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  1. Network Marketing. The way to make money young.

    you stupid lazy fuck life
  2. plaguespreader zombie

    there is a zombie cat hybrid gb deck in japan that is suprisingly consistent. based around zombie master, plauge, mezuki and a few others, designed to have fast synchro summons. prone to bad hands but when it goes off...
  3. So The Next Big thing...

    Call it Cornarch one more time and I'll drag you back to Pojo. GB to win the format, LS to be the 'nearly deck' again. I never been on pojo. thats what its called around here.
  4. So The Next Big thing...

    no, I been in fayetteville the past month. omega comics here, always 20+ high school kids.
  5. So The Next Big thing...

  6. So The Next Big thing...

    GA. and my win record with this new deck is 18-2.
  7. So The Next Big thing...

    Yeah, Glads aren't to sneeze at, but I played the hell out of it and I know the ins and outs. I played a Dark Dive Bomber OTK deck in my last semi-final at locals. It was actually REALLY good, won 4-1, but I won 2-0 with Dark Synchro. But the only major flaw with the deck, is opening hands, if you dont get a decent one you lose. But the deck has a good win ratio with just decent hands.
  8. So The Next Big thing...

    Even with Samnite/Cat engine, Lightsworn and Dark Synchro (my builds anyway, I been conferring with people) don't have too much trouble. Even Cornarch has been making a comeback. In my meta, half run Rescue Cat Glads(or some variant) Everyone else runs Cornarch, PC, LADD PC, Lightsworn, Zombie Sworn, Twilight, few plants and burn, blackwing burn, dark blackwing synchro, one guy runs Diamond Priest Turbo (with Proxys) which is incredibly good and fast.
  9. most of that stuff is unfavorable or scams but right now im rising really quick and its great to make money in my particular company. its a way to be a job. anyone want to know more?
  10. So The Next Big thing...

    I've seen everything from Rescue Cat/Zombie Glads to Dark Plant Burn since the banlist. But the thing is... They win games. The are consistent. And They are good. When SJC's and OP finally gets rolling in the next month or so, what do you think is gonna be in the TOP 4? We havent had this much diversity since the Aug 07 list but its more fun.
  11. $50 billion fraud alleged

    so we have the greatest frauder in history. if I were him I'd get a face change and disappear with as much money as I could in umbrella swiss accounts. he had to realize he would e found out.
  12. Player's Choice Sleeves?

    Never been to an SJC before, wouldn't have a clue. Thanks though. I've been to over 7 SJC's and 2 Nats, so trust me on this. Get to vendors EARLY if you want white PC/KMC sleeves. They have every other color imaginable through the day but white is hardest to get.
  13. Player's Choice Sleeves?

    I have KMC White Sleeves sealed up, 60 a pack.
  14. Harris Dad or Tsang Dot Deck? Which is better?

    I am 50-50 if I am going to the shonen or not. But if you were going to a Shonen or whatever the hell Konami will add, would you really run Tsangs deck or a variant on it, or Harris's? shonens are all about speed and consistency. I would run a Tsang Variant due to the speed, but make it slightly more defensive. would like to see Kirchmairs variant too, solemnless.
  15. I tested the hell out of both of these decks, and they beat bellido and ceasers tele variants easily. which is better overall? I think Tsang has more explosiveness, but I dont like reckless or mallet. I reteched it though, it even beats Harris's build 12-3 with my tech. But Harris is more consistent and gets Black Rose Often. Tsang you have to have good bluffing skills to make them think you have roar or reckless.