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  1. who the hell hacked kp

    Hello friends, I am here today to address something that had been going around for while. Someone has hacked Kris "use my dice app while I play infernities" Perovic's duelingbook account. When this happened, I was blamed for hacking him even though I JUST got back in the discord scene. However, I am here to show that it WASNT me. I will disprove the following reasons on why people think it's me. s/o silver, he hates scummy shit thx for doing justice bro 1. My duelingbook account got banned and some of my alts yes i understand that since my main db acc and some of my alts got banned then it looks like it was me, etc. HOWEVER, if it was REALLY me, all my alts would be banned and also some other people's accounts (example: carl) because it wouldve shared the same ip. The reason why my main account got banned and some of my alts was because the person who ACTUALLY did it was on my accounts cuz we shared a tight group chat. Also, ALL my alts woulda got banned if it was me... 2. I had a picture of kp holding a fish as my discord pfp cmon now.... really? I had this pfp for so long (like a bunch of months before he got hacked) and this is a bad reason to think it was me tbh 3. I got no beef with this dude i never really had a problem with kp why the hell would i hack him lol. i respect him for being a good player and hope he comes back to the scene! So the question is "if jay didnt do it? WHO DID IT!?!?!" and no it was not nicey, that dude dont even play yugioh. The person who hacked kris "i robbed konami ;)" perovic is BURGN (also goes by "burgundy"). this person ACTUALLY had beef with kp. one night, kris "i wasnt spying" perovic was playing a goat match with burgundy (who was our friend at the time) and burgundy completely washed kperovic and after that it got a little heated between them where they started making pastebins on each other and kp was getting heated in one of our group chats with the attitude that burgundy had or something etc. This was the last goat match kp ever played i believe because he just completely stopped afterwards, thats how bad he got beat. https://www.duelingbook.com/replay?id=6841049 (the ultimate match) https://pastebin.com/6V9YjCaB (pastebin #1 by kp) https://pastebin.com/q9n4L0kQ (pastebin #2 by burgundy/burgn in response) https://pastebin.com/ndAR2qfq (pastebin #3 by kp in response to burgn's response) so this is how the "beef" btwn them started and how kp retired. now youre probably wondering "woah dude what the hell man this is crazy i never knew burgn and burgundy was the same person" yea bro they got like super similar names. "does burgn/burgundy have any correlation with andrew bergen?" idk the answer to this question because i never knew who burgn ACTUALLY was so maybe it could be or maybe not who knows. we can talk about this later jazz was thinking that this burgn/burgundy character was just one of our alts or something, but NO its not and jazz tried to prove this case by first, ip banning burgn off the discord and then kicking nicey. by doing this, if nicey is not able to join back the server, then he is definitely burgn since they'd share the same ip. nicey came back, so its not him. then jazz tried to do this to me but i also came back so its not me. so that beats the case that burgn is one of our alts or whatever. when burgn was IN the format library server he literally explained everything there and what he did and HOW he did it so how the hell can ppl think i still hacked kp? thats actually insane. now back to the andrew bergen thing... i really really hate blaming ppl for stuff they may have not done or not be associated with (s/o morpp for doing this all the time) but there IS something fishy here so dont blame me for this one; 1. "bergen" "burgn" "bergy" "burgundy" cmon now lol this is kinda weird that they all got like super similar names and all and ive never seen them interact EVER other than that one day where burgn made his return after he hacked kp but ill get into that later. but cmon, same names is kinda weird but its not the only reason i think he might be burgn 2. they both have doom pfps andrew bergen has had a doom pfp or multiple doom pfps on discord and so has burgn who also has/had doom pfps... this kinda fishy cuz how you gonna have the same names and same pfps cmon now theres no way this can be a super big coincidence the chances of it happening are like slim to none lol... 3. they have never interacted except once have yall ever seen bergen and burgn interact? no i dont think so because ik for sure ive never seen it EXCEPT when burgn came back on 5/17/2019. he challenged burgn to a match or something but it never happened...weird and i will post the screenshots below with all the other screen shots and you guys lmk what u think now im sorry for attempting to blame someone but i just want yall to know i am NOT burgn and i did NOT hack kp so hopefully this can be convincing... also before ppl say "you were friends with burgn on discord" yea i was because he had a private server that was pretty tight and only select members were in there whos names i will not reveal but they are all in FL and GF servers and they know who they are so i wasnt the only guy who spoke to burgn also, you might ask why was burgn ever in your acc in the first place? he got decks, played some matches and spectated on my account before and all my alts and main acc have the same exact password so he went on some of my alts to spectate sometimes too, idk why but i never cared cuz its alts lol thank you for coming to my ted talk!! ill see u soon! goodnight america! if u made it this far.... new post coming soon
