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  1. 19 hours ago, aurirevoir said:

    I think now is as good a time as any to claim.  I am MerchBot - once per night I can visit a player and give them a random common card.  All of the cards are vanilla monsters and have no effects.


    n1 I gave JC an Elemental HERO Sparkman

    n2 I gave Brandis an Insect Knight

    n3 I gave Audioslayne a Bokoichi the Freightening Car


    I mostly targeted floaters/people I didn't expect to die quickly (JC/Audio were subbed in those nights).  seems ok to claim given Soph & Diana's ability flips and the fact that all three of my recipients are still alive


    This may change things...

    However, the scum EV is still totally there, and I'm halfway inclined to believe that this might be a scum fruit vendor; main thing that makes me believe otherwise is actually the flavor lol but we all know that's a weak argument - these shenanigans seem worth discussing.


    Also worth noting that if Auri isn't scum then I quite frankly have no idea who is (suspecting me would make sense but I have the perfect info of knowing I'm not, so, uh, yeah):

    Hazmah - Claimed PR who has been hard carrying town this game; shouldn't even be an argument at this point

    J.C. - TBD; tldr I think it's very likely he's town

    Audioslayne - TBD; tldr I also think it's pretty likely he's town

    Sage - TBD; tldr the players I think are likely scum have in the past tried pretty hard to lynch him (easy mislynch from bad early game posts/low activity) and I think it's very likely he's town

    Walia - Floatscum on the surface, + town EV actions when I looked into it, especially after the rei lynch; pretty strong town lean although not a guarantee

    TGT - Claimed PR who has been doing nothing but repeatedly blunder while making + scum EV plays; definitely some sketch here but the lack of a counterclaim means he's still very likely town

    Dyachei - A mixed bag; many sketchy plays, but demonstrates intent to solve the game and took quite a bit of personal risk (in regards to the rei situation) for very little reward, and like Sage also seems to be attracting a great deal of ongoing lynch attempts from my suspected scum; moderately leaning town

    Moxies - ''New townie'' gameplay; seems unlikely to be scum by this point from behavior but I can still believe it to be a ploy by the scumteam

    Woawa - TBD; this one's complex and will need to talk more about that one later

    Faint - Inactive (sub) until recently, and has done nothing so far but demonstrate scum behavior backed by scum actions; strongly leaning scum

    flacko - TBD; tldr I think he's almost certainly scum... then again rei flipped town this game so anything is possible lol


    Ugh, my screwy schedule and my own personal disorganization has made it impossible to do what I was hoping to today...

    Looks like I'll have to continue on day 5!


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  2. (pre-claim)

    Aurirevoir's non-MBA (which tbh is forced at this point) attacks (rei, sage, dyachei) are/were hitting either town (rei; easiest mislynch ever because he looked scummy as hell) or people I very strongly suspect of being town who were/are easy targets (sage; and dyachei still is apparently).

    Aurirevoir also hadn't posted anything substantial to help town, and among other things has also tried to argue against haz with what I thought could've been the intent of creating doubt within town (and haz is both a really strong PR and, thus far, the best discussion contributor by miles).


    Also going to post this here because I might as well...

    We're now in day 4 and have a fair bit of information to work with; now is not the time to defend people based on their words, now is the time to defend people based on their actions: it's easy for scum to post quips of low-impact beneficial information behind or breadcrumbs to make them look like they don't have perfect info, but it's very hard and very painful for them to mask their actions without shooting themselves in the foot (obviously they'll do so anyways when forced - for example voting MBA now - but that doesn't really mean anything).

    This kind of self-defence is about as meaningful as, say, me attempting to defend myself because some of my posts contained blunders that indicate imperfect info!

  3. 2 hours ago, Woawa said:


    haz i picked dya because rei flipped town and was suspicious of dya.  pretty much end of story there.  i agree with lynching MBA/flacko over dya, because it is the safer plan for dealing with my claim.  (go for real lynches over mislynching just for a claimed gamble)


    Why is it that so many people argue that dya is scum because rei flipped town (while suspecting dya) when dya took a significant and unnecessary risk defending rei, who at the time seemed like obvious scum and was in the process of getting lynched (I'd be extremely surprised if scum team would ok this high risk low reward gambit; this really, really looks like town)?

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  4. 1 hour ago, JC. said:

    Auri/Faint for scum are fairly unexplored this game; what reasoning drew you to those conclusions?

    Auri's plays are consistently + ev for scum and I've seen absolutely nothing to make me believe they're just wrong town.

    Faint hasn't done as much so I may still give him the benefit of the doubt... for now.

  5. Ash flipped town and had 1 strong read in dya 



    ...Dya was one of the only people who didn't vote for rei despite him being an obvious lynch for scum.

    (and dya took quite a bit of personal risk for deviating; this is honestly taking things too far for a scum gambit)

  6. Nevermind... Walia is probably town and the EV of his actions does nothing but confirm it.


    MBA/Aurirevoir are definitely scum and Faint is the likely third; dyachei is definitely town and Sage probably is too.




  7. The reason why I didn't immediately vote diana was because walia, a player I suspected was scum, also voted diana.

    However the arguments were very strong so I did it anyways and seeing as no one answered my question I was just left

    to hope that walia was either town (still not sure on that lol) or that walia was trying to ghost through the game by bussing on a vote he thought he couldn't prevent either way.


    I agree that rei and MBA are both extremely likely to be scum and effectively harm town by existing. Vote rei Vig MBA

    (of course you could argue that's just me trying to keep myself alive if scum... but if town it's also in my best interests to avoid a mislynch!)


  8. BuildTheWalia replied to Jazz's topic in Mafia

    Unvote Vote diana wild game.....zzz
    Walia is floating hardcore and, while there, does absolutely nothing of substance and just goes with the flow.
    The fact that he just casually voted for diana would be strange if he was scum, and I have yet to see any reason why he isn't.
    Can anyone present arguments on this?

  9. Back for a bit because otherwise I'll literally get modkilled since there aren't any subs and I just totally lack the brainpower to play this game.

    I've skimmed through what happened so far, and see that diana is the current lynch target (and if scum, also compromises rei and possibly others?).

    I know this is timewasting for all of you, but could you please resume the exact arguments against her? I'll happily vote her once I can actually figure out what's going on.

  10. That's a pretty complex role to make up on the spot, don't you think? (especially considering the player in question is known to be mediocre)

    He even specifies the flavor name, which, judging from the fact he doesn't know anything about FiC, further makes him look like blundering town rather than scum.

  11. On 19/10/2019 at 10:09 AM, SageRhapsody said:

    Hi I'm vanilla town. The only reason I'm making this (useless) claim is to drive home the fact that I'm planning on being pretty passive early on due to two facts:


    1) I haven't played mafia in so long and I feel pretty rusty

    2) I'm working the whole weekend so I won't have much time to really go ham as I usually do early on


    Compounded with being vanilla town, that means that I have no real pressure to try all that hard day 1, until more info is presented, or someone actually brings up some substantial theories. 




    This could either be a blunder or scum, but either way I really, really don't like it.


    Unvote Walia

    Vote Sage

  12. People got salty in the Forged discord because until I owned a complete deck I picked fights where I stood a chance of winning.

    Blue-bloods with more participation points got salty in the Forged discord because both before and after I built the best deck I ravenously farmed my crops, grinning as the loop continued to spiral into even more chips (for both the consenting participants)!