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  1. [Goat] Damage Step vs Tha 4HUNNIDS [DMG W]

    2-1 over Iwb0dn
  2. [Goat] Damage Step vs Tha 4HUNNIDS [DMG W]

    on to war right now.
  3. WGM's Coin Flip Chaos (Finished 1st after Swiss FLC2)

    Yeah I play an equal amount of darks as I do lights if you count Metamorphosis. Is Chaos the BEST shell for it? prolly not, but there is def a lil bit of synergy in here, Like I mentioned the samurais gave me the ability to hold my sorcs way longer than my opp was able to hold theirs. If they summoned a Sorc / BLS in def mode, my first play didn't have to be to summon my own chaos in response. I could drop the Samurai and go for the kill on the Chaos monster, risking only a few lp in the process, only summoning my own chaos to finish the job if the samurai was unsuccessful, same thing with facedowns and BLS.
  4. WGM's Coin Flip Chaos (Finished 1st after Swiss FLC2)

    Breaker is def in the list if you didn't see it. lol
  5. WGM's Coin Flip Chaos (Finished 1st after Swiss FLC2)

    That was my reason for playin merchant over mimic, I cut down on darks to make room for the samurais cuz I figured 3 metas + my staple darks and the Sorc's themselves would be enough dark fodder. I originally planned to play the Samurai in a pure goat control build with airknights and the revival cards prem and call but like I mentioned this was an Ode to Team Villains who originally played the Samurai engine in a chaos shell so I wanted to do the same. The engine can be splashed in a lot of decks but it prolly is the most optimal in a goat control or zoo list.
  6. What up fools, I decided to do a deck profile / tournament report since I made a few waves this past weekend at the FLC2. I'll drop my deck list, discuss my tourney experience and go over the tech cards everybody is talking about, specifically... Sasuke Samurai #4 and Fairy Box. My experience in the new Format Library Championship Series has been... interesting... to say the least. I attended both tournaments, made it to the top 4 in both tournaments, and was subsequently DQ'd... in both tournaments. Ha! Although I can say with 100% honesty that I feel I would have won both tournaments had I not been DQ'd, I'm not going to dwell on it. One thing I can take out of all this though is that I am proving my consistency in this format and although I may not be the most liked player in the community, you gotta respect me as a contender in this format. Okay so coming into this tournament I kinda felt like I had something to prove, the FLC1 left me with a bad taste in my mouth and I was determined to redeem myself this time around. I've had a lot of success recently with my version of Skilled White Chaos Control and I thought it was still a good choice to win the tournament, but I wanted to do something different this time, Damage Step has equal claims over the SWM list I brought to the FLC1 and I wanted to win the tournament with a deck that couldn't have been tied to anyone else except for WorldGoneMaad. Here's the list I ran. Swiss Standings. https://formatlibrary.challonge.com/flc2 Cards of chance are often ignored by players, most players feel that any type of RNG outside of the cards you draw from your deck should be avoided all together. In my opinion, cards of chance are definitely valuable when the rewards are large and the risks are small. Sasuke Samurai #4 fits this mold perfectly. Sasuke Samurai Is the MVP of the deck, and the only monster I chose to run a full playset of for this tournament. I would love to say I was the first person to seriously put this guy in my deck, but The 4th Sasuke was actually a trademark of the Atlanta based Team Villains during the Chaos Return Era. I was friends with most guys on the team and I learned a lot from them back in the day so this is an Ode to them. I like to pay homage to the true old heads of the game so that was my inspiration for this deck. Samurai is rarely a dead card and is a good opening summon no matter if you are going first or 2nd. The Samurai spears into face downs and def position monsters with no fear. The best case scenario is his eff goes off and you kill a monster for free. (Sasuke Samurai 4’s effect triggers before damage calculation so facedown monsters are not flipped faceup). Worst case Scenario is that the samurai attacks as normal. Since the Samurai gets his effect on defense as well, your opponent's attacks become much more difficult and setting monsters becomes a risk as well on their turn. This alone means that the Samurai doesn't actually need to do anything to exert considerable control over the game. The simple fact that it's on the field means your opponent is hard-pressed to make any attacks and going on the defensive risks losing their monster to the Samurai’s spear attack. Either way, your opp is gonna need a lil extra time to think about their plays when facing down Sasuke Samurai 4. Another thing #4 does best is force out Traps and Chaos Monsters early in the game, which allows good players to take full advantage of. Fairy Box is the other card everyone is curious about. It’s another card of chance with a minimal downside. Paying 500 lp per turn for the chance to prevent the damage from all attacking monsters again and again seems like a pretty cool effect to me. The Box doesn’t just prevent damage tho, It can become pure monster removal anytime you have a faceup attack position monster on the field, dealing some LP damage in the process as well. Fairy Box also doubles up nicely with Sasuke Samurai #4 when on the defensive. So addition to the coin flip effect of #4, I get the coin flip effect of Fairy Box, each creating essentially the same effect. So odds are good that I will make at least one of the calls right. One thing I wanna say about these 2 cards though is, their power is not in whether or not you win the coin flips, their power is the constant threat and pressure on your opponent that they oppose while on the field. The rest of the deck is a pretty standard Chaos Control shell. I chose to run Merchants over Dark Mimics cuz I wanted to speed the deck up a bit. Dumping my Chaos fuel, unneeded Samurais and the lucky Serp mills to go straight for my spell and trap cards felt better in this particular deck than the single draw that Mimic provides. Milling Chaos monsters is not as bad in this deck as it would be in other Chaos Control decks because of what Sasuke Samurai 4 does for me. I tend to be able to hold my Chaos Monsters a lot longer than my opponents were able to hold theirs when playing this deck. Double Skilled White Magician should be standard in Chaos Control decks about now, the versatility of being able to be played both offensively and defensively (much like Sasuke #4) opens up plays for the Chaos Control player that Shining Angel or Thunder Dragon can never do. My side deck was built to counter Zoo, Skilled Chaos Control builds, Chaos Turbo, and Alt win decks. I always look at the participant list before making my side decks cuz it tells me a lot about the meta I should expect, one look at the list for FLC2 told me that It was prolly safe to skip out on Threatening Roars / Neko Mane Kings cuz I didn't see anyone that I felt could pilot an OTK / FTK effectively enough to warrant siding for it, so I focused my side deck on more trap based alt win decks like PACMAN, Burn, and Last Turn while being able to commit more side deck slots to countering Zoo and Chaos Turbo, and Skilled Chaos Control which I predicted would be the 3 main decks I would face in the tourney. So that's it, didn't really mean to write this much but this Indo had my mind working. Shout out to Team Villains, Shout out to the best team on DGz...Tha 4HUNNIDS, Shout out to Jazz and MMF for hosting the FLC Series, Ill be attending, topping, and most likely DQ'd from the 3rd one as well so keep em coming lol thanks for keeping the goat community alive cuz otherwise niggas wouldn't have nobody to play this shit with and it wouldn't mean anything. Shout out to Lucas for getting a free pass to the finals and choking. Shout out to Carl Waite, I gave him a hard time for not giving up his spot to me in the top 4, Love you dawg. Shout out to anyone who fucks with me, and middle fingers to anyone who don't. All in all, I think the 3 Samurai + Fairy Box tech is real and should be respected, its a splashable engine that can fit in almost any deck with the right adjustments, so feel free to discuss the cards / ask me any questions I didn't answer here. -WGM out.
  7. [Exhibition - Goat] Neo Sigurimi vs Tha 4HUNNIDS [4H W]