  2. Hello everyone, long time no talk. It's been a while since I've made a post, but something urgent has arise that called for my expertise. As some of you guys may have noticed, a swarm of second generation "dbbots" have infiltrated the format we all know and love. Clearly the mastermind behind this took influence from the king of shenanigans, Kris "use my dice app" Perovic. Before you panic, my specialized team for data retrieval and I have formulated a method towards discovering the culprit; Angus Lam himself. Ever since the beginning of time, the question which left prominent philosophers Nietzsche, Plato, and Aristotle dead in their tracks was, "which no life (of presumably Canadian-descent), would have such a yearning to improve their mediocre skills to collect replays under the alias of 'bot'". Although the greats of the past left this question unanswered, I took it upon myself to investigate the evidence necessary to unveil the greatest mystery of man-kind. Through blood, sweat, and tears, the grit of my effort finally started to produce fruit when I noticed a correlation between the login/out times of the bots, and our first suspect - Angus "where are my twitch viewers" Lam. After noticing such a coincidence, I decided to risk my own safety to ask Lam himself, "are you the bots?". Upon receiving my message, Angus "I shuffled back 2 TD" Lam went offline or invisible; a natural response for the guilty. Nonetheless, thanks to my training, I maintained my composure. Shortly after, Angus "I solemn'd decree" Lam replied really aggressively, as if I was the cause for all of his failures in Yu-Gi-Oh, and life. It was then I pondered the question, "y he mad?'. I continued my research and cumulatively compiled an irrefutable case for Angus "Angel Chaos is T0" Lam's conviction. First of all, morpp was the first person to blame me and nicey OUTTA NOWHERE for being the bots even though we haven't done anything: "hurr durr lemme blame nicey and jayy for being the bots for no reason just because I dont like them then ill add that its for reasons i cannot share so people will NEVER think its me" I'm on to you Morpp... this screenshots obviously raises red flags cuz he was already the suspect for being the bots so saying that is kind of.... odd... Special shoutout to WGM.....#4Hunnids As days passed by I began to realize a pattern that the bots and morpp's log off time were ALWAYS in a 20-30 minute range which is an obvious thing to do if you're the bots because you obviously don't want to log off at the same time or else you're basically showing that you're the bots. Furthermore, these bots are not even watching morpp's duels and NO BOTS watched the WGM vs Morpp duel and WHY THE HELL would anyone want to miss that.... unless.... the person who was playing could be the bots.... weird. On stream, before he started putting passwords in his duels, the bots would never watch him, they still don't. I started to ACTUALLY watch this dude's streams and goddam theyre so wack but I was watching them to try and get more info. There was this one day (ill find it later) he was streaming where his stream was going really laggy and it kept crashing, which doesn't usually happen but it was happening. I logged on to db and I see all the bots online which was making me think a little bit "maybe he's not the bots after all"? Then after more and more lag on his stream he said "hold on lemme try this to fix it" and then he did something and BOOM all the lag was gone and his stream was in good quality again and then I check to see what the bots are doing and they're ALL OFFLINE ALL OF A SUDDEN.... WEIRD!!! After this I was almost 100% certain he is the bots. Then one day... he slipped up completely.... I caught him logging off the bots and his main account at the same time which definitely sealed the deal. Thank you for coming to my ted talk. Happy 4th of July. Goodnight America. if u made it this far.... part 2 coming soon.... "who hacked kris perovic?"
  3. Sky Striker - Deck Discussion

    I didn't find the invoked engine to be that good. What we decided to do was play 3 terraforming with with 1 meltdown 1 aleister 1 invocation and 1 book of law and it just wasn't that great. Yes going first you get to open raidjin mechaba but aside from that theres nothing else it provides for you, maybe even a random Purgatrio otk but in all it was just inconsistent and pure striker can just do better with their own cards.
