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  1. TGT Presents!: Let's Revive DGz Mafia(Town Wins!)

    I noticed there's not a 10 player setup listed in the OP, so if you need to cut it to 9 players to make the game work you can put me as a sub or something instead. I'm not picky.
  2. TGT Presents!: Let's Revive DGz Mafia(Town Wins!)

    I guess I'll play so this can start.
  3. Opt in/Opt Out Thread

    Opt in: Civil Discourse & Unchained
  4. being an adult sucks

    If you really think you can only be successful / happy by having a significant other, you’re going to have a hard time. Wanting a spouse and kids eventually is fine; feeling like you need them ASAP is only going to make you miserable. You can’t base your happiness and success on other people; you need to find something that makes you happy regardless of circumstances outside your control. The suggestion of finding a hobby you enjoy that you could devote yourself to is a good one, and if said hobby involves interacting with others then that’s a bonus as then you can broaden your friends circle to those that may have more time and possibly meet someone you’d consider significant other material there as well (you’d know you have one thing in common at least). Travel is generally better if you have someone to share the experience with, but if you have the funds and don’t mind going at it alone then nothing is stopping you. I don’t think one trip will magically solve all your problems, but I’ve heard several places say that even just planning for a trip is a good mood booster so I certainly don’t think it will hurt. I know lots of people that tend to push travel off with the idea that they’ll do it when they retire (more free time, no need to request of work, and hopefully have more money saved up) but I personally think it’d be much more enjoyable when you’re young and you don’t have to deal with aching joints or tiring quickly. You’re not alone in the feeling of going nowhere, though with a good job and a strong friend circle I’d say you likely have it a little bit better than most. If you’re well off enough that money isn’t a major issue, perhaps consider cutting back on your hours slightly? This is something I did recently as work was consuming my life to the point that it felt hard to do anything else, but even dropping those few hours have made me significantly happier even a few months down the road. I realize this isn’t an option for everyone as bills and debt come first, but if you can afford it it’s something to consider.
  5. persona 5 mafia aftergame

    I was doctor (gardener) who got to give away what essentially amounted to a 1 use bulletproof vest if I was voted best girl. N1 I debated between healing Francis (leading town) PSK (townread enough to be voted best girl) and Malcolm (almost always killed N1 if town). I ended up going with PSK as I wasn’t sure about Malcolm’s alignment and Francis had implied he wasn’t a girl role so I thought that might help him live longer. Apologies to Francis for not saving him; I should have known better than to trust dgz wouldn’t eliminate him N1 on his first time back. I knew PSK would be the kill N2 but as I had healed him the previous night and was unable to win best girl to give him bulletproof there wasn’t much I could do about it other than try to coax potential jailors/watchers to him to make him seem less desirable to scum. I ended up healing slick for being the next most townread. N3 I healed lfn for the same reason but faint prevented all kills so I got to heal lfn again N4 for the save. N5 I went with faint as his best girl power confirmed him town. Unfortunately my play this game was pretty bad as it took me until day 3 to realize that people with strong opinions on someone’s alignment that they weren’t backing up with reasons was actually because they had a scan they couldn’t claim and not because they were scum. (I thought at least one of the scan powers had to be scum rolecop as I didn’t believe town could have that many). Once I realized the deal with slick and lfn was something akin to a cop check or masons and faint’s best girl power confirmed him I basically just played follow the leader on those three. FWIW the reason I kept asking about their reasoning anyway was not because I doubted them, but because I was desperate to hit quota somehow and the thread was stagnant since everyone agreed on the lynch. I also didn’t immediately vote faint best girl again as I thought for sure that power would be one use and have no level up; so I thought it would be wasted there aside from keeping it off scum. I agree that the game was horribly townsided though and I sympathize with scum for it having had the same issue as scum in DND mafia. Town could afford way too many mislynches before mlyo, best girl powers were OP, and scum had no decent powers of their own and no best girl powers to boot. I also sympathize with soph for being tunneled due to votecounts as that was a very pro town thing to do since the host couldn’t keep up with it; and I basically did the same thing of using it to hit quota later without being called out once. I’m also sorry ZP flaked as that made you basically play a man down. I don’t think I’m ready for another game this big as it’s way too much to sift through and I don’t have the time to go over everything in detail. I was basically useless to my faction outside of the lfn save, and the game was pro town enough that it wasn’t even really needed. Apologies for my godawful performance, I think I’ll give you all a break from it for awhile and sit the next one out.
