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  1. TGT Presents!: My Name is Earl Mafia[Incomplete]

    Even if you somehow missed the claim itself, almost all the subsequent posts by everyone else mentioned it in one way or another ("assuming there's no counter claim," "No lynch isn't an option because of the earl claim," "confirmed town since nobody else claimed," etc.) that it honestly should have been impossible to miss this fact unless you straight up didn't read the thread. Which unfortunately isn't surprising for dgz in general, but I expected better of you.
  2. TGT Presents!: My Name is Earl Mafia[Incomplete]

    Time for my usual thoughts on everybody. While I don’t think scum played well it’s fair to say that town honestly played worse, myself included. Being wrong on 3 out of 4 scumreads day 1 is awful and it made me paranoid to take a hard stance on anything for the rest of the game because I kept second guessing myself as I was afraid I’d fuck it up again. And then I was gone for the most important part of the phase which made it hard to do anything meaningful. Sucks to suck but it was still fun to be town for a change. Anyway onto the other players: Walia: HOW DID YOU LET YOURSELF GET MODKILLED, you even came back in thread after I tagged you about vote quota and you STILL didn’t vote. You’re one of those players that starts out weak but gets exponentially more valuable to town as the game progress, so losing you really hurt town. Not to mention the fact that it put us in MYLO on day 2. (FWIW I disagree with what jazz said in the discord and think vote quota is actually a good thing, but to each their own). rei: My gosh that claim of your was awful, and I honestly don’t understand why the hell you even attempted it that late. But I’m more flabbergasted it almost worked TBH. You’re lucky faint was gone and Brandis is new as otherwise that would have literally screamed scum to any of our usual actives if they were online at the time. Though I suppose it’s my own fault for not voting you outright with faint as he likely would have stayed on you instead of switching to markus with me and with us + broken it would have been enough to avoid the RNG tie. Or at least switched my vote back to Markus as it would have forced a tie even if broken didn’t come back. Broken: BLESS YOU. I thought for sure nobody would come back and we’d lose outright. I think you played the best game of your life here so I hope you get to stay for showing improvement. Malcolm: Sorry I failed the whole town, I don’t know how to lead anybody TBH. I probably should have claimed day 1 so I’d bite the bullet instead as you could have lead them better than I could. I should have listened to you about Markus day 1. Silver: WTH man? Did you even try this game or did you get too busy to read the thread and decided to wing it? It’s fine to place a few votes early day one without explanation as pressure votes, but if you’re changing your vote to someone you plan to stay on for EOD you need to tell people why. And the faint vote was horrible and I’d really like to know why you chose to vote him of all people. Markus: While you started off very strong day 1 it was going to come at the expense of downward spiral the rest of the game. It’s easy to see that scum would favor earls claiming knowing it’s either a 2x earl or doc + cop row as if it’s the former you get free PR kills at no downside, and in the latter you don’t lose anything and know what setup you’re playing. It’s why I initially voted you over rei. Faint: GG you were the closest person to a transparent townie we had; I failed at that myself and had to fall back on a claim to save me. I do think you could have explained your reads a bit better (read through thread with rei as scum isn’t the best explanation) but at least you were right on your reads. Brandis: For someone new to mafia you did alright, though as town having a vote out at mylo (mislynch = lose) is extremely important as scum were able to tie votes with just the two of them. Even if you’d voted wrong (voted me instead of rei) it’s still better for town that you try rather than do nothing. Again sorry I played so poorly and it sucks the game got cancelled, but for that brief moment between when RNG got called in my favor and the whole game terminated I was on cloud 9 so I guess I’d say I had fun regardless. If somebody could link me the QT so I could look through it that's be great, but otherwise I think that's about everything I have to say. Thank you Tyranno for hosting!
  3. TGT Presents!: My Name is Earl Mafia[Incomplete]

    GG everybody, sorry I played my role so badly but it was fun to be town again for once. Can we get a quicktopick/discord link to scumchat?
  4. TGT Presents!: My Name is Earl Mafia[Incomplete]

    I bolalso my claim was bolded italiced and underlined an caused so now way he could miss that.
  5. TGT Presents!: My Name is Earl Mafia[Incomplete]

