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  1. How in the hell did you get so many keys lol
  2. and this is why i think goldenrod is the neutral of vanilla town btw i think his win con is to kill zephy
  3. I feel zeph is trying too hard to show that he is not scum by acting like a super town ugh alright indigo lets see if you are right. not trusting my gut for once vote Ranunculus
  4. alright so its between zeph and ran ill make my decision later today.
  5. quick question how do we know indigo is town
  6. mannnnn i thought we had this reading over the thread zephy seemed the most that pushed for town kills but goldenrod just straight up seems scummy to me but aster already stated he might be neutral so the other neutral might be ran but then theres indigo hmph
  7. Lackey needs a bag
  8. Thought it stood for Jizz Connoisseur
  9. count
  10. Wait did he make quota ?
  11. and @JC. hey qt3.14
  12. for wanting to modkill me
  13. jazz i will go inside you with my b a n a n a dong
  14. vote helio