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  1. SSB64 Mafia Day 1 - The Game Begins

    Indigo who are your strongest scum reads, other than Helio who you obviously think is scum.
  2. SSB64 Mafia Day 1 - The Game Begins

    Kind of hard to find scum when most of the game isn't playing. Applying pressure to the players who aren't doing anything helps town get reads on who the scum are.
  3. SSB64 Mafia Day 1 - The Game Begins

    So that's an hour and a half left. I think we're currently tied on votes with 2 on Delilah and 2 on marigold. unvote I'm still down to lynch the noncontributors if we can.
  4. SSB64 Mafia Day 1 - The Game Begins

    Fuck me I don't know how to tag on mobile.
  5. SSB64 Mafia Day 1 - The Game Begins

    @JC how long til EOD?
  6. SSB64 Mafia Day 1 - The Game Begins

    If you gave some reads on who you think could be scum and why, it would probably help your case.
  7. SSB64 Mafia Day 1 - The Game Begins

    vote marigold Also would be fine with goldenrod, ranunculus, or indigo as none of them have contributed anything of value. Also still wary of the Helio/Delilah connection, but at least they're actually playing and giving something to go on.
  8. SSB64 Mafia Day 1 - The Game Begins

    I agree that them defending each other at points deserves to be looked at, but asking about how the bomb works doesn't really seem scum indicative to me. Iirc wasn't it zeph who asked about it though, not Helio?
  9. SSB64 Mafia Day 1 - The Game Begins

    Yes, I brought up the cockscomb thing, but I didn't advocate for lynching him, at least not yet. I said we leave him alive for now and don't let him win his challenges. I also brought up you defending Helio, as well as ranunculus's complete lack of content other than the bw vote onto Columbine and goldenrod calling me scum and then dipping for the rest of the day, both of which are actual things to consider when deciding whom to lynch today. Saying all I brought up was the cockscomb thing is a flat out lie.
  10. SSB64 Mafia Day 1 - The Game Begins

    Ok well nvm, not gonna quote train cause mobile sucks ass and I don't have access to a PC. I didn't really see anything in particular that made them seem like the best nk, other than just being a generally helpful townie which might be why they were targeted. If anybody finds something that they mentioned bring it up cause I could have missed something. Also, as far as the whole cockscomb thing goes, I think the best play for now is to leave him alive. If he's actually neutral, lynching him (especially when he's holding a bomb we could blow up) is pointless from a town perspective. We should be hunting scum not neutrals. Admittedly, there is a chance he is lying, but we still have a bomb and can lynch him later if we think that's the case. That being said, we definitely should not let him win his challenges. If he's scum and has that kind of ability it could give him some power we wouldn't want him to have, and if he does actually leave the game it's one less nk target (if they think he can steal) and only really helps scum.
  11. SSB64 Mafia Day 1 - The Game Begins

    It's very possible that scum could have bw onto the Columbine lynch, which means we should consider the possibility that one of Delilah or ranunculus is scum. Delilah soft defends Helio when Columbine goes after them at first, which means there could be a possible connection between the two. Ranunculus's day one was a few shitposts and the vote on Columbine unless I'm missing something. Another thing that caught my eye looking back through the thread was goldenrod. Votes me, hits quota, then dips for the day. I can't say much about floating (as I haven't really done much up to this point myself), but if this continues we should consider looking at them as well as other floaters. I'm going to quote train hydrangea now to see if anything sticks out that would make them a good nk target.
  12. SSB64 Mafia Day 1 - The Game Begins

    Rereading the thread. Give me a little and I'll post my thoughts so far.
  13. SSB64 Mafia Day 1 - The Game Begins

    w i l d g a m e
  14. SSB64 Mafia Day 1 - The Game Begins

    Is this easy mode?
  15. SSB64 Mafia Day 1 - The Game Begins

    I mean I'm easy but I'm no scummerino.