    All of you need to move your votes to rei sice theres only an hour left. Sorry for the quotes but I can't seem to tag on mobile. I'd also like to point out that if Markus's sub kanji really is a town new player and not an alt account then it makes sense scum wouldn't want to fake claim until the sub happened as a new player isn't as likely to see just how bad reis fake claim actually is. This is the last post I can make so please trust me on this.
  6. TGT Presents!: My Name is Earl Mafia[Incomplete]

    I'm on my lunch so this has to be short. But think about this. The point of asking someone why you'd do something as scum is to try and get them to rethink their perspective. If rei is truly town cop he shouldn't give a damn about my opinion or waste time trying to change my mind as I should be auto scum to him. I'd also suggest you look at the second post I made on page two where I talk about the pros and come of having an earl claim day one. I never mentioned pros and cons of the doc plus cop sceneraio as I knew we couldn't be in it as I was an earl. I'd also like to know what you think rei has done that's pro town because I never saw anything. The reason rei waited so long to fake claim is likely arguing in scum chat with his partner on whether he could pull it off, then seizing an opportunity when he saw I'd be away. Please unvote me or scum are going to win if faint and broken don't come back añd vote rei.
  7. TGT Presents!: My Name is Earl Mafia[Incomplete]

    uvote Vote rei He is scum, not a cop. Any real cop would have countercounterclaimed me immediately and outed their scan sine it's mylo, not asked me why they would do something if scum. They also waited until I said I wouldn't be around to bring this up. My break is over so I have to go back to work, but I will try and get back on later if at all possible.
  8. TGT Presents!: My Name is Earl Mafia[Incomplete]

    If you're town then why aren't you trying to solve the game? Who do you think is town/scum and why? Which partnerships between the remaining players are or aren't likely? You're the strongest player left regardless of your alignment, so coming in the thread just to say "If I was scum why would I do this?" then bailing isn't doing you any favors. Honestly the only thing making me hesitate on you is this as scum love making posts like this as they create false dichotomies and set up future mislynches; so if I'm wrong and faint is scum then he was very likely trying to setup up mislynchs here, meaning you could be town. (And I could very well be wrong on faint given 3 of my day one reads were wrong, and I really dislike this particular post for the above reasons). But you haven't even brought this up yourself and there has been such little game solving effort coming from you (or anyone left really) that it's ridiculous. It bothers me tremendously that both Markus and Brandis have yet to pop their heads in here despite over half the phase passing, especially since I remember them both being EXTREMELY active early on and throughout day 1. And Brandis promised he'd be able to give us a lot more day 2 as he'd have more info then, but we've yet to see anything. It makes me think Malcolm was on the right track and at least one (if not both) of them are scum and he bit the bullet for catching onto it. vote Markus / flacko / whatever you call yourself now I really wish I could have held off on voting until they posted something today I could analyze, but I have to go into work early tomorrow and won't get off before end of day. That said it's quite likely I won't be able to make a post tomorrow, so this next hour or two is all you've got me for. And since it's mylo ALL OF TOWN BETTER HAVE A VOTE OUT AT EOD. I think it's unlikely faint will be around at EOD due to timezone issues (he complained about it when day 1 ended) so whoever is here needs to be vigilant on making sure people vote before they have to go and watching the thread to prevent any potential scum snipes.
  9. TGT Presents!: My Name is Earl Mafia[Incomplete]

    This is going to be really big giant wall of text post but I'm not sure how else to lay everything out. I'm trying to go over everybody one by one here. We now know rei was wrong on both of these, and unlike me rei is supposed to be a good player. The fact he never switched to Silver to avoid a tie also kind of bothers me. Given that he's floated alot outside of this, I can see scum rei. First he says no way walia is scum, then says we need to keep an eye on Walia. ??? It's also possible what I took for town Broken earlier was just Broken trying extra hard in order not to get banned from mafia for lack of effort (not alignment indicative either way) so that's something to consider. As for faint I don't like how he he says I "tunneled" Malcolm day 1 when I only had a vote out on him at the time and never actually said anything about him at that point (I only had 2 post at this point, my intro and my opinions on claiming) but I still think faint is likely town for being against earls claiming in a double earl setup. Though when I brought up how that could be beneficial for scum he sorta soft backtracked so there's that. Again still think faint is town, but I'm trying to analyze every player here so I'm literally bring up any random things that look off. We know Malcolm was town, Malcolm is a good player, and this was his view on the gamestate. So I guess a Markus/Brandis team is something we should consider (would also explain a Malcolm kill over rei if any of rei/Markus/Brandis are scum). Also I literally cannot read Brandis, all his post are so wordy whilst saying basically nothing that they give me a headache when I try. I can't find any quotes that really stand out as everything just seems like more of the same. Markus, on the other hand... "Let's not kill brandis" to "Imma vote brandis" to "what do you mean I did a 180, I was neutral on him the whole time". Yikes. Honestly I still can't make much out of all this, so maybe somebody else can?
  10. TGT Presents!: My Name is Earl Mafia[Incomplete]

