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  1. Vote Nelrick Best vote now. Better then Jazz imo
  2. Your votes were not that suspicious imo. They were okay timed. I just quoted them so when you flip we have one post with all your relevant posts. I like your defense here though. Pretty calm. Maybe a bit too calm but I don't want to start a train here. yet.
  3. I think my quotetrain on Sophocles answered your questions for a bit. I like that Crei took initiative and asked Sophocles why he did not elaborate any of his moves. Imo he's town if Sophocles flips scum. If I had a vig I'd shoot Sophocles. That said Vote Sophocles
  4. Gonna make a short quotetrain on Sophocles. He stood out to me since he did not give any good reads and is floating. I don't get the vote on me. Maybe you tried to start a train on me since you know I'm bad at defending myself (see all my games lol) Didn't really feel like a pressure vote so that's it makes sense that above is possible I find this post pretty scummy. Like he's trying to not choose a side so can't catch him later on it when Malcolm flips. Doesn't give any reads but really wants Jazz to give them. Good question of Crei here. Like that he's trying to pressure Sophocles. Sophocles has not answered this question yet. Nor did he give any reads. Voted for Mascis right after Slicks when Mascis claimed. Nothing really weird with this but still an interaction that can be looked into later on. He refuses to elaborate any of his moves and I think we should pressure him more. Let me be the first: Can you elaborate all you moves?
  5. I understand your thoughts on my posts. When I'm home and on my pc I'll make some better reads, which will be in 2 hours. Winter said he prioritized me so I thought I misread Solstice's post. As for now I'd like a Digbick lynch because of his lack of participation. Reads incoming....
  6. Ebwop: not totally useless posts
  7. I believe Jazz doesn't like my (D1) playstyle and wants to pressure me. I'm not sure why he would think I am scum. Promised a trustlist last night but fell asleep when I came back home. I am now at work but will give it asap. At least I did make some usefull posts and digbick has none so I don't know why Solstice rather wants to lynch me.
  8. Guys. Make love, not war. No homo though
  9. Lemme have an hour or two. Am at a party right now
  10. I think you read my questions wrong. I actually think you are town and am not trying get some perfect lategame scuminfo here. I'm trying to better my D1 but I am failing. Damn.. Was not actually trying to meme. The arch just looks kinda cool :3 Was gonna sleep at that time and just wanted to post something. And there was really not much going in then
  11. Malcolm has just as many votes though
  12. ebwop (last time): Do you still think the first votes on you were meme-votes and that at least one of the more recent voters are scum. Doing too much things at the same time lol.