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  1. Anonymous Back to Basics Mafia

    To be fair I did warn you guys beforehand, and responded to your PM the same day saying I wouldn't be able to play, so I hope you're not too mad at me. Either way I'm probably not going to be able to play any mafia until at least July due to a combination of IRL crap hitting me all at once, so I wouldn't count on my participation for any future games when factoring how big you want to make them. Though I don't understand why people keep trying to host 12-13 player games when for the most part it's been a struggle to fill 9 player ones. I get that people might get bored of M6 / B6 all the time, but there are other set ups out there for 10 players or under, and even if you don't like any of them you can always make up your own custom game.
  2. New Years Mafia Aftergame

    The "Joy to the World" thing popped in my head when I signed up before I even knew my alignment due to a combination of too much Christmas music, me figuring I'd finally get to be town this time since I got scum three times prior, and trying to figure out how I wanted to enter the thread when it went up since my first post is usually what gets attacked the most. Even though I ended up rolling scum I thought I'd post it anyway since it was still somewhat close to Christmas and it should help me look townish since it didn't come from a scum perspective. Tyranno was technically correct that the idea came from town Solstice, but everyone else was also very correct on saying it's easy to fake and so should be taken with a grain of salt. Time for my usual thoughts on everybody I guess. Walia: If walia had been VT I think I'd have had him as MVP for sure considering how good his analysis on nick's stuff was, but unfortunately his play as a power role wasn't the best. He should have claimed to save faint as there was always the chance of doc being there to save him, and even if there wasn't a doc him dying N 2 would prevent scum from fake claiming doc later like I did. I also should have 100% been the scan N 2 seeing as how everybody wanted to lynch me. Wunter: You didn't start out great but I think you hit your stride at the very end. You were 100% correct that the comment I made about faint, walia, and your day 1 read history was a way to set up future mislynches for the three of you. Unfortunately it didn't pan out, but I have nobody to blame but myself for that considering how bad I messed up with the jailkeeper thing. Mascis: Despite being right on your reads very early on I don't think you played that well. You didn't explain your reads and trustlists much if at all, and didn't do much to work with the rest of town. Though to be honest I was terrified of you being a PR as I thought you'd target and out me for sure, but decided I had to risk it as killing you when you'd done nothing but tunnel me would have made me look way too suspicious. Soph: very good, much wow, I had to kill you early on again as usual. Sorry. I don't know how you manage to project town that easy but I'm super envious and would love any pointers you have. Nick: Sorry again for letting my temper get the better of me and not taking a cool down period first. I suppose I should have made more of an effort to save you even if it'd have looked forced considering it was your first game back after so long and dying right off the bat couldn't have been very fun. I need to learn to focus more on the long term effects of things rather than the here and now. Faint: Unfortunately this was one of the worst games I've seen out of you, and that made you a very easy lynch target despite how bad nick slipped up on me. One or two people pushing you could just be scum or misguided town, but when you have a horde on your tail it's usually a sign your play has been sloppy and you need to kick it up a notch. I have problems with this too and it's something I need to work on improving, but you're a far better player than I am so I'm sure you won't be stuck in a rut for too long. Jazz: Way to bait me into killing you Jazz. PR mechanics aside you were pretty much leading the town anyway, so leaving you alive would still have been risky unless I thought you'd keep your townread on me or I could turn everyone else against you. Obviously I read the gamestate very poorly as I think you said in discord you'd begun suspecting tyranno and I thought someone in thread mentioned it was weird you got killed when you were starting to be suspected, but live and learn I guess. I wish I knew how you always got the thread to follow you, it'd be nice for pushing all these scum agendas I seem to be stuck with lately. >.> Tyranno: I don't really have a lot to say on your play other than sadness that you caught my huge slip up. Though reading the OP more carefully probably would be a good start since I was apparently the only one that knew doc could self heal, so if there had actually been a doc and you guys voted them because "docs don't self heal" then you would have shot yourselves in the foot. Otherwise you weren't ever really suspected for scum much so good job on that I guess. ZP: Thank you for hosting, thank you for putting up with the drama in the QT, and thanks for taking the time go go through and analyze everybody's play and offer tips for improvement. I know it takes quite a while when I do it, and I think yours are far more in depth than mine. Also huge thanks for the host notes so we can see what you thought of everything as it was unfolding, I really wish more people would do these as I love reading them (even though it's usually saying how I messed up ). After walia caught the slip up about me in the nick post I think I would have always had at least a small target on my back even if I had managed to radiate "shining beacon of town" throughout the game, but obviously I fell way short of that and then made a major slip up of my own to boot. I just want to be town again where I don't have to worry about dying, getting outed by PRs, or stressing over the wording of every post. Unfortunately work is getting busy again so it likely won't be for awhile, but I hope I can put up a better challenge for you guys next time. Anyways I had fun for the most part, and I hope you all enjoyed ending my triple scum win streak.
  3. New Years Mafia

