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  1. TGT Presents Duelistgroundz Mafia Invitational(Town Won)

    So is this essentially Coronavirus Mafia 2: Electric Boogaloo?
  2. 12 Is there an exact start date, or just TBD?
  3. Tit for Tat Mafia “Aftergame”

    Yeah this setup was fun, I think we need more players for more activity though.
  4. British Cuisine Mafia Day 3(Lylo)

    Both seem like they are throwing shade at me for no applicable reason other than floata, but they haven't mentioned that fact very often. rei thinks I was shady from the get-go which seems suspect to me as he had little information to go on. Rum just seems like he's safely poking at whoever happens to be on the chopping block, which is also suspect but could also just be residual ToS playing habits.
  5. British Cuisine Mafia Day 3(Lylo)

    @SageRhapsody Have any new info/analysis for us?
  6. British Cuisine Mafia Day 3(Lylo)

    Both of these posts communicate to me that Sage is actually busy as fuck but is attempting to solve the game the best they can. Maybe this is a town soul read but I'm sticking with it.
  7. British Cuisine Mafia Day 3(Lylo)

    Vote Solstice
  8. British Cuisine Mafia Day 3(Lylo)

    I don't think you can say this now, Sage has more than enough posts.
  9. British Cuisine Mafia Day 3(Lylo)

    Anybody have an unofficial vote count?
  10. British Cuisine Mafia Day 3(Lylo)

    Don't know why you're suggesting I'll be modkilled when there's 5.5 hours left in the day. Scummy behavior much?
  11. British Cuisine Mafia Day 3(Lylo)

    No, you really don't have explain. This is lazy as fuck logic and really speaks to me as "I don't really want to critically analyze the game as I have perfect info." Yeah, like I said again this is just very suspect and lazy of Solstice to just throw out there "rei's good so it has to be him, right?!". Additionally though, rei's analysis of the TGT NK does seem to a bit iffy. I agree that he wasn't the best NK choice and I find it odd that he was killed so early. This post just seems like more straw-grasping at best. Firstly, I don't think that scum would have immediately NKed TGT if they thought he had inadvertently outed himself as a PR, while also communicating that they noticed him doing so. This line of play makes zero sense to me and seems risky as fuck for no reason. Secondly, I think that going into meta analysis is a fruitless effort if other players weren't in those other games.
  12. British Cuisine Mafia Day 3(Lylo)

    Yeah I just have PTSD from ToS hammers.
  13. British Cuisine Mafia Day 3(Lylo)

    That would hammer us though, and I'd rather not do that since EoD's are usually very explosive/telling.
  14. British Cuisine Mafia Day 3(Lylo)

    This is what I struggle with as well, not exactly sure if this means we're correct or not. I think either way she should sub because it doesn't seem like she's having the best time in either case.
  15. British Cuisine Mafia Day 3(Lylo)

    Could you just be less float-y then? Or explicitly tell me why you're not scum and why Solstice is scum?