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  1. That's true, but at least we know he is not lying and can play around it if necessary. Don't have a strong opinion on whether to vote for Sophocles or Sage but I'd rather know someone's role then know nothing at all.
  2. Seems like a tie would be the best option And why is Mark scum if Sage flips scum? That would just be too obvious. You could go really wifom about this but I don't think mark is scum no matter what sage will flip (in case he gets lynched) Vote Sophocles
  3. What did he do to make you think he is scum?
  4. I know danraven and it's his first game of mafia. Even I don't know how he plays
  5. @Jazz dies first in his own game. harsh
  6. I want in! :D
  7. You're right. Felt a bit excited and overconfident at that moment though. Hoped town saw the confidence in my reads and agreed with me but.
  8. I find it hard to really substantiate my reads so I get why I suck as town. What did you think of my 'pure gold' theory? Which was just a way to frame you for scum
  9. 1. I was tunneling you D1. It was clear I had no good reasons but if I checked you N1 there was 2. Losing again from scum Jazz would have tilted me so hard xd
  10. Did not click his account to see. I just said it wrong which was stupid rookie mistake. Won't happen again lol
  11. Could not have you as scum again. Had to know which side you were on
  12. Okay I kinda owe it now don't I.. Vote Nelrick Not sure on Malcolm though. Maybe I'll live another day to see
  13. Okay I said it differently but that is what I meant lol xd. Sorry won't do it again