    Read the OP guys.
  4. New Years Mafia

    The point was I shouldn't have even been in this situation today. Yeah me listing jailkeeper was dumb, but so was walia not clearing faint for us yesterday or scanning me last night in the first place. I don't know what else you want for me. I guess I'm going to die anyway, but can you at least kill wunter tomorrow?
  5. New Years Mafia

    "...(insert string of expletives here)..." You're right, that's not gonna work. Walia's gonna be a cooked goose unless we hit scum. Why couldn't nick have just been the stupid roleblocker. I guess I don't know what else to say. If it's not wunter I obviously don't make it out alive in a final three of me, mascis, and tyranno especially considering mascis has been gunning for me the whole game. I can't even prove my claim by stopping any NKs since I'm just gonna get roleblocked. I really didn't think this was going to be an issue as I was sure I would have been scanned/tracked/jailed last night considering I was the runner up lynch yesterday, so I was hoping I'd have been cleared without having to out myself. This stinks.
  6. New Years Mafia

    I’m the doctor. I healed myself N1 because I figured I’d be a high priority target seeing as I was townread by everybody but mascis at the time. N2 I healed tyranno as I didn’t trust wunter/walia, and figured mascis and jazz weren’t likely to bite it for tunnel vision and getting called out by dead faint respectively. Obviously I was wrong. If it’s not walia then it has to be wunter. He clearly defended nick, as shown here: He kept saying nick was scum but always, always, ALWAYS insisted we take out faint and walia before them. Soft defense and distancing all rolled into one. I think I misinterpreted nick’s post and the discrepancies with walia and wunter was supposed to be to create distance as well as possibly function as an excuse to bus later if needed. Vote wunter Also saying I’m scum because I didn’t vote nick is retarded, I held off because he could hammer himself, which I should have wanted if I was scum. I didn’t defend him, didn’t vote anyone to try and save him, and was THE FIRST one to actually dissect nick’s bullshit post and call him out for it. Why the hell would I do that as scum if I wasn’t going to bus? Anyway, this is what I suggest we do. Kill wunter today. On the off chance I'm wrong I will protect walia, who can scan me and prove to the rest of you I’m town. If Walia dies for any reason you lynch the crap out of me. I will probably be NKed, and if somehow wunter isn’t scum you have mascis, tyranno, and confirmed town walia in final three.
  7. New Years Mafia

    Scum is crazy not to bus. Scum bussed. Sol did not vote nick. Therefore Sol is scum...? Yeah ok. vote faint I don't get this out of you either, neither if us defended nick at any point I can recall. Jazz ended up switching to avoid ties, and I clearly stated nick was my preferred lynch but held of due to the possibility of a hammer. If you're looking for people soft defending nick, that's you, faint, and mascis. If you don't like me and jazz for other reasons fine, but saying we tried to give nick a pass is blatantly incorrect.
  8. New Years Mafia

    Ok I went back through the thread again and this is what stood out to me. Wunter actually has quite a few defenses of nick day 1 whilst still listing him as scum, so if they are partners it could be used either to defend him or bus him later depending on the situation. Being that Wunter said he was willing to vote faint or walia yesterday, I’d hedge that if scum he tried it as a non-linking defense, but it wasn’t enough. The flip side of this is that town wunter has repeatedly managed to hit scum teams early on and just lacks the persuasion skills to convince anyone else, so if he’s town the chance of walia or faint being the last scum is extremely high. (Look at forest fire where he got the scum team day 1.) I already made a case on walia; apparently nobody likes it. I’ll admit Walia was completely null for me up until nicks’s posts dropped and made it appear he was protecting him, and Walia has had a few good posts (mostly involving questioning others or his analysis of nick’s posts) so if nick hadn’t hedged a walia defense he would probably be a town read for me right now. Maybe I have it backwards and their opposite placements were supposed to be to distance from wunter or bus later if needed, but I still find it hard to just clear walia as town. The fact he unvoted me to get me out of the hammer zone earns him some points though. As for faint…him saying jazz is scum because, and I quote then later agreeing with his scum read in jazz to kill me when I did neither of the things faint just said nick’s scum partner would do…is pretty contradictory. Add that to faint’s bad day one of suspecting mascis + tyranno and defending nick, and he doesn’t look great. I still don’t understand why he wouldn’t just bus nick, but then again walia was a pretty close runner up, so maybe he thought that had a chance. While I don’t like how Jazz is so dismissive of my walia case the fact that he didn’t hammer me and warned others to unvote because I was in hammer range earns him some major points. I doubt it’s tyranno and if mascis is scum planning to slide to a victory with such a shitty strategy then we all deserve to lose anyway for letting it happen. My walia train is going nowhere, so if you’d all rather vote faint I’ll work with you since reading back he’s not exactly standing out as a shining beacon of town. If anybody is interested in discussing wunter I’m interested in what you think his alignment is and why.
  9. New Years Mafia

