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  1. Myself > Garoozis
  2. [Goat] Fluffy Lions

    Uhm... are you guys a ''secret division'' of the FuZe Gang... The discord literally puts you together as the same team.
  3. In - provided it doesn't start too late.
  4. I saw Arvata in an Infernoid deck once - card is actually quite good there as the deck isn't normal summon reliant and doesn't mind pitching cards. Some good finds in here; thanks! It's a shame none of these will really see play in meta decks though, with the existence of evenly matched and the amount of combo pieces and handtraps most decks need to run to function.
  5. Retiring effective immediately

    I can't blame your decision to leave after just how woefully ungrateful some people in the community have been, but then again; hope you have a better time wherever it is you're going, or whatever else it is you're going to be doing. Thanks for all your contributions to the site; you may have been controversial, but I think you really were just trying to be helpful. Bye! Maybe with a bit of luck you'll come back at some point and if that happens I sure hope you'll be treated better.
  6. Goat Duel Review Thread

    https://www.duelingbook.com/replay?id=1453-2232959 I'm sure I must've goofed up at least a little at parts (should've put Sangan to DEF G3; probably should've searched DDWL with Sangan g3 just in case... somewhat mediocre play G1 early game); there goes. EDIT: not setting MJar T1 G1 was actually retarded in hindsight lol.
  7. A Brief History of Chaos Control

    ''BUT, if you decide you're not playing meta, which i now think is correct'' Oh... what could you possibly have played in it's stead? Playing some kind of Turbo Chaos now? I mean, Meta can be bricky and is arguably weaker than CS, but Turbo Chaos has been proven to just not be as good as Goat Control (unless the turbo player opens noticeably better) when both are being piloted properly. Is your solution to just stick to Chaos Recruiter?
  8. May 2002 - Yugi vs Kaiba Format

    Mark's probably got it right; games are so grindy that the risk of bricking combo pieces long enough to be a problem are extremely low, and IMO walls > 1700 beaters since they basically force your opponent to spend removal or tribute summon to kill (removal spells are precious since there are so few of them, and tribute summoning leaves you wide open to trap hole). Soul Exchange also double as a removal spell (again, not many of those), which is quite helpful, and even serves as a way to answer the MEB your opponent might've set to kill your annoying walls, or opposing skulls/walls.
  9. Flaws of Goat Format. What would you change about it?

    I think everyone can agree that Pot/Duo, although they are key to making MoF fast and powerful (and making flip/flop decks prominent), unfortunately take it a bit too far, sometimes creating downright unfair gamestates. So... what about taking the stock Goat Minus list (the altwin/Chaos Sorcerer hits) and then simply getting rid of pot too, compensating the loss of the two setup-free, lowest skill power spells with two more copies of Graceful Charity. Graceful Charity is a card that is normally best used to answer dangerous situations by digging for answers; using it to plus requires setup (Sinister, possibly Night Assailant, which might actually become a staple with triple graceful), and can also can possibly interfere with other engine pieces (Metamorphosis being the main example). Another advantage of Graceful Charity is that, in general , it doesn't benefit very much from being activated multiple times per turn and this comes in sharp contrast with the ridiculousness of resolving Pot/Duo in the same turn, one of the main complaints people make about the cards. You can automatically lose to early Pot/Duo loops, but Graceful without also being accompanied by an early serpent is perfectly manageable (far lower odds than early Pot/Duo abuse), and this should reduce the amount of ''ruined'' games while also keeping MoF's power, and encouraging as much skillful decision making as possible (Charity discards can be used by the opponent to make reads on your hand; Charity is a far more complex card to decide when to activate than Pot/Duo, and also takes a fair bit of skill to resolve properly). While Charity does enable some pretty crazy comboes, the win conditions of the decks that use them (chaos variants, altwin) are now gone, and as such only the positives of the unlimit will be felt (fairer and possibly more skillful goat control mirrors), rather than the unfortunate combo-enabling nature of the card.
  10. Perfect Circle

    https://imgur.com/m7W8Mqj My fairly turbo-y DDT build (you need to play after the tins for Plasma though). Trade-In effectively makes the deck more consistent and less reliant on stall, and spell reproduction is a nice way to run more MSEs (and you're running so many spells here it really shouldn't be hard to make it live); I absolutely hate RftDD's slow, clunky nature, and would do anything to make the deck not require it. It did quite well in the solitaires I messed around with, and is surprisingly consistent. Also, I think that ECall is a staple, and that all builds should strive to run the ''golden ratio'' of 7 monsters (1 DMoC 2 Mali 1 Dasher 1 Stratos 2 Dude) that was figured out by KPerovic in 2008; this monster lineup along with ''4'' RotAs lets you frequently deck yourself out of monsters and leads to you hitting DMoC almost every game in one way or another. Seeing as most of my testing was done in solitaire vs hypothetical backrow, I have not made a sideboard, although it will probably look like stall to compensate for your opponent siding out their S/T removal.
  11. Perfect Circle

    I think both would be pretty damn neat. PCM should be more fun for a goat audience though (I could easily imagine people going insane over shoot spamming, braincon for game, and other shenanigans).
  12. Perfect Circle

    Thanks for making a thread! I always kinda liked this format, although I will definitely agree that it's better enjoyed pre-LADD; the card basically enables soft OTKs and I don't see why anyone would want these in a very controlly format.
  13. World Chalice Deck Discussion

    This card isn't bad, but the fact that it requires a normal summon, and also an established field to get all that much value out of it basically makes it unviable. Eruption to grind is pointless because trying to grind with StarGrail will result in an automatic loss as your whole ED will deplete over the course of 1/2 turns, and your vulnerability to disruption makes it impossible to do much going second. @knives1990 damn... wasn't ever told of this either; that... actually just kinda kills the deck and literally makes it scoop to ogre and struggle very hard wish ash (or actually die to ash if you run preda), while also straight-up losing to most disruption going second. Now it's not even kinda bad, it's actually terrible, and I literally cannot win against anything good going second provided they know how the deck works.
  14. World Chalice Deck Discussion

    Apparently both me and everything single opponent I played against are fools; this is impossible because seraphinite (which I thought was a light for some reason) and missus cannot be linked into Ib. However, this combo works perfectly the moment code talker/akashic magician (or any other link 2 with a down/diagonal arrow that's semi-generic) come out, and is pretty obscene for something that only requires one specific card (which is searchable) in hand to work. Here's my decklist post COTD (akashic makes the combo work and that makes the deck both consistent and powerful when not ashed). https://imgur.com/cnE39Rj