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  1. LackeyDGZ Card Problems Thread

    Another request, Kamionwizard (Astral Pack 3) Also Witch of the Black Forest is another card not displaying an image, like Bracchio-Raidus.
  2. Retro Cube Draft

    Enjoy goat format? The original yugioh series? Drafting? Deck building? The idea of some of the coolest looking yet most impractical cards in the game finally getting their chance to shine? The idea of types and attributes having more than a fleeting relevance? The idea of seeing Roulette Spider resolve? If any of those apply, read further. This is a pet project of mine that brings together some things I've always wanted to do. Inspired by nostalgia for simpler times, the anime, Forbidden Memories, and more. I've roped people into doing this IRL a few times now and it's the most fun I've had playing this game in a long time. 1) Premise - Card pool based on goat format. - Some artistic license taken with the inclusion of OCG and anime cards. 2) The Cube - 450 cards. 300 monsters (50 of each attribute), 80 spells, 70 traps. See attachments, you can copy paste these into your Lackey deck folder to view the entire cube. - Highlander (no more than 1 copy of everything) at heart, but some license taken again for practical reasons. - All spells and traps are at 1, except Heavy Storm and Malevolent Catastrophe at 3 and 2 respectively to discourage setting your entire hand. - Dark, Earth and Light monsters are at 1 (with the exception of Manju at 6). - Fire, Water and Wind have some monsters at 2 and 3 due to the sparse availability of playable cards within those attributes. 3) Goat Format base rules - Common knowledge I hope? 4) MODIFIED RULES *ESSENTIAL READING* - Ritual and Fusion monsters are all considered 'Ritual' monsters and played in the main deck. - 'Ritual' monsters are NOT nomis and can be normal summoned, tribute summoned, set or special summoned like any other monster. - You can also 'Ritual' summon them from hand or graveyard by banishing monsters from your hand/field/graveyard whose type OR attribute match the ritual monster's, and whose total levels are greater than or equal to the ritual monster's. - This is an inherent summon mechanic; there are no ritual spells. - Example. I could banish Slate Warrior (Wind/4) and Masked Dragon (Dragon/3) from hand, field or graveyard to 'Ritual' summon Gaia the Dragon Champion (Wind/Dragon/7) from hand OR graveyard. 5) Drafting - Each player gets 4 packs of 16 cards. - Each round of drafting all players open a pack, take a card, then pass the pack to the next player until all cards are taken. - 4 rounds of drafting, alternating the passing direction clockwise/counterclockwise. - Each player ends up with 64 cards to construct a deck of 40 minimum. 6) LACKEY CUBE DRAFTING PROCEDURE *ESSENTIAL READING* A) Leader loads the complete cube as their deck. B) Leader conceals their hand from all players. C) Leader draws a pack of 16 cards. D) Leader drag and drops this pack to the hand of any empty handed player. DO NOT use /exchange as it will reveal the pack to the players between Leader and receiver. E) Repeat (C)-(D) until every player has a pack in hand. Leader opens the last pack by revealing their hand to themselves. F) Draft the packs. Each player moves a card to one of their hidden zones (Extra Deck or Side Deck), after which Leader passes the packs along with /exchange. G) Repeat (B)-(F) until all players have selected 64 cards, alternating cycles passing clockwise then counterclockwise. H) All players build a deck from their selected cards. I) It's time to duel! Comment if you have questions, suggestions, or any interest at all. Highlander_Complete.dek Highlander_Dark.dek Highlander_Light.dek Highlander_Earth.dek Highlander_Fire.dek Highlander_Water.dek Highlander_Wind.dek Highlander_Spell.dek Highlander_Trap.dek
  3. LackeyDGZ Card Problems Thread

    I don't think the Braccio-Raidus thing is a glitch, there's just no image file for that card in the folder.
  4. LackeyDGZ Card Problems Thread

    Some more requests, including the original Vermillion Sparrow (Astral Pack 8) Rose Spectre of Dunn (OTS Tournament Pack 5) Man-Eating Black Shark (Astral Pack 6) Mavelus (Astral Pack 4)
  5. LackeyDGZ General Discussion

    Great thanks, I'll be using them for a cube so they're not completely pointless.
  6. LackeyDGZ General Discussion

    How soon should I expect an irrelevant cardpool update like the one I requested to be implemented? If the process is what I imagine, I could offer to speed it up by doing some data entry.
  7. LackeyDGZ Card Problems Thread

    Graphics error, Bracchio-Raidus not displaying correctly. Also want to request the additions of Vermillion Sparrow (Astral Pack 8) and Rose Spectre of Dunn (OTS Tournament Pack 5)
  8. Custom Limited Yugioh Formats

    Floodgates aren't fun.
  9. Custom Limited Yugioh Formats

    Seems daunting at first but it's actually quite simple to install and use, I had it running within 5 minutes.
  10. Custom Limited Yugioh Formats

    I don't necessarily think BA is overpowered, but bumping Cir and Graff rarities would definitely be the best way for a small nerf. Scarm too arguably, that's the one that works best with discard costs or in a general grind situation (unless there's a Dante available to loop with Cir). It retains value even with non-BAs on field and regardless of your opponent's board. Also the only one that searches the archetype's power card, Tour Guide.
  11. Custom Limited Yugioh Formats

    I don't think it can be something like pendulums, Infernoid or Mermail because they work with the idea of redundancy for consistency, which falls down when mixed with other archetypes. For example Mermail only works because the entire monster lineup is water. As individual cards in a vacuum they are mostly vanillas, or even total bricks in the case of infernoids. Jurrac might be fun, with some of the new dino support there's certainly enough cards for it.
  12. Custom Limited Yugioh Formats

    Sorry I didn't make myself clear, when you said pick a card I assumed you meant to take a card from your hand within the game and drag it to your deck within the game. But how do you get your deck within the game into the deck editor?
  13. Custom Limited Yugioh Formats

    I experimented a bit with just 1 other person and the drafting seemed quite smooth. One thing we couldn't work out, once you have your deck in the game is there a way to export it back to the deck builder or would you have to do that manually?
  14. Custom Limited Yugioh Formats

    How are you supposed to draft using Lackey? At first glance there doesn't seem to be any interface for it, all it does is generate packs.
  15. Custom Limited Yugioh Formats

    Interested. I really enjoy drafting and limited deck building but in practice it's something I can rarely do. I'll download the app later and give it a go. Available most weekdays after about 18.30 GMT+1 if you want to test.