    At work so this is going to be brief and I can't reply until I get home, but if you think I'm scum it requires you to believe that: 1. I've rolled scum 4 times in a row. Somebody do the math on the odds of that, it should show that its about as likely as winning the lottery. 2. I paint nick as scum for town credit, but neither follow through by bussing or switch to try to save my partner by making a case for and voting someone else, and instead passively sit by and let him die despite getting called out for it. Remember how hard I tried to save tyranno when I was scum with him and Malcolm? Remember how quick I was to bus broken when he looked scummy as hell? I don't sit by and let partners die as scum, I either try to save them or at least turn it to my advantage by bussing. Literally everyone's case on me with the exception of walia is shit, which is pretty sad considering he was my biggest scum read coming into the day. I need to go back and read over everybody again but that's going to have to wait until I get home. Please don't kill me before then.
  10. New Years Mafia

    Then explain how it is ridiculous outside of "lol that would require nick to actually put forth effort". I made my case, I think it is solid, and you haven't actually refuted any of the points. I don't understand why you are pushing faint over him. I agree faint was awful day 1, but I explained why I don't think it's likely nick and faint are partners. The only other reason I see you have for pushing faint was that he was on a different train, but so were wunter, me, and mascis. I get that you don't town read him like you do mascis and wunter, but I still think its a flimsy reason. Hell you were riding your own faint train yesterday up until the very end, does that make you scum for not voting nick?
  11. New Years Mafia

    This addressed to everyone because I am sick and tired of my lack of post count being used to make a case for me being scum EVERY. FUCKING. GAME. I barely post not because I am scum, but because I have a job that takes up the majority of my time, and this has nothing to do with my alignment. Look at WWE mafia. I was town, I had 5 post on day 1 there as well. Wonderland mafia. I was town, and once again had 5 posts on day 1. Game of thrones mafia town 5 posts day 1, DOES THIS TELL YOU MY POST COUNT MEANS NOTHING YET? I actually went back to count all that shit because lack of posts = scum is just as stupid as wrong = scum. You are falling on my reads list fast Jazz.
  12. New Years Mafia

    I still think it's walia. If nick had voted Walia here he could have tied votes and gave himself a fighting chance, yet he didn't even try to self prez. Probably because nick already looked bad and if somehow walia went down first nick knew he wouldn't be able to solo it, so he just let himself die and hoped walia could make it through the long game as he'd look good for being the first vote on nick. Also the "something to link walia to mascis" thing nick posted was likely to try and force a connection there so if walia went down we'd take mascis out next believing he was his scum partner. Add this onto the "walia is null but wunter is scum for doing the exact same thing" post and i think the case is pretty clear. I'll give everyone else a chance to post before voting in case somebody thinks they had a major breakthrough, but otherwise this is where I currently stand.
  13. New Years Mafia

    The most common times I've seen that type of behavior is either from new players / terrible scum that aren't working with their team, or if they've been intentionally told to "slip up" usually to switch the train off of a more valuable partner and give them towncred. I think faint was in the lead for most likely to be lynched before nick dropped that shitpost, so if faint is a roleblocker it would make sense for goon nick to take the fall instead. My major problem with this theory is that if that is the team then faint should be pushing nick to death here, not continuing to focus on jazz and walia. It could be they planned it like that to next level us, but I kind of doubt it. I'd vote for nick but that would put him 1 away from a hammer, and since it says in the OP that players can self vote he could just hammer himself and end the day early if he's scum. If I'm right on nick I think the second scum is likely walia due to how differently he placed him and wunter for doing the exact same thing. On the off chance nick is town faint is almost certainly scum.
  14. New Years Mafia