  4. Goat Gods The Hitters: Jayy#6001 / Noxjja Nicey#7750 / Nicey gift#1968 / gift prowaite#1355 / carl waite War Record:
  5. How to Start a Team

    Team Name: Goat GodsFormat: GoatThe Hitters: Jayy#6001 / Noxjja Nicey#7750 / Nicey gift#1968 / gift prowaite#1355 / carl waite
  6. This past weekend I visited NJ to attend the YCS. I've been planning to go to this event for a while with Pure Brandish and been testing the deck for a really long time. After a whole month or so of testing and finalizing the deck, I was so confident that I would top this event. Fast forward to the night before the event, I room with my family (PPG) hoping I'd learn some stuff off their decks, playtest and get an idea of what the tournament may look like. It ended up being the complete opposite, I learned nothing, barely play tested and didn't really get an idea of what the tournament might end up looking like because nobody was 100% prepared. This event was gonna take place with the new End-Of-Match-Procedure rules and I had no idea how it was gonna work out but I believed that I could just end up winging it and I'll learn along the way since I was still a little confused about it. It was 6am and I haven't slept for about 20 hours and I attempted to sleep but I just couldn't. When I got to the event the first person I saw there was Based Loli and he didn't know what I looked like since we only interact through facebook and discord. He was extremely shocked that I was not black for some reason and offered me cookies made by his girlfriend. But event started like an hour later so I'll go through my rounds and matchups/interesting moments. Round 1 (0-0): Gouki G1: He wins the dice-roll and chooses to go first. I open no hand traps and he normal summons Gouki Suprex and I knew I was fucked. He does the full Gouki U-board combo. I draw for turn, realize I can't win, I move on to game 2 deciding not to reveal what I was playing. When he was doing the combo something felt off because I've seen this combo go off a million times I think he messed up somewhere but had the extender to fix it up so I immediately assumed that he just wasn't that good. G2: I open pretty well, he had no hand traps and I ended on multi-roll, anchor, strike, Shizuku (with rei in grave), and ash in hand. During the end phase I searched engage with shizuku and I pass. He opens marauding captain I chain anchor to negate it, he passes turn. During my turn I was able to plus off my engage and deal some damage over marauding captain. I set more backrow and ended on shizuku again and searched cannon and pass. He realizes he cannot win this game so he scoops and we move on to game 3. G3: He opens junk forward, activates suprex and summons a gouki and on summon I activate cherries to get rid of his Isolode. He had another extender in hand still managed to end on a pretty good board of knightmare link monsters but nothing too hard to get rid of. I open pretty well, I activated rota to search for rei, activated upstart goblin followed by foolish goods dumping my engage so I can grab it back with kagari. His monsters weren't able to be target or destroyed by card effects or destroyed by battle so this was a little bothersome. I active hornet, link into kagari, grab engage, search shark cannon and draw a card. I activated cannon grabbing one of his link-2 monsters in grave then summoning rei into borreload dragon. I took his knightmare goblin with my borreload so his monsters wouldn't be co-linked anymore so they lose their secondary protection effects and attack over another one of his monsters by reducing it by 500 atk points with borreload effect. I link into Knightmare unicorn shuffling away his phoenix. I don't remember much of what happened in the turns after but went a little back and forth. We were both still pretty high on life and there was more than enough time on the clock. I started gaining control of the game. He draws for turn, he has 3 cards in hand. He twin twisters me and I was just completely shook because I didn't think he'd keep that in going first. However I didn't mind because he only had 1 card in hand and I still had more resources then he did. He activates the soul charge that he top-decked and makes a crazy board and I just didn't have enough to come back from it and he kills me the turn after. I was hella tilted. Round 2 (0-1): Paleozoic G1: Round 2 starts my opponent wins the die-roll and chooses to go first. He summons swap frog and I already knew I was gonna win this round because I played this matchup a lot against my friends so I knew exactly how to play it. He ends up setting 3 to his backrow and passes turn. He activates Anti-Spell Fragrance on my draw phase I chain twin twisters popping 2 of his sets then I jamming wave the 3rd set and play free. I negate the swap frog that he summons on his turn so he couldn't get access to toad. He sets 2 to his backrow and passes turn. I link into kagari and bait a strike. I normal summon rei do some damage and use its eff go into shizuku and do more damage. He summons swap frog again I chain