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  1. No Contest >>> Free Win RIP LPG no cry
  2. Can confirm. Went on DGZ and clicked without any protection and it started to download a program without my permission. Would highly recommend everyone use either Avast/Malwarebytes and do a full scan.
  3. The Official 2017 DG Fantasy Football Thread

    Zay Jones hype anyone?
  4. Max Suffridge Memorial Tournament

    Payment sent!
  5. Super Mario Odyssey

    Wind Waker is best Zelda.
  6. Free Agent Recruitment Thread

    You on the discord yet?
  7. Soccer

    Team USA
  8. Soccer

  9. March 2010 - Arvin Format

    https://www.duelingbook.com/deck?id=978508 Share it with everyone!
  10. The Official 2017 DG Fantasy Football Thread

  11. The Official 2017 DG Fantasy Football Thread

  12. March 2010 - Arvin Format

    While this is true, I would suggest everyone use proxies that are obvious as to not harm the format too severely. I myself use a pair of Red-Eyes B. Dragons in honor of proto-Arvin format (2009).
  13. TGT Presents Scum Adventure in Mafia Universe![Day 1]

    I'm going to bed. I'd like anyone who has doubts to go and re-read JC's posts throughout the game. The results should be clear as crystal.
  14. TGT Presents Scum Adventure in Mafia Universe![Day 1]

    1. No lynch to speak of. The only person who has put markus in a scum list is you. 2. Soph calling me out on a solitary post that, may I remind you, CAN be interpreted as a town thought. You're defending soph here, can't see why you'd do that unless you have a personal interest in his safety. 3. This point not only means nothing, but also refers to previous games, a big no-no in your book. 4. My main alternative there was Soph. 5. Legitimate question based on the game at that time. You're interpreting my posts as you see them now instead of what they were back then. 6. Cherrypicking. 7. Cherrypicking. 8. Cherrypicking. 9 + 10. Again, consensus at that time was extremely different from what the game is now. 11. Straight from your holy book: Scum does not like to point fingers, and likes to keep dissent and confusion at a maximum.
  15. TGT Presents Scum Adventure in Mafia Universe![Day 1]

    10 DRP the case is mainly built on the solitary interaction with Faint.