    Did you actually read the thread, or just ask your partner in scum chat for cliffnotes? Faint has made his team pretty obvious and you are way off on it. Also was the "something I can use to link them with mascis" thing part of your notes for who you and your buddy wanted to mislynch, because it sure looks like it. Please explain the mascis + walia link, because I don't see it at all. Mascis was pushing me for scum way before tyranno got involved. Also I don't know how the hell you can have Soph as null when I think he's pretty universally townread by everybody at this point; he's been asking pretty good questions. Looking back over his posts though I'll give you that he hasn't provided many opinions of his own, which is something I hope to see change going forward. Also Wunter had Walia have been playing almost the same floating game, yet you think Wunter is scummy because "he's not drawing any real links" when he clearly said his team is faint + walia, whereas Walia has given townreads to me and Jazz. That's about the same amount of linking, and the fact you have them in two completely different spots for it makes me wonder if you aren't scum trying to give your buddy walia a pass.
  15. New Years Mafia

    Just saw Jazz's posts, must have gone up while I was typing. This reads along a similar line to my opinions on the matter so jazz looks a bit better.
  16. New Years Mafia

    I completely disagree with this. Them taking opposite stances on me when I'm an easy enough lynch target anyway means I likely go down as an info lynch. I flip town; mascis ends up under scruntiny for being wrong whilst doing nothing but tunneling me, tyranno ends up under suspicion because "lol perfect info". One of them likely ends up biting it, and the other one looks even worse for "distancing" day one. Tyranno pretending to be scum reading mascis because he's townreading me and trying to bus him early for massive town points is the only way this team makes sense, but when asked by soph he doesn't say he thinks that mascis is scummy, just that he thinks I'm town, so I think that whole idea falls apart. Not likely partners if you ask me. I have no idea what mascis is doing honestly. "Pick a target and tunnel" is not a strategy I feel like he could expect to get away with as scum, but at the same time it isn't a town mindset either as ignoring the other players hurts town in the long run. I almost wonder if it's a bait type thing and he's got a claim to back himself out of it, but then again I could be overthinking things. As much as I think it's obvious my happiness at rolling town is genuine and want to give tyranno points for pointing it out, I can't help but remember the game where 2k, jazz, slick, and death were scum (I think?) everybody wanted to lynch me because I was awkward day one, and it was scum 2k that defended them all off of me and pocketed me. Kind of wary of a repeat of that. Walia, wunter, and jap nick have done pretty much nothing but float so far, walia had one good post asking why tyranno didn't want anyone to vote me, but the rest is pretty useless. Soph looks pretty good for town, asking questions, not overly shit posting. Probably my strongest town read so far. I dislike jazz starting the sandwich thing and giving everyone an excuse to shitpost while derailing the thread. Faint seems pretty off from his usual town game. More to come after work probably.
  17. New Years Mafia

    JOY TO THE WORLD FOR I AM TOWN NO MORE MUST I ROLL SCUM I CAN ACTUALLY TRY NOT JUST FLOAT BY THIS GAME WILL BE SO FUN THIS GAME WILL BE SO FUN THIS GAME, THIS GAME, WILL BE SO FUN I see the thread has already devolved into shitposting about Jazz's lunch, and so since faint and jap nick have yet to pop their heads in here anyway, I'll try and get some reads up tomorrow before work since everyone hopefully should have posted by then. In the meantime I'm going to be playing some of the games I got for Christmas since the thread is pretty quiet and there's usually nobody to chat with this late. May 2018 go as well for you all as it's going for me so far.
  18. New Year Backup 6 Mafia

  19. JC's Bring Your Own Role Mafia

    If this waited until after new years to start I'd be all over this, but as it stands I'm swamped at work due to the holiday rush, and I'll be gone visiting family during the holidays and likely won't have access to a computer (farm country, cell service is lost if you drive into the valleys, dial-up is literally the only internet option out there unless you want to build your own tower). So as much as I'd love to, I can't. I'm sure other people will likely be gone visiting family as well and don't think they can commit (look how many modkills our thanksgiving game had, and people tend to stay even longer for Christmas with new year's being right after).
  20. Mafia New Games Hosting Queue