    Sucks that Walia got modkilled especially since I thought ZP said he would sub, but if nothing else it saved us from dealing with another question mark today and possibly mislynching him. Obviously I was wrong on Walia, Silver, and Malcolm which I’m sure is going to get me a lot of heat today. If we mislych here we could actually lose (6 players now, mislych is 5, successful NK is 4 with 2 scum that’s game) so I think I have to do this now as today is technically MYLO thanks to the modkill. I AM AN EARL I actually sort of slipped on this in this post by not mentioning doc + cop row in either pros or cons because I knew we weren’t in that one as I was an earl. I made sure to try and account for this in later posts so scum couldn’t pick up on it and night kill me. Seeing as we're in the double earl row I'm still fairly certain Faint is town for arguing against having us both claim day 1, which would be hugely beneficial for scum. Markus has dropped a bit for pushing hard for claiming day one but at the same time I think I remember him saying in another game that he didn't believe in auto killing rei/malcolm N1 so the fact that Malcolm is dead is minor points for him. I not sure broken or brandis could have bullied him into doing it anyway, so if Markus is scum it's most likely with rei. But rei being scum doesn't really make Markus any more likely to be scum than brandis or broken. I personally think there's at least one scum in brandis/rei/broken but it should be obvious at this point that my judgment has been shit so far so I don't really trust myself to get this right. My current plan is to play follow Faint as he's the only one I'm relatively certain is town at this point. I'm probably not going to be alive tomorrow but given my shitty track record that might honestly be a good thing for you guys.
  11. TGT Presents!: My Name is Earl Mafia[Incomplete]

    You've got a variety of timezones and schedules to work with here so matter what you're not going to please everybody. Just leave at whatever works best for you as a host, and if people want to whine about it they can go host their own games that work with their schedule, and see what it's like when their players complain about the same thing because their schedule doesn't work for them.
  12. TGT Presents!: My Name is Earl Mafia[Incomplete]

    Somebody should probably double check me, but I think the votecount currently looks like this: flacko(1) - Malcolm Walia(1) - Brandis Malcolm(1) - rei Brandis(1) – flacko Faint (1) – Silver Silver (2) – Solstice, faint Also @BuildTheWalia still hasn't made vote quota yet. @Broken Brilliance also doesn't have a vote out at the moment either. There's about 20 minutes left in day. @rei since you said you were okay with either silver or Malcolm, would you mind switching to silver to prevent him from moving his vote and tying things up?
  13. TGT Presents!: My Name is Earl Mafia[Incomplete]

    unvote vote silver Your only actual content this game was an early vote on re which I think was a joke, then you go MIA and come back voting a town read of mine. Not cool. Also if we could collectively decide on who to lynch instead of having votes spread out all over the place that would be great, especially since we have like 5 hours left in this day phase. I am not going to lynch Markus or faint as I think both their post of been very towny. I am against lynching BB and brandis because while not being nearly as towny as the former, I still think they're more likely to be town than the other 4 players in this game. Silver's only content has been 2 votes with no explanation of either (and I don't think his first vote was all that serious) so I am for lynching him. @BuildTheWalia has contributed almost no thoughts of his own (save thinking markus was town when directly pressured about it) but as he has yet to meet vote quota I don't want to waste a lynch on someone who might get modkilled anyway. (The tag is to remind you to vote BTW.) I still don't like Malcolm cherry picking sentences, especially on two people I think are town. And rei hasn't really done anything in the way of game solving which is concerning. (It's worth noting I doubt Malcolm and rei could be scum together based on interactions, but I don't like either of them at the moment.) So I'm cool with anyone in that pool, but we do need to make a collective voting effort here unless we want a random lynch between like 5 different people.
  14. TGT Presents!: My Name is Earl Mafia[Incomplete]

