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  1. Good war duelists. Run it back.
  2. Silver > SBE Me and SBE have to rematch our game 3.
  3. GGs Celsius and friends. Lucass sucks. Didn't even war.
  4. Tha 4HUNNIDS ❤❤ WGM Carl Waite DT Kasper Silver N3sh Garoozis92 Fluffy Lions Lucass Mastersmasher Waka Dylicious KizaruTengu Woawa Celsius_233 Rydia Skycat WAR STORY: DT Kasper Vs Kizaru Tengu (DT Kasper 2-1) DT Kasper Vs Dylicious (DT Kasper 2-1) Garoozis92 Vs Lucass (Garoozis 2-0) Garoozis92 Vs Waka (Waka 2-0) Garoozis92 Vs Mastersmasher (Mastersmasher 2-0) Silver Vs Celsius (Silver 2-0) DT Kasper Vs Mastersmasher (DT Kasper 2-0) Carl Waite Vs Celsius (Celsius 2-1) WGM Vs Celsius (Celsius 2-1) Silver Vs Celsius (Silver 2-1)
  5. Good War, This is how Wars are played *looks at rest of DGZ* We finished this in under 3 days. We will get yall back. Develop our team chemistry than we back at ya.
  6. DuelistGroundz Awards 2017 Nominees

    Best Staff Member: MMF Best Duelist: Me. For being consistent in both formats. Best Team: Tha 4HUNNIDS Worst Staff Member: Markus (Fire that fool) Worst Duelist: Walia Worst Poster: Cam Worst Thread: The dude who wants to buy a gun cuz he lives by too many black people. Best Meme: Format Library 1 Best thing to happen: Ynus rage quitting Angriest Poster: Arvin Biggest Shit Poster: (Same as worst poster??) Cameron Stupidest Fucking Idiot: Everyone with a Fuze Gang Tag. Where is Big P: Rip Big Pun Duelist you would like to Fuck up: (That’s the question right?) Arvin Most Likely to be banned: WGM *waves at all my haters*
  7. [Goat] Tha 4HUNNIDS

    Tha 4HUNNIDS "If you knew better, you'd do better" Official Roster WGM Carl Waite N3sh Silver DTKasper Garoozis92 JJ Accomplishments (Majors + Goats) War Record 2-1
  8. How to Start a Team

    Team name: Tha 4HUNNIDS Formats: Goats Only Lineup: - WGM (WorldGoneMaad#2403) - Carl Waite (Carl Waite#1355) - N3sh (N3sh #4062) - Silver (Silver#4431) Discord Role Color (#f76f6f)
  9. Almost got jumped; buying a gun.

    Yeah sounds like you are too much of a bitch to own a gun, fuck around and kill somebody who wasn't even doing nothing to you but walking behind you down the same block wearing a hoodie or something. that's how kids get killed from paranoid fucks like you. Also, that whole, "don't run, it triggers the predator instinct is fucking complete bullshit." mfer if somebody coming after you forreal and you cant fight, you better haul ass you dumb fucc. You don't pull out a pistol cuz you about to get jumped smh, you better fight, start running, or take that ass whoopin. if you pull a pistol out you better be prepared to pull the trigger, cuz if you don't, you're going to die. If you do, you gonna fuck around and kill somebody for no reason.
  10. Seven Days: DCS Juneau

    these are fire! retro metagame.com style
  11. WorldGoneMaad, WorldGoneMaad#2403, Nycholas316@outlook.com