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  1. Death Note Aftergame

    It was more of a site wide comment than being limited to this specific game. When I was scum in J.C.'s D&D mafia we weren't given safeclaims either as the game was originally designed with no-claim in mind, so when that got changed and safeclaims were needed I felt the ones we ended up getting were kind of lackluster. The "safe" claims were stuff like medium, "force a lynch between yourself or another player", Judas, etc. that would either be bastard (Judas) or easily disproven. For example "answer this question that only dead player would know" as medium which we couldn't actually ask or "force the lynch between you and X player to prove your role" which is obviously something we couldn't actually do. The point was more that: 1. Full claiming with no safeclaims in a flavor game screws scum over 2. Safe claims are hard to craft appropriately and it's hard to balance around claiming correctly 3. Given the above, I personally believe it's better to ban flavor claiming outright Maybe it'd be different if people would intentionally switch things up more like make the protagonist a safeclaim or make villains town members to actively punish people for trying to flavor solve, but as it stands I think allowing flavor solving in the mix just tips things to being too townsided. Granted I think we would have lost this game even if there was no flavor as I played poorly and Jazz and Sage worked amazingly well together, but I noticed there was a convo about safeclaims in the spec chat so I wanted to give my thoughts on it.
  2. Death Note Aftergame

    Something else I wanted to bring up after reading the discord... Scum were not given any safe claims. It was the very first thing I asked for in the chat, but we didn't get any kind of response until over a day later. (MBA must have asked rei through some other method because he later said rei told us we could use Near and Mello.) If town had decided to go for a mass flavor solve day 1 we probably would have been outed immediately. I agree with Francis's discord comment that there should be a rule that flavor games either must provided safe claims for scum or exclude flavor claiming altogether, though I have a strong preference for the latter as I'm about to explain. Even if we had gotten fake claims to start with, Diana got a free pass to never getting lynched once she claimed L (watcher honestly matters less as it's easier to fake in a closed setup) and nobody CCed. It's like someone claiming Naruto in a Naruto themed mafia game; even if they claimed VT they're still not getting lynched because nobody makes the protagonist a safeclaim. Certain flavor claims by themselves are just too strong and essentially act as an inno child, and scum are never given anything to balance around this. Flavor claiming should just be banned outright. Even what people are given as "safe claims" usually come with their own set of problems, which is a major reason I chose not to go with the Mello claim. For one thing it was stated in the signups the game would have spoilers up until episode 26, but checking the wiki episode 26 is where Near and Mello make their first appearance which already makes their believability questionable at best. And from what I could gather reading the wiki their characters are so closely tied that it wouldn't make sense to have one in the game without the other, so if one of us claimed and flipped the safe claim the other used is immediately called into scrutiny. Also Mello just seemed like an evil character to the point where I'd question he'd be town even as a standalone claim, but of course I haven't watched the show so it's possible I'm misinterpreting things. TLDR; Having flavor in games is cool and makes things interesting, but being able to claim flavor shouldn't be allowed because it tips the balance to favor town and hurts scum.
  3. Death Note Mafia day 1

    Can you give me mafia specs spince the game is over?
  4. Death Note Aftergame

    Guys, I figured out why DGZ scum have been sucking so much lately. It's because I've always been on the scum team. To remedy this, I propose rigging the game so I can never be scum again. #SolsticeforTown2020 Make DGZ Scum Great Again . . . Also somebody give me mafia specs so I can cry myself a river when I see how much everyone trash talked my play.
  5. Death Note Mafia day 1

    If votes are out in lylo and no one has hammered it means one of two things: 1. Scum is being voted (I would be scum in this case) 2. Scum are already voting, and so can't hammer (team is you and Jazz like I said already) MBA didn't hammer me, so he can't be scum with you or Jazz. I've seen enough. vote Jazz @my bloody arcanine @Di4na End this.
  6. Death Note Mafia day 1