  6. Alright, I trust you. best girl faint.
  7. Any particular reason for haz over mascis?
  8. vote soph Pretty sure lfn is confirmed town at this point, so I'm more than happy to vote soph with them.
  9. Votes: Malcolm (5): antag, mascis, slick, wunter, soph Soph (4): faint, lfn, walia, Sol Not voting: Haz, Silver, Malcolm 12 players so majority is 7. @rei Are ties random lynch, no lynch, or something else? And how do ties for best girl work? Best girl: Faint (5): faint, lfn, slick, walia, wunter I'm off to work, see you guys when U get back.
  10. Town: Faint, Slick, LFN They're all pretty widely town read and my own reads this game have been shit, so I'm just gonna trust everybody else here. Faint and LFN both got best girl and nothing terrible happened as far as I know; though if either lfn or slick flips scum I'm going to heavily suspect the other for the soul reading going on. But it's just easier to treat them as town at this point as otherwise there are too many question marks, and I can see town reasons for doing this. Scum: Soph, Malcolm, Mascis Again I'm trusting the other players to be smarter than me here, though none of the above have really done anything to help their cases. Mascis floated day 2 away, Malcolm's reads have been off, and Soph is being voted by my town reads. Null: everybody else If I had to pick another scum candidate from this list it would be Walia as his play is pretty different from how I remember it; way more one liners and questions to appear involved while not providing much insight of his own. If I had to pick another town read it would be antag but this is mostly based on gut feeling / me potentially being pocketed. Hazmah is the one I'm most conflicted on; I just don't know his meta and I doubt he knows ours, and being this is the first game we've played together I'm not really sure how to resolve this issue as I have nothing to reference. (And his only other game on this site was as a serial killer, which doesn't help me see how he does things from a town or scum mindset.)
  11. Generally no lynch is really bad for town as it gives up a kill and let's scum kill someone that was already widely townread anyway. The only time there's ever a benefit to it is if it's MYLO and nobody trusts anybody, so the NK actually eliminates a question mark instead of the towniest person. If you were relying on this to prevent kills again I don't think that's gonna happen as that's definitely strong enough to be a once per game ability. Otherwise scum never get nightkills and the game becomes completely townsided. I will trust you and faint on soph for now though since I don't see a reason not to. vote soph.
  12. Votecount for today: Votes: Malcolm (3): antag, mascis, slick Soph (3): faint, lfn, walia 12 players so majority is 6. Best girl: Faint (4): faint, lfn, slick, walia Wunter (1): wunter Not unless the post count requirement gets cut in half (3 posts per phase), cause there's no way I'm getting 6 post in 24 hours without devolving into "3, 4, 5, quota". I'm barely hitting quota here as it is. I've noticed Soph has a lot more votes than he did yesterday, did he do something in particular yesterday that made him a front runner with Malcolm?
  13. Jazz, I'm sorry the game got that unfun for you. I think asking rei for a sub or to just kill your slot if he couldn't find one would have been more tactful than that, but it's not cool that you got pushed to this point regardless. I'm sure I'm part of your frustration as you seemed pretty mad at me near the end of day 1 and the start of day 2, but with how upset you got over softs and lack of anti claim mechanics I honestly thought you were scum. Obviously I was dead wrong, and I'm sorry you got stuck with me as I was too stupid to see it. I don't think anyone is having much fun this game honestly, lots of insults flying everywhere. I'm sorry you were the target of a lot of them. Feel free to ream me out in the aftergame if you want as I probably deserve it.
  14. I agree that lfn's play hasn't been great, but I am willing to trust slick on this for the time being as there are plenty of other scummy targets we can take out before worrying about the two of them. Should lfn flip scum though slick should be a lynch target for defending so hard him with little to no explanation, but slick seems confident enough in his read there that I'm kind of doubtful it happens at this point. And Malcolm/Mascis/Soph/Walia have been more widely scumread throughout the game, so I'll trust the stronger players on this.
  15. Sorry, does this look right now? Votes Malcolm (5): slick, antag, faint, mascis, soph Mascis (1): Haz Soph (1): Silver Best girl Lfn (1): slick, Wunter (3): Wunter, Jazz, soph Faint (2): lfn, faint I thought you told me to die yesterday, what changed?
