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  1. Meme Format

    I may attempt to participate in this at some point - excited to see how this all turns out (and please post replays)!
  2. Banishing desires off desires is irrelevant, but banishing the majority of your monsters and in-engine S/T, leaving you with little to play with IS relevant. I would see the 39 card deck as the bonus and the extra yarded spell as the main draw, although I'd obviously be running upstart regardless in decks where LP isn't a deal-breaker (which is to say most of them because that's just how the game is nowadays).
  3. To the arguments on 2 or 3 desires, keep in mind that this legitimately depends on the deck - something like magicians should always be running three because it's a very turn 1 centric deck, and because it has no mass draw engine... meanwhile something like draco would be better off running two because it is incapable of resolving the second desires (the deck needs resources to keep on playing, and typically ''grinds'' over at least a few turns) and because it has a huge collection of draw engines that, together with the increased game length, make drawing multiple desires that much more of a problem. The most common arguments are: - Can your deck resolve the second copy of desires (MR4 Zoodiac could, as once you got to a certain point your deck was pretty much all just one card plays that don't rely on anything else being in your deck). - Does your deck frequently draw multiple copies of desires (at 3), be it from draw effects, game length, or both. To the arguments on upstart; people cutting it back then was, for the most part, silly (health almost irrelevant, engine consistency crucial, no real reason to over 40c for ratio fixing/engine size) - but now people play upstart for more than just the old reason of it being a deck thinner, they also play it because it gets you a spell in grave for your striker spells' additional effects.
  4. It probably doesn't include the newest cards (I'd imagine it only contains everything from CIBR and before). I'll go check to make sure.
  5. I think that allusions to goat format (for this example, meta-based control decks, but also many other archetypes) should probably be kept in a separate argument, as the two formats are so dynamically different that deckbuilding as a whole is radically altered. In goat format you actually have games where you frequently DRAW (and often do not immediately use) most of your deck (as opposed to banishing stuff or searching all your pieces), making the urgency of seeing key cards much lower and giving quite a bit more legitimacy to the argument of drawing multiples (if goat format were like current format, you'd just jam in three tsuks to see it ASAP and suck it up if you draw multiples). For example, this "grindyness" also to some extent further justifies concepts like threat density (notice how our control decks tend to open hands full of dead power cards early game? well... we just kinda have to run that many because games actually drag on for quite long, and the ability to outmatch your opponent in a long game tends to matter more in mirrors than having slightly more stable opening hands) that are practically nonexistent in current.
  6. persona 5 mafia aftergame

    Well, I'm obviously new to this game and all, but it was painfully obvious that silver was town, and lynching an ambiguous player vs lynching town seems like an easy choice... right? ...Or was your argument to lynch silver because he's low value to town and the info is worth more than his life? IDK, still sounds questionable at best from my perspective, although feel free to explain the details. Also D1 I wanted to vote for Mascis (but couldn't because the gamestate only offered two options), and IDK how the hell Malcolm was supposed to prove that he was neutral and not scum; this just makes no sense to me EV-wise (assuming malcolm has no logical proof and is just either playing with hidden info or gutreading) unless malcolm is scum and wants to defend a teammate (... IDR for sure, but malcolm was dubious even at the time so making these kinds of plays *should* make his case for town even worse, right; I mean, what kind of town would just try to highlight what's possibly the scummiest player as a neutral so that people don't lynch him???)
  7. Free Agent Recruitment Thread

