, it's just a matter of choosing between LED or LCD (I don't understand the difference).
  2. Thanks very much for the informative reply. I've spent some time shopping around based on the info given here in and in other places, and I think I've decided on what I want to get. I'd just like some final input. The desktop I've decided to look at is the - OMEN by HP Desktop - Intel Core i5 - 8GB Memory - NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 - 1TB Hard Drive - Brushed Aluminum This is $800 new, or I can get an open box one for $744. The reviews have it as being powerful enough to run most games at max silently (no fan noise) with good FPS while still being easy to upgrade should I decide I need something more powerful later. Some guy in the reviews said he bought an extra 8GB of ram for it for like $50. It also comes with a mouse and keyboard. The monitor I'm looking at is the BenQ - ZOWIE RL-series 24" LCD HD Monitor. 1 ms response time, 60 hz refresh rate and comes with internal speakers and can be wall mounted if I don't have enough space on my desk to fit it with the tower. It cost $200 normally, but is currently on sale for $169. All in all I could get them both for under $1,000 and have it ready to go. (tower, monitor, keyboard, mouse, speakers...not missing anything right?) Do these look worth the money I'd be paying for them whilst being good enough to do what I want, or is there some glaring flaw I'm overlooking? And out of curiosity, if I attempted to sell my old laptop on ebay or craigs list or something, what's a fair asking price for it?
  3. You sure we can't just lynch francis for being an ass?
  4. Soph, since you've basically got 1 foot in the grave already, can you list your reads on everyone on the off chance you surprise us and flip town?
  5. I want you to eat me becauase A. It will protect me from a nightkill. B. You can confirm me if you really are playing townsided. C. I just want a break form this game already. And on your end, you get me to shut up for a whole day cause I'm blocked from the thread. There is no universe in which any cop worth there salt waste a scan on you as you have already admitted to being not town.
  6. FTR I was the first one vote malcom today and the only one to vote cunning day 1. But I'll make you another one since you like them so much. unvote vote malcom Soph is getting close to hammer range, and if malcom can't even be bothered to keep up with the thread than he doesn't deserve to live. I'm sure broken will take this as evidence of his me + malcom + zp scumteam because I "switched after pressure" but I don't really care. I don't expect to live past tomorrow anyways. Francis, I'll volunteer to be eaten if you want. Eating ZP is fine by me too.
  7. unvote vote soph Prefer this to broken or malcom.
  8. I agree with the people saying giving Francis a two day pass (today while we wait for slick and tomorrow where it looks to be tyranno autolynch) is VERY dangerous. Francis is not town. Even if he's telling the truth about neutral survivor he's not on our side. He eats all the town powers and is now BP so he can't be killed by scum. Everyone he's advocated to kill so far has been town (2k, jazz, nelrick, mark). When scum can't hurt him (or have to waste a few days trying to) and he has all the town powers so we're left with almost none, which faction do you expect him to side with for the quick win? It isn't going to be town. Assume francis is telling the whole truth. We lynch him. We got rid of a neutral stealing the town powers. We unfortunately lose town slick here, but he's vanilla at this point anyway since francis stole his ability. This isn't great, but it's not terrible either. We only lose more town powers the longer he lives. Assume francis is scum. We lynch him and we killed scum. Even if slick is town losing him here is worth it because francis just continues to eat more people and take their powers otherwise. Assume francis is a cult leader that can only convert innocent town. (I find this to be the most unlikely scenario, but I'm not ruling it out completely.) We lynch him and kill a cult leader and his follower. It would also explain why he was certain slick would say he was neutral, as even if I was eaten by francis, I don't think I could rule out him being scum just from that and losing my power. vote francis I'm willing to switch to soph or possibly malcom if that's what everyone else wants to do, but I'm happy with this as well.
  9. At the risk of changing your minds, I'm pretty sure Crei defended me, not scumread me. Even so scum would love to get rid of me and there are enough people pushing me for them to make it possible here, so I'm going to unvote Malcom for the time being for not throwing me to the wolves. Though I'm not sure I want to lynch broken as he suggested because scum would also be looking to take out town with posting restrictions as they probably have strong powers to make up for it. I think the lynch today should be either francis or soph. Francis, do you learn the alignment of the person you've eaten, or just their role?
  10. Francis, was slick unilimted bulletproof or did it have X number of uses? Do you retain all the abilities of everyone you've eaten, or do you lose the former abilities if you eat somebody else? And why didn't you eat anybody night 1?
  11. @Nelrick, who did you jail last night?
  12. If tyranno dies with an investigative trigger we lynch your ass for setting me up to be the fall guy. It's all you've asked about all day. Mafia can have investigative abilities too.
  13. I DID NOT SCAN TYRANNO Why the hell are you so fixated on this?
  14. I still think jailor + bodyguard + bulletproof + communter is too many ways to doge NKs. And I find unlimted bulletproof to be a BS claim because how is scum ever supposed to kill them then? Remember the game where 2k claimed he could redirect all night actions on himself and francis claimed it was BS because then scum could never kill him? But he easily accepted slick as being unlimited bulletproof? I can see the two of you being scum together and using this BS as an excuse to make it to the end game. I'm not wasting a night action on francis, he's anti town either way.
  15. I can see why jazz originally said he only wanted to protect crei or rei, they are apparently the only ones with brains. Let's assume I scanned somebody, and this person is not tyranno or slick who are absent from the thread today. Let's assume I now know this persons aligment based on said scan. Rather than out said scan right away, don't you think it would be more beneficial to wait until everyone has posted so I can see how everyone interacts with said person so I can further my reads? I didn't out all my info right away in game of thrones mafia either, and the fact you think it's strategic for me to blurt everything out immediately is ridiculous. The reason I'm voting malcom over francis is that while I think they could be both be scum, francis also has a good chance of being the neutral he's claiming to be since all other neutral claims have been disproven or retracted. Baring something like cult leader or arsonist, you take out mafia before neutrals because there are more of them to swing votes. Francis has admitted to banishing slick for a day, so obviously he's neither of the aforementioned neutral roles. I want malcom, francis, and soph dead.