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  1. Whose cat is that?

  2. Daytrading free money thread

    I think the Wall Street Mafia discovered he cracked the code and he's been taken care of.
  3. YGOrg Bot

  4. post good examples of flavor

    I've never tried Food by Adidas™ but I can say that this is probably true
  5. post good examples of flavor

    Is this food made by adidas or something?
  6. Another day, another AMA

    is that like discount Mississippi oh god what would a discount Mississippi look like
  7. flacko ama

    p sure bones were mentioned somewhere in there
  8. Another day, another AMA

    what's the best canadian university?
  9. flacko ama

    no when you sleep make sure to keep an eye on your bones
  10. Ask Me Everything

    if there is no question mark on the end, it cannot be a question so sayeth someone, probably
  11. Ask Me Everything

    why is this in MY thread
  12. YGOrg Bot

    Wasn't it disabled because it was spamming new updates every five seconds? Why is it back?
  13. Ask Me Everything

    Sure Carl, you gotta eat to keep your strength up, man.
  14. Ask Me Everything

    Better get to it, there's a lot to ask.
  15. Don't Ask Me Anything

    Sounds like a fun game