    unvote vote rei I can see faint’s POV here too. I wouldn’t mind having them wait a day to claim as having a confirmed town is more valuable in the later stages of the game than the early ones . Scum could just kill them outright if they claim, but they don’t claim scum are more likely to “wiff” and hit a vanilla than anything else. And if we have a doc this way they only have to worry about Malcolm/rei as opposed to malcolm/rei/earl (have we ever had a doc that’d didn’t heal one of them or a claimed PR right off the bat?) Though having them claim early does save cop (if we have one) from wasting a scan on them so there's that too consider too. As long as our earl(s) if any claim before mylo/lylo so that scum can’t cc them without dying for it, I think we’ll be alright. If we can't get a majority to agree one way or another though I think it's just best to let any potential earls choose when to claim for themselves. Anyway given interactions I don’t think Markus and faint can be scum together as they’ve got differing viewpoints on the claiming issue and faint has back his up rather well. I also don’t think Markus could be scum with Malcolm given he asked him a question and Malcolm ignored it. I actually kind of like BB for town surprisingly, and am getting “too dumb to be scum” from brandis though I guess a strong scum might just let him run and do his own thing to give that impression. Markus, faint, BB, and kind of brandis is my little town circle for now, though if I find out we’re in double earl (or no earl) land Markus could drop for pushing hard for claiming. (Scum having roleblocker in that case would know it’s either double earl or doc + cop, and would want any earls to claim for easy PR eliminations. Faint would also move way up here for arguing against it.) I want rei to post some actual content, walia hasn’t really done much either but that’s more expected of him. Silver’s been kind MIA too, need more from him as well. I feel that Malcolm is just snapping at low hanging fruit by cherry picking phrases but there was slight improvement since I placed my vote so I’ll move it for now.
  15. TGT Presents!: My Name is Earl Mafia[Incomplete]

    Also WTH did I miss, half the posts in this thread are redacted and I think Jazz got a forced sub out based on context. And this all on the first page. Anyway, vote Malcolm. There are pros and cons to both approaches. As for how I see the pros: On the one hand if scum tries to NK the claimed earl they're leaving other more dangerous PRs like cop or doc alive, on the other hand if they ignore the earl to try and hunt the other PRs they leave a confirmed town alive. So I could definitely see merit in having them claim right off the bat as it could leave scum with a rough start either way. On the con side if we end up in the row with two earls it's super easy for scum to just pick them both off and we don't really gain anything by having them claim here. Odds favor this not being the case, but if we decide claiming is best and it turns out that way we're kind of screwed. So it's something to think about.
  16. TGT Presents!: My Name is Earl Mafia[Incomplete]

    Let's get down to business, to defeat the scum. Did they send us digbick, instead of Malcolm? You're the saddest bunch I ever met- But you can bet before we're through. People I will win this game for you!
  17. TGT Presents!: My Name is Earl Mafia Signups

    Make me town this time, ok?
  18. Anonymous Back to Basics Mafia

    To be fair I did warn you guys beforehand, and responded to your PM the same day saying I wouldn't be able to play, so I hope you're not too mad at me. Either way I'm probably not going to be able to play any mafia until at least July due to a combination of IRL crap hitting me all at once, so I wouldn't count on my participation for any future games when factoring how big you want to make them. Though I don't understand why people keep trying to host 12-13 player games when for the most part it's been a struggle to fill 9 player ones. I get that people might get bored of M6 / B6 all the time, but there are other set ups out there for 10 players or under, and even if you don't like any of them you can always make up your own custom game.
  19. New Years Mafia Aftergame

