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  1. redacted
  2. if the user you have in mind is a girl then you may be correct, any other genders are poor accusations as i am irl girl.
  3. Blatantly incorrect. Floater that does nothing. I've gone over this before.
  4. suck my ovaries
  5. cocks username is obscene and sexist.
  6. wow these shit posts are giving my pussy a yeast infection because i am a girl. ouch, my ovaries are so feminine it hurts.
  7. Aster if Helio was my team mate couldn't he have asked me about bombs in the QT?
  8. vote aster
  9. i gave cock the bomb because he said if i didnt have any reads he was willing to carry the bomb.
  10. i definitely did not randomly jump on the columbine train, and if you think this, you're stupid. i actually posted more reasoning than most did in regards to that. cockscomb posted way less reasoning than i did and people think it's okay, why isn't it okay for me? lmao. also aster you kind of made it up until now and just kind of floated, posting nothing of value, then you post a blatantly incorrect analysis, so you're not on my nice list either. kind of want to look into aster and yarrow. my reasoning behind yarrow involves him not really doing much, and after he rereads the thread, all he posts about is cockscomb. i think he's forgetting that in this game we need to lynch a scum.
  11. well his role didn't say anything about me being scum. i already asked him what was scummy about what i did. all i had done was vote someone who i thought was scummy after i had pushed them before. i didn't contradict myself anywhere or anything. i have no idea why he thinks im scum. he was contradicting himself already and he somehow thought i was scum. all i get out of it is that he got mad that i pushed him for being scummy. i thought he was pretty likely to be scum out of what we knew day 1. people agreed with me too i guess.
  12. I don't know, help us find scum and we'll help you with challenges I guess. Post thoughts on game so far Cock.
  13. well then why don't u give us some thoughts that aren't half baked?
  14. what is questionable by pushing someone who is scummy and then voting them a little bit later i am missing where my play is actually questionable.
  15. why the hell is helio scummy to anyone? ? ? ? ? lol. vote columbine i guess.