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  1. Goat Duel Review Thread

  2. Ed Edd and Eddy Matrix6 Mafia[Day Two]

    @Wunterslaus You're back! Gimme your reads.
  3. Ed Edd and Eddy Matrix6 Mafia[Day Two]

    Do you even mafia?
  4. Ancient Gears Discussion

    After hours of intense theory discussion with @Gojira, we have discovered the tech of Card of the Soul being used to search Ancient Gear Beast.
  5. Ed Edd and Eddy Matrix6 Mafia[Day Two]

    And last, but not least, Papers, Please
  6. Ed Edd and Eddy Matrix6 Mafia[Day Two]

    Skyrim Overwatch Spend it all on Yu-Gi-Oh! cards that will be useless in 3-6 months Spend it all on virtual Yu-Gi-Oh! cards in Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links Civ IV Civ V Civ VI if you want to burn $80 lmao Witcher III MGSV Buy a gamecube and play melee Invest in a good/better PC Invest in the stock market Buy some bonds Create a 401k Pay your crippling debt Buy someone else's crippling debt Titanfall 2 Titanfall 1 for $2 I'll play it with you Borderlands (the whole series) Dishonored 1 and 2 PUBG Cuphead Rocket League Stellaris if you like getting fucked Hollow Knight Shovel Knight
  7. Matrix6 Mafia Signups(Working flavor idea ed edd n eddy)

    In, but I can't relate to the theme.
  8. The Official 2017 DG Fantasy Football Thread

  9. So people were actually messaging you?
  10. Barclays Premier League 2017/18

  11. Look at Yugi: he has friends and he is the King of Games Now look at Bandit Keith: He has no friends and he dies No contest.
  12. DuelistGroundz Hangover Mafia - Day Three

    I found the scum guys vote walia
  13. Shit People Say In Discord

    How the hell did I not immediately post this?
  14. DuelistGroundz Hangover Mafia - Day Three

    Fuck it I trust you. That claim was vague as fuck. vote tyranno