    The "Joy to the World" thing popped in my head when I signed up before I even knew my alignment due to a combination of too much Christmas music, me figuring I'd finally get to be town this time since I got scum three times prior, and trying to figure out how I wanted to enter the thread when it went up since my first post is usually what gets attacked the most. Even though I ended up rolling scum I thought I'd post it anyway since it was still somewhat close to Christmas and it should help me look townish since it didn't come from a scum perspective. Tyranno was technically correct that the idea came from town Solstice, but everyone else was also very correct on saying it's easy to fake and so should be taken with a grain of salt. Time for my usual thoughts on everybody I guess. Walia: If walia had been VT I think I'd have had him as MVP for sure considering how good his analysis on nick's stuff was, but unfortunately his play as a power role wasn't the best. He should have claimed to save faint as there was always the chance of doc being there to save him, and even if there wasn't a doc him dying N 2 would prevent scum from fake claiming doc later like I did. I also should have 100% been the scan N 2 seeing as how everybody wanted to lynch me. Wunter: You didn't start out great but I think you hit your stride at the very end. You were 100% correct that the comment I made about faint, walia, and your day 1 read history was a way to set up future mislynches for the three of you. Unfortunately it didn't pan out, but I have nobody to blame but myself for that considering how bad I messed up with the jailkeeper thing. Mascis: Despite being right on your reads very early on I don't think you played that well. You didn't explain your reads and trustlists much if at all, and didn't do much to work with the rest of town. Though to be honest I was terrified of you being a PR as I thought you'd target and out me for sure, but decided I had to risk it as killing you when you'd done nothing but tunnel me would have made me look way too suspicious. Soph: very good, much wow, I had to kill you early on again as usual. Sorry. I don't know how you manage to project town that easy but I'm super envious and would love any pointers you have. Nick: Sorry again for letting my temper get the better of me and not taking a cool down period first. I suppose I should have made more of an effort to save you even if it'd have looked forced considering it was your first game back after so long and dying right off the bat couldn't have been very fun. I need to learn to focus more on the long term effects of things rather than the here and now. Faint: Unfortunately this was one of the worst games I've seen out of you, and that made you a very easy lynch target despite how bad nick slipped up on me. One or two people pushing you could just be scum or misguided town, but when you have a horde on your tail it's usually a sign your play has been sloppy and you need to kick it up a notch. I have problems with this too and it's something I need to work on improving, but you're a far better player than I am so I'm sure you won't be stuck in a rut for too long. Jazz: Way to bait me into killing you Jazz. PR mechanics aside you were pretty much leading the town anyway, so leaving you alive would still have been risky unless I thought you'd keep your townread on me or I could turn everyone else against you. Obviously I read the gamestate very poorly as I think you said in discord you'd begun suspecting tyranno and I thought someone in thread mentioned it was weird you got killed when you were starting to be suspected, but live and learn I guess. I wish I knew how you always got the thread to follow you, it'd be nice for pushing all these scum agendas I seem to be stuck with lately. >.> Tyranno: I don't really have a lot to say on your play other than sadness that you caught my huge slip up. Though reading the OP more carefully probably would be a good start since I was apparently the only one that knew doc could self heal, so if there had actually been a doc and you guys voted them because "docs don't self heal" then you would have shot yourselves in the foot. Otherwise you weren't ever really suspected for scum much so good job on that I guess. ZP: Thank you for hosting, thank you for putting up with the drama in the QT, and thanks for taking the time go go through and analyze everybody's play and offer tips for improvement. I know it takes quite a while when I do it, and I think yours are far more in depth than mine. Also huge thanks for the host notes so we can see what you thought of everything as it was unfolding, I really wish more people would do these as I love reading them (even though it's usually saying how I messed up ). After walia caught the slip up about me in the nick post I think I would have always had at least a small target on my back even if I had managed to radiate "shining beacon of town" throughout the game, but obviously I fell way short of that and then made a major slip up of my own to boot. I just want to be town again where I don't have to worry about dying, getting outed by PRs, or stressing over the wording of every post. Unfortunately work is getting busy again so it likely won't be for awhile, but I hope I can put up a better challenge for you guys next time. Anyways I had fun for the most part, and I hope you all enjoyed ending my triple scum win streak.
  20. New Years Mafia

    Read the OP guys.
  21. New Years Mafia

    The point was I shouldn't have even been in this situation today. Yeah me listing jailkeeper was dumb, but so was walia not clearing faint for us yesterday or scanning me last night in the first place. I don't know what else you want for me. I guess I'm going to die anyway, but can you at least kill wunter tomorrow?
  22. New Years Mafia

