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  1. So @Nelrick and @Nate1080 don't have a vote out rn. Since it's close I would like to see asap who you want to vote. @Solstice have not posted much either and would like his thoughts on the game
  2. Nate made enough good posts to let me townread him. He was actively trying to get people to play. If zappdos really did not know he was putting Marcus 1 away from majority I would lean town on him since scum would not make that mistake. But since I don't know whether he did do it on purpose or not I'm going with my initial feel/softread Vote Zappdos
  3. Markus making his readlist after he said he wanted to sub out does not make him lean town imo.
  4. I think I can settle with a zappdos or a floater lynch. For now.
  5. I didn't vote yet though
  6. Markus not playing worries me. What do you think of nelrick and mate so far since they have made the most posts. Any thoughts of anyone else?
  7. Why would anyone even consider to claim? Feels to me like he is playing the good guy when you don't have to. Ez town credits
  8. Don't really like this post. I don't know you so it's to early to make assumptions on just this post but why would anyone claim now? Also I thought Slickz his vote was a pressure vote on Markus to let him play the game instead of making comments on the winter situation. I don't get nelricks' vote though
  9. Do you want to be my buddy? no = scum
  10. Again no winter/wunter team :c I miss fighting beside with you..
  11. Sure why not. In
  12. in c:
  13. Oh xD forgot about that. I think I posted some irrelevant posts after I died though. Not sure, could also have been when I was about to get lynched
  14. Have not read of the aftergame much but wanted to apologize to my scummies and the rest of yall. I wanted to put more effort in the game and do my best. All my games so far has been low effort and wanted to chance that. But after D1 I already felt like shit (not just because of the game. Mostly because I have way too much on my mind rn) and since I got lynched D2 I did not do sh*t in the scumqt after. Now that the game is over I feel sorta relieved. Not because the game was so shitty or w/e but because I can put it behind me. It stressed me out a bit. Liked the flavor and liked how my scummies (especially claire and crei/mmf) turned a fucked D2 into a win. Might skip the next one or just put me in as a sub. Really need some off-time
  15. Too bad no one likes my good joke because they are afraid of getting linked to me