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  1. 75 Things to Do in Chaos Control Mirrors

    Ahhhh.... the 75 laws of power...
  2. A Treatise Regarding Exarion Universe

    I wish asura priest's effect of returning back to hand at each end phase was optional. Keep it on board to develop board and set a monster next turn, return it to hand when u know their set is scapegoat with a meta in hand. Boom.
  3. Opt in/Opt Out Thread

    - Opt in: Civil Discourse - Opt in: Unchained - Opt in: Civil Discourse & Unchained
  4. [Goat] Damage Step

  5. Actual Literal Nuts vs ALL THE OUTS

    Is the war now sudden death? Each team has 1 heart left
  6. Actual Literal Nuts vs ALL THE OUTS

    Most accurate description, yeah
  7. Actual Literal Nuts vs ALL THE OUTS

    Warrior toolbox goat control But I sided out a bunch of stuff when I realized he was playing monarchs/beastdown so my deck doesn't really have a classification for the majority of the games tbh
  8. Actual Literal Nuts vs ALL THE OUTS

    Ggs but I wasn't playing recruiter chaos. Not a single chaos sorc was played in any of our 6 games. It was just a random beater deck
  9. Yep I only play 1 airknight. If I get a bad bounce on the rps and I'm going second, behind on the summon, I like to have a first turn attacker to out any possible Mjars, mof shenanigans, and/or tsuk flip locks
  10. If I had an opening hand of AK, call, and battle traps to defend myself off opponent's snatch steal push, I would set tsuk, call, ring, and pass. Then apply mad pressure with AK and call second and third turn. Me committing to this AK --> revival play turn 1 is all given by assuming we are playing true goat format - no exarion. But most people would just set ring, and I can see how and why you/they would want to do that.
  11. DuelistGroundz username: Morphing Jar Discord username: Morphing Jar Formats: Goat, Newgioh post Forged Rebellion, HAT, Edison, CritterExpected level of activity: 3-5 times a week Want to be on a team with (list any DGZ users that apply): Jazz, ACP, Soul, fat_cat, Sinister Serpent, Quantumman, Jisop, Mascis, Skully (Optional) Credentials/why you would be a good team member: I play goat format a lot and have a high win ratio. Played a lot of Newgioh and was the top player in their warring tournament (6-1). I also am aware of most players' playing styles, deck type, and any interesting techs they used in the games we've played
  12. Goat only Guerilla Warfare / Morphing Jar
  13. Strong interest in goat format Strong interest in HAT format Strong interest in Newgioh - Beast control/Spellcaster Goat control format Mild interest in Edison
  14. Pre-exarion goat format places an emphasis on a player’s deckbuilding aiblities. You can’t just take Kris’ exarion goat list, and put in 2 new cards. Jazz’s chart outlining cards that got better pre-exarion and got worse pre-exarion is just the first step. After evaluating, you then construct a new deck based on that primary data. It’s not take 2 monsters out, put 2 new monsters in. For example, with the absence of exarion, certain cards see more use. As a result, I have attempted to make the Book of Moons' function in my deck more versatile. I’ve found Compulsory Evacuation Device to be much more versatile than Book of Moon. - It takes TER off the field, so you don’t have to risk the attempt to kill it in your battle phase - It fizzles creature swap, unlike BOM - It opens the door to game ending damage. Many times that 1 extra direct attack has won me the game - The only gripe I have with it is it doesn’t answer the opponent’s breaker well, but there have been scenarios where I have re-used my breaker after reading the opponent’s non-chainable set. It's things like this that I'm talking about when I say that pre-exarion format places emphasis on a skilled experienced player's knowledge of card interactions. With that being said, I think it would be very beneficial for the format if we hosted a large pre-exarion goat format tournament in the near future and publicized the top 8 decklists.