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  1. Please tell me I got it right and your not scum?
  2. You know we never got a flip for cockscomb either. I'm pretty sure he told the truth about being neutral and ness; I just want to see how his victory condition was actually worded. So it's come down to me, a neutral, and scum. I'm town. Indigo can't be scum unless this is some horribly messed up game where scum can attempt to kill themselves and live, meaning they have to be the neutral. Therefore Marigold is scum. vote marigold and now we wait.
  3. Was he town, neutral, or scum? Role? Character? Anything?
  4. How the hell is goldenrod not on your radar? If you have some magical evidence you've found that suddenly makes him town, it'd be appreciated if you'd share it with the rest of us. I agree with indigo that you've been playing really shitty/suspicious this phrase, but the problem is so has goldenrod, and ranun can't even be bothered to get their butt in here for more than 5 seconds and attempt to play. How I am supposed to figure anything out when all everyone does is shitpost and avoid playing as much as possible? Indigo, what are your best theories as to their alignment? I'm really okay with lynching any of them, it's a freaking dice roll at this point for me. I'm hoping when ranun finally gets in here it will illuminate something, but I'm not holding my breath.
  5. ^ Are you literally this fucking stupid? Indigo survived a NK. Non-scum confirmed. Technically it's still possible they're a neutral, but I doubt it. If you just look at numbers Marigold, goldenrod, and ranun have 2/3rds chance of being either scum or neutral, with only a 1/3 chance of being town. indigo is 50/50 between neutral and town. I'm not voting indigo when there are 3 better options. Also since apparently JC likes town favored games and we have a present to give; give indigo the present. I'm not letting scum get it. If you all think it's something bad you can give it to me, but I think it's something good and indigo is the only other confirmed non-scum I have.
  6. Hammering is NEVER a pro town move. It cuts the day short, thereby cutting discussion short, and making it so people don't have to make quota. People not having to make quota means we have less info on them to go off of. Goldenrod claiming it's pro town and "lol I did it cause you said you'd be mad" it's a shit excuse that you shouldn't let fly. I've voted three players this whole game, one was cockscomb (a neutral) and the other two were you and goldenrod, whose alignments have yet to be determined. I also was the first to push deliah day 2 in case you guys forgot that, and this was well after several hours into day 2 when it seemed they were under everyone else's radar. So please explain how I've "pushed town lynches" especially when I backed off you after a train formed too fast for my liking WHICH ALLOWED DELIAH TO BE THE LYNCH INSTEAD OF YOU. I know I'm town. Indigo is town. Whichever one of the rest of you guys is the other town is playing like shit.
  7. vote goldenrod He placed the hammer on helio yesterday and has done nothing town at all. If they aren't scum they're the other neutral. My bet is that whichever one they aren't, ranun is the other. I'm willing to vote either of them. Marigold is also a possibility, the only one I really trust right now is indigo for surviving a NK. Aster was a cop. I'm not sure whether to take this as an actual scan or a guess. (He also said helio was the other scum so...) Either way it meant he was suspicious of him. And based on the wording of scum flip our last neutral can also steal victory, so they need to be dealt with either way.
  8. I think we can all agree helio is scum at this point (or at least not town), but the fact they scum flipped saying: You are a member of the Mafia and win when no other faction can win means at least one of the neutrals can steal victory, from town as well as scum most likely. So I actually want to discuss the pros and cons of a cockscomb lynch today instead of helio (unless anyone is confident in who the other neutral is). I haven't seen anything about a challenge today (or on day 1) which makes me think these challenge things happen every other day. So if cockscomb wins their challenge tomorrow... that could end up being bad for town if they lied about a part of their role. And I'm not sure lynching them tomorrow would prevent their wincon either, as both things would happen around the same time (EoD) and I don't know whether the lynch or the win goes through first. I'm thinking the safest best is to lynch one of them and bomb the other. I think lynch helio bomb cockscomb is the safest route if that's possible (no nightkill if we're right about helio being scum), but I'm not sure we can give them bomb to someone who already had it. If we can't give the bomb back to cockscomb I'm thinking we should lynch him and bomb helio then. The fact we got flavor like this after cockscomb won a challenge bothers me. Given his supposed wincon, it really doesn't make sense for him to have let town know when he wasn't in any danger of being lynched as scum or anything, as we would try to NOT let him win as getting ejected hurts town. I don't know that I believe he gets ejected anymore, maybe he turns into something else. vote cockscomb If someone hammers helio I'm going to be mad, as that means people don't need to make quota, and goldenrod and ramu need to step up their game today.
  9. I think vote count looks like this right now: Helio: Indigo Delilah : aster, marigold aster: Delilah Marigold: helio goldenrod: zeph I think indigo is still one post shy of quota if I'm not mistaken. Marigold finally contributed and while Delilah is still on my radar they are at least playing the game. Still fine with lynching goldenrod for doing nothing. Could lynch Ramu for doing nothing AND voting columbine, though I do get it's kind of hard to do stuff in poetry. If indigo quota snipes they'll need more looking into. This is who's left alive: 1. Aster2. Cockscomb4. Delilah5. Goldenrod6. Heliotrope8. Indigo9. Marigold10. Ranunculus11. Yarrow12. Zephyranthes
  10. Something like that is what I was looking for. Actual EFFORT. And with the train happening after my vote as fast as it did, I'm not sure I like it as much anymore. Though I do wonder why you didn't mention Ramu pokemon guy as I'm pretty sure they voted Columbine too. Anyway unvote vote goldenrod Your turn, start contributing.
  11. I think I want to kill Marigold or Goldenrod today as neither of them are taking a stance on anything or contributing at all. vote Marigold
  12. I think I'd be okay with lynching Marigold as they haven't done anything helpful at all, problem is they are being so obviously bad that I feel that may be lynching a jester. If goldenrod, aster, yarrow, and any other floaters I missed don't step it up today as well I'm going to be disappointed.
  13. I think this is what the vote count looked like at the end of yesterday, though someone should probably double check me. Columbine: Cockcomb, Deliah, Ramu Deliah: Columbine Heliotrope: Indigo Indigo: Heliotrope Yarrow: Goldenrod It seems logical that there could be a scum member on Columbine's train. And since he called you out you're naturally the one I suspect the most out of the three that voted him. Does anyone else think there is a scum on that train, or did we have 3 townies lynch another townie?
  14. ^ I've been waiting for you to get in here. Our confirmed town left his dying vote on you. This was his reasoning. Anything you want to say about it?
  15. It says right under quota minimum that " You may claim Abilities (e.g. "Cop") and Characters" so yes you can claim your character. I left the parts I did because you winning hurts town cause you apparently get ejected from the game, meaning scum has to make 1 less nightkill to win. (Also you should have challenged me, I suck.) Helio should be trying to beat your score because of this. As should anyone else you challenge except scum (1 less non scum if you win) or possibly the other neutral (don't know their wincon). So yeah, I don't think you need to die right now or or anything, but letting you win challenges is bad for town.