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  1. Star Wars Episode VIII - The Last Jedi

    Rotten Tomatoes? They're not known for their unbiased "consensuses"
  2. if you click on this topic you must post

    Is your name like the yugioh card?
  3. Thingyman's Mafia Universe Championship Season 5 Candidates Nominations

    Tyranno Gotta start the dynasty.
  4. Big P Mafia Sign-Ups

    You say "Do your research about my life! Get the facts straight!" when it's impossible for us to know what's going on in your life (partly because you're only sporadically available).
  5. Shit People Say In Discord

  6. Mini Mafia

    I was the hunter, although I guess Jazz defending me and then flipping seer happened it would be pretty clear who I was.
  7. Serious question - Yugioh deaths

    I wonder where you live...
  8. You're all fucking losers

    no u
  9. Poker Discussion Thread (and Library)

    If you're looking for bare bones "come in for a few rounds and leave" you can try Replay Poker. It has a fair amount of ring games, tournaments, and versions. You're given a set amount of chips (10k?) and can go to rings with various pot sizes / enter tournaments to gain more. Nothing special or fancy and the playerbase isn't something to commend but it's nice if you just want something to play poker on.
  10. Mini Mafia Signups

    In Top 5 baby!
  11. I am Kristopher Perovic.

    That's right. Did you think it was a coincidence that the first person to ask me where I lived I answered the exact same region as them? Do you think it is a coincidence that no one on this site has heard my voice? Did you honestly believe that my joining warring Season 1 was legitimate? That I only played in one war duel Season 1 and then proceeded to get more active once D.E.T.O.X. was disbanded? Do you know how hard it is for two mafia players to "connect" on their first game? Were you ever wondering why my ELO is so low? Goodbye.
  12. Big P Mafia - Day 2 - Sink or Swim

  13. most affordable Exodia pieces???

    Your best bet would be DLG1 or DB1.
  14. Do your cards mean anything to you?

    pedos smh