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  1. Ig I'll just post this here. It may not seem like I care about this website, but I do fuckwads. No, I'm not just here for Markus, that's retarded. I may not be active on here, but I enjoy the Discord server and talking with everyone on it. No joke, that server and this website are the only people (besides like three friends) I have to talk to and consider, "friends" to me.
  2. I love hacking into your heart 00000___***00002918£1€177171
  3. Cunt boy
  4. Hm intriguing small males
  5. Lol sorry I'd rather not play low tier games, guess I won't play awh gee! That really busthink my bubbles.
  6. 10
  7. I actually lost the QT, besides fuck your bs, I got far enough without your help.
  8. I <3 scum
  9. Vote Markus
  10. Yeah, you're really trying to use those twenty-four hours when you just voted me early. Smooth shit dude.
  11. Babe vote me.
  12. Shit gotta hit quota forgot this even existed for a minute there, whoops.
  13. unvote vote everyone This is obviously a joke calm down.
  14. I <3 not being modkilled Qouta