    "...(insert string of expletives here)..." You're right, that's not gonna work. Walia's gonna be a cooked goose unless we hit scum. Why couldn't nick have just been the stupid roleblocker. I guess I don't know what else to say. If it's not wunter I obviously don't make it out alive in a final three of me, mascis, and tyranno especially considering mascis has been gunning for me the whole game. I can't even prove my claim by stopping any NKs since I'm just gonna get roleblocked. I really didn't think this was going to be an issue as I was sure I would have been scanned/tracked/jailed last night considering I was the runner up lynch yesterday, so I was hoping I'd have been cleared without having to out myself. This stinks.
  23. New Years Mafia

    I’m the doctor. I healed myself N1 because I figured I’d be a high priority target seeing as I was townread by everybody but mascis at the time. N2 I healed tyranno as I didn’t trust wunter/walia, and figured mascis and jazz weren’t likely to bite it for tunnel vision and getting called out by dead faint respectively. Obviously I was wrong. If it’s not walia then it has to be wunter. He clearly defended nick, as shown here: He kept saying nick was scum but always, always, ALWAYS insisted we take out faint and walia before them. Soft defense and distancing all rolled into one. I think I misinterpreted nick’s post and the discrepancies with walia and wunter was supposed to be to create distance as well as possibly function as an excuse to bus later if needed. Vote wunter Also saying I’m scum because I didn’t vote nick is retarded, I held off because he could hammer himself, which I should have wanted if I was scum. I didn’t defend him, didn’t vote anyone to try and save him, and was THE FIRST one to actually dissect nick’s bullshit post and call him out for it. Why the hell would I do that as scum if I wasn’t going to bus? Anyway, this is what I suggest we do. Kill wunter today. On the off chance I'm wrong I will protect walia, who can scan me and prove to the rest of you I’m town. If Walia dies for any reason you lynch the crap out of me. I will probably be NKed, and if somehow wunter isn’t scum you have mascis, tyranno, and confirmed town walia in final three.
  24. New Years Mafia

    Scum is crazy not to bus. Scum bussed. Sol did not vote nick. Therefore Sol is scum...? Yeah ok. vote faint I don't get this out of you either, neither if us defended nick at any point I can recall. Jazz ended up switching to avoid ties, and I clearly stated nick was my preferred lynch but held of due to the possibility of a hammer. If you're looking for people soft defending nick, that's you, faint, and mascis. If you don't like me and jazz for other reasons fine, but saying we tried to give nick a pass is blatantly incorrect.
  25. New Years Mafia

    Ok I went back through the thread again and this is what stood out to me. Wunter actually has quite a few defenses of nick day 1 whilst still listing him as scum, so if they are partners it could be used either to defend him or bus him later depending on the situation. Being that Wunter said he was willing to vote faint or walia yesterday, I’d hedge that if scum he tried it as a non-linking defense, but it wasn’t enough. The flip side of this is that town wunter has repeatedly managed to hit scum teams early on and just lacks the persuasion skills to convince anyone else, so if he’s town the chance of walia or faint being the last scum is extremely high. (Look at forest fire where he got the scum team day 1.) I already made a case on walia; apparently nobody likes it. I’ll admit Walia was completely null for me up until nicks’s posts dropped and made it appear he was protecting him, and Walia has had a few good posts (mostly involving questioning others or his analysis of nick’s posts) so if nick hadn’t hedged a walia defense he would probably be a town read for me right now. Maybe I have it backwards and their opposite placements were supposed to be to distance from wunter or bus later if needed, but I still find it hard to just clear walia as town. The fact he unvoted me to get me out of the hammer zone earns him some points though. As for faint…him saying jazz is scum because, and I quote then later agreeing with his scum read in jazz to kill me when I did neither of the things faint just said nick’s scum partner would do…is pretty contradictory. Add that to faint’s bad day one of suspecting mascis + tyranno and defending nick, and he doesn’t look great. I still don’t understand why he wouldn’t just bus nick, but then again walia was a pretty close runner up, so maybe he thought that had a chance. While I don’t like how Jazz is so dismissive of my walia case the fact that he didn’t hammer me and warned others to unvote because I was in hammer range earns him some major points. I doubt it’s tyranno and if mascis is scum planning to slide to a victory with such a shitty strategy then we all deserve to lose anyway for letting it happen. My walia train is going nowhere, so if you’d all rather vote faint I’ll work with you since reading back he’s not exactly standing out as a shining beacon of town. If anybody is interested in discussing wunter I’m interested in what you think his alignment is and why.