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  1. I hadn't considered Miller essentially acting as a named townie in that scenario, but thinking it over it actually makes a lot of sense that it could do so and be of benefit to town. I still think it could work in an open/semi-open set up where role claiming isn't allowed, but iirc dgz has a problem with trying to soft in no claim games so this might not be the best site for it. I'm aware in closed set ups Millers usually either claim day 1 and likely die for it (sometimes immediately, sometimes town will give you a day or two) and if they choose not to claim D1 they accept that if they get scanned they're dead. I think the general consensus is that it's better for town if they claim, but while it may be a frustrating role I still think it's more interesting than roles like bulletproof or witchhunt's survivalist. Ninja is on the same page as strongman for me; unlimited is bastard as it's a big old finger to tracker/watcher until the ninja is dead. It should never be anything more than a 1 shot, and should only be included in open/semi-open games. I also dislike janitor largely because I dislike no-flip games in general, but it's not completely unbearable if it's only a 1 shot or is attached to the vig to weaken the role a bit. I disagree with roleblocker needing a non-consecutive night limitation, most times they're shooting blind and by the time you find the doctor/cop/whatever PR you usually kill them ASAP or at the very least the next night after. I think someone earlier mentioned inventor being bastard, and while it's undeniably an extremely powerful town role I disagree with the bastard label. Yes it self confirms and you need to balance around that, but it makes games more swingy than bastard. If scum is in a position of being heavily townread and can get items from the inventor, it can really swing things in their favor. If scum aren't getting any of the items then the game is going to be heavily town sided, hence the "swing" aspect. I personally like to limit inventor to only being able to give out each gadget once, and only being able to gift to each person once. I get that the swingy aspect of the role may make it appear stacked if things are going in town's favor, but it's worth noting that MafiaWiki actually considers an inventor to be weaker than a JOAT (which seems to be the go-to replacement preference) due to the fact that inventions can end up going to scum. However I personally think being assigned a JOAT role is more fun than an inventor role as I prefer discovering the information myself, so if more town JOAT roles start popping up I'm not going to complain about it.
  2. First off whether or not Jazz played well I think it's kind of unfair to overly harp on him about not being on for EOD. I know I've played games where I had to miss the last 10+ hours of the phase due to work, and real life takes precedence over a mafia game. Knowing he was on discord but not posting does put a different perspective on this, but I agree activity monitoring like that isn't something that should be being brought up in the thread. (I've read games I was in during my lunch hour at work, but didn't have time to post anything as I had to get back to the job and posting on mobile is a pain.) More generally obvious statements like "player X hasn't posted in 12 hours" is fine, more direct ones like "player X hasn't posted in 12 hours but they were online 6 hours ago" is not. Also shout out to Broken, I feel his play has really improved these last two games. I personally only think Godfather is a bastard role in a closed setup where most people don't think of it, and even if they do it's thrown into paranoia land. In an open or semi-open set up where it's known that Godfather or the possibility of Godfather exists, I think it's a fair role. It helps nerf the cop a bit, and there are ways to modify it to make the role weaker. Only working on either even or odd nights, only working the first time you're scanned, being an X shot ability and having to choose which night you want to appear town if scanned, etc. Same idea with Miller; bastard in a closed setup but fine in an open or semi-open one, and also can be modified the same way. Regardless cop is my absolute favorite role to get and I'd hate to see it removed. I also don't think vig is a bastard role even in a closed setup, as it's plenty easy to nerf. Either make it X shot or have the vig suicide if they hit town. You can also do things like give scum 1 shot doctor/bulletproof or roleblocks/redirects to play around it. (And by redirects I mean like a witch or transporter in town of Salem, not whatever faint had going on in Game of thrones mafia because that was pretty nuts.) As for what I do think are bastard roles the first thing that comes to mind is unlimited strongman as it's just a big F.U. to doc. bulletproof, etc. until the strongman dies; and as scum it's not a very fun role to play either (I prefer more active abilities like rolecop). I would never make strongman anything more than a 1 shot, and even then I don't like the role as I'd prefer to make scum find and roleblock the doc. Francis's role in wonderland mafia was also bastard due to the fact that he could keep the same player(s) for posting for as long as he wanted with no time limit before he had to give them up and let them back in the thread. For that to be balanced he should only be able to hold the player for a day before having to spit them out and never being able to eat that same player again, but even then I don't think I like the role or would use it. It's sort of a more OP version of a blackmailer (can't post except to vote) which most people don't tend to think is very fun. Obviously stupid stuff like doc that can keep targeting the same person consecutive nights and play follow the cop is also bastard. Or J.C.'s D&D mafia where like 90% of town was able to confirm themselves by day 2 as scum stood no chance. I'd also consider not making it apparent that a cops sanity could be in question or that that a doctor may have a negative modifier (ex. a weak doctor) to be bastard. But mostly I consider bastard to be more in the form of balance decisions and not making people aware of possible roles than in the roles themselves. As a side note I think both doctor and jailor are perfectly good roles and not OP in the slightest. I really think it would be fun to do a jailor game with the message mechanic as I don't think I've seen too many of those on this site. I'm also all for doing more games with anonymous accounts even though I agree that you can still usually tell who most players are anyway.
  3. Laid back chill mafia Day 1