    1. If you meant apprentice to get their role on death that's good, I just didn't see that mentioned in the docs at all. Glad it stayed that way. 2. Peeping Tom can only target NON HOLY (so not priest or acolyte) characters. So he can't spy on the priest if that's what you were worried would be busted. If you meant something else I don't follow and am going to need a better explanation. 3. I'm going to have to agree to disagree with you on the RNG thing, if you're hosting it's ultimately up to you and I don't want to derail the thread. I just would rather lose/win because of play based reasons then RNG. 4. Glad you reverted gambler. As for a replacement for emissary... Oracle / watchman / benevolent old dame / acolyte / nurse / inquisitor / fortune teller. Take your pick. Inquisitor would personally be my preference, but any of them work. I think oracle and watchman are in the core set (generally meant to be used before the bonus characters) if that affects your decision any. There are even a few others I didn't list like loose cannon, assassin, etc.) 5. I'm ok with getting rid of angels and demons (that way priest doesn't have to second guess every scan), but like you said without them the fake NK thing is only believable as a real NK if they want to claim survivor/gambler/emissary or someone who received an extra life from nurse/benevolent old dame (but I think the recipient of both of those are announced publicly if I remember correctly) or fanatic who got an extra life via priest check. You could keep it in as wifom for if they fake killed a town to make you think they were scum I guess.
  21. Mafia New Games Hosting Queue

    You remembered. I still do think something like this would be fun to play, but there are some changes I'd make to what you have in the docs. I don't think it's necessarily town sided like soph said, I think it's more whoever gets emissary sided personally. In the google docs you have apprentices learning the identity of judge/gravedigger, but it doesn't say anything about them taking over the role once that player dies (as they do in normal witch hunt). Was this just accidentally left off, or something you actually wanted to change? I prefer the old way as this majorly nerfs the role and makes it a lot less useful (especially with your judge nerf). Peeping Tom working on dead players and being able to carry out their night action for them is literally the best part of the role, and changing it is a major nerf. As the role works by calling a character name (hunter, bomber) as opposed to player name, they may end up calling the role of a dead player without knowing it if they're killed at night as that won't flip. I can't tell if your change in the docs meant it to go by player name instead of role (Jazz, Solstice) in which case I'm not sure if that makes the role more or less powerful. It'd be worth trying it once to find out I suppose. I know the randomized bomb thing became part of the section rules, but I've personally always hated it. Giving the bomb to yourself to start the game is a very good strategy as you can pass it off to whoever's likely to be the next lynch and then nuke them right away, effectively saving town a day. (Or if you're scum, whoever is the biggest threat, or just pass it around your teammates to maintain control) Or even just start it off on a stronger player who will likely have better reads then you and pass it off to scum to be blown up. I think there should be as little RNG in games as possible; it's one of the reasons I usually have ties end in no lynch as opposed to coinflipping it. You nerfed gambler to only to only work the FIRST time they would be killed, but left in emissary as an unlimited 3 day & night immunity!? Either revert gambler back to normal, nerf emissary, or take emissary out for something less OP. Emissary would personally be one of the last characters I ever pick to put in due to how strong it is. I'd only ever put it in over instant use roles like assasin and spiratulist, and even then only because the hosts aren't always home when the players are, so that info wouldn't likely get to the players until hours later. Those are my major gripes, otherwise I think it's fine and would definitely play it. (I'd probably play it even if you left it like this.)
  22. First off I'm sorry this game wasn't as fun as I wanted it to be, I know the lack of traditional nightkills made getting reads difficult and timezone issues didn't work out the greatest for everybody. That said I've gotten more subs signed up for this game than I have any other I've run, so I think it was a good set up idea in theory if not in practice, and if nothing else it was something different from the usual matrix 6 which is what always seems to be run here when the player base is pretty dead. Thanks to everyone who approved, played, or agreed to sub; I couldn't have done it without you! scum chat: https://discord.gg/Erk67Tw night actions: As far as MVP / honorable mentions, Wunter, Faint, and Jazz are all in the running here. Wunter nailed both JC and Malcolm day one and stuck with them throughout the game, but never really explained to town why he scumread them and as such couldn't lead others to follow him. Faint correctly outed JC day 2 for pocketing Jazz, but backtracked on it when none of town believed him at the time. Jazz identified the team day 3 based on JC's behavior towards lynching Maloclm at the end of day 2, but it took him a little longer to get there than it did wunter and faint. I think I'm going to give Jazz MVP for getting town to coordinate a hammer so scum couldn't intervene at the last second, but faint and wunter still both did very well, and you deserve your honorable mentions. As far as LVP...probably between soph/malcolm/psk. Soph never had a vote out at EOD for the two days he was alive, and I can't really blame town for lynching him as he was a pretty big question mark. Malcolm got outed for not contributing, and didn't really fight that hard to stay alive. PSK was super off on the scum team and I don't think he ever voted either one of them. I'm probably going to go PSK here just because I think I had higher expectations compared to the others, and it was kind of a big let down to see him going so far in the wrong direction. I think Soph is/was involved in a hydra game off site, so I can kind of see how his efforts could have been divided between games. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns; this is the place to voice them. I'm sure you're all glad for this game to be over, so get the ranting/venting off your chest.
  23. Forest Fire Mafia Aftergame - Town wins