    This should tell you Sage is scum, the game doesn't end on today's lynch unless we lynch town. The fact Sage added lynching MBA afterwards looks more like covering for a scumslip than anything. Anyway it's late and I'm going to go to bed. See you all in the morning assuming the game isn't over before then.
  7. Death Note Mafia day 1

    I am Watari. Also Vanilla town.
  8. Death Note Mafia day 1

    @Di4na I'm pretty sure it's just Jazz + Sage honestly, do you have a preference for either one? Also on the off chance either of you are town get off me, though I can't believe town would be willing to hammer without hearing every player's perspectives.
  9. Death Note Mafia day 1

    D1 had the lynch in a 3 way tie between Diana, Malcolm, and Sage. You think all 3 are town, so clearly you see it is possible for multiple towns to be put on the lynch block. So why would that be impossible for it to happen yesterday, and scum got extremely unlucky with no lynch? Granted I'm not sure it's the most likely scenario, but it is a possible one.
  10. Death Note Mafia day 1

    So scum is Sage + Jazz then? Fantastic.
  11. Death Note Mafia day 1

    I'm pretty sure hammering before everyone has had a chance to post (MBA) is objectively bad. It's also bad because it will lose you the game. Unless you're scum, then wanting to hammer ASAP would make sense I guess.
  12. Death Note Mafia day 1

    True, scratch that one then; I don't know how I missed that. That changes things to MBA has 2 possible partners Jazz has 2 Sage has 2 Diana has 1 (but more like 0 since it obviously ain't me) So I guess it's actually about even between Jazz/Sage/MBA then. :/ It was literally there all day until just before EOD where if I didn't move my vote I'd get lynched and town would lose. I wanted to lynch MBA over you yesterday, and tried more than once to get everyone else on board. I don't know what else you want.
  13. Death Note Mafia day 1

    I decided to just go back and analyze every possible pair objectively, including pairs that include myself for your guy's convenience. First I'll list what I think is objectively possible: Jazz + MBA: It would explain a lot about Jazz’s weird refusal to lynch him yesterday. Jazz + Sage: It would explain Sage’s weird 180 that happened on Jazz between D1 and yesterday. MBA + Diana : In theory possible as before MBA's last post Jazz and I both had only two votes, and Walia and I didn’t place a vote down until after MBA had stopped posting. MBA + Sage: I think this is also possible in theory as MBA left the thread before either Walia or I voted, and Sage left before I voted. Diana + Myself: Objectively makes sense as Diana wouldn’t want to bus. (Again this is being objective for your benefit, I obviously know this isn't the actual team). Granted I think teams with Diana are unlikely as town getting 1 PR would be pretty shitty, but they are there for your reference. And then all the pairs I think are objectively not possible: Jazz + myself: You’d have to believe we went for the ultimate bus yesterday, which would be stupid. Jazz + Diana: Diana could have hammered me, I don’t think this works. MBA + myself : You’d have to believe I spent all of yesterday trying to bus him, which again would be stupid. Sage + Myself: You’d have to believe Sage wanted to bus me instead of just going for Jazz, so no. Sage+ Diana: Again Diana could have hammered me, so this doesn’t work. If I missed a pair tell me, but I think that covers everyone. Given my list of possible pairs up top MBA has 3 possible partners (though one is Diana so IDK how much weight you want to put on that one) Jazz has 2 Sage has 2 Diana has 2 (but more like 1 since it obviously ain't me, and I don't really think Diana is scum anyway). Going by numbers (even if a possible pair is Diana) I still like killing MBA. I don't want to throw out a vote right away though both because he hasn't even popped in the thread yet and if I'm wrong everyone else is here to hammer it.
  14. Death Note Mafia day 1

    What did you want me to post? Confetti? I got what I wanted, but I needed other people to show up and vote MBA as well. And like I said I can't be online all the time as I have other responsibilities that require my time, don't you have a job or school or anything?
  15. Death Note Mafia day 1

    MBA never showed up in the thread after Walia put his vote on me, so it's possible he simply wasn't around to hammer it.