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  1. Forged in Chaos Mafia - Day 1

    You'd really put a vote on someone for this? I thought you played mafia?
  2. Forged in Chaos Mafia - Day 1

    Oh you don't get to pick, each question is randomly chosen
  3. Forged in Chaos Mafia - Day 1

    You could've left the second part out and caught a scum on page 2
  4. Forged in Chaos Mafia - Day 1

    --- Trivia Master's Trivia --- The King of Games must also be a student of the game. That means knowing the history of the game and its lore. You must be familiar with the old Champions and their decks, and you must be able to recall the names, effects, and artworks of important cards. In addition, we'll keep you on your toes with some non-Yu-Gi-Oh! questions, covering topics such as: - TV, Anime, Film - Science - Geography - History - Pop Culture - Jazz Facts (!)
  5. Forged in Chaos Mafia - Day 1

    Who wants to play some trivia?
  6. Forged in Chaos Mafia - Sign-Ups

    Tentatively in, midterms are next week so I might need to be downgraded to a sub
  7. hi

  8. Care Bears Mafia signups

    Just a heads up, recently found out that power will most likely be out in my area for the next couple of days or so. Thankfully not as bad as where Shane is but we're going to be getting potential 75mph gusts so they're gonna shut it off preventative.
  9. Care Bears Mafia signups

    Put me down as a sub
  10. Broken's Brilliant Game Part 2 Electric Boogaloo!

    vote mba We kill mba today, tyranno tomorrow.
  11. Broken's Brilliant Game Part 2 Electric Boogaloo!

    The NK on Jericho is bugging me. Fmpov he would've been one of the easier targets to mislynch and idk if him being nk'd for "being on the right track" is enough of a justification for it, especially if there are multiple mafia left. If mba is lying about being doc, wouldn't scum want to nk faint over everyone else? And if mba isn't lying about being doc, faint is the obvious heal so scum would nk someone else, but Jericho out of all players? Maybe "town tyranno" has something to do with it?
  12. Broken's Brilliant Game Part 2 Electric Boogaloo!

    Faint posts this at the start of the day and yet we still have ppl saying later on JC is “the last scum”??
  13. Broken's Brilliant Game Part 2 Electric Boogaloo!

    I disagree, there’s no way to prove one way or another that francis is a neutral outside of wasting a scan, so testing whether or not he’s deathproof would be the best chance we have of determining if he was lying about his overall alignment. I kinda based this thinking off of dgz mafia where nelrick claimed immortality and then BB immediately used a policy lynch on him, and it turns out he was lying.
  14. Broken's Brilliant Game Part 2 Electric Boogaloo!

    Since we probably have a town rb as well I'd rather not hammer, it's way too early. @JC.