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  1. Moderator Drive - May 2018

    I know I'm not a good person to be a mod But Cameron Is an amazing mod I recommend him to anyone. He's been a mod for other discords and he's just cool
  2. Flaws of Goat Format. What would you change about it?

    Tbh how do you get better at those decks sure I can side in my neko mane kings and my threatening roars but if I don't draw them and they have the combo to win well i'm out of luck. there would be nothing I can do to win at that point. Plus I know that goat format that standard goat is geared to beat other goat decks but I wouldn't mind side deck cards still geared to certain other decks that don't play by themselves even if it's only a 5 percent win rate increase.
  3. Flaws of Goat Format. What would you change about it?

    The reason ill ban all alt win ftk and otk decks is so I dont have to side for them and then my side deck can be geared to other decks
  4. TGT Presents Scum Adventure in Mafia Universe![SignUps]

    Im down to join any number
  5. DGz Live 207: April 2005 pre-CRV (10/14/17)

    I'm in pretty cool right? Remember the better you are the harder you get sacked DB name JosephJoestar
  6. DGz Hangover Mafia Signups

    Ill join
  7. DB JosephJoestar Discord Mickey#2287
  8. Flaws of Goat Format. What would you change about it?

    I would ban every otk ftk alt win decks
  9. A good card too add to goat to make it better mhhh Well Gadgets because thats a pretty cool deck sadly its not in goats xd
  10. Free Agent Recruitment Thread

    DGZ name: Mickey Discord name:Mickey Formats:Both Activity: I will be allot more active than the last one If I finally understand how forums work. Well I've been trying to get better for goats for a very long time and I do think I have improved a Good amount so recruiting me wouldn't be too bad. The biggest problem about me that I can't get around If I think my opponent is ALLOT better then me i'll start miss playing no matter how hard i try to get out of the habit.