impermanence and he scoops. G2: He opens desires, I had no hand traps or twin twisters so I knew this was gonna be a little tough he summons swap sends roning sets 5 and passes turn. He flips Anti-Spell again and I knew I would have to grind this one out. After a bunch of turns I managed to get rid of his Anti-Spell but now he was sitting on a toad and dupe frog and I was lower on life points but I knew I can probably grind this one out. I look at the clock and I see that we have less than 5 minutes so I just decide to scoop and move on to game 3 to prevent any draws. G3: I open double twin twister so this game was just wraps. On his end phase I activate both and he gets angry as shit. On my turn I used my field spell effect excavating the top 3 cards of my deck and he notices that my rota was hobby league or something and I had no idea what that meant or if I did anything wrong and he was saying how I'll get dq'd for playing with a hobby-league card so I might as well just give him the win instead of getting dq'd. I replied with the famous quote "You must be retarded" (s/o Kamal). He calls judge and the judge says that it's okay but I should switch it anyways to prevent any further problems. One of the players sitting next to me gave me his and said I can keep it. I have no idea who he was but thanks a lot. Fast forward, I win the match because I was way higher in life points and I most certainly would've won regardless. Round 3 (1-1): Altergeist G1: Round 3 starts, I lose the die-roll again and he chooses to go first. He summons meluseek links into linkuriboh searches multi-faker sets 4 and passes turn. On my draw phase he flips anti-spell fragrance cuz clearly I just can't get a break from this card. I set 5 spells to my backrow and pass turn. On my end phase he activates protocol, summons faker to summon silq and uses its eff to bounce one of my spells to my hand then he activates spoofing grabbing meluseek and I scooped because I knew I was just not going to win this game and rather not have any problems with the time later. G2: I open my side cards, twin twister, mind crush and typhoon and I knew this game was gonna be wraps. I used my rota to get rei summon rei to link into shizuku set 3 to my backrow, search engage and pass turn. He sets 4 and ends turn. During his end phase I twister 2 of his sets. On my turn I activate engage he chains imperial order and I hit it with typhoon. He activates his faker in hand I chain mind crush and he just scoops the game. G3: I saw twister in my hand so I felt safe. He summons marionetter, sets protocol, sets 4 and passes turn. During my draw phase he activtes Anti-spell fragrance because CLEARLY I CANT GET A BREAK FROM THIS CARD. I chain twin twister discarding upstart gobbling targeting asf and his set protocol and he responds with imperial order. I start crying a little on the inside and I thought I lost this game for sure and I was already planning on eating pizza by round 4. I normal summon rei and go into shizuku searching engage and pass turn. I had 2 spells in my grave yard so his marionetter wasn't able to beat over my shizuku and even if he did I had the rei in my graveyard to float. I knew that my only win condition at this point was to have him pay all his life points away with imperial order and keep playing until the clock ends. After a few turns he summoned meluseek to attack me directly and then send my link monster to the grave, I activated rei's eff to summon and he chained protocol tributing meluseek to get rid of it and then he searched faker. He used faker's eff in hand and I chained my solemn strike. A lot of turns went by and I ended up rei looping again. In between the turns there was one turn where he activates heavy storm duster to pop 2 of my dead set spells instead of his own imperial order since that was the thing killing him. Fast forward time runs out, he loses because he's at 300 LP and I'm at 1300. Round 4: (2-1) Trickstar G1: Round starts and I win the die-roll finally so I choose to go first. I honestly don't remember much of our match but he locked my sets with double field spell and just ended up killing/burning me in 2 turns. G2: I chose first I remember opening mind a lot of backrow with mind crush as one of them and I mind crushed his evenly during the battle phase and he couldn't break anything so it was an easy win. G3: This was a grindy game and we were both very low at LP he top decks candina to get lilly bell but I had an anchor to stop from dying to lilly and he scooped Round 5: (3-1) SPYRAL G1: Round starts and he chooses to go first he opens drone agent and goes into helix. He activates helix eff I chain ash. He activates one for one discarding master plan summoning quik fix getting big red summoning master plan. This guy goes off makes a broken board of trigate and something and ends with sleeper as well with some knightmare protection effects. I was really close to breaking his board. I knew all I had to do was destroy his sleeper and he gets boardwiped. I used up all my resources to bait his cards as