  16. This is why I will never host a no claim game; way too many modkills and it's too subjective. If you want to prevent solving via PR claim either do something with roles that can be either like witchhunt, or do what Jazz did for his one game where scum had traditionally town roles for safe fakeclaims (jailkeeper, cop, etc.). I don't know if anybody wants to make a case for soph or mascis or somebody over Malcolm, but otherwise I think today is going to be like yesterday where the vote looks to be pretty much auto. The only thing up in the air looks to be best girl, so have a votecount: Votes Malcolm (4): slick, faint, jazz, soph Mascis (1): Haz Best girl Lfn (1): slick, Wunter (3): Wunter, Jazz, soph Faint (2): lfn, faint I'm don't really have a strong preference for who gets it myself atm (my reads have been shit this game) so I'm gonna wait and see how the day plays out.
  17. ...I am dumb. Either way though Mascis isn't going to be getting vigged, so I still think they're a great lynch. Does it bother anyone else that slick voted to best girl LFN again despite the fact that lfn was one of the first ones to mount a defense of ZP? (Thought ZP was town because no one was defending him.)
  18. There was only one kill last night which was almost certainly carried out by scum, so I think our vig is either out of shots or actually a serial killer that also went for PSK. Which means we can’t trust them to off Mascis, and if Mascis is scum instead of a neutral his team isn’t going to off him either. I’d personally prefer a Mascis kill today based on this. I think so far most people seem to prefer a Malcolm lynch over a Mascis one; is this still based on the assumption Mascis is neutral or is there something else to this? Given that ZP just flipped godfather I hope you realize just how stupid this was. The fact you indirectly tried to get scans off yourself worries me, if you’re town in your position you should WANT to be scanned and confirmed. “Zp is probably the best lynch”. Doesn’t vote ZP. I was expecting you to come back near EOD and do this after you’d had more time to gather information, but since this never happened I’m having a hard time seeing you as town anymore. Anybody who defended ZP either directly or indirectly is also down town points.
  19. I’m back so time for that trust list like I promised. KILL ZP: the fact that he had little outside defense before now is not unusual, scum buss useless partners all the time. And if ZP flips scum anyone actively defending him looks pretty bad TBH. Mascis: The fact that 3 unknowns all hopped off him to crei in quick succession (jazz, slick, lfn) looks pretty bad and his quota flota today hasn’t helped either. I haven’t brought this up as much because the general consensus seems to be to just vig them, but I don’t know that I buy the neutral claim either. Could just as easily be scum. Walia: Started off bad day 1 but got stronger near EOD. However he’s gone back to being a mostly useless floater; and I’d expect better from him by this point. I’d honestly vig him over mascis as I don’t buy the cult crap, and he’s gone more under the radar than our so called neutral. Wunter: I honestly cannot remember a single post of yours off the top of my head with the exception of your best girl power explanation, and that is very worrying. Lots of short one liners and questions of others without many opinions of his own; he mostly just echoes what’s already been said by somebody else. WATCH Jazz: I already went over this multiple times so go back and read if you don’t get it, but the reason he’s a watch instead of a kill is that he seems to be pretty townread by everyone else so I could be wrong. And the above are scummier; I just spent more time talking about jazz as most people seemed to be in agreement that mascis and zp needed to go. (And I kind of forgot wunter existed.) Soph: Mechanically speaking; he should be in the clear just by looking strictly at votecounts and stuff. However he has several post that strike me as more scummy than towny, particularly the one where he said the trust/kill list of lynches don’t matter. Anything you know came from confirmed town should matter, especially as crei is such a strong player. It obviously won’t always be 100% accurate, but it should at least be taken into consideration. LFN: I still don’t like you as you’re a floaty who somehow isn’t considered a floater, and the fact that you get so many best girl votes for practically no reason worries me that it’s due to scum cooperation. I’d argue ZP voting you is to try and distance when he inevitably flips. TOWNY MCTOWNFACE PSK: We saw the same thing with silver/zp/tyranno linkage, francis said psk was the towniest person in the thread, and he seems willing to reevaluate positions without being wishy washy about it. He should absolutely be a heal/jail/watch target. PROBS TOWN Antag: Not much sticks out as scummy and the fact he made an attempt to swing best girl my way is points in his favor. Was pretty consistent with the tyranno/soph thing. Mostly gut feeling here though. Faint: Again nothing seems off with him; I feel like as scum he was usually way more floaty and noncommittal. (See game of thrones mafia and I think cat mafia if that was the one we were scum together with malcolm.) I’ll be honest though in admitting this is less based on “faint looks like town” and much more of “I don’t think faint looks like scum”. Haz: I feel like the reason zp gave such a nothing read on haz was because their alignments are opposite and he didn’t want haz to pick up on that. A scum read would set off alarm bells, but a town read that comes from perfect info could easily end up doing the same thing. If Zp flips town I need to majorly reevaluate this guy. I DON’T HAVE A FUCKING CLUE JC: Being on the shit list of both crei and francis is not good for you, and I seem to remember you having a pretty strong scum game. But I can’t find anything that screams scum down from the heavens other than lots of post about non game relevant stuff, but I think you do that as town too. He’d be a great cop scan target, just saying. Silver: Another great cop scan target. If Mascis is scum things look better for him, but if not things look a little worse. I know scum are generally more likely to sub than town, but slick did make him pretty mad. Malcolm: You have a few posts that make me go “town” and a lot that make me go “scum”. I’d say you’re a good cop scan target but you usually solve yourself given time and there are plenty of other viable targets. If you flip town that’s a lot of info though. Slick: This phase is a pretty big contrast from last phase for you, but somehow you’re still mostly townread. I seem to remember you saying you didn’t want best girl though, so that’s points in your favor.
