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  1. March 2010 "Edison" Format

    Just stopping by to share a few deck lists and hopefully spark a little discussion on this fantastic format. Standard Disaster Dragon: Fun and the recommended choice again a Blackwing and Monarch heavy meta. Light & Disaster: My favorite of the two variants and the most solid against a Quickdraw and Anti-meta heavy meta, not amazing against Monarchs but Fiendish Chain can get you there. I feel multiple burst breath is very noteworthy in this list for the following reasons. It kills almost every thing in the format even when tributing a small dragon, it lets you dodge Prison, Bottomless and Fiendish Chain. Finally and this comes up more than you would think, it lets you tribute your LADD as a cost if they get it low and try and run it over for the board nuke. Flamvell: First off, shoutouts to Soul for the initial concept. I really like the Flamvell engine but everyone always seemed to add so much unneeded fat to the deck in Caius, Cydra, Cat engines etc. But I noticed Soul testing a list that was far more streamlined so I decided to give it a go and after a month of testing this is what I believe is the perfect result. I love that it has the strong 9 card first turn sets, I feel they are particularly strong in this deck because you have the Fiendish Chains to protect them from the feared Caius and Ryko and they all have synergy with your Flamvell engine. I also love how easy it is to hide Jar in this deck. Spell lineup is all pretty self explanatory. I will point out that Trunade has far more purpose in this deck than most, it does the standard blowing away of backrow but it also extends my control by blowing back dead Fiendish Chains (This happens all the time) and turning off my own Oppression. The Trap lineup is also self explanatory but again I will explain Trap Stun. I have discussed this with Soul briefly on DN, and he is adamant that I should play Dust Tornado over Stun because of the Ryko problem. I will grant him that a Trap Stun facing down a Ryko is way worse than Dust Tornado but I think Stun has more versatility and power in almost every other situation. I enjoy the blanket coverage over a 4 back row field, I don't have to guess the threat, or lets say if I go Rekindling and they Oppression, if I just have dust down and they then have Bottomless I'm fucked but not with Stun. It also turns off my own Oppression, play aggressively with Fire Dog etc.sively Fiendish Quickdraw: Saving the best for last is my Quickdraw list, I really do think this is the most well thought out and tested variant out there. There is too much to say about this deck for one post so feel free to fire away with any explanations you need. The long and short of it is Fiendish fixes all the weak points the deck had, and as you can see I favor Trap Stun in this as well as it suits the aggressive nature I play the deck with.