    Thanks, I'd really like to take a look it it.
  4. Laid back chill mafia Day 1

    Can I have the link to the scum chat for you and tyranno? I want to know why I got picked for the NK because that's never happened without me being a confirmed PR before.
  5. Laid back chill mafia Day 1

    Time for my tradition of thoughts on everybody: 1: Scumwood: It goes without saying that your day 1 was amazing, and I do think taking out Jazz N2 and JC night 3 was the correct play. I started suspecting you near the end of day 2, (I thought if I was wrong on Soph you were most likely to be Malcolm’s partner) but the NK targets really solidified that for me. Congrats on the victory; it’s frustrating because I feel like if town got one more day we could have had it. 2: The Antagonist: You would be my MVP pick. By the final day you had completely lost pretty much all the suspicion on you, which is huge progress considering you were on the lynch block day 1. Francis on the other hand started out very strong but by the last day had most people scumreading him. I think this was a good game for you as you were in my townreads from the second half of day 2, and outside of broken you didn’t really have anyone pushing on you consistently. 3: BuildTheWalia: You’d be my LVP pick honestly. You missed quota both days you were alive and hardly gave out any reads. Your watcher ability would have been extremely beneficial, and the fact you were killed for basically not playing the game really hurt town. Try to be more active next time, and if you can’t then bow out and ask for a sub or don’t sign up in the first place. 4: TheGoldenTyranno: First off thanks for making so many people aware of this game. Secondly, your day 1 was bad. I’m not sure what happened with Jazz being awol like that and I feel for you trying to navigate the game mostly on your own, but look at how people caught you and learn from it. Also as scum (and especially considering you were already suspect due to going for francis) I think you should have had a vote out at EOD; putting one on antag or broken might have been enough to save you. 5: Jazz: Whether you truly forgot about the game or not that quota snipe was awful (and you still missed quota by one 10 word post regardless) but you looked like you were doing a decent job of convincing people you were town day 2. Losing tyranno day 1 was rough, but if you had been more active I think you could have prevented it. Neither of you had an EOD vote out day 1 if my memory serves correctly, but taking out BB or antag instead would have really helped you. Though if Francis’s team hadn’t killed you off I think you might have had a decent shot at making it to endgame. 6: Faint: Sorry for whatever happened that caused you to sub out of the game, but I think you played very well when you were in aside from missing quota day 2. I am happy you asked to sub out when you realized there’d be a conflict though as opposed to some other players who just missed quota for no reason. 7: JC: Thanks for subbing in; I’m sure trying to catch up on the game was a lot of work. Sorry you missed sign ups and couldn’t join outright. I think you put a lot of effort into the game and I’m happy to know you would have shared my thoughts on Francis had you lived. Also thanks for hosting the next one for everybody. 8: Malcolm: This is the worst game I’ve seen from you. Only 50% of your day 1 reads were accurate (right on tyranno and soph, wrong on me and faint). You missed jazz completely and didn’t go after francis or antag until the last day. The effort you put into this game outside of day 1’s EOD (though wrong, at least you were honestly trying) was not very good. I don’t know what happened this game, but it is kind of refreshing to see you are fallible. 9: Aurirevoir: This is only my second game with you, so I don’t have a lot to go off of. You were definitely a question mark for most of the game, but I’m not sure if that’s just because I’m not as familiar with reading you. Like broken I think you also ended up quota sniping with under an hour left in the day a couple times, but at least you made quota which is more than I can say for some other players. 10: Sophocles: Congrats on being pretty much the only one to see Malcolm as town from day 3 onwards. Otherwise I think most of your reads were way off, and as such this was not a great game for you. Though at least you never had quota issues, so thanks for that. Better luck next time. 11. Broken Brilliance: First off congratulations for being one of the few people giving reads in a game where most people were avoiding it and missing quota. Secondly congratulations for being pretty much the only one consistently going after antag. Waiting until about an hour before EOD to hit quota the first two days was a bit painful, but otherwise I’d say this was a very good game for you.
  6. Laid back chill mafia Day 1