  20. Vote zp As town he’d be trying a lot harder than this, and if he doesn’t flip scum I’ll be super shocked. Vote Best girl psk I like this more than lfn. The guy’s not as high on my shit list as he was day 1, but he’s still iffy at best while PSK is a clear townread for me. Votcounts to keep everyone updated: Lfn(1): Zp, Zp(6): soph, slick, Malcolm, walia, faint, Sol Silver/arcanine(2): mascis, psk Slick(1): silver Malcolm(1): jc, Not voting: haz, wunter, lfn, jazz, antag, I believe 16 players remain, so majority is 9. Best girl: Faint(1): wunter Lfn(3): lfn, jazz, jc Psk(3): faint, walia, Sol Antag(1): antag I’m going work, see ya when I get home. I’ll probably have an updated trust list for you then.
  21. You definitely implied it.
  22. If tyranno got modkilled for claiming a girl role that's just dumb; he didn't soft anything specific like cop or doc and even I had no idea claiming a male/female role would have been against the rules. In that case everyone who voted or asked for bestgirl for themselves should get modkilled for implying they have a female role and everyone who said they didn't want or couldn't use best girl votes should also be modkilled for implying they have a male role. And that leaves maybe half the players alive at best. If this was something you didn't want happening there should have been a mod announcement after the first offender (no modkill though) that implying role gender would get you killed. Also this is role madness, so I didn't think implying a PR in general was modkillable either. This is something that should reallly be cleared up in the OP. Onto more relevant stuff...I think the ZP case explains itself (especially since he made 3 back to back posts this morning when it could have all easily been one just to space out quota) but I also really don't like slick either. He jumped on that crei train immediately after it started and pushed to get others on it as well. I do like PSK for town for seeing the same kind of connection between silver, tyranno, and ZP as I did; even though tyranno ended up flipping town. You want to back that up with a best girl vote for me, or is this just a pocket attempt? You also implied you didn't like slick either, would you be willing to vote him? @hazmah you never answered my question earlier about what you thought of ZP, and I'd really like your answer now that it looks like he could be on the chopping block. I also want to know if you're still down to kill Jazz and why or why not. When you moved your vote off mascis to crei near EOD mascis was tied 4/4 with silver for lead lynch meaning Mascis's death was a very real possibility. Your unvoting Mascis also actually made Silver lead lynch until other crei votes followed. Your story literally doesn't make any sense, you pushed mascis so hard yesterday and when it looks like he could actually die...you switch to crei? Mascis was lead lynch, I'd say there was plenty of agreement. Then when the crei lynch (which you started) gained a huge amount of traction, you decide to backtrack and and try to get a train on me? That just looks to me like you didn't want to be as tied to a lynch of a strong player you knew would flip town. You started a crei lynch when you knew he wouldn't be around to defend himself, you tried to get wagon on me when I was at work at EOD, and then when I said I was leaving for work this morning? You immediately shade me despite previously saying I was town jut a short while before. You seem to love going after people incapable of mounting a defense for long periods of time, and that is very much a scum tactic. @JC. If you are a bride then please ask me to marry you, having my alignment public would do a world of good at this point.
