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  1. Broken's Broken Game Sign-ups

    Sign me up! Sounds like role madness and I've always wanted to try one of those, regardless of whether or not I'm even smart enough to not punt.
  2. TGT Presents!: My Name is Earl Mafia[Incomplete]

    Yeah broken brilliance was like, crystal clear town... I guess I'll pick up from there when it comes to actually creating a positive impression.
  3. TGT Presents!: My Name is Earl Mafia[Incomplete]

    GGs... a real shame I kinda never got the time I (expected) to have to come back before the game ends... I was going to vote rei after listening to your arguments, despite my gut telling me otherwise. I made numerous errors of portrayal - I think my overall posture was a huge benefit to scum (being this floaty yet active unreadable piece of shit) by being unintentionally ambiguous. Following rei's claim was a misplay, although I was actually against you before rei's interference - it's just that he kinda claimed cop in the middle of my post. It seemed odd to me that scum would just look scummy, and your own mistakes (solstice) could have been the agenda of a very good scum... rei's claim, amusingly enough, actually lost him the game (let's pretend I actually came back on time and voted on him because that's what I would have done after your posts, solstice).
  4. TGT Presents!: My Name is Earl Mafia[Incomplete]

    What do you have to say to this, rei? Solstice, it's also worth noting that I think that there's a very logical argument for rei to dodge you/faint before posting, as doing so gives him the first word to, say, me and kanji, and gives you a disadvantage by being the second one to present your case. You're by far the most charismatic/visibly town player right now, and as such rei simply can't fight you on open ground (particularly if faint or maybe even BB are also there). For both you and rei, resolving your respective claims are basically you win conditions, so I still think rei is believable on the account that utmost care needs to be taken to convince town, and getting the drop on a newly subbed player is relevant. What to you have to say to ''any fake cop would have counterclaimed when a real cop is supposed to''?
  5. TGT Presents!: My Name is Earl Mafia[Incomplete]

    @Kanji It's MYLO right now, so we need to decide whether it's solstice or rei... but judging from the fact that I know that I am town, I'm heavily leaning on rei being on our side (especially considering all the convenient ''mistakes'' that were made). I will have to dig up information to prove that I'm town because otherwise it's easy to want to lean solstice, as that opens up the (very possible on paper) possibility that we're scum together trying to hide from the lynch to get a win.
  6. TGT Presents!: My Name is Earl Mafia[Incomplete]

    Or the other way around, naturally.
  7. TGT Presents!: My Name is Earl Mafia[Incomplete]

    Yeah the stuff from before matters a lot; also keep in mind that Solstice's earl claim invalidates rei's cop claim.
  8. TGT Presents!: My Name is Earl Mafia[Incomplete]

    Solstice looking so incredibly towny, and yet making so many plays that benefit scum is a tell tale sign of good scum IMO.
  9. TGT Presents!: My Name is Earl Mafia[Incomplete]

    I find that the way Faint acts is probably too complementary (they even nudge each other from time to time to make themselves look separate) for him to not be associated with solstice if they're scum. I guess we could dissect things further though just to make sure.
  10. TGT Presents!: My Name is Earl Mafia[Incomplete]

    I will point the following out - although it makes sense to infer that rei and I are the scumteam, and that he is using cop claim to defend a scum partner, you'll simply have to trust me that I'm town until I find some good enough logic.
  11. TGT Presents!: My Name is Earl Mafia[Incomplete]

    rei claiming cop also complicates things; if true, then solstice+faint are the scumteam... But what if it isn't... I think that rei defending me despite having no motive to do so as scum means I'm leaning towards that being the case rn.
  12. TGT Presents!: My Name is Earl Mafia[Incomplete]

    Welp, I was waiting for Markus to post... and then he never did and got subbed instead. (FOR THE POSTS BELOW: by ''pro-town''/''pro-scum'' I mean the consequences of the actions, not the intent; if something concerns intent, I will specify ''intent'') So... right now I see the following: Broken Brilliance is almost certainly town - he has made numerous posts (such as the ''no one even thought of lynching me & solstice is posting fluff'' and the ''let's not vote rei right away and wait for more info'') which demonstrate nothing but pro-town intent and have had so far nothing but pro-town consequences (barring the silver lynch which he started and which solstice/faint continued which I see more as ''I hate you for being inactive'' than ''you're scum''), and has done nothing during the entire game which would even remotely benefit scum. Seeing as I know that I, myself, am town, I see two possible groups of scum. Solstice + Faint If they are scum, they're extremely good at it; a very large number of pro-scum actions behind a veneer of extremely town-like intentions… The earl claim is, even if fake, quite safe considering they basically have control of the town and can use that to fight off potential counterclaimers. WILL CONTINUE LATER SHIT HAPPENED SO I’M POSTING NOW rei + Markus The ''obvious'' classic scum, and the least popular of the bunch... but many of their actions are strangely pro-town/neutral, such as rei backing me up knowing full well I'm town and that there's value in getting me killed if he were scum (it'd be strange to, as suspected scum, say that ''this guy is definitely town'' when it obviously won't change your own situation and make you seem not scum), and him, as he said himself, having poor motives to NK malcolm; meanwhile markus was just inconsistent and hopped around… not really showing a clear alignement (also the sub isn’t indicative of anything; the reason they did it is because they’re leaving DGz); if they were scum with the presumed teammate, rei, they’d probably asked to do a better job rather than turn into a black sheep by going for shits and giggles. As for the markus sub, although he asked around for info/etc upon arrival, this doesn’t in any way give much info on his alignment as even though he can receive info in the QT, asking the questions in public makes him look town and is therefore beneficial regardless. At the end of the day, although I agree these guys are dubious, they almost seem too easy to be scum, especially when you consider their reputations as players… but what do I know.
  13. TGT Presents!: My Name is Earl Mafia[Incomplete]

    Godamn misclicked; apparently it marks edits even when I just press the button and don't do anything.
  14. TGT Presents!: My Name is Earl Mafia[Incomplete]

    Is silver being useless right now? Indeed. However, what kind of scum would be dumb enough to literally "pass" D1 without even trying to make a town persona. He's almost certainly not it and I'd just leave him be for now (plus he might get modkilled).