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  1. [Goats] Goat Gods vs Workshop for Metalworker

    Walia > Gift 2-0 Walia > Gift 2-1
  2. Which videogame do I play next?

    Isn't Enderal a complete redo of the game itself?
  3. Which videogame do I play next?

    91 active mods and counting, you can never have enough. If you need any recommendation lmk.
  4. Video Game club

    I don't have a PS4 but I'm down for just about anything on PC!
  5. TGT's Vanilla Mafia[Town wins]

    i am plant
  6. TGT's Vanilla Mafia[Town wins]

  7. TGT's Vanilla Mafia[Town wins]

    You only had 3 posts before this one.
  8. TGT's Vanilla Mafia[Town wins]

    @Faint If you're sticking with the Jazz lynch, what makes you think Para is town?
  9. TGT's Vanilla Mafia[Town wins]

    To be honest this whole jazz/paraliel feels manufactured, there's so much info/interactions that we're ignoring simply because we're getting split between the two. Faint's 180 on para, Soph's 180 on solstice, wunter's reason for voting solstice being "an inevitable lynch" all could be discussed if malcolm hadn't been nk'd.
  10. TGT's Vanilla Mafia[Town wins]

    Our Yugioh warring team.
  11. TGT's Vanilla Mafia[Town wins]

    Does that mean you think scum is hidden in the initial 3 Jazz votes?
  12. Please stop posting this. Someone who knows the answer will eventually post.
  13. TGT's Vanilla Mafia[Town wins]

    vote Solstice Given the two options I'd go with Solstice who has this post: which sounds like perfect info to me (calling para bad but neutral reading and not explaining why). @Wunterslaus You're the only active player without a vote now, try to get one in before the end of the day so we can have as much info to work with as possible for d2.
  14. TGT's Vanilla Mafia[Town wins]

    I agree, however isn't lynching for info something "DGZ meta" has turned away from in recent games?
  15. TGT's Vanilla Mafia[Town wins]

    Ok I think I'm caught up now. I wouldn't say jumping on the "easily mislynch" bandwagon is going under the radar.