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  1. Domain

    Foolish burial is better than Armageddon Knight. Strategy is best served using your normal summon for a tribute summon. Although you are trying to build domain monarchs, I highly encourage you to try out a build centered around Mega Zaborg. Mega Zaborg is potent because he can single handedly deprive all LINK monsters from the extra deck.
  2. Why sure. I joined the Goat Format discord server to learn goat format and the members were on about DGz warring season, where duels in modern format and goat format take place. I then proceeded to create an account here.
  3. Make Fire King Great Again

    You need Droll and Lock Bird and/or D.D. crow for the Spyral matchup. And 3 Wolfbark when you have 3 Tenki to search them and Circle and Call to Revive them is a no no. Gorilla is considerably worse than generic backrow removal. Spell speed 1, eats up the normal summon, dies to reactive backrow, and stopped by MST/twin twister/cosmic cyclone on Tenki. While it can search a fire formation from the deck, it does not offset its shortcomings. Run Fire King Island too since it is a better version of Yaksha and your main way to gain card advantage. Earthbound Immortal Ccaryhua may be better than Sacred Phoenix in tandem with Fire King Island. Activate Island, destroy Ccaryhua from hand, nuke the field and search for a Fire King monster. Fiendish Chain should be replaced with more relevant cards like Bewildering Wind or Supply Squad. Your extra deck should consist of the best rank 4s you can get your hands on along with some Link monsters that don't require many monsters to bring out. You only need 2 copies of Tiger King.
  4. I joined Duelist Groundz because it is a medium where serious discussions about yugioh can take place, and the established members for the most part are mature and competent enough to help new members improve their skill as a duelist without nonsense. Topics here that pertain to health and fitness are a good way to get to know members as people rather than duelists.
  5. March 2010 "Edison" Format

    Lightsworn is not worth playing in Edison format. The last f/l list neutered that particular archetype the most. Lumina, charge, and Necro Gardna are some of Lightsworn's best cards and Konami acted accordingly. Disaster Dragon does not have Pot of Duality or Effect Veiler. Without these cards, you are forced to stick to a LADD build with Totem Dragon. You also don't have as much versatility in synchro summoning due to not having Delta Flyer and the restriction on Totem Dragon. I think the deck can work if it incorporates techs like Royal Oppression and Burst Breath to counter the faster decks of the format. Burst Breath is a neat card, it works well with Red-Eyes Wyvern. A Blue-Eyes Exodia deck is about using spells to draw through your deck, with the addition of Super Rejuvenation. It is pretty consistent for an FTK deck but risky. If it does not draw through the deck in 1 turn, it will for sure lose the duel and if it goes second against any deck with disruption, it will also lose. Here are a bunch of Dragon Exodia decks and their duels. There are no deck profiles shown, but that's not necessary as they draw through their entire deck in the duels shown in the video. Be sure to add Royal Magical Library to the deck, since the players in the video are not running it for some reason.
  6. March 2010 "Edison" Format

    I was originally running Royal Oppression in place of Black Horn. Is Dimensional Prison still stronger that format?
  7. March 2010 "Edison" Format

    This is my take on an Edison format decklist. https://imgur.com/MZ6dX3y
  8. Perfect Circle

    Scapegoat is used to summon Destiny Hero Plasma. A walking skill drain/Relinquished is nothing to scoff at and if you don't have Plasma you can still use the sheep tokens as a defensive wall.
  9. This card is about as good in Shaddolls as Wonder Wand is in Gravekeepers. Your deck already has 3 Predaplant Scorpio, Kuribandit, and the Zoodiacs as your normal summons. A spellbook engine only provide deck thinning power at the cost of field presence and more normal summons. As for triggering Shaddolls' effects, there are better alternatives. Fusion spells for one. If you are running the Predaplant engine it's in your best interest to bump Cobra to 2. That way if you draw 1 you can simply pitch it to summon the other one from your deck, and any extra predaplants will serve as fodder for Winda.
  10. How about the TCG game then? Now that I think about it, the video game isn't really comparable.
  11. I was originally going to put a poll up and write a thorough OP, but the Submit Reply button crapped out on me. If @Mascis is saying that the OP is wrong, then he is a fool. It's beyond the shadow of a doubt that yugioh requires more skill than both the pokemon TCG and the video games. Yugioh has spells and traps which add a whole new dimension to the game, and mistakes in yugioh are associated with more severe repercussions. By that I mean in pokemon you can't lose all your monsters in 1 fell swoop like you can to a Scarlight Red Dragon Archfiend or a Gandora, Dragon of Destruction. The slower pace of pokemon battles compared to yugioh duels is implicit in that fact. There is some thinking required to do pokemon battles and assemble a team of pokemon, but saying that it requires more skill than yugioh dueling and deckbuilding is incorrect.
  12. Fiendish deck

    Your deck needs a focus tbh. If you like Yubel for example, you put in 3 Yubel and 1-2 Terror Incarnate and Ultimate Nightmare depending if there's a risk of banishing copies (i.e. if you opt to put in Pot of Desires). You would also put in things like Limit Reverse and Savage Colosseum to make it easier to trigger Yubel's effect. If you decide to become competitive, then there are fiend decks like Burning Abyss that fit your favorite theme. Deck profiles of these are online. If you simply throw your favorite cards into a jumbo then you are going to get awkward hands, and opening like that is not "having fun."
  13. Dumb reply #1. Instead of posting insight on which game requires more skill you post this drivel.
  14. I must say that Yugioh trading card game requires more skill than Pokemon video games, to say nothing of the card game. Building a complete deck demands more insight than assembling and optimizing a team of 6 pokemon. Furthermore, mass destruction like Black Rose Dragon bring forth a whole new dimension into field control and advantage in yugioh compared to winning pokemon battles.
  15. Fire Kings

    Don't cut Ccaryhua, it makes Fire King Island into a Final Destiny with no cost. Try to find room for Rekindling, it wins games and will be live considering you will be destroying your Barongs and Yakshas much faster with the field spell.