much as I can to a point where all I had was rei + Jamming wave in hand and I had nothing to use jamming wave on so I couldn't destroy his sleeper so I lose. I wasn't worried though because SPYRAL SUCKSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. G2: My deck is great so I open backrow and ghost belle and he's playing SPYRAL so he either bricks or I negate helix and win. He bricked, normal tough I anchor he pass. This game goes completely my way so I end up winning. G3: I open ghost belle, and cherries when he's going first. He blind calls agent and gets it right then summons tough. I activate cherries, he chains called to the grave. He summons helix, uses effect and I chain ghost belle and he passes turn. I was able to go for goods and multi roll. Engage into hornet bit to get kagari and use engage again but this time to draw. I afterburner away his helix and attack directly. I set a lot to my backrow and pass turn. It all went downhill for him from there. Round 6: (4-1) Ritual Beasts G1: He wins the die-roll so he chooses to go first. This guy summons ritual beast tamer elder and I almost fell off my chair. This guy started playing really fast and im just reading every card and apparently they have a link monster. He kept doing some crazy ass stuff. I see monsters flying all over the place, from grave to banish to field back to banish from fusion summoning into link summoning it was like watching a fireworks show I was shook. So he ends on dolphin sets 2 and passes. I was not impressed. On my draw phase he activates anti spell fragrance and I chain twin twister discarding upstart gobbling destroying asf and his set macro cosmos. So since the fusions and whatever are all quick effs I knew all I had to do was resolve multi roll to literally just auto win the matchup. I activae multi roll and I target my set hornet bit, he had no response. That's where he fucked up because now I just auto win. I activate engage to search another hornet bit and draw a card. On resolution he activates droll & lock bird but I told him that since I am turn player I have priority on the resolution of card effects so I activate hornet bit on resolution and since he cannot respond I chain widow anchor to take his dolphin then I link into kagari get the engage back. I attack for some damage link into phoenix to get rid of his dolphin and I activate engage again to search another anchor. He scoops. G2: He put on another firework show for me and I drew multi roll again so this game was wraps I hope he learned his lesson the first time. He set his steeds and ended on some fusion guy again. I jamming wave the steeds. I activate multi roll send one of my spells to grave, he doesn't respond. I upstart goblin into a card and he doesn't do anything on resolution. This game was over because I engage to a quick play card again and literally do the same thing so gg. Round 7: (5-1) 60-Card Gouki [Cameron Neal] G1: He wins the die-roll so he chooses to go first. I was so excited when I saw I had to play against this guy because I love trolling the fuck out of him this is Mr. Hot Dog Water himself. He summons Armageddon knight I chain ash and he passes his turn nice deck bro. I activate goods send my engage then I normal summon kagari, activate field spell target my rei chain into kagari I hit a multi-roll so I grab that kagari got me my engage. I activate engage set up my multi roll anchors and impermanence I attack over the knight, summon shizuku, set all my stuff search engage and pass turn. G2: I have a sphere mode in hand but I have no hand traps and he opens the U-board with necro gardna in grave. Now I haven't slept for almost 36 hours so I was gonna misplay at one point and BOY DID I FUCK UP. I OPENED THE ABSOLUTE NUTS AND I MESSED UP! So I had an iblee in field and he had the full board obviously. Instead of tributing goblin, Cerberus and linkuriboh, I tribute over goblin, linkuriboh and PHOENIX. I have no idea why I tribute over the phoenix and after I did that I felt Kamal's spirit touch me and the spirit told me "You must be retarded". So he also had 1 set card with the board and any logical person would obviously assume its called to the grave because I didn't even handtrap him so what else can it be? So since I didn't tribute over his Cerberus none of his monsters were going to be destroyed by card effects so I activate the multi roll then I activated field spell sent the iblee got an engage then I used multi roll on the iblee and SOMEHOW AFTER ALL THOSE PLUSES ALL I ENDED ON WAS multi roll + borreload dragon and he still had a link monster left on board. I played this turn really bad but I knew that I still won because I would set all my cards back and he wouldn't be able to out my borreload since I have anchor in the grave to take away his out. I activate roll to set 4 cards but he says "end of main phase 2" he twisters my roll. WHO KEEPS IN TWISTER GOING FIRST? CAMERON HOT DOG NEALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!! Now he does a few combos and gets some monsters on board but nothing enough