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  1. Uh... are you guys seriously playing pre-TLM??? The flip/flop (book/tsuk temporary flip instead of permanent flip) ruling came out after TLM did, so playing without TLM would imply a very different (probably recruiter dominated) format. Regarding the tournament i doubt I'll be able to show up because I'll have to leave two hours after the tournament starts. Still, glad to see this thing is up and running!
  2. I think rule 4 has already been broken by RftDD/Fusion; however, the decks that use them are all pretty lousy anyways, so I guess that's fair. Rule 3 has been broken by dustshoot, and I actually don't think this works badly in goat; the only issue is that dustshoot doesn't just give you hand info... it actually can make your opponent brick. Rule 2 I generally agree with; primarily because every single handtrap would either be mediocre/situational or craps on TER/Faith; this just ruins the integrity of the format, and I think that effect negation/overpowered outs to TER (Ghost Ogre, which would be a perfectly fine card with TER out of the equation) should not be added. By rule 1 do you just mean having the ''average amount of SS use'' not go past the amount in something like Troop-Dupe format (yes, the name is not accurate as HERO is actual the best deck, but then again)? In which case fair. Rule 5 I generally agree with; adding additional summoning mechanics would be really awkward and is something best reserved for a format like Newgioh.
  3. World Chalice Deck Discussion

    The problem is that... if you drew Venus, you should already be winning anyways unless they ogre. What this deck needs isn't ''more draws once it already has it's combo pieces''; what the deck needs is more ways to get to these combo pieces in the first place. And, of course, when you desires into venus and notice that you just banished two shine balls... it's going to suck (likewise when you manage to make your brilliant dead). The decks that DO play desires (Zoo and TD; in INOV format stuff like ABC and BEWD) run triples of all their engine pieces, and don't have a bunch of garnets; so they only truly feel the good side unless they get extremely unlucky (it works in Zoo despite rat because the deck always has access to rat; Grail does not always have access to Venus and Brilliant, so preemptive activation can't be relied upon).
  4. This might sound like heresy... but... Soul Charge!? Like, the LP/BP loss are actually quite relevant and could make the card just turn into some weird lategame win condition to save your power cards for. The only real fear I have is just incredibly dumb shenanigans in Recruiter/TD based decks. It would also undoubtedly make Jinzo a staple... and probably for the worse.
  5. World Chalice Deck Discussion

    If you insist on using Desires, then you may as well change the build: get rid of Venus, because it's absolutely terrible with Desires and straight-up negs for each shine ball you banish. Kristya is also a monstrous brick and I'm pretty surprised you're still running it (the card is dead without Venus, and you have no draw engine to get rid of it). You can try to replace it with a Predaplant engine, which is a little bit less vulnerable to desires (although it further stresses the pain of banishing both of your garnets); I personally don't think this downgrade in engine quality is worth the addition of three copies of a once per duel pot of greed, but then again. Uh... what!? You're running three Exodius to reset your deck's engine-thinning, and yet you're not running even a single copy of Aegis? Aegis is searchable with Chalice and is one of the best ways to try to come back if your opponent manages to break your board (although, let's be honest, you're probably losing anyways if this happens... which is why I would argue that exodius is not worth it because it's just a +0, but then again).
  6. World Chalice Deck Discussion

    For Desires to work you have to use it midcombo; after you've resolved Chalice and Venus. Otherwise, you risk banishing Beckoneds and Shine Balls and that can end up making you lose a massive amount of potential advantage off of Venus/Emeral (and, in the future, Baguska). I think that in current (Venus) grail builds the card is winmore and is basically a brick as you can't use it as a reliable starter; however, Desires could become staple in future grail builds that rely less on engines with large deckbuilding constraints, in which case it would be good here for much the same reason it is in 1-axis D/D.
  7. DGz Live: The Return?

    It absolutely was not: the deck may have won that YCS (in a brand new format), but for the entire rest of the DOCS format it did somewhat poorly because the deck is inconsistent. Just because it sacked its way into a win doesn't mean it's the best deck; and Kozmo/Maje (Maje was good... but suffered from slowness and a lack of pilots) were the best decks post-list until Magicians were released. Like, if you play the deck you'll see what I'm talking about; the pendulum engine is quite frail, frequently dying even to just one MST/Sliprider/DD on KotFI (either hitting their precious Luster or the completing scale they just searched off of KotFI, thus making their pendulum summon not live); and when the deck doesn't have access to the pendulum engine, it can't make Ignister to out Hexproof and can often just lose on the spot vs Kozmo. Meanwhile tempest on pendulum summon just runs the deck out of resources. Like, if the deck opens really well and is actually capable of playing through disruption (or not have to deal with disruption at all because the opponent doesn't have any) then it's really, really good because the deck has a fast CA engine in addition to easy access to an amazing boss monster, but you can't expect that to happen every time. It's kind of like Infernoid taken to a lesser extreme in that the deck is actually capable of playing when it draws poorly, but it'll still end up losing. Kozmo/Specter variants were the clear best decks in early Hexproof Format once people figured out that PePe is far more prone to bad/mediocre hands than the other decks (even Kozmo). PePe is basically the True Draco Zoo of the format; it's the best deck... in a vacuum.
  8. DGz Live: The Return?

