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  1. Star Wars Episode VIII - The Last Jedi

    the potential i mentioned was generally speakin; the theories may be a few, but there's still many ways the movie can go + maybe u had nothin to theory or talk about when u finished the movie, but myself + the people i went with did if u check the vid i hyperlinked with the snook/luke theory, it's not as far fetched as you'd think; there's also more than just that 2
  2. ACP's Goat Manifesto, ed. MMF

    good read
  3. thx

    haha! nice one, for an administrator u sure kno ur stuff!! XDD
  4. thx

    :100: appreciate LOL! kk Xd proof of either plz? XD
  5. thx

    we out gotta appreciate the tyrants round here, didn't kno moddin was as ez as kick solves all haha also gotta appreciate how cancer yall can be when yal generalize a team appreciate the constant shit talk on bc, then the kicks afterward when we tryna defend ourselves XD time 4 the shoutouts: s/o to markus, heard u was mentally retarded cus u was deservedly gettin yo ass beat irl; take care, hopefully u dont keep runnin out teams the way yo pathetic ass do XD s/o to mmf, u can be cool big fella, thought it was ironic how u was distressed bout mark situation cus every1 tried bannin dude MOSTLY cus they just DISLIKED mark as a person but then u become a hypocrite and just start kickin anyone THE MOMENT YOU CAN that u dont like; appreciate the justice s/o to digbic, worst mod i ever knew; being the most trigger-happy mod on dgz is sayin somethin. hopefully u and sage can work sumn out cus yall niggas obviously gay for each other XD s/o sage, even tho like 1-2 out of 10 members of bc got on u for being a pussy bout the whole mark situation, im glad u found it upon yourself to then generalize everyone in bc as a bunch of pathetic trolls XD. especially when i was kicked for no reason then u tried claimin i deserved it for trollin at that situation, then when i asked for proof you told me to stfu im irrelevant XDD s/o loli, yo c/p gallery of generic insults was truly interestin to read; appreciate the input bigfella s/o wgm, gl with lpg war buddy, i'm sure the 0-2 start is a fluke; you'll get em next time! XD s/o me., i didn't kno u personally but i saw you mute people who was defendin an unjust kick. glad ur contributing to standards of bullshit that dgz mods have in place Xd; hav fun farmin the same scrubs for elo! UNFORTUNATELY, i never got the opportunity to know the rest of yall; dgz runs out people too guick for me 2 get chance to xd ironically tho, dgz gets rid of any outsiders (especially dnf folks) too guick for me to know anyone else besides the cesspool of garbage that been floatin on dgz for years it's hilarious how everyone who unjustifiably hated on all of bc were all trigger-happy mods who got no self control XDD no wonder dgz is dying ONCE AGAIN; have fun duelin the same 3-4 people in one format, maybe yall will beat this seasons individual playoffs by having only 2 people qualify instead of 3 Xd (dont get me wrong tho, not all of dgz is bad; im sure there were a few folks who was actually cool, and for those folks, i gotta say GL Xd)
  6. hi

    how ya fellas doin