  23. That would work better than 5 yes. Being as Silver was the counter wagon to Crei who flipped town, I also think it’s important to look into who made that switch happen. Slick was the first one to bring up the idea of lynching crei near EOD as sort of a joke. Francis also brought up crei though it was in a giant list of other potential kill targets. Jazz mentions most players seem to be in agreement on crei or mascis, then makes the first EOD swing vote to crei (was previously on Mascis, who was tied 4/4 with Silver). Slick immediately follows (also moved his vote off Mascis) followed by LFN (who again moved his vote off mascis). I’m noticing a pattern here of moving votes off Mascis, meaning if Mascis is scum these guys are pretty likely scum partners. I want to note that Walia came in with a mascis vote shortly thereafter; which I think is important as the whole switch to crei looks like it could have been done to save scum Mascis’s hide. Silver then moves his vote off Mascis to LFN, when the safe scum play there should be either to leave it or move to crei also. This makes me give Silver some towncred. Zp then votes Crei tying them with Silver. (If silver is scum, ZP is another likely partner.) Tyranno then tiebreaks by voting crei (if Silver is scum, this likely means Tyranno is too). Malcolm ties it back up by voting silver, so town points for Malcolm (crei is town and a stronger player than silver). Silver also brings up how him and crei are likely both town wagons with the crei wagon and “Mascis is neutral” discussion being started to take attention off Mascis. I agree. (I believe Malcolm started the “Mascis is neutral” thing but Jazz turned it into “so let’s lynch scum instead” and voted crei based on that. Malcolm was still voting Mascis at the time despite believing he was neutral.) Tyranno votes mascis, Mascis votes Silver, and Slick insists crei needs to die. Silver moves to crei based on slick’s post, as does Francis. Brandis breaks the crei/silver tie by voting crei. Tyranno moves from Mascis to crei, and then Jazz is all “LOL let’s kill Solstice” but thankfully that didn’t happen. (Trying to distance from starting the crei lynch when he knew it’d flip town?) So if Macis is scum likely partners are slick, jazz, and lfn. If silver is scum likely partners are ZP and tyranno. I'm not sure which team seems more plausible to the rest of you. Either way I'm off to work for the day, see ya when I get home.
  24. I went back through day 1 and tried to compile what I think the best girl votes were at EOD. I'm not sure it's 100% accurate so if somebody notices something off feel free to point it out. Best girl votes: Tyranno (2): tyranno, mascis, Mascis (1): soph Antag (1): antag Fancis(2): brandis, solstice, LFN(3): lfn, crei, JC, Faint(3): zp, wunter, faint PSK(6): francis, slick, walia, Malcolm, jazz, silver Not voting (2): psk, haz, There was a lot of near EOD switching from LFN to PSK going on, though I'm not really sure what to make of it a the moment. Anyway I'm going to bed so I'll see you all at some point tomorrow.
  25. This will fuck me over, I'd vastly prefer ending it at the same time as yesterday. Sorry I didn’t get to post anything else before EOD as I got off work late, but I’ve got a huge wall of text to make up for it. It bothers me that Jazz tried to switch the lynch to me at EOD with the reasoning “Solstice only has 6 post” as I’ve literally never posted more than that day 1 with the exception of witchhunt and I warned you all in the signup thread that my activity wouldn’t be great. I dare somebody to find another game where I posted more than 6 times day 1; if you do you can have my best girl vote for the day. I would also like to point out that ZP also had exactly 6 posts and basically sniped 4 of them in the last 3 hours before EOD and yet didn’t get any heat for that at all except a slight mention by francis, and that should be way more alarming and out of character for him than it is for me as he’s supposed to be a good player. So why does Jazz never bring this up? Because Jazz has a history of lynching me day 1 as scum as I’m the easy target he won’t catch heat for because “it’s Solstice” (see WWE mafia and the recent vanilla mafia). For this reason Jazz and ZP are scum reads for me unless something drastic happens to make me think otherwise. Soph was a wagon/counterwagon at an earlier point in the day, so I think it’s worth looking into who started and diverted that. Before the soph wagon started the leading lynches were wunter and Mascis at 3/3, so I find it unlikely soph is scum with either of them. Antag first FOSed and voted soph day 2 and slick voted soph shortly thereafter. Wunter also shades then votes him. At this point soph is tied 3/3/3 with wunter and mascis. Crei votes soph next to put him in the lead (confirmed town so that don’t look great). After this point a Silver train gets going (soph, faint, and crei all vote him in quick succession) so I doubt soph and silver are scum together. So at this point I have a hard time seeing soph as scum as I find it unlikely he could be partners with mascis, wunter, or silver as well as slick; and that doesn’t leave a lot of scummy people left. (Soph + Jazz + ZP? It doesn’t really feel like a scum team TBH.)