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  1. Already did. Immediately
  2. Do you have to watch the movie 10 times? Cum un man. Tell us
  3. Sorry for being so trolly. Just having a good time. I'll leave you guys to visit my pals booze and beer
  4. Unvote nelrick Just kidding brah
  5. Nelrick today is me yesterday Vote Nelrick
  6. Because you want a higher rank in slicks ranking duh
  7. Winter could still be scum. He can fakeclaim tracker and we all believe him tomorrow because he has a day over Sophocles and Sophocles was a good target yesterday too. I'm not saying he is fakeclaiming or that I think he is lying I just wanted to say this since nobody really talks about Winters claim and his futureplan to kill Soph tomorrow
  8. I'm not even mad about almost getting lynched out of nowhere. Though I was afraid I got lynched when I was readong through
  9. Is it your weiner?
  10. Well happy late birthday :). But did you get anything new game-related? Have any thoughts? Gimme something
  11. Lol Faint you stupid fuck xd I love you c:
  12. And as you can see by the VC I actually have a double vote. I claimed because I didn't want a tie but still felt like I needed to put a vote out. Maybe not the best choice when I look back at it (the vote not the claim), but *insert another excuse*. A power like this in scum/neutral hands would be way too powerful.
  13. @TheGoldenTyranno what did you see/do/hear/drink when you were away? I wonder if there is an universe where he actually answers
  14. Slicks is probably a silencer and is silencing himself the every night (jk)
  15. nekorB u evoL