    May 2015, unlike April 2015, is actually a very diverse format not basically: floodgate Nekroz to death or play the deck yourself. May 2015's metagame (pre-DOCS post tins) consists of (roughly) BA/Nekroz as (fair) tier 1, Shaddoll/Tellar/Kozmo/Qli as tier 2, and HERO/Volcanic/RB/YZ/Infernoid as tier 3. Post DOCS things get really tricky and you have Performage Dracoslayer added to tier 2, Kozmo bumped to tier 1, and probably likewise with Majespecter; however, Full power Kozmo/Specters are extremely annoying to play with/against so maybe this isn't the greatest addition to the format, despite PePe being a pretty cool, albeit somewhat inconsistent deck. April 2015 had Nekroz as a strict best deck and every single other archetype being forced to metagame it hard (usually leading to incredibly uninteractive, floodgate oriented games), or risk just automatically losing to the deck's overwhelmingly powerful and remarkably consistent engine. I agree with soul charge being absolutely horrible for Post-Ruler/HAT format, but quite a few people like playing post PRIO because of artifacts and hands; guess it's up to the community on this one!
  9. DGz Live: The Return?

    I'm totally for this; sounds super fun. However, I'll only vote once you add Critter Format (which is basically a better version of YKL) that way I can vote for it. Critter is July 2002, post Metal Raiders. You can also specify whether or not this is post-Mechanicalchaser (TP1), as this streamlines the metagame into standard cookie cutter more by significantly weakening wall of illusion/robbin goblin, and beater-heavy decks (by reducing their playable card pool). I also don't get April 2015; why not just play triple prep Nekroz mirrors instead (Januray 2015)? Besides, if you want a format that's actually diverse but post Nekroz the only one (and it's actually pretty decent) would be May 2015 (and if you want to be real spicy, the mini format post DOCS/pre banlist). Would happily vote for either one. Otherwise would be down for Edison, PCM, HAT, possibly some other formats if they prove to be popular, and lolAirblade cancer shenanigans.
  10. Tested it a bit; I retract my statement on Airknight, although some form of goat recruiter would probably get a lot of mileage out of wand, and the Rella engine is, interestingly enough, playable but fair, and absolutely not staple.
  11. Fairy Tail - Rella One-Shot Wand Wonder Wand Would undoubtedly be very powerful, and would also probably make Airknight lose much of it's power (hell, it could even be replaced entirely by wonder wand as a means of getting rid of TER), but it seems pretty cool and would both make the format have more playable lights, and entail some neat risk management; knowing when to push into backrow. It would also potentially warp Zoo by being a light beater that can tutor Would also be quite cool in a powered up/double breaker format.
  12. Productivity in downtime.

    If you like tactical games, maybe play chess (be it physical or online)? The game is extremely skill intensive, fun, and actually makes you smarter, at least in my experience. Chess.com is a good place for chess practice thanks to the very difficult AI, and all the various tools that you can use to understand your mistakes, in addition to pretty solid online play. Otherwise I can't really think of much; I never seem to be able to enjoy un-interactive hobbies, and as such can't give any advice on that.
  13. I do agree that goat has less ''potential'' skill than modern, combo-oriented formats, but that was never what made it good in the first place: what truly makes goat a great format, in my opinion, is that: 1) It REWARDS skill more than modern YGO formats, due to the incredibly fast and often uninteractive nature of the latter. 2) It has far more interactive skill than modern YGO formats do, and this makes it far less repetitive, and thus more fun to play. Current can create amazing gamestate sometimes, where player interaction is extremely important, but those are often quite rare (although I will agree that some current formats do this far more than others; today's current being one of the best in this regard) and I would argue that game quality is lower as a result.
  14. Yup, you can deck people out with jar (check the DGz discord for more details; can't explain why this would work but Protector of the Sanctuary based comboes require COTH to work). Will post Discord invite shortly.