    @Francis J Underwood Ok... so I'm going to point out that warring is in really, really bad shape right now, and tournaments are where it's currently at (in fact, primarily FL-based events); however, there are still ''warring teams'' who still spend time practicing and theorycrafting (and occasionally war). My team, Monsanto, would be interested in having you, and is much bigger than may appear on the thread because half of the team (and we even have unaffiliated players who are involved) isn't even interested in warring and just participates in the team's activities. If you're interested or have any further questions, feel free to PM me.
  8. Oh yeah, so, uh, the consensus is that Mascis is a neutral, right? What tells that away specifically (and not him being scum)?
  9. @rei Help! We need to, uh, know what the best girl votes are...
  10. his analysis* Oh how I miss editing...
  11. I guess crei really is a god if one of our go-to explanations comes from the semantics of analysis... I guess you can also make a case that even if we miss on mascis for a day, we can just get rid of him the next... and crei is technically a larger threat (if scum) by virtue of still having enough credibility, with skill, to wiggle his way out of the situation if we take too long.
  12. Although I'd very much like an explanation as to what makes him the shadiest person, silver's done his share of ''probably town'' things, and is almost just playing too poorly for scum to be believable (time will surely tell if he's lynchworthy, and we have bigger priorities).
  13. Oh well... VOTE Confuse rei. Not much anyone can do about it at this rate.
  14. WTF! Mascis may as well have admitted to not being town; why the hell aren't we lynching him! What makes crei more likely to be scum than him!
  15. (This is the post I mentioned before from page 10. "Jazz did this scummy thing. Jazz also did this scummy thing. However, he could totally be town lol." This is the kind of non-commital post I am expecting from scum. I think Silver is a good lynch today from my limited perspective.) I fail to understand how indecisiveness is a scum indicator in this context - being confident and projecting a clear impression grants more charisma, and this should benefit scum just as much as it does town; if anything being indecisive further reinforces that he's just bad town, because it shows that he's trying not trying to mislead and is portraying ''both sides of the story''. @Malcolm why do you think Mascis was a neutral as opposed to scum? Wow, so a train on crei just started; anyone want to enlighten me on that? Halfway through my read of the new content I would have just voted Mascis, seeing as silver seems like obvious bad town at this rate.
  16. I'll also try to take a look at all these floaters; see if any distinguish themselves more from the rest, although I know silver isn't well liked right now, and its probably for good reason.
  17. Holy crap... this is a lot to take in, and I'm not sure what to make of it. Jazz does admittedly have a certain dubiousness to him that would exemplify really good scum, but I totally lack the skill to be able to read him for certain; that aside, lots of people hate him out of principle so I'd take the current voting patterns with a grain of salt. Mascis profoundly confuses me, but judging from what happened with him the last game I saw, I just don't think he's readable at all. This whole ''trustlists are bad'' thing legitimately doesn't make sense to me; although you can make an argument that flooding the thread with shallow trustlists (although that applies to shallow anything) gives town appearance and has negative town EV... then again I just think I'll have to read all this a second time because I lack the IQ to process it all in one shot. My attempts at reads will come this evening; IRL reasons prevent me from being active most of the day.
  18. I don't see what's so wrong about letting Francis slide for now and allowing him to prove himself later this day phase. If he wanted to fluff all along, it'll be easy enough to prove.
  19. Hi guys! Something tells me I ought to try my luck with the most frightening figure I stumbled upon. - VOTE Francis as Best Girl
  20. Monsanto - (X) (X) (X) (X) (X) (X) (X) (X) Brandis72 - (X) (X) Blair - (X) (X) Morpp - (X) (X) LightenUpChuckles - (X) (X) (and more to come) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Workshop for Metalworker - ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ TheGoldenTyranno - ❤❤ Logannj111 - ❤❤ Koala - ❤❤ rei - ❤❤ BuildtheWalia - ❤❤ Audioslayne - ❤❤ spankthemonkey - ❤❤ Nick/NB96 - ❤❤ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- War Story None yet
  21. [Goat] Monsanto

    Backstory It is the year 20XX... except in this world, rather than make beings of its own image, man sought to reinvent itself. In a planet where the primary remaining auxiliary lifeform was the superweed, the solution became simple - to eat it. In this new age, the common man was degraded further - this time literally - into the sheep of capitalism. To keep this depraved ecosystem in place, the most gluttonous sheep were further meta-morphed into the Restrictors. The Restrictors, living beings covered in the eyes of misfortune, both consumed inferior animals, and protected them from others of their own kin... at a price. War Roster: Team Leader/CEO - Brandis72 Comité de Salut Public - Morpp - Blair - LightenUpChuckles - GoatPerspective Associates: Scientists - TheMTtakeover And more to come...
  22. [Goat] Monsanto

    RESERVED (Work in progress)
  23. Vanilla Mafia - Day 2

    Ah, noted, Jazz. Thanks for telling me!