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  1. Almost got jumped; buying a gun.

    Yeah sounds like you are too much of a bitch to own a gun, fuck around and kill somebody who wasn't even doing nothing to you but walking behind you down the same block wearing a hoodie or something. that's how kids get killed from paranoid fucks like you. Also, that whole, "don't run, it triggers the predator instinct is fucking complete bullshit." mfer if somebody coming after you forreal and you cant fight, you better haul ass you dumb fucc. You don't pull out a pistol cuz you about to get jumped smh, you better fight, start running, or take that ass whoopin. if you pull a pistol out you better be prepared to pull the trigger, cuz if you don't, you're going to die. If you do, you gonna fuck around and kill somebody for no reason.
  2. Seven Days: DCS Juneau

    these are fire! retro metagame.com style
  3. WorldGoneMaad, WorldGoneMaad#2403, Nycholas316@outlook.com
  4. War League Autumn 2017 Report

    That Head2head is triggering. Season 3 I might have to come for that ass teammate. Congrats on the season win.
  5. Approved War Formats

    if Activity prevents it from working we can come up with something else.
  6. Approved War Formats

    Make it a rule that a player can only be on the 3v3 Roster twice in a row before another player takes his place.
  7. thx

    LMAOOOO Shut yo cry baby bitch ass up!!!
  8. [Goat] Damage Step

    The Season 3 annual purge will commence in.......
  9. (ATO) All the Outs Vs (SOS) Shoot on Sight ~ Goat

    got G-sop 2-1
  10. (ATO) All the Outs Vs (SOS) Shoot on Sight ~ Goat

    Hyper Beam > Brandis72 x2
  11. Got NB96 2-1 I would say gg but.... it really wasnt. and NB96 blocked me after lol. Also... Down for removing cap! bring SBE back!
  12. Troop Dup Format - March 2007

    Baboon was legal for the last SJC of the format.