to get over borreload he makes gryphon and sets his rematch from grave and passes. I draw ghost ogre for turn but that didn't help much. Next turn he rematches his gouki guys back and made one of them big enough to get over borreload. G3: Neither of us put any damage, nobody was slow-playing but time ran out and I got a draw. If only I didn't mess up during game 2 I had this match in the bag so I was back on tilt. Round 8: (5-1-1) Altergeist G1: I won the die-roll so I chose to go first. I don't remember much about this match but I end up winning game 1 by grinding him out and ghost ogre is really good card and it caught him off at the right moment. G2: I opened twister and typhoon and I sided in mind crushes even though I was going second and I was able to hit his marionetter that he searched off the spoofing leaving him without much plays and I beat him because of that. Round 9: (6-1-1) Trickstar Strikers [Bohdan Temnyk] We got re-pairings this round. My first opp was free af. I asked if I can see what he drew since they declared re-pairing and he had cyber dragon toon table of content dark hole trickstar reincarnation and some other card. I have no idea how he made it this far lmao. G1: I play against Bohdan and apparently he knew me or something he was really nice and he's a funny guy. I win the die-roll and go first. I didn't open that well But I managed to end on multi-roll double anchor. He uses hornet into kagari grabs back the hornet then phoenix's one of my anchors and discards reincarnation. I chain my anchor to negate it. He uses the field spell and searches candina locks my other anchor. He gets lilly belle with candina and summons the lilly. He uses lilly, pheonix and candina tp make firewall. He uses reincarnation to revive the lilly and he attacked me directly for 1000 damage. He uses his lycoris In hand to send back the lilly summoning lycoris under his firewall then he crashes his lycoris which triggered firewall effect and he attacks me with lilly again for another 1000 he grabbed back lycoris then use lycoris agains to bounce lilly and summon lycoris under firewall. This was a otk firewall loop and he basically just killed me that turn. I was completely shook because I have never seen this play but apparently its a thing, I thought it was really cool. G2: I don't remember much of this game I remember I had ogre In hand with anchor, mind crush and cannon set down. He tries to field spell lock one of my sets and I chain ogre then he summons candina I let that go through. He gets lilly belle and I mind crush for it and he didn't really have much to do after that. I kept +ing next turn and eventually he just scooped after a few turns later of some grind. G3: We have less than 4-5 minutes of the clock and we are siding. I was pretty sure I was gonna win since it's better to go second in time in my opinion because it's easier to do damage with anchors. Now this is where it gets crazy. We started game 3 with very little time. Bohdan ended on lycoris, 2 sets. His hand was Candina + unknown. I had less than a minute to close off the game. I set widow anchor. I activate multi roll (I was playing around droll and reincarnation this way so I can steal his monster and attack for game) I activate twin twister pitching a random spell he chains reincarnation I chain 2 hornets and he chains shared ride. Everything resolves and he draws a card after the I drew from reincarnation because of the shared ride. I drew into rei but on resolution he drolls me which is exacty what I was expecting. I link summon into kagari targeting my widow anchor he chains ghost ogre destroying the kagari. I get the widow anchor to my hand and he takes SO LONG to write -400s on his notepad. This dude was capping his pen and everything. At this point he has nothing to stop me, no disruptions or anything so I basically win the game. I link summon my other token into shizuku, attempt to widow anchor his lycoris. This guy was acting like he was completely drunk or something. "I don't know whats going on right now" and I kept saying "Anchor anchor anchor" and this guy is slow af so I take his lycoris myself and declare battle phase and the split second after I declare battle phase they called time of the round. Then he says he never agreed to the battle phase but he never had anything to stop me anyways since I knew his hand, field and graveyard. This guy starts getting really angry saying I played out my turn slow and but at the same time he claimed he didn't know what was going on because I played too fast but I only had less than a minute to finish my turn so he made completely no sense. A judge was watching and he asked if Bohdan agreed to battle phase and he did not. I told him that he didn't really have to agree because he had nothing to stop me anyways so if he's gonna be thinking for no reason that's basically stalling out the time and his claim was he didn't know what was going on but all I did was link summon and activate anchor for his lycoris. So I said "Ok bro what card did you have to respond with? If you have