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  1. persona 5 mafia aftergame

    If I feel there is something wrong with your posts (and I am right) then there is defenitly a flaw in your game because you don't project town well enough. ZP did the same thing for me. You just played differently because I usually like your D1 when you're town. At least the last couple of games. It was not just because of the votecounts
  2. persona 5 mafia aftergame

    Most games I wait until I have a good feeling about you to decide but you just felt off from the start. Most of my early reads are gutreads. This just wasn't your best game
  3. persona 5 mafia aftergame

    I had practically the same agenda as you, wasn't as active but had good reads. Didn't want the best girl to feed my ego or w/e you said, but wanted it for confirming a townie + protecting that townie. In hindsight that didn't matter but it's not like I made terrible misplays this game
  4. persona 5 mafia aftergame

    Defenitly fun game though. Good to see such a large group play here
  5. persona 5 mafia aftergame

    I could've confirmed a townie. I knew what your ability was but wanted to know if one our scumreads was actually town + this game was in the bag from the moment I gave 3/4 halfway through D1. My dick has grown immensely this game :$$$$
  6. vote Soph Cheap beer here I come!
  7. Going on vacation to Prague in a few hours. Will still be able to come online a few times per day
  8. Obviously would vote Soph. Btw fyi bbq I don't want to be best girl anymore :$ best girl Faint
  9. Faint did make a readlist
  10. Malcolm first c: We can gang up on Soph tomorrow
  11. From towniest to scummiest Wunter - cus I know Faint - A solid town read from D1 and I feel a lot of consistency in his game. LFN - some already call him confirmed but aside from that lfn feels has grown into the game and is more transparant. I've put some light pressure on him, which it feels he scumleans me for doing that, but he has responded good. I'd just wish he townread me :$ Slick - strong D1 and D2. Kind of the same agenda as I have had so far too Antag - More of a feel than something I can really explain. Solstice - Also has grown into the game. Haven't disliked much Walia - Taking the Solstice method by mostly posting large posts a few times. His game feels different but not necessarily in a negative way. Silver - Gone up and down. Could really go both ways for me. Mascis - don't have to add much here Soph - Has provided more since D1 but still feels off. This is not how he usually plays. Somewhat tied with Hazmah atm. Hazmah - disliked the Jazz tunnel and I don't like how he sees me as scum. I've noticed that he mostly looks at the negative aspects of things. Malcolm - Scum. Reasons are there
  12. lol okay mr. Johnson Longcock Unvote best girl Wunter Best girl Faint But I still want it
  13. Aah thought lfn got it so I was a bit confused. Still would like to be best girl today even though I know the benefits we've gotten
  14. Let's say I was/am correct on this. Why would I out my whole team? You can go whole wifom about this, but I and others can say out of experience I'm not one to bus teammates.