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  1. Yeah, it's basically balanced March 2012, with less Inzektors (lets all admit that the only reason why Billy Brake won with Inzektors was because no-one even acknowledged their existence). it's not very healthy though, and WU is just better than just about every other deck if piloted right and with an appropriate sideboard. Thankfully, WU mirrors are rather interesting, especially considering that shock master is not an automatic win, because, you know, this format actually has orange, green, AND purple cards that kill things. Similar scenario as Tenguplant, bad format with a clear best deck that happens to have a good mirror match. Confused about OP: if you liked diverse ''modern pre-ARC-V'' formats... why didn't you just stick to Edison (eh, fine, I kinda get the complaints with Frognarch being stupid, but otherwise quite diverse, and, unlike M2012, actually fair.) or HAT.
  2. So how does the format selection work? Is it kind of like DN/DB's pick a format thing? (but with Standard/Expanded/Legacy/Unlimited) , or is it something else. BJF is actually not a terrible format (for mirror matches, at least), although it's tier 0 and has some bullshit cards that induce topdeck situations (*cough* Lass *cough*). I basically never got to ''really'' play pokemon though, and all I've ever done with it is goldfishing and a tad bit of research: the game unfortunately seems to suffer from massive degeneracy almost regardless of the format (either bullshit pokemon from Neo and after or bullshit trainers from everything before Neo-on, not to mention the game's frightening love of coinflips). mono E-series actually looks somewhat cool though, amusingly enough, although it never had any chance to exist as a format thanks to being powercrept by Neo/EX. Also ''Base set era'' games are almost certainly better pre-Rocket because all the Rocket cards are either bullshit and make the format worse or powercrept.
  3. True Draco cards are actually incredible: if you hit Peace/Diagram, the deck is actually still alive (especially with engines) because you still have crazy amounts of card advantage, even though the deck will cease to be oppressive because of Peace. If you hit Heritage/Return, then Peace will just be splashed as an engine in everything. So... you're basically forced to either SPECIFICALLY hit Heritage/Return/Peace (already three cards to kill the deck, and even then, it's only a partial kill and you'll also need to ax diagram to make it fully dead). So yes, it's like Zoodiac (Rat/Broad/Drident), DR (Adults), Nekroz (Trish/Unicore/Shurit), and PePe (Pendulum Sorcerer/Monkeyboard/Guitartle/Plushire/Luster Pendulum) in the sense that you will need to hit 3+ cards to stop them from just re adapting and staying rogue. One noticeable difference with Draco and those other decks, however, is that it can also be heavily powered down by hitting generics (demise), but even then, it won't actually die when this occurs. Now, of course, there are other ways to kill the aforementioned decks, but banning the following cards is the easiest way of accomplishing this (the whole True Draco engine loses a massive amount of its power when you get rid of Heritage/Return/Peace as all of the tutors will then have much weaker targets, so it's easier to hit them then to go after all of the minis, and besides Peace needs to banned regardless due to the potential of continuous spell engines like metalfoes). Compared to the vast majority of modern archetypes that can be neutered by just banning one card (Terrortop, Ixchel, Time Maiden, Scout, Shadow Mist, Union Hangar, Altair, and so forth), Draco is a quite a bit ahead, and shows remarkable resiliency.
  4. Yup... that's what happens with archetypes where EVERY SINGLE ONE (be it directly or indirectly) of their cards are nuts: same thing has occurred with DRulers and Nekroz, and will occur with True Draco in the future. Something like Shaddoll or Qliphort can be killed easily, because they rely on specific cards and run filler, but decks like these are so absurd that they need to literally be sweeped with the banlist. The fact that Zoo can make all of its plays with one card only aggravates the problem.
  5. MMF/Frogman lost to Brandis72 1-3 (first game was tied by RoD) Soul Control vs Goat Control Also lol at winning an unwinnable game because of BSG's battle damage.
  6. As usual, fighting fire with fire. At this rate the hostility may well persist for the whole season.
  7. Light Beat? How is that deck supposed to be consistent without duality? Does it just play upstarts instead or something? What do the prominent lists look like? And yeah I'm always down for Edison games; love the format, although, just like goat, the banlist is shitty at times. The thing I like the most is just how consistently controlly and interactive it is, especially compared to damn near every single format afterwards. Frogmonarch seems kinda broken tbh thanks to all the ridiculous subby loops into multiple dupe frogs, and triple avarice literally being PoGs, but just about everything else is usually fair game. Also bugs me just how overhit all the dark.deks (except for Blackwings which are arguably underhit) are. Would there be any way to bring this format back to life? I'm sure there's people out there who want to play it, after all. It's even kind of alive on DB right now.
  8. Posting victory against mostly harmless? 5-2
  9. ... I really like this format as an awesome bridge between old formats and newer ones, and would happily play it as much as possible. However, it kinda seems dead here? Is that effectively the case, and if so, why?
  10. TER can use priority, BUT it needs to be face up to resolve, so BoM/Ring do effectively ''negate'' it. You can flip summon (or change battle position) monsters once per turn during each turn after the turn they were summoned, assuming they did not attack. If you use BoM in the main phase on a monster not summoned that turn, they will be able to immediately flip summon the newly set monster and attack with it. If you use BoM as a response to a monster's attack, the monster will be set, and that monster will also not be able to flip summon that turn, regardless of when it was summoned, because it declared an attack. Good luck with Goat Format!
  11. IDK if this is in anyway relevant, but you could try splashing Tensu and Tiger King. Otherwise Shuffle Reborn and Soul Charge are the only consistent generic extenders available here. Diagram/Baboon is also a play extender if you use the Draco engine.
  12. 2-0 Brandis72 VS Fluxoff Goat Control VS Chaos Recruiter NOTE: Exiled Force is so clutch.
  13. dragon rulers 2: electric boogaloo

    IDK if this is particularily well known, but Goku had a really good idea on Discord that could heavily improve the Zoo matchup of pure True Draco: One of the main issues with standard builds of True Draco is that they rarely, if ever tribute monsters for their Master Peaces, thus making them vulnerable to any two summon zoo hand (achievable either with Barrage or with Diagram/Baobaboon). This problem can be fixed by adding a playset each of Shock Troopers and Baobaboons, along with one Whiptail to give the deck both better diagram pops T1, and consistent access to monsterproof Master Peaces. These cards also fix many of the issues involving drawing multiples of hard OPT cards (Demise/Duality/Desires) with their filter effects. Whether or not Baobaboon's upsides are worth the anti-synergy with Demise/Duality is up for debate, but this engine seems to show much theoretical promise in every other way (although it makes the deck more diagram reliant; a problem that could be fixed with a decksize increase and a set rotation engine). I am by no means particularily good at this game, but here's my sample decklist: Sideboard is very cherry compatible, so maybe that could be a good idea. Others would be standard handtraps, field nukes, kaijus, and floodgates.
  14. 2-1 Brandis72 VS Fluxoff Goat Control mirror match
  15. Replacing Exarion with Dekoichi is kinda questionable because having a deck that's literally filled with flips is bound to cause some tempo problems. You need to replace them with beaters of some kind, because otherwise you will lose to people just poking away with beaters, seeing as this goat deck has no mainboard stall. A GK engine or a Tomato engine could both potentially work here with just a few adjustments (both engines are at least 3 monsters, after all). Scapegoat is made considerably better by Exarion's removal, so playing 3 copies of it in a 3-morph build seems like a good idea. Saku is still a very good card, but it indeed isn't as necessary as it was in Exarion format; you could potentially opt for a third book if you feel like it.