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  1. スーパーウィーブーマフィア (Signups)

    哀兵必胜, 我们将赢得这场比赛!
  2. Laid back chill mafia Day 1

    The biggest scumslip was Tyranno not posting a music video the whole game
  3. Laid back chill mafia Day 1

    Idgi, a majority of malcolm's posts d1 read directly as "solstice is scum", and today he hasn't said anything that would make think he's changed his mind? The only post he's made at solstice was a jab at how solstice is scumreading him. He asked antag to vote for solstice or tyranno and also said he wouldn't mind killing tyranno d1, I would think that the only reason he didn't vote for tyranno was because he wanted solstice dead more (hence "antag going for tyranno over solstice interesting!").
  4. Laid back chill mafia Day 1

    Seems like he's still pushing for "solstice = scum" since that was the majority of his d1; given what we know (Tyranno = Scum which malcolm was right in suspecting, Solstice was NK target), I wouldn't support a lynch either way since it's a multiball setup. I'd be interested to see what @Faint has to say about this lynch and get a look into @Malcolm's suspicions of Faint more than anything rn.
  5. Laid back chill mafia Day 1

    I don't think Jazz technically made quota either, so I guess there wasn't a penalty for missing quota on d1. I'll definitely make it this day.
  6. Laid back chill mafia Day 1

    Interesting that this probably confirmed a multiball setup but only one NK was made. Could it be that the other factions don't really have nightkill abilities like normal mafia and only need to survive until they have a majority?
  7. DG Fantasy Football 2019

    Definitely in, just lmk the details.
  8. Laid back chill mafia Day 1

    THAT BEING SAID, this post kinda sucks. Antag’s fos on faint was at least a little suspicious, and you should try to communicate that more if you don’t think it was a fair attack. Not saying your overall conclusion of a null read is wrong (especially since there’s no other content from him to go off of), I just think how you got there was jumping a step or two.
  9. Laid back chill mafia Day 1

    Oh my sweet summer child I’m gonna participate this game, just you watch me. So you wouldn’t say this indicates a town tyranno if it’s how he usually plays? Does he play scum the same way? I think the best course of action is to basically disregard most of the content on page 1. I think reading too much into things like the shitpost votes and people getting in contact with other players to start the game is how mafia can jump in and try to dictate how the day plays out.
  10. Laid back chill mafia Day 1

  11. Laid back chill mafia Day 1

  12. Laid Back Chill Mafia

    Let me insert images and we’re good to go
  13. Reccomend me some summer video games

    http://prntscr.com/oek97y Congratulations.
  14. Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled

    Online racing no way