    Good war duelists. Run it back.
  8. [Exhibition - Goat] Neo Sigurimi vs Tha 4HUNNIDS [4H W]

    Silver > SBE Me and SBE have to rematch our game 3.
  9. [Exhibition - Goat] Tha 4HUNNIDS vs Fluffy Lions [4H W]

    GGs Celsius and friends. Lucass sucks. Didn't even war.
  10. Tha 4HUNNIDS ❤❤ WGM Carl Waite DT Kasper Silver N3sh Garoozis92 Fluffy Lions Lucass Mastersmasher Waka Dylicious KizaruTengu Woawa Celsius_233 Rydia Skycat WAR STORY: DT Kasper Vs Kizaru Tengu (DT Kasper 2-1) DT Kasper Vs Dylicious (DT Kasper 2-1) Garoozis92 Vs Lucass (Garoozis 2-0) Garoozis92 Vs Waka (Waka 2-0) Garoozis92 Vs Mastersmasher (Mastersmasher 2-0) Silver Vs Celsius (Silver 2-0) DT Kasper Vs Mastersmasher (DT Kasper 2-0) Carl Waite Vs Celsius (Celsius 2-1) WGM Vs Celsius (Celsius 2-1) Silver Vs Celsius (Silver 2-1)
  11. [Exhibition - Goat] Tha 4HUNNIDS vs Damage Step [DMG W]

    Good War, This is how Wars are played *looks at rest of DGZ* We finished this in under 3 days. We will get yall back. Develop our team chemistry than we back at ya.
  12. [Exhibition - Goat] Tha 4HUNNIDS vs Damage Step [DMG W]

    Ayeeee this my Bitch!!!!
  13. [Exhibition - Goat] Tha 4HUNNIDS vs Damage Step [DMG W]

    got MMF 2-1.
  14. DuelistGroundz Awards 2017

    Best Staff Member: MMF Best Duelist: Me. For being consistent in both formats. Best Team: Tha 4HUNNIDS Worst Staff Member: Markus (Fire that fool) Worst Duelist: Walia Worst Poster: Cam Worst Thread: The dude who wants to buy a gun cuz he lives by too many black people. Best Meme: Format Library 1 Best thing to happen: Ynus rage quitting Angriest Poster: Arvin Biggest Shit Poster: (Same as worst poster??) Cameron Stupidest Fucking Idiot: Everyone with a Fuze Gang Tag. Where is Big P: Rip Big Pun Duelist you would like to Fuck up: (That’s the question right?) Arvin Most Likely to be banned: WGM *waves at all my haters*