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  1. Majority reached, no more posting @Winter Multi
  2. unvote vote zeph
  3. Unvote Markus Vote Jazz
  4. why are mark and jazz being town a forgone conclusion? can they be this bad town for this long?
  5. markus is correct kill today
  6. mark is definitely scum or ladd i think hmmm
  7. vote markus
  8. unvote vote wunter
  9. Mark shut up and kill Markus thx!
  10. vote Markus
  11. Jazz, are you scum?
  12. We can kill silver too, I like that. This is why we lynch floaters BEFORE we get to LYLO!
  13. Jazz gives new meaning to the term LVP. Like why do you have to be town man? Same with JC the mememaster. You guys really made a mess of things here!