something to stop me anywhere you can have the win" and he responded "I don't wanna argue anymore you completely slow played". Lol???????????????????????????? A judge comes over and just asks if Bohdan agreed to bp which he did not. So the judge tells me to sign the slip and that he wins. After I sign the slip, the judge tells me "If you don't agree with our resolution you can just appeal" so I said "Ok I'll appeal then" and the judge responds "Nope too late you already signed the slip" even though he told me to sign the slip. So I basically just got completely YEET'd on. Bohdan tells people that I cheated him lol. The players who were watching told me I definitely deserved that win and he was being a complete asshole. After this Day 1, they posted the standings and I had made it to day 2 with my record of 6-2-1 which still had the chance to top. Day 2 Round 10: (6-2-1) Gouki [Xu, Shunping] G1: I don't remember much of what happened here but I won this game. He tries to shark me because I had an extra deck card in a sleeve that was bigger than the others and I told him that its basically just a divider for me to separate my side deck and he calls a judge about it too lol nice shark bro. G2: He opens the U-board I had opened none of my 12 hand traps or sphere modes so gg. G3: I OPEN THE ABSOLUTE NUTSSSSSS!! I ended on Multi-roll Shizuku field spell 4 set cards (Mind crush, impermanence, anchor, strike). I had 4 in hand, 1 ghost belle and 1 cherry. This was actually wraps, no way he can win. On his turn he attempts to go to the battle phase which was fine. He attempts to go the end of bp I said "At the start of bp, Ill mind crush for evenly matched". Now there was a judge watching us play, the same judge that watched me and Bohdan played and handled that situation. He tells me that I cannot use mind crush because my opponent has priority throughout the whole battle phase and I have to wait for him to end the battle phase or wait for him to activate something. I said that doesn't make any sense. The judge response "I'll get another judge" and I thought I heard him say "I'll get the head judge" so I was under the impression that the head judge will resolve this. The other judge comes up and agrees that I can't use mind crush for the same exact reason and I thought this was the head judge. He stood kinda behind my shoulder and I didn't look back to see if it was the head judge or not. I ask a 3rd judge randomly if this is true and he also says it is so I MUST be wrong and fucked up. He says best time to mind crush for evenly was to do it at the end of main phase 1 lol thx. So he chains evenly to the mind crush and evenlys my whole board but I still had 2 hand traps in hand. So he gets to discard a card from my hand now that I basically called mind crush wrong. He hits the ghost belle out of my hand. He summons 2 monsters and I activate cherries and he activates called to the grave. I sign the slip and walk away. I go to the actual head judge and tell him about the ruling and apparently all 3 of those judges were wrong and what I did was completely legal. Turns out my opp is actually a judge as well and he judged events before which explains why he looked a little confused about the ruling as well but he didn't say anything about it since it favored him. Also, those judges that handled my situation with the mind crush were the same exact judges that handled my situation with Bohdan so bravo to them. At this point I was 6-3-1 so I had no chance of topping and my opponent didn't show up for the next round anyways but that was expected so I ended the event with a record of 7-3-1. First loss to a top deck soul charge Second loss to shark/cheat and the judges Third loss to the judges I believe my deck performed extremely well and I'm sure I am missing more detail in my rounds but this is all I can remember since I went almost 40 hours of no sleep for day 1 and mind was dead. I had a great time at the event with friends and I would like to shoutout everyone who play-tested with me, theorized, and helped me build my deck. Sad that I couldn't make it to top cut because of such dumb reasons. Big shoutout to Gabriel Molina for getting me a whole deck to play for no cost. Shoutouts to my team Tea & Biscuits cuz we da best and shoutout to my boys at PPG said I didn't get to join cuz I didn't top but im with them in spirit. Individual shoutouts for helping me play test and deck build: Noelle Me. Hash Nicey Milk Samoopusteno and all my other irl friends Couldn't have done it without you guys. During the event, Loli was telling everyone that I was a psycho-path because I catfish people online telling them that I'm black and I look like Lil Yachty and everyone seemed to buy his story. Even though I took a major L this event, the biggest win was that I got Kamal's number which is valued more than a YCS Top so I left NJ with a W. Decklist: https://imgur.com/1ewiGrM
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    Bullet Club lost to Team Egypt? What a joke!
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