    I am unable to end days in the morning because I don't have time before work to update/check votecounts, post flips, notify people that day has ended and they need to get their night actions in, etc. I'm not going to wake up even earlier just for a mafia game, especially since even on my days off I usually sleep the whole morning away anyways. If I have the day off or work a short shift I could possibly start / end day in the afternoon (2 PM CST or later) but the majority of my work shifts eat up all of the afternoon and early-mid evening, leaving me only nights to work with. (So I can't promise start/end could stay at that time, so I go with nights for consistency.) I don't even get home until half past nine most days, and then I still need to go back over the whole thread to update votecounts, answer questions players asked, etc. As much as I wish I could be more flexible my work schedule doesn't allow it. Being trapped away from home for 10+ hours sucks, but I gotta do what I gotta do. To further expand on this, the first game of mafia I hosted here (matrix 6) had days start/end at 9:30 PM CST (about right when I'd get home). As a start time this was fine, but when it came to ending days I was usually late because I didn't factor in that I'd still need time to go back and get an updated votecount. This also didn't leave any time before end of day to answer last minute player questions, and relied on players keeping track of vote counts themselves mostly. Thankfully I had crei to help host this one, so it wasn't as awful as it could have been since they took care of a lot of that for me while I was away, but it made me realize I needed to push it back farther. Family mafia had a start/end time of 10 PM CST. I was able to get an updated votecount and answer player questions before EOD this way, but it only left a few minutes to spare, and getting trapped late at work still really hurt. It's what ultimately lead me to pushing it back a half an hour further for this one. TBH I felt like I could have ended day for this one slightly earlier, but then again I didn't have as many late shifts this time around, so I think it's about the best I can hope for. And I don't want to push it back too much farther than what I had it at this time as I still need to sleep, and some time for myself before I go to bed where I don't have to be focusing on the game would be nice.
  24. Forest Fire Mafia- Day 4

    Welcome to Forest Fire Mafia; a 9 player open set up game consisting of a 2 arsonist mafia team, with the town containing a firefighter and 6 trees that will stump upon being lynched. Arsonists have a single factional night action which they can use each night. They may choose to prime a single target, or to ignite all previously primed targets. Firefighter, Trees, and Tree-stumps are all vulnerable to being primed and ignited. Players are not told when they are primed; Arsonists are not told if the priming was successful. Firefighter blocks the priming of a target ONLY on the night in which they are being primed. They cannot heal the same target consecutive nights. They cannot self target. Trees become Tree-stumps upon being lynched, allowing them to continue posting in the thread. Tree-stumps cannot vote, and do not count as a vote for endgame purposes. For more in depth info, see the following link: https://wiki.mafiascum.net/index.php?title=Forest_Fire Scum have daychat. Quota is 4 posts, stumped players are still required to make quota. Hitting majority will cause the day to end. Ties end in no lynch. No lynch is NOT a valid vote. Self voting is not allowed. Full claiming is allowed. Votes made at XX:29 will count, votes made at XX:30 will NOT count. Phase length is 48/24, but day 1 will be much closer to 24 hours to better fit this into my schedule. All standard mafia rules apply, they can be found here: Players: 1. @TheGoldenTyranno 2. @BuildTheWalia - STUMPED day 1 3. @Sophocles - STUMPED day 2 4. @Wunterslaus 5. @Jazz 6. @Malcolm Lynched day 3 7. @Faint 8. @JC. 9. @PSK DAY 1 STARTS NOW AND ENDS AT 10:30 PM CST ON SUNDAY DECEMBER 3RD.
  25. Forest Fire Mafia- Day 4

    Aftergame thread is up.