    Did anyone else have a power role besides Walia and Tyranno?
  7. Laid back chill mafia Day 1

    Oh yeah if somebody could let me back into maifa specs and link the scum chats for me that'd be great.
  8. Laid back chill mafia Day 1

    I just want to know what happened night 1. Did you both target me or did one team forget to submit? And regardless of who targeted me, why the hell was I the target anyway?
  9. Laid back chill mafia Day 1

    My problem with you Francis is you've basically had zero town reads this game. It's always "I still question this person BUT there are more pressing targets". Even with people who should be clear townreads due to mechanics (me, broken) you still have to spin a paranoia world where we can possibly be scum. Making sure to keep a lynch avenue open for EVERY. SINGLE. PERSON. reeks of scum. When people disagree with you, you bully them or threaten to lynch them instead (as much as you say you wanted a Spoh lynch day 2 you were willing to drop it in favor of the people pushing Malcolm, who were, Surprise!, all town). What faint/ J.C. said about Malcolm's claim is absolutely true, it reeks of bullshit even WITHOUT knowing my role. I should never be a N1 heal target (outside of a claimed PR) because 1. There are far better players to be protecting. You steered the tyranno lynch, if I was doc I would have protected you N1. Even Malcolm would have made more sense than me. 2. Nobody in the history of DGZ mafia has targeted me for a NK unless I was a claimed PR up until this game. Therefore the logical assumption should be that a heal on me N1 would be completely wasted, even if I was the healer's strongest townread. 3. The fact that anyone would believe Malcolm would do a 180 from "Solstice is my strongest scumread and I want them dead" to "Solstice is 100% town and I'm going to heal them" over a tyranno flip when I preferred killing Malcolm & antag and Malcolm scumread tyranno anyway is completely nuts. Walia and Faint picked up on this without knowing my role, and you are a much smarter player than them. The fact you wouldn't let anyone question this even AFTER faint pointed out the soft (when scum would already be aware of the healer claim) screams scum to me. Now that we are aware of 2 scum teams and that tyranno was not on the remaining one, your leading the tyranno lynch holds a lot less credit. It's true scum normally wouldn't want to take out another faction early on, but like I mentioned earlier this is much less likely to apply if one faction is extremely townread and full of strong players. If you are town, scum should want to take you out for being a strong player and leading town. It's well known that it's unlikely for Malcolm to be able to solo as scum due to alive = scum with him, so if Malcolm's partner is someone the other faction would likely be interested in taking out it makes sense the remaining scum team would want them dead before that could happen. Killing tyranno off early on builds you towncred, and picking off jazz makes sure the other faction can't take you out via NK. Being that broken and I are basically confirmed via mechanics, you have an excuse for staying alive at night. I agree with Broken that Malcolm is the first priority here, but town should be after you tomorrow.
  10. Laid back chill mafia Day 1

    I'm assuming J.C. got killed because I mentioned I read Faint as a healer due to the Malcolm interaction, and I guess scum were PR hunting and didn't think that line of thought was completely unreasonable. (I think Auri mentioned also reading him as a cop somehow?) Scum probably left me alive with the assumption that I'm a non PR weaker player that might steer more mislynches for them (ala Walia). I still think Broken is town based on his role claim yesterday, and I still think Malcolm is scum because his play has been awful (wrong on both me and faint). Malcolm should be the lynch today, but in terms of a partner I'm actually leaning towards Francis. To elaborate a bit: The players targeted for a NK have been me, Jazz, and J.C. Of those I think most would only consider J.C. a strong player, as everybody knows I suck and from what I remember scum usually likes to keep Jazz alive until near endgame. This begs the question of why stronger players like Malcolm and Francis haven't been taken out. Malcolm is heavily scum read at this point and trying to play around doc N1 is a thing, so on the extremely off chance he's town I do see scum's reasoning for avoiding him. I don't see that reasoning with Francis. Avoiding doc N1 still applies, but him steering the tyranno lynch should give him huge towncred making him a high priority target, especially with how he's been steering town these last couple of days. Yet he's still here. Francis also shot down every attempt Walia, myself, or Faint made to dig into Macolm day 2. He chose Soph over Malcolm yesterday, and berated BB for unvoting Soph in favor of Malcolm based on a flavor claim. Despite all this, I believe Malcolm has given 0 reads on Francis. I also believe Francis was PR hunting in thread yesterday. He specifically asked me if a had a PR claim that made me so certain of Broken's alignment. He tries to shade broken despite what I think should be a clear town indicator. He tried to shade me when I survived the nightkill and wasn't targeted again today. He also was adamant about wondering why people townread J.C. (presumably trying to find something to put him on the lynch block or dig up another PR) and when his suspicion of J.C. failed to gain much traction he offed him (Francis mentioned earlier in the thread that scum should NK players that will be hard to lynch).
  11. Laid back chill mafia Day 1

    Votecount: Soph (2): Francis, Auri Malcolm (2): Broken, J.C. everyone has hit quota except Malcolm, so that's nice.
  12. Laid back chill mafia Day 1

    Basically the above.
  13. Laid back chill mafia Day 1

    If Soph is scum and Malcolm isn't (I'd be shocked) I think Auri would be the most likely partner. "Sophocles selfvote is meaningless but weird. dunno why you'd attract attention to yourself like that as any role." Soft defense maybe? He was also pretty quick to jump on my Walia train yesterday (dropping his vote on Soph to do so) though to be fair he did tell Francis he would switch back if they could swing it fast enough. But there were less than 5 minutes for that to happen, so IDK how much stock you want to put into that. He didn't want a tyranno lynch day 1 either for what it's worth, and hasn't provided many reads.
  14. Laid back chill mafia Day 1

    Basically this. Unless scum were FORCED to submit NKs (I had a scum game once where I didn't want to make a kill but was told by the host I had to) I can't imagine why they'd bother. They'd either unnecessarily confirm people people as town or risk taking out the other faction which is not something you want to do early on as those double NKs are necessary for them. I think it's far more likely that they didn't know.
  15. Laid back chill mafia Day 1

    If scum knew about everyone having immunity the first 2 nights